11 Best Books for MCAT Prep in 2024 (Bestsellers)

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MCAT score has become very important for medical school aspirants, and your performance certainly decides your admission. Understandably, one cannot find the right book to conquer the Medical college examination test (MCAT) as the internet is filled with many recommendations and resources. If you are one of them looking for the right guide, your wait is over. 

The MCAT exam is known for its grueling long hours with different sections to attempt but projecting your score with the right guidance could make a lot of difference. This article will help you find the best 11 MCAT prep books available in the global market to start your prep journey. 

Every book has its own metrics, and each of you has different performance metrics. Some are more focused on certain criteria, and some are best overall. From Addressing various resources to previous exam takers, we’ve compiled a list of the best 11 for you to practice and ace the test.

Top 11 Books for MCAT Prep in 2024 (Handpicked)

Sr. No.Book TitleBook EditionBest Known For
1Princeton Review MCAT Subject Review Complete Set2nd EditionComprehensive MCAT subject review
2Kaplan MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review3rd EditionIn-depth MCAT preparation across all subjects
3The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam5th EditionOfficial MCAT preparation guide
4Test Prep Books, MCAT Prep Books4th EditionMCAT preparation and practice tests
5Barron’s Test Prep MCAT with Online Tests3rd EditionMCAT review with online practice tests
6Princeton Review MCAT Subject Review Complete Set3rd EditionComprehensive MCAT subject review
7Exam Crackers MCAT Study Package6th EditionConcise MCAT study materials
8MCAT Prep Books6th Edition (2022-2023)Up-to-date MCAT preparation books
9Momenterix MCAT Prep Books5th EditionMCAT preparation materials
10Sterling MCAT Psychology and Sociology5th EditionFocused review of psychology and sociology
11Sterling MCAT Biology and Biochemistry1st EditionFocused review of biology and biochemistry

Now, if you want to look at our best 11 picks for your MCAT preparation, keep reading this guide to know better. They are comprehensive, and each has an individual style of interpretation. Think carefully before choosing the right study material. Without any due, let’s get into the detailed book review. 

1. Princeton Review MCAT subject review complete set, 2nd edition

Princeton Review has been helping students, and working professionals boost their exam scores to get into their dream colleges. Princeton books are a big hit among students, and millions prefer their books to prepare for tests. 

Princeton Review MCAT subject review complete set, 2nd edition.

The Princeton review’s 2nd edition, a set of 7 books, provides in-depth practice tests and explanations for all MCAT subject areas. Princeton review experts have structured this box set with a good grasp of learning fundamentals and more than 2500 practice questions. 

This guide is compiled with essentials like practice questions, summaries, illustrations, tables, strategies, guidelines, and tips on approaching each question with the right mindset. If you have preparation time over 2 months, their syllabus is great for scoring well on the test. 

The summaries at the end of each chapter are very detailed and effective. Considering the official MCAT test, this book’s three full-length practice tests are relatively harder than the actual test. Also, the quizzes at the end will help you understand the key concepts of the test subject. 

Key takeaway:

  • 2500 practice questions 
  • Strategies, tables, illustrations, quizzes, and more 
  • Conceptual summaries 
  • Three full-length practice tests. 

2. Kaplan MCAT complete 7-book subject review

Kaplan book sets provided by Kaplan are one of the most popular prep books among learning aspirants. Their comprehensive resource sets are always available in the market. Kaplan prep books are exclusively famous for their detailed illustrations and diagrams with exceptional explanations.

Kaplan MCAT complete 7-book subject review

This book consists of all essential practice tests with learning concepts and other checkpoints that are very effective for learning. The number of practice questions available is huge and very similar to the actual test, including all section subjects. Also, quizzes at the end of each chapter will make you revisit every concept at once. 

Every explanation for each practice problem is detail-oriented and helps you acknowledge the key concepts of the test subject. With three full-length practice tests, the book also comes with an addition of excellent online resources. 

The review booklet at the end of the book will help you to understand all conceptual learnings with important equations and diagrams for you to revisit everything at once during the final revision. Besides the official resources, this book could be a great addition to your learning preparation. 

Key takeaway:

  • Illustrations 
  • Detailed explanations 
  • Practice questions with full-length tests 
  • Quizzes, equations, diagrams, and conceptual learning.

