10 Best GRE Prep Books of 2024 (Editor’s Pick)

The graduate record examination, or GRE, is a standardized test for admission into top-tier colleges. All aspiring graduates have to undergo this test, which might seem challenging. 

As GRE is one of the most complicated and difficult exams; therefore, thorough exam preparation is required to attain efficient scores. 

If you’re searching for the Best GRE Prep Books or study material to attain the desired GRE score, then your search is over. 

To avoid the traps and beat the GRE, Below is the list of 10 Best GRE Prep Books that will definitely help you to earn a top score.  

Top 10 GRE Prep Books 2024: In A Nutshell

SR.No.Name of Book Price 
1. The Official Guide for GRE General Test$33.79
2.Kaplan’s GRE Prep Plus $35.99 
3.The Princeton Review’s GRE Premium Prep$22.99 
4.TPB GRE Prep Review Book $24.99 
5.5 lb. Book of Gre Practice Problems $18.71 
6.GRE Prep Book by Mangoosh $19.99 
7.GRE Verbal Strategies and Maths Set$68.55
8.Barrons GRE Book $26.99 
9.Mometrix’s GRE Prep Book $21.84
10.Manhattan GRE Prep Set Of 8 Books$239.93

If you are searching for some of the best and most comprehensive range of books to prepare for the GRE, then below are the top 10 books to help you. 

1. The Official Guide For GRE General Test

Written by the test creators, the Official Guide for GRE General Test is the most authoritative and best guide for the preparation for the GRE examination. 

As the book is created by the makers of the GRE, the format of the book is similar to that of the actual test of the GRE. 

 Best GRE Prep Books  - The Official Guide For GRE General Test

Students who have ETS(Educational Testing Service) account can also access the online version of the preparation material. You can also access the book online on Kindle for $21.99. 

Author: The Book is offered by the Educational Testing Service. 

Key Learnings.

  • Provides accurate and in-depth practice. 
  • Offers a thorough review of quantitative reasoning and mathematical topics.
  • You will also get access to four real practice tests, i.e., two in the book and two online practice tests. 
  • Offers about 600 questions and provides a complete explanation of the answers. 
  • Test-taking strategies. 
  • Sample essay responses along with reader commentary. 

2. Kaplan’s GRE Prep Plus 

The GRE Prep Plus by Kaplan is one of the extensive options offering more than 1500 practice questions with a detailed explanation of the answers and is coupled with 500 questions online. 

Along with the practice questions, you can also access comprehensive video explanations of a few selected questions. The practice questions are reviewed, revised, and updated by the expert faculty of Kaplan. 

Kaplan’s GRE Prep Plus 

The books and practice question offered by Kaplan is written by veteran experts to help you learn more effectively. 

Author:  The Book is offered by Kaplan test prep. 

Key Learnings.

  • Five full-length computer-based practice tests. 
  • You will learn chapters of all the GRE question types and mathematical skills together with practice tests available for each of them. 
  • Provides online resources comprising one mini-test, one verbal test, and one maths test. 
  • The online Qbank allows you to customize your practice by selecting problems as per difficulty level and topics. 

3. The Princeton Review’s GRE Premium Prep

The Princeton Review’s GRE Premium Prep is one of the great options if you are looking for a well-paced book to help you minimize your errors. 

It is packed with exclusive content, seven high-quality practice exams, and detailed explanations of the answers to help you achieve the highest possible score. 

The Princeton Review’s GRE Premium Prep

With the additional online practice test and the expansive review, the book will absolutely help you to pace yourself and enhance your knowledge on different sections of the GRE. The book is also available online on Kindle for $12.99. 

Author: The book is offered by The Princeton Review.

Key Learnings. 

  • Offers seven full-length practice exams with a comprehensive explanation of answers. 
  • It provides drills for all the test sections, i.e., maths, analytical writing, and verbal writing. 
  • In-depth score reports for the online practice tests. 
  • The online premium features provide access to the video materials on different GRE sections. 
  • You will also learn a few tips and strategies to ace your GRE test. 

4. TPB GRE Prep Review Book

The GRE Prep Review Book is an exclusive study guide that is packed with a comprehensive review of all the sections included in the test. 

The guide not only offers the test questions and an explanation of the answers but also provides you with useful tips for creating an effective study schedule for the GRE and overcoming the anxiety of the test. 

