Right Brain Characteristics: Understanding Creativity & Intuition

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Our brain is the most important part of our body that controls all functions. There are two hemispheres or sides of the brain: left and right. 

Do both sides work the same way? No, they don’t. The two sides of the brain are responsible for controlling different processes, and each side controls six different lobes. 

The right side of our brain is responsible for controlling our emotions, creativity, and motivation. Right-brained people have special characteristics that separate them from left-brained people. 

I have discussed everything about right brain characteristics below. Keep reading to find out if you’re right-brained or left-brained. 

What Does It Mean To Be A Right-Brained Individual?

Irrespective of whether you’re right-brained or left-brained, every individual uses both sides in life. But a right-brained person is more emotional and uses their intuition and creative side more. 

Right-brained people are innovative thinkers. They use creative, imaginative power in everything they do in life. Most often, you’ll find right-brained people drawn more toward creative fields where they can express their imaginative powers freely. 

The right side of our brain processes our emotional responses more actively than the left side. 

Right-brained people are not very fond of numbers or stats. However, it does not mean that they are not logical. They can also work with patterns and combine things together based on their creative imagination. 

Right Brain Characteristics - Right Brain

Such personalities don’t care a lot about minute details. Instead, they see the bigger picture. 

Because right-minded people are drawn towards creative skills, they may not possess as many hard or constructive skills. But you’ll see such personalities with more creative or soft skills that are just as important. 

Such people can see the uniqueness within everything and have the capacity to bring a creative touch to everything they do. Generally, people in professions like- graphic design, animation, architecture, psychology, fashion design, and content creators are right-brained people. 

People with a dominant right brain are not fond of hierarchical jobs. Hence, they prefer doing things on their own terms. But it’s not necessary that they can’t adjust to an office environment, but their inclination is more towards the other side. 

Characteristics Of A Right-Brain Individual 

The following are some of the primary characteristics of a right-minded individual- 

  • Lead by their emotion 
  • Have high emotional intelligence 
  • They are quite emphatic  
  • Art and creativity come naturally to right-brained people 
  • Broader imagination and visual capacities 
  • More focused on the overall context than focusing on small details 
  • There are frequent mood swings 
  • They can adjust well in warmer climates 
  • Right-brained people have more intuitive skills. 
  • They prefer visual communication. 

Are There Any Disadvantages Of Being Right-Brained? 

While there are many advantages of being right-minded, there are some disadvantages as well. 

For instance, right-minded people may end up in chaotic situations because they are overtly emotional and allow the emotional side to take over the logical side. 

Moreover, being overly empathetic may create troublesome situations. Right-brained people find it hard to say no to people. Such people get hurt because they hardly say no to things or situations they don’t prefer. 

They also face difficulties in situations that require them to make logical decisions. Overall, setting boundaries and making crucial decisions becomes problematic for right-brained people. 

What Is The Difference Between Right Brain Vs Left Brain? 

The main difference between the right brain hemisphere and the left brain hemisphere is that the former deals with creative thoughts, and the latter deals with logical or rational thoughts. 

The left side of our brain is more oriented toward rational, logical, and analytical thinking. It focuses more on details and uses words to express thoughts instead of art. 

Due to empathetic characteristics, the right brain tries to connect with people and understand them. But the left brain could care less about connecting with people. It’s narrow-minded and loves keeping itself away from connecting with people. 

The left brain is concerned more about pleasure, while the right brain seeks happiness without caring much about pleasure. 

A left-brain individual will have more interest in logical, analytical, math, or science-related fields. And as mentioned before, right-minded people don’t like analytical or logical fields. 

Tips To Enhance Your Right Brain Functions

Here are a few tips that can help you enhance your right brain functions.

  • Meditation: It is proven that meditation can help the human body in many ways. The right brain is great for creativity & innovation, and meditation can help you increase your creativity.
  • Physical Exercise: To improve the function of the right side brain, you should exercise the left side of your body. You can try breathing exercises from your left nostril.
  • Quality Sleep: There are many benefits of getting enough sleep, such as reduced stress levels, a healthy body, a lower risk of getting sick, improved thinking capacity, and more.
  • Eating Healthy: To slow your cognitive decline, you must live according to a healthy and balanced diet.

Which Is Better: Being Right-Brained Or Left-Brained? 

Now comes the most important question: which is better- being right-brained or left-brained? 

Most neuroscientists believe that a balance of both sides is essential to solving every problem and living life successfully. 

The combination of right and left brain characteristics helps people have a broader perspective and solve any complicacies easily. Being too emotional or too logical isn’t good for everyday life. 

Almost all situations in life require both emotional and logical perspectives. If we are too empathetic or too logical, we may fail to come to the right conclusion. 

Also, the combination of both sides lets an individual possess higher skills. For instance, someone with a perfect balance of both brains will enjoy painting or dancing, and they can at the same time be a mathematician or an engineer. 

Conclusion: Right Brain Characteristics

Being right-brained makes anyone compassionate. It’s the side that makes you a creative person. I hope this guide has helped you understand if you’re a right-brained person or a left-brained person. 

Is there anything you want to know more about right-brain characteristics? If yes, let me know in the comments. 

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