3. The official guide to the MCAT exam, 5th edition 

This official guide to the MCAT exam prep book was prepared by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). They are the official organizers who administer the exam, and you certainly don’t have to worry about the resource they are offering. This comprehensive book will be your gateway to cracking the MCAT exam. 

The official guide to the MCAT exam, 5th edition 

This book’s practice questions are more minimal and more practical than others. With only 120 questions included, every section of the MCAT subject test comprises 30 questions. Although its practice problems are limited, you are supported with other factors like how to prepare in the best possible way for the test, how the exam is graded, and how to break the admission decision. 

Their navigation for aspiring doctors is impressive as the book focuses on tips and suggestions for preparing for the exam, detailed explanations of exam sections, and other holistic information on the exam, admission, and every test section. This book will be the literal guide to understanding how the MCAT test works and its prospects. 

Key takeaway:

  • 120 practice questions 
  • Guide to understanding everything about the MCAT test 
  • Support on admission decision and other factors.

4. Test prep books, MCAT prep books, 4th edition

The MCAT prep book from the Test prep books is for aspirants trying to achieve higher MCAT scores as it covers all content areas of the MCAT test. This book is famous for its comprehensive critical analysis and reasoning skills. 

Test prep books, MCAT prep books, 4th edition

Including psychological, social, and biological systems with chemical, physical, and biochemical foundations, this book is a great help to acknowledge every content at once. Each section also offers tips and suggestions to avoid common errors in the MCAT test. This book helps build self-confidence and test-taking skills with detailed strategies and explanations.

Their practice questions are precise, and each question and answer explains what went wrong and how to improve. All their strategies are updated according to previous test papers. Test takers can also access their study guide, which consists of review materials, more practice tests, and other test-taking strategies. Their customer support is excellent as they address every concern through the mail and direct call. 

Key takeaway:

  • Individual section explanations
  • Study guide with review materials
  • Support and strategies 
  • Analytical and reasoning skills. 

5. Barron’s test prep MCAT with online tests

Barron’s prep test book is the best combination of quality content and affordability. The completely revised content of their MCAT prep book will provide you with great insights and easy-to-use science reviews with a set of integrated strategies. 

Barron’s test prep MCAT with online tests

Considering previous test takers and other online resources, the Barron MCAT test book is one the best preparation books for 2021 and 2022. This book also includes problem-solving tests, flashcards, and advice on the anxiety that helps you perform better on the test. 

This book’s level of detail is sufficient for any aspirant to acknowledge sectional topics confidently. It also offers 39 online tests with explanations similar to a practical test. With the addition of other materials, strategies, and support, this book is a great choice for affordable learning. 

Key takeaway:

  • Budget-friendly 
  • Support and advice
  • Added materials and strategies 
  • Practice tests with detailed explanations. 

6. Princeton Review MCAT subject review complete set, 3rd edition

Princeton’s MCAT complete box set, is also one of the best prep books for test takers who aim to score high in the MCAT test. This book set includes effective strategies and real-time techniques that boost your MCAT scores as it is written by professional teachers who actually teach MCAT.

Princeton Review MCAT subject review complete set, 3rd edition

Princeton is already an established name for its high-standard prep books. This book consists of three full-length practice tests with detailed explanations for every question and answer, like in its previous edition. 

With illustrations, diagrams, end-of-chapter reviews, and reference glossaries for conceptual learning, this book also has deep insights into biological systems’ chemical and physical foundations. This book is a great help for aspirants to acknowledge updated, in-depth information. 

Key takeaway:

  • Developed by real-time teachers 
  • Enhances your test score 
  • In-depth explanations 
  • Strategies and illustrations 

7. Exam crakers MCAT study package 

Exam crackers MCAT study package is also developed by real-time professional teachers who have been in the industry for more than 20 years. While some may find it overwhelming for their detailed explanations, most of this book’s content cover practice tests with revisions and strategies. 

Exam crakers MCAT study package 

This comprehensive book helps test takers to read and understand the practical question with dual-voice MCAT study materials. While one deals with teaching content, the other tone instructs students to address the different styles of questions. Examcrakers MCAT book is really worth it for students who worry about practical test taking. 