TPB GRE Prep Review Book

Suppose you are looking for effective and additional practice in the areas of verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical reasoning. In that case, the GRE Prep Review book is the perfect one to go. 

Author: Joshua Rueda 

Key Learnings.

  • Allows access to three full-length tests for effective preparation. 
  • Covers reading comprehension, sentence equivalence, and text completion. 
  • All the mathematical concepts, such as Algebra, Geometry, Arithmetic, and Data Analysis, are covered. 
  • The book will also provide insight into analytical writing skills such as essay writing, conventions of standard English, etc.

5. 5 lb. Book Of Gre Practice Problems

It is one of the bestselling GRE preparation books offered and is developed by expert instructors to assist you in practicing GRE problems effectively. 

The practice problems in this guide are grouped into different sets for practice and have a similar format to the actual GRE test problems. 

5 lb. Book Of Gre Practice Problems

This study guide is comprised of the new timed sets and the micro drills to help you pace yourself during the examination. The book is available on Kindle for $15.99. 

Author: The Book is created and offered by Manhattan Prep. 

Key Learnings. 

  • It features around 1,800 problems for practice covering the entire section of the GRE. 
  • Provides online learning tools for an interactive practice experience.
  • Tests the individual skills for different subjects with the micro drills and the key maths rule cheat sheets. 
  • Offers easy-to-follow explanations. 
  • You will also get insight into the GRE’s effective strategic plans and study guides. 

6. GRE Prep Book By Mangoosh 

If you are looking for an affordable option for GRE preparation, then GRE Prep Book by Mangoosh is the best option for you. 

The book covers the best practice questions, offers new test-taking strategies by experts, and provides hundreds of easy-to-follow tips, study schedules, and FAQs. 

GRE Prep Book By Mangoosh 

The online content offers access to video explanations, customizable quizzes, and full-length practice exams that to enhance your skills in different areas of the GRE. 

Author: Chris Lele and Mike McGarry. 

Key Learnings. 

  • You will learn extensive lessons on verbal and analytical writing assessments. 
  • More than 130 up-to-date practice questions. 
  • It offers Stats for all the practice questions, including the percentage of the students who answer them and the difficulty ratings. 
  • It provides a one-month study schedule for GRE using the products offered by Mangoosh. 

7. GRE Verbal Strategies And Maths Set 

Written by expert instructors, GRE Verbal Strategies and Maths set by Manhattan Prep is packed with everything you require to achieve a high score. 

It is a streamlined, updated, and condensed version of Manhattan Prep’s set of 8 strategy guides and is designed with several practice problems and an in-detail description of the answers. 

GRE Verbal Strategies And Maths Set 

The maths book offers an extensive review of the subjects with examples to help you grasp the contents efficiently. It also offers 

On the other hand, the verbal strategy guide will provide you with efficient techniques and practice drills to score well on the verbal section. 

Author: This set of books is offered by Manhattan Prep.

Key Learnings

  • You can gain access to 6 online practice tests. 
  • Provides time-saving strategies for a specific question format. 
  • Offers easy and clear explanations of the concepts. 
  • Includes over 1,500 practice problems. 
  • It offers user-friendly strategies and expert advice from top-tier teachers to avoid common traps. 

8. Barrons GRE Book

In order to work on your vocabulary skills, Barron’s GRE book is the perfect option to go for, as it is crafted in such a way as to help you take an effective grasp of the content. 

With the purchase of the book, you can also access two full-length online GRE tests that you can easily take on smartphones, Macs, PCs, and tablets.

Barrons GRE Book

This updated and revised guide offers an overview of the test, tips and advice for the test, and the timetable for the computer-based GRE test timetable. 

Author: Sharon Weiner Green and Ira K. Wolf. 

Key Learnings

  • Conducts diagnostic tests and offers explanations for the answers. 
  • Provides analytical review along with scoring guidelines. 
  • Four full-length model tests. 
  • Offers sample-scored responses for the analytical writing prompts. 

9. Mometrix’s GRE Prep Book 

The Mometrix’s GRE Prep Book comprises all the critical information required to perform well on GRE. It covers step-by-step video tutorials as well as practice test questions. 

