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Harvard Alumni with a passion for writing. I love putting my thoughts into words and motivating, inspiring, and educating people. My mission is to help others achieve their goals, dreams, and aspirations. I currently write for Besides writing, I spend a lot of time baking and playing with my two cats!

Mindvalley Black Friday Deals 2024 — Is It Live?

Mindvalley Black Friday - MyClassTracks

Mindvalley Black Friday deals are the perfect opportunity to transform your life with just half price! Mindvalley’s Black Friday sale provides up to 60% discount on its membership plan. Read the article till the end to grab the budget-friendly offers and get the Mindvalley courses at very low prices! Mindvalley Black Friday Sale 2024: Live

How Much Does Coursera Cost? (2024 Data)

Coursera Cost - MyClassTracks

Coursera is one of the most reliable and legitimate e-learning platforms providing more than 7000 courses and other learning programs by prestigious universities. Coursera provides a chance to specialize or brush up your skills from a diverse pool of courses like Data Science, Linux, Social media marketing, Excel, coding, time management, personal development, and many

Grammarly Student Discount 2024 | 25% OFF (May)

Grammarly Student Discount - MyClassTracks

Grammarly is the most popular grammar and spell checker. Millions of people use it, including professionals, writers, educators, researchers, and mainly students. However, among these people, students struggle to pay. So, is there any Grammarly Student Discount that helps? Unfortunately, No! Grammarly does not offer separate discounts to students. However, we have a 25% discount

Mindvalley Discount Code 2024 | 60% OFF Coupon [MAY]

Welcome to the ultimate savings opportunity with our Mindvalley Membership Discount offer! Our exclusive Mindvalley Discount Code helps you get a membership at a discount price. Get your annual subscription now for just $299 and dive into a world of learning and personal growth. This Mindvalley discount offer is available for a limited time only;

Duolingo Plus Discount 2024 – 50% OFF Promo Codes

Duolingo Plus Discount - MyClassTracks

Here’s the ultimate Duolingo Plus discount that will help you save up to 50% on your purchase! Duolingo Plus is now officially known as Super Duolingo! With the premium version, you can unlock additional benefits and features.  In this article, I have mentioned working with Duolingo Plus Discount (now Super Duolingo), along with a step-by-step

Grammarly vs ChatGPT (2024): Which is Better For You?

Grammarly vs ChatGPT - MyClassTracks

Grammarly launched its generative AI feature -GrammarlyGO which is said to directly compete with ChatGPT. This all made me question which one I should go with when it comes to Grammarly vs ChatGPT. To come up with the right answer to this, I decided to test out Gramarly and ChatGPT side by side. I worked

Grammarly for Outlook: How to Install and Use

How To Add Grammarly To Outlook - MyClassTracks

Grammarly is the best Outlook add-on for sounding professional when writing critical emails.  But, the problematic method of adding Grammarly to Outlook leaves you wondering how to add Grammarly to Outlook.  In this scenario, navigate to Grammarly>Apps>Grammarly For Windows and pick Grammarly for Outlook to add it to Outlook. However, if you are still perplexed,

Grammarly For Desktop: Detailed Guide for 2024

Grammarly For Desktop - MyClassTracks

Grammarly is an automated and efficient proofreading tool that assists in writing error-free and impactful content. It can be accessed on desktops as well as on Android and iOS devices and provides extensions for several browsers.  If you are looking for ways to add Grammarly for Desktop, then we have got you covered.  This article

How Many Languages Spoken In Belgium (2024)

How Many Languages Spoken In Belgium - MyClassTracks

Belgium is renowned for its cultural diversity and intricate linguistic landscape.  Despite its small size, Belgium stands out as a testament to the richness and complexity of multilingualism.  With its three official languages and a plethora of regional dialects, the country is a fascinating tapestry of linguistic diversity that reflects its history, heritage, and multicultural

Grammarly Not Working On Google Docs (How To Fix)

Why Is My Grammarly Not Working On Google Docs - MyClassTracks

Suppose you are using Google Docs with Grammarly and wondering why my Grammarly is not working on Google Docs. In that case, you are not alone.  Sometimes, Grammarly’s extension is problematic on Google Docs and stops showing underlines, and you are left wondering why.  Hence, I’ve shared why your Grammarly isn’t working with docs, along

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