MCAT test set volume includes 32 practice tests with a full review of MCAT content. In addition to visual learning with illustrations and diagrams, they offer reinforced content material with two full mini-exams at the end of each chapter. 

Key takeaway:

  • Deep conceptual learning 
  • Two full mini practice tests 
  • Illustrations and diagrams 
  • Useful test-taking and revision strategies 

8. MCAT prep books, 6th edition (2022-2024)

This revised edition of the MCAT prep book is a comprehensive review of classified subject areas with detailed content that is most likely to appear on the actual MCAT test. You may not become a subject matter with this prep book, but you can definitely aim for a near-perfect score with this book review as the content emphasizes you to remain cool and calm while attempting the exam. 

MCAT prep books, 6th edition

With the inclusion of a detailed review of the main sections and strategies with comprehensive solutions for each practice problem mentioned inside, you are ensured to understand every question before attempting it. 

Also, every practice question is classified with detailed explanations for you to figure out your mistake and correct it before moving on to the next one. The four sub-areas are biological, physical, chemical, and social, with the foundations of behavior and the addition of critical thinking and reasoning skills. 

Key takeaway:

  • Detailed subject area explanations 
  • Practical test questions 
  • Solutions with strategies 
  • Boosts your test score. 

9. Momenterix MCAT prep books, 5th edition 

Momenterix study guide is extremely affordable compared to other prep books as it’s a new product slowly building its portfolio in the market. Their every year-updated study guide for MCAT is a huge advantage for aspirants preparing for the MCAT test. 

Momenterix MCAT prep books, 5th edition 

This prep book includes a step-by-step question-and-answer explanation with a complete review of all major subject areas. Additionally, video tutorials are attached to this book for you to understand complex subject concepts. Their content review and strategies are designed to high standards that are useful for the test. 

Within the video tutorials, instructors break down every concept with detailed explanations, which are very helpful for visual learners. Considering all factors, including one full-length practice test, this book is a definite pick for MCAT test takers. 

Key takeaway:

  • Visual learning with tutorials
  • Detailed conceptual learning 
  • Updated content 
  • Affordable 

10. Sterling MCAT Psychology and Sociology 

Sterling MCAT books can also be considered one of the top MCAT prep books that managed to put incredible theory into practice with section-specific books. Each of their books is subject specified with conceptual learning with deep insights. If you are struggling with any particular subject, many previous test takers are already recommending finding the right book you need with them.

Sterling MCAT Psychology and Sociology 

This sterling’s psychology and sociology prep book will help you understand both subject sections in a detailed manner with deep insights and explanations for every theory and another practice test. 

With a thorough review of the updated Psychology and Sociology, this book is the best match for you to acknowledge both topics to ace the MCAT test confidently. Also, all the topics are under AAMC guidelines, and the book is updated yearly. 

Key takeaway:

  • Subject oriented 
  • Detailed explanations with strategies
  • Updated version 
  • Affordable and high-score guarantee 

11. Sterling MCAT Biology and Biochemistry

The other updated study review from sterling is this book which is more focused on Biology and Biochemistry. In general, pre-med students are not much aware of biochemistry, and most have already faced difficulties understanding both subjects’ core concepts. 

Sterling MCAT Biology and Biochemistry

Including many practice problems with question-and-answer explanations for each, this book is a classified example for aspirants to understand all key concepts and strategies of a subject-oriented syllabus. 

With more than 20 chapters in core concepts and more than 1000 practice questions, this book is a definite getaway to ace both subjects in the test. 

Key takeaway:

  • Subject oriented 
  • 1000+ practice questions 
  • Conceptual learning with strategies 
  • Score guarantee prep book 

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Which are the best books for MCAT prep?

If you have come this far, you must have already understood which prep books are best to pick to score better in the MCAT test. As mentioned, some books are subject-oriented, and some are best overall. In order to perform best for the MCAT, be prepared with a plan and choose a book other than the official resources to increase your learning pace. 

Be very careful about the price offering of the book and other additional resources they provide as they add more valuable content for your preparation. Some might not be very good at consuming written content as they are more fascinated with video tutorial learning. We’ve also mentioned them too in this article. Observe and obtain. 

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