15 Most Spoken Languages in The World (2024)

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Want to know a fun fact about languages? There are over 7,100+ languages in the world, but only 23 of them are spoken by the majority. So, which are the most spoken languages in the world? When it comes to the most popular languages, it is easy to guess that English and Chinese make a

How Many People Speak French 2024 (Latest Data)

How Many People Speak French - MyClassTracks

One of the most common languages spoken around the world is French. Despite the fact that it was first developed in France, the majority of French speakers today reside outside of France. After English, most countries have made French their official language. The question, “How many people speak French?” may arise in light of the

Should I Learn Korean Or Japanese?

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When it comes to trending languages, Korean and Japanese sure do snatch the top numbers on the list, but one of the common questions you might have is, ‘Should I learn Korean or Japanese?’ Both languages are rich in culture and history and open up many new opportunities for career and personal. This article delves

How Many Germans Speak English (2024 Data)

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Wondering how many people in Germany speak English? What is a percent of the German population speaks English fluently? According to recent statistics, about 56% of the German population speaks English. It is also ranked 10th in the countries that speak English. This article talks about the proficiency of English among people in German. So,

Top 20 Hardest Languages to Learn (2024 Edition)

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Learning and exploring different languages are fun. With over 7,515+ languages in the world, have you ever wondered which are the hardest languages to learn? To give you an answer to the most difficult language to learn, Hungarian ranks #1! But there are more that make it to the list of the top 10 hardest

Memrise Coupon Code 2024: Exclusive 15% Discount

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If you want to enroll in Memrise to learn a new language, this could be the right time. Memrise is offering their subscription plans at a discounted price, using which you can get up to 50% off.  Getting curious? I’m sure you are. I’ll let you know about the current Memrise coupons and discounts that

Memrise vs Babbel (2024) — Which One to Choose?

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Learning a new language is often overwhelming at first. However, with exceptional language learning platforms like Memrise and Babbel, it can become super fun and exciting to know about foreign linguals. But the question is, which language learning tool is better for you? Memrise and Babbel are both top-ranking platforms for learning several languages. While

Rocket Languages Review 2024: Is It Worth It?

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The best part about learning a new language is it can be yours for life! With our unbiased and accurate Rocket Languages review, you will have the perfect online platform to explore the languages you are passionate about.  Rocket Languages is an incredible language-learning platform. It offers high-quality content in its lessons which can acquire

Pimsleur Coupon Code 2024 | Exclusive 25% Discount

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Do you want to learn a new language without hurting your pocket during the process? Pimsleur is a great platform to get started, but the prices can be a little over budget for some. That is exactly what we’re here to help you with! Learning a new language is certainly not easy, especially when you

How Many People Speak Swedish In 2024 (Latest Data)

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Do you know the number of people who can speak Swedish and its dialects? You may already be aware that not many people speak Swedish outside of Sweden. In fact, a lot of people even ask questions like, “Which countries speak Swedish as a second language?” or “Could it be the Finns? ” Well, this

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