11 Best SAT Prep Books for 2024 (Top Rated)

Getting to study at a prestigious university is everyone’s dream. While dreaming about enrolling is easy, turning that dream into reality is not. 

No, I’m not here to discourage you. In fact, I’m here to help you with your SAT preparation so you can crack the entrance in one go. 

There are numerous SAT prep books out there. But only a few of them are worth reading. So read on to know the ultimate list of SAT prep books and start your preparations now. 

Top 11 Sat Prep Books To Kickstart in 2024

The SAT preparation books I have listed below will make cracking the exam much easier. These books have all resources like- questions, practice test question papers, tips, and more. 

Let’s dive in- 

1. KALLIS’ SAT Pattern Strategy 

KALLIS’ SAT Pattern Strategy is made for active learning. Instead of writing the usual things we already know, this book is designed to develop your practical knowledge about the subject. 

KALLIS' SAT Pattern Strategy 

The book covers more than a hundred subjects, 1000+ practice questions, six full-length test papers, step-wise answer explanations, and much more to help you approach the SAT exam with complete confidence. 

KALLIS’ SAT Pattern Strategy is recommended by experts who have used the book and found it useful. 

But no book can help you crack the test unless you put in hard work. You must dedicate hours of studying and continuous practice to get desired results. 

The only drawback of Kallis SAT Pattern Strategy is that it does not focus much on exam strategy like time management, making a proper study plan, etc. Besides rigorous studying, proper exam strategies are also essential, and Kalli’s book lacks in that area.

2. Barron’s SAT Study Guide Premium 

Barron’s SAT Study Guide Premium is another popular pick for SAT preparation. The book has an in-depth explanation of each subject. All subjects have step-by-step explanations that’ll help you master all areas. 

Barron's SAT Study Guide Premium 

Barron’s SAT Study Guide Premium not only gives you complete knowledge of the topics but also gives you a clear idea about all the ins and outs of the SAT exam. 

Furthermore, the language and writing section is there to help you ace your linguistic skills as well. Simply put, Barron’s SAT Study Guide Premium is your ultimate guide to cracking the entrance exam. 

However, some explanations contain complicated wording making it difficult for average students to understand. And I have noticed that while the study material is great, it lacks new information. 

3. Kaplan SAT Prep Plus 2022 

Kaplan is a renowned name when it comes to testing preparation books, and the Kaplan SAT Prep Plus is no exception. The book covers in-depth study material in all subjects, more than 1400 practice questions, and six full-length practice question papers. 

Kaplan SAT Prep Plus

Overall the Kaplan SAT Prep Plus 2022 has everything to make you battle-ready. Furthermore, the book gives you a detailed idea of how the exam works, what kind of questions to expect, and the right way to prepare for the SAT. 

4. Princeton Review SAT Premium Prep 

The Princeton Review SAT Premium Prep book is next on the line of the top best books for the SAT exam. The book’s content is quite similar to Barron’s Study Guide. 

Princeton Review SAT Premium Prep 

This book offers detailed study guides, practice questions, mock papers, and more. It is also affordable compared to the ones I listed till now. So if you are looking for a reliable SAT prep book without spending too much, the Princeton Review SAT Premium Prep is your best pick. 

The best part is apart from the theoretical study materials, you get access to five online tests as well. The test shows your performance with a score that is best for judging your SAT preparation. Lastly, the book also gives access to premium online study materials. 

But let me tell you, if you’re not a fan of over-explaining answers, you may not enjoy reading the Princeton Review book. 

Instead of straightforward answers, the book relies on longer elaborations, and I know some students don’t prefer that. 

5. College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide 

College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide is another reliable material for SAT preparation. As you can tell by the name, this is the authorized book written and published by the organizers of the SAT examination. 

College Board's Official SAT Study Guide 

Hence, this book can give you a broader idea of question patterns and the kind of questions to expect in the exam. Moreover, the book gives detailed explanations of all the answers. 

Some books only state the right answers but don’t back them up with explanations that don’t solve the confusion. But you won’t face that problem with the College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide. 

