Grammarly Not Working On Google Docs (How To Fix)

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Suppose you are using Google Docs with Grammarly and wondering why my Grammarly is not working on Google Docs. In that case, you are not alone. 

Sometimes, Grammarly’s extension is problematic on Google Docs and stops showing underlines, and you are left wondering why. 

Hence, I’ve shared why your Grammarly isn’t working with docs, along with easy solutions. 

So tie your seat belt as we rush towards the reasons now!

7 Ways to Fix Grammarly Not Working On Google Docs

Before trying any complicated method to fix your Grammarly extension issue, refresh your doc file to remove any glitches, and maybe the extension will start working again.

But, if the issue is still unresolved, then the reason can be any one of these mentioned below, and you can fix them with the simple solutions shared as shown here.

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1. You Haven’t Updated Grammarly

If you installed Grammarly for Chrome extension long back and it suddenly stopped working, this can be due to its outdated version. 

In this case, you will find a message asking you to update your outdated Grammarly version. So follow these steps and update your Grammarly now.

  1. Head towards Chrome browser.
  2. Open Chrome extensions.
  3. In the Chrome section, find Grammarly and click on “Remove.”
  4. Now install Grammarly’s latest version.

2. You Haven’t Enabled Grammarly On Docs

If you have installed Grammarly for Chrome correctly and are wondering why it’s still not working, you must have forgotten to enable it. 

Therefore, head to Google Docs and press the “G” pop-up at the bottom right corner of your doc file. 

Why Is My Grammarly Not Working On Google Docs - Overview

Grammarly won’t start working automatically on any platform, be it docs, Gmail, social media, etc. if you don’t press the Grammarly logo. 

To enable Grammarly, follow the instructions in the pop-up to get grammar suggestions.

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3. You Are Using Suggesting Mode

If you are a regular Grammarly user, you must be aware of Grammarly’s three usage modes: Editing, Suggesting, and Viewing. The viewing mode does not allow you to do anything to the document except viewing it. 

Whereas the other two modes allow you to write on your docs. Sometimes you mistakenly turn on Suggesting mode, which doesn’t allow Grammarly suggestions. 

You Are Using Suggesting Mode

Therefore, turn on the editing mode to get Grammarly suggestions on your docs. 

For this, you can click on the pencil icon on the top right corner of your google docs file and select editing. At last, enable Grammarly to get grammar suggestions on docs.

4. Gmail Settings Are Wrong

Most of us run between Gmail and Grammarly during working hours and find the Gmail extension of Grammarly problematic while doing this. 

This happens with most websites since Grammarly does not work well with many websites. So without worrying, head towards the Gmail settings and check if its script reads from right to left order. 

If yes, change this script direction from left to right since Grammarly does not work in right-to-left order. 

That’s all, and you will see the problem will be fixed, and the Grammarly extension will start working appropriately.

5. Internet Access Is Unavailable

If your Grammarly has stopped working and you are finding reconnecting and trying to connect pop-ups on your screen, then it is due to internet unavailability

Grammarly will stop working once the internet access is gone, so reconnect your internet connection or restart your PC. Furthermore, use Hotspot from your mobile in urgency. 

Sometimes you won’t see the reconnecting text appearing on your screen, but you can run a Windows network diagnostics or check the modem, network cable, etc, to fix the internet issue.

6. Other Plugins Are Causing Issues

Another reason the Grammarly extension is not working with Google Docs is other plugins on your docs. Grammarly’s major drawback is its incompatibility with other Plugins, so reset your Chrome browser to fix this issue. 

Furthermore, you can reopen the windows or Uninstall and Reinstall to reset the browser, and you will see the Grammarly extension will start working again.

7. The Content-Length Is Huge

Grammarly slows down and causes issues when your content spans over 30 pages. Therefore, check your content length and part it into smaller sections if it’s too long. 

However, it’s best to use the Grammarly website to check the content in pieces instead of an extension to shorten the process.

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Summing Up! Why Is My Grammarly Not Working On Google Docs

Grammarly is highly reliable, but due to various reasons, errors might occur when using the Google Doc extension. 

Make sure your browser is updated, and cross-check your internet connection. Besides, all the above reasons, along with their solution, can help you in overcoming the issue and give you a hassle-free experience. 

In case you are still facing issues, you can reach out to Grammarly’s support team!


How can I add Grammarly to my docs?

It’s easy to add Grammarly to docs. All you have to do is to open Grammarly and click on Add to Chrome>Download Grammarly Chrome extension>Sign Up>open docs>enable Grammarly. 

Will Grammarly Premium work with Google Docs?

Yes, Grammarly Premium works on Google Docs. However, you won’t be able to enjoy many features of Grammarly Premium on Google Docs extension, including plagiarism detection. 

How to submit a request to Grammarly if it’s not working on docs?

If you want to submit a request to Grammarly, you can record a video explaining your experience and submit it to Grammarly support, and you will get their response within 48 hours of sending your complaint.

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