Memrise Coupon Code 2024: Exclusive 15% Discount

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If you want to enroll in Memrise to learn a new language, this could be the right time. Memrise is offering their subscription plans at a discounted price, using which you can get up to 50% off. 

Getting curious? I’m sure you are. I’ll let you know about the current Memrise coupons and discounts that are currently available on their site. 

If you want more details about the coupons and how to apply them, keep reading till the end. 

Available Memrise Coupons & Discounts (2024) 

Memrise is running multiple discounts for October on all of its subscription plans. Memrise has three subscription plans- Monthly, Annual, and Lifetime. 

The offers are available for the yearly and lifetime plan. There is no discount on the monthly subscription. 

Memrise is offering 15% off on their lifetime membership. Whether you are a new Memrise member or want to renew your membership, you can do it with a flat 15% off now. Using the discount, you’ll get an unlimited discount to Memrise pro year after year at just $101.99 annually.

Memrise Coupon: 15% Off

Further, if you want to upgrade from your monthly plan to the annual plan, you can claim 50% off for the first year of Memrise Pro. This offer is also applicable for both first-time subscribers and existing Memrise users. Using the offer, you can get Memrise pro for $29.99 instead of $59.99. 

Memrise Coupon - 50% Off

Please note that you’ll find these offers on specific pages of their site only. So make sure you search different pages on the Memrise site. 

How To Apply A Memrise Coupon? (Step By Step)

You can apply a Memrise coupon by following the steps mentioned below (the steps for both the Pro plan and the Lifetime plan are the same)- 

Step 1: Visit the Memrise discount pages by clicking on here OR here. 

Step 2: Scroll down to the page, and you’ll find a how to get started section. If you’re a new member, you have to click on Get Offer and if you’re an existing customer, click on Already a Memrise User. Click Here as shown in the image below. 

Memrise Coupon - Overview

Step 3: Click on Proceed To Check Out on the new page. 

Memrise Coupon - Get Offer

Step 4: There are three payment modes- Credit Card, PayPal & Google Pay. Select one of the payment modes and add your payment details. 

Memrise Coupon - Proceed To Checkout

Step 5: Since you have initiated the payment through the offer link, the discount will be applied automatically. Once you provide your payment details and complete the payment you can start learning from Memrise. 

Memrise Coupon - Payments Details

Original Memrise Pricing Plans Explained 

If you’re reading this late and missed the Memrise offer period, you might be wondering about the original Memrise prices. Here are the original Memrise prices without any offer- 

Plans Price 
Monthly $8.49/ month 
Annual $59.99/ year 
Lifetime $119.99 total 

In my opinion, the annual plan is the best of all. You’ll need more than a month to efficiently learn a new language. The annual plan gives you access to all their language courses along with the study material and video lessons. 

With the annual plan, you can learn more than one language and hone your speaking skills. But if you’re passionate about learning new languages very often, you can opt for the Lifetime plan too. 

By paying just $119.99, you’ll have access to all Memrise languages forever. 

Does Memrise Have A Refund Policy? 

Yes, Memrise has a 30-day refund policy from the purchase date. In case you’re not satisfied with their course, you can request a money-back. But note that this refund policy is not applicable to the monthly plan. 

Additionally, if you have paid for the subscription via any third-party scripts or products but are not limited to Apple App store payments, Memrise won’t be able to initiate the refund. In such cases, you’ll have to contact the third party. 

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Conclusion: Memrise Coupon Code (2024)

I hope you found this Memrise coupon guide informative and useful. These offers are applicable only for the month of October; hence hurry up and get this amazing deal. 

Which subscription plan do you think will be best for you? Let me know in the comments!

FAQs On Memrise Coupon

Does Memrise Have A Special Discount For Students & Special Citizens? 

No, Memrise does not have any special discounts for students or special citizens. Their pricing plans are the same for all. However, they offer coupons from time to time. 

Do I Get A Free Trial With Memrise? 

Yes, you’ll get a free trial with Memrise. It, in fact, has a free version that allows users to use most of the courses, but you can’t access the activities and videos. 

Is Memrise Better Than Duolingo? 

Between both these language learning apps, Duolingo is better considering the course material. Duolingo has more in-depth lessons for languages. 

Can I Use A Memrise Coupon More Than Once? 

No, you can apply a Memrise coupon more than once. They are for single usage. 

How Long Does It Take To Finish A Course At Memrise? 

This varies for every individual. If you learn for 15 minutes daily, a thousand-word course will take around three months to finish. 

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