11 Star Wars Languages (Most Spoken)

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If you are a die-hard Star Wars fan, you are probably well aware it is a veritable goldmine of many alien languages.  And believe it or not, we have been introduced to approximately 70 of them so far!  As a huge Star Wars fan, I have always been attracted by the languages of the galaxy. 

Right Brain Characteristics: Understanding Creativity & Intuition

Right Brain Characterstics - MyClassTracks

Our brain is the most important part of our body that controls all functions. There are two hemispheres or sides of the brain: left and right.  Do both sides work the same way? No, they don’t. The two sides of the brain are responsible for controlling different processes, and each side controls six different lobes. 

How Hard Is The Bar Exam (Prep Guide)

How Hard Is The Bar Exam - MyClassTracks

As an aspirant lawyer, you must be familiar with the Bar exam. It’s the first step to getting into the profession. This test will determine whether you’re the right fit to proceed with practicing in any jurisdiction.  But how hard is the Bar exam?  To be honest, the Bar exam is hard. One needs rigorous

Should I Learn Korean Or Japanese?

Should I Learn Korean Or Japanese - MyClassTracks

When it comes to trending languages, Korean and Japanese sure do snatch the top numbers on the list, but one of the common questions you might have is, ‘Should I learn Korean or Japanese?’ Both languages are rich in culture and history and open up many new opportunities for career and personal. This article delves

9 Best SAT Tutoring For Students (2024 List)

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In order to get into your dream college, it is necessary to ace the SAT, and for that, proper tutoring and guidance are essential.  With so many available options among the SAT prep programs, opting for a perfect one might seem challenging.  No worries, we have got you covered.  This guide will provide you with

8 Best AI Writing Softwares Of 2024 (Free & Paid)

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Are you on the hunt to find the best AI writing software?  You came to the right page! I reviewed some of the best AI writing software after using them for several writing projects that I had in hand.  After getting the best results, I reviewed the best AI writing software. In this article, I

How To Use Grammarly Premium In Docs?

How To Use Grammarly Premium In Docs - MyClassTracks

Grammarly on Google Docs is undoubtedly the best way to check your written content.  With the convenience of the extension, it has become easier to spot grammatical errors and correct them without changing tabs. You can do everything in one place! Adding the extension, activating, and using it can be a bit complex for some

9 Best GMAT Prep Books (2024 Bestsellers)

Best GMAT Prep Books - MyClassTracks

GMAT is one of the highly competitive exams; therefore, preparing for it might seem a daunting task for most test takers.  Even though there are several online resources to prepare for the GMAT, the GMAT Prep books have a different place in the canon of preparation materials.  There are dozens of Best GMAT Prep Books

10+ Best AI Courses & Certifications of 2024

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The demand for AI professionals has increased recently due to the rising significance of AI in automating business and industrial workflows. According to reports, employment for AI specialists has increased by 74% in the USA over the past few years.  Enrolling in the right AI course is the perfect solution to meet the increased demand

9 Best ACT Prep Books (Bestseller of 2024)

Best ACT Prep Books - MyClassTracks

ACT, or American College Testing, is a comprehensive, standardized examination conducted for college admission in the United States.  Good ACT scores will definitely help to boost the chances of getting into one of the top colleges, so most students often turn to study guides and books to help them prepare for ACT.  There are dozens

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