The analytical section covers several important concepts, such as parts of speech, agreement and sentence structure, punctuations and common usage mistakes, writing style, forms, and modes of writing. 

Mometrix’s GRE Prep Book 

The Quantitative Reasoning section will help you learn the proportions and ratios, numbers and operations, equations, expressions and inequalities, Polynomial Algebra, Transformations, Quadratics and basic functions, and many more. 

The book is available online on Kindle for $21.84.

Author: Matthew Bowling. 

Key Learnings. 

  • It offers three full-length practice exams.
  • Provide you with a straightforward and clear explanation of the concepts.  
  • Different persuasive techniques and figurative language. 
  • You will also learn Reading comprehension, literary elements, vocabulary, word relationships, etc. 

10. Manhattan GRE Prep Set Of 8 Books

The Manhattan Prep GRE set is a collection of 8 books designed to help students prepare for the GRE exam. The books cover all sections of the GRE and provide strategies, practice questions, and a review of concepts for the Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing sections.

Manhattan GRE Prep Set Of 8 Books

The set includes:

  • GRE Math Strategies – Provides strategies and content review for the math concepts tested on the GRE, as well as 700+ practice questions.
  • GRE Reading Comprehension & Essays – Strategies and practice questions for the verbal section, with detailed explanations. Includes a guide to writing high-scoring essays.
  • GRE Quantitative Comparisons & Data Interpretation – Focused practice on solving quantitative comparison and data interpretation questions.
  • GRE Text Completion & Sentence Equivalence – Strategies and practice for the vocabulary-focused verbal question types.
  • 5 lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems – Over 1,800 practice questions across all GRE question types.
  • GRE Vocabulary Flash Cards – 500 key vocabulary words for the verbal section with definitions and examples.
  • GRE Math Flash Cards – Key math concepts and formulas with explanations.
  • GRE Analytical Writing: Solutions To The Real Essay Topics – Sample essays and scoring guidance for the Analytical Writing assessments.

The set provides comprehensive practice and review to help students master all GRE question types. The books emphasize test-taking strategies and in-depth explanations to help students learn from mistakes. Many students find using multiple Manhattan Prep books helps boost their GRE scores.

GRE Exam Preparation Tips 

Following are a few tips to help you prepare efficiently for your GRE test.

  • Determine The Baseline Score. 

It is essential to determine the baseline score to understand your strengths and areas that require more focus. You can take a full-length practice exam under test conditions similar to an actual GRE test. 

  • Set A Target Score. 

You can set a target score you are willing to achieve in order to get into your dream college or university. You can compare the test results against the average scores on the GRE for the recent class of different programs. 

  • Adhere To The Regular Study Schedule.

The most important part of preparing for the examination is to craft a well-structured study plan and adhere to it. Designate time for all the sections of the GRE and allot additional time and effort for the areas that require more improvement. 

  • Practice More.

Practice tests will help you pace yourself and build strong testing endurance. Ensure you take the tests under conditions quite close to the actual examination conditions. The techniques and ways you solve problems will help you perform better on the GRE. 

  • Track Your Progress. 

Tracking your progress will help you get an overview of the improvements in your score and assess the efficacy of the study techniques. You can measure your performance daily or weekly. 

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Which Is The Best GRE Prep Books?

Opting for the best GRE book is the most crucial part when it comes to preparing for the GRE. With the right preparation book and consistent hard work, you can undoubtedly crack the GRE. 

All the above-listed books are the best, but the top two guides, i.e., Kaplan GRE Prep Plus and the official guide for GRE general test, are the most recommended ones. 

I hope this guide will definitely help you to choose the best GRE preparation book. If you have any queries, drop them in the comments section below. 


Which is the good GRE score? 

A GRE score of 318 and above is considered a competitive and good GRE score and will help you get admission to top-notch colleges and universities. 

Which are the best GRE books for beginners? 

Below are a few GRE preparation books that would surely help you to get your concepts cleared if you are a beginner.
Kaplan’s GRE Prep Plus
5th edition of Barron’s GRE essential words. 
GRE Prep by Mangoosh.
4th Edition of Manhattan Prep’s GRE Strategy Guide.

What are the prices of GRE preparation books? 

The average cost of a GRE preparation book ranges between $20 to $50, while the expensive ones will cost you more than $50. 

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