How To Undo In Grammarly (Multiple Methods)

Every Grammarly user has once accidentally taken a suggestion and wondered how to undo it on Grammarly. 

Undoubtedly Grammarly is the best grammar checker in the market, but if you feel its suggestion is improper, use Ctrl+Z for Windows and CMD+Z for macOS to undo your changes. 

But if you are curious to know more about the undo process in Grammarly. 

Then head into this article right away!

Does Grammarly Have An Undo Button?

Grammarly provides users with an undo and redo button through its website’s drop-down menu. You can check the Grammarly menu within seconds as it’s visible at the top left corner of Grammarly as three horizontal lines

How To Undo In Grammarly - Upload A document

Once you click on it, you can see the undo button under Edit. You can click the undo button, and your recent changes will get undone.

Click The Undo Button

How To Undo Recently Made Changes In Grammarly?

If you recently wrote something you want to undo, simply go to Grammarly’s menu and use the undo button

Since Grammarly does not allow you to undo changes made long back; you must be quick to use the undo button. Furthermore, if you use the Grammarly extensions, simply press Ctrl+Z to undo your recent changes.

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How Do I Undo A Paragraph On Grammarly?

You can easily undo an entire paragraph on Grammarly by pressing the Ctrl+Z shortcut key on Windows. 

Sometimes, you get the paragraph back after the shortcut key once, but in other cases, you have to repeatedly press the shortcut key to undo the paragraph. 

Furthermore, macOS users can press the Command and Z keys to undo a paragraph on Grammarly.

How Can I Undo My Deleted Text On Grammarly?

Undoing your deleted text on Grammarly is possible in the following ways.

Undo key: 

As discussed earlier, Grammarly provides Undo button to its users in its dropdown menu. Additionally, you can use Ctrl+Z for Windows and Command+Z for macOS to undo your changes on Grammarly.

Recycle bin:

Grammarly provides a trash area to find and restore all your deleted documents. 

Try copy-paste technique: 

Sometimes you accidentally click on the cut while copying your text for a plagiarism checker or any other website through Grammarly, docs, or Word. In this case, you can immediately press the Ctrl+V shortcut key, and you will see your deleted text or paragraph will again be back.

How To Undo On Grammarly For Word?

You can undo your changes for Word with the Grammarly extension using the Ctrl+Z key. This shortcut will work on every platform and help you undo your text or paragraph. 

However, on Word, you can also access other buttons to undo your text. For instance, you can go to “Edit” and select undo from the drop-down menu if you use an older Word version. 

Furthermore, the new version users can head towards the curved arrow on the quick access toolbar to undo their changes. 

Also, you can click on the arrow to view all the changes you made and select multiple changes to undo at once. However, if you want to undo it, you cannot select a single change from the middle of your changes. 

So you can remove these changes from your undo tab by closing the document without saving the changes. This means you can click on don’t save while you close your Word doc, and you will restore your document to its previously saved version. 

Moreover, you can find many options on different versions of Word to undo your changes, including the track changes button in the Review tab of Word, which allows you to track every change you make in your document to know your recent changes. 

Therefore, you can check your MS Word version and find your ideal way to undo any text.

How To Undo Grammarly For Google Docs? 

The undo process on Grammarly for Google Docs is similar to other platforms, where you can press the Ctrl+Z shortcut key to undo a text or paragraph. Similarly, the macOS user can use the Command+Z shortcut key to undo their text. 

Additionally, there is an excellent feature in Docs called version history to check your previous edits or previous version of your Docs files. Through the previous version of your docs, you can easily view your last text to undo it. 

To check the version history on Google Docs, you can head towards your google docs and click on File and select version history. Similarly, you can use the shortcut keys Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H to view the version history of your doc file.

How To Restore A Deleted Document In Grammarly?

Grammarly’s simple interface makes restoring a deleted document on its website easy. 

Since most users download their document after correcting grammar and saving it on their PC, it becomes easy to get it back without worrying too much. 

However, if you haven’t downloaded it, you can still get it back by following these steps.

Step1. Open Grammarly or click here.

Step2. Click on trash at the left-hand side menu.

Click On The Trash

Step3.  Find your desired document and tab on the restore icon visible as a curved arrow.

Find Desired Document

That’s all! Now you will get your deleted document again on the MyGrammarly homepage. You can get your deleted document back within 30 days of its deletion. After 30 days, your document will be gone forever. 

Furthermore, if you mistakenly click the delete button, you will instantly find a text appearing on your screen to undo the deleted document. 

Click On Delete Button

If you speedily click on it, you can get back your file. If you fail, bringing it back from the trash is the only option. 

How To Recover Deleted Text In A Document?

There are numerous ways to recover deleted text in a document, the easiest being the Ctrl+Z shortcut and the undo button from the Edit tab if you use MS Excel or Word. 

However, if you deleted a text long back and now this shortcut isn’t helping you get it back, then retrieve your previous version of work. This means if you have saved your previously written text, you can check if the autosave feature is available in your document. 

Furthermore, you can check the backup copy of the cloud store service if you have deleted the whole document to get back your previous document. 

Grammarly Resources:

Wrapping Up: How To Undo In Grammarly

There are many ways to undo text on Grammarly, but the most popular way is to use the Ctrl+Z shortcut key. The Ctrl+Z shortcut can recover any deleted or moved texts. 

Not just text, you can also undo any link, image, or any other item using the undo shortcut key. But if you have mistakenly deleted the entire document, then take the help of any data recovery software. 

With that, we hope we can assist you in undoing Grammarly. You can check out our website for other such content related to Grammarly. 


Is there any specific undo button provided in Grammarly?

Grammarly provides a specific undo button in its menu to undo any recent changes in your Grammarly document.

How do I undo a delete?

You can undo a delete by clicking the undo button on your website. However, if you have deleted the full document, then you can check the recycle bin or trash.

Does Grammarly store previous documents that you corrected?

Yes, Grammarly stores all your previously corrected documents until you delete them, and you can check them on your Grammarly homepage. 

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