 It contains all study materials like- question answers, practice tests, previous year question papers, as well as a broad overview of the SAT examination. This book by College Board is also an affordable yet great book to prepare for the SAT. 

However, the book provides almost the same questions, answers, and study material available online for free. So instead of buying the book, you can take advantage of the free material available on their official site. 

7. SAT Prep Black Book Second Edition 

The second edition of the SAT Prep Balck book is another top pick among experts. The book provides in-depth explanations of all the study material. Furthermore, the book covers useful tips and tricks so that you can answer any question. And the additional tips will help you excel in all  the subjects. 

SAT Prep Black Book Second Edition 

Most students get confused about the trick questions. And to be honest, they are pretty confusing. This book helps you solve those tricky questions with ease. The book explains in detail how to not fall into the trap of such quizzes and find your way out. 

You also get explanations for multiple SAT online practice tests, including detailed explanations of four of them. These practice tests are beneficial for understanding the question pattern, mistakes you’re making & how to avoid them. 

However, I must say that the SAT Prep Balck Book is not enough in itself. You have to get at least one more book from this list for solid preparation. The Black Prep book about forming and learning the right SAT strategy hence it does not have in-depth study material. 

7. McGraw Hill Educations SAT Elite 2022 

McGraw SAT Elite is another great book for students who want a more advanced book. The book is prepared by experts and has covered the most critical concepts. 

McGraw Hill Educations SAT Elite

This is one of the best books to follow to form a solid ground for subjects like mathematics and comprehension. Furthermore, the book contains eight full-length practice papers (5 in the book and three online tests), more than 700 exercise questions, important tips to improve your comprehension and solve questions quickly, skill-building techniques and much more. 

But I have noticed that this book contains some unnecessary chapters, especially in the reading and writing sections. For instance, there are chapters titled- “Truthfulness & Beauty,” “Language of Truth,” etc., which are not quite relevant for SAT preparation. 

Important Note: The following books I have listed are best for SAT math preparation. 

8. Jang’s SAT 800 Math Workbook New Edition 2022

This book is your ultimate guide to practicing Math. The book includes all probable areas that come in the SAT examination, like- algebra, trigonometry, problem-solving questions and more. 

Jang's SAT 800 Math Workbook New Edition

The book has over 1500 practice questions, ten full-length practice papers, and additional tests to make you a better learner. 

The book arranges the question types on the difficulty level so you can make your customized study plan. Additionally, the questions are pretty realistic and usually have everything you’ll usually find in the SAT exam. 

Also, the book has a solid representation of the rules and formats of SAT so that you go well prepared for the exam. 

But the book lacks in explaining exam strategies like time management, making a study plan, etc. Also, I would say the book is not sufficient in itself. You may feel the need to get an additional one. 

9. 500 New SAT Math Problems Arranged By Topic & Difficulty Level 

Next up on our list of best SAT prep books is 500 New SAT Math Problems. Prepared by math tutor Dr. Steve Warner, the book contains unique strategies and reliable practice materials. 

500 New SAT Math Problems Arranged By Topic & Difficulty Level 

The best part about this book is that it shows multiple ways of solving problems so that students can choose the one they find the easiest. Also, all answers are backed by thorough explanations so that you can understand everything well. 

The book also arranges the math problems on difficulty levels, such as the easiest on level one and the most difficult on level five. This makes it easier for students to determine areas where they need to focus more. 

As mentioned, the book is divided into five areas from level one to level 5. There are more than 500 questions with detailed explanations of each problem. The book claims that, with proper practice, students can even score 800. 

While the book tried its best to provide us with the best study material, it may get a bit confusing for new learners. It could have been better if the authors had divided the content into smaller sections. 

10. PWN The SAT Math Guide Fifth Edition 

Wrapping up this list of SAT prep books with the PWN The SAT Math Guide. The book is meant for students focused on topping the exam. 

PWN The SAT Math Guide Fifth Edition 

The book has divided the content into five major areas- Heart Of Algebra, Techniques, Passport To Advanced Maths, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, and Additional Topics in Math. 

Furthermore, the questions are divided into calculators and no calculator sections. As you may already know, you can use calculators for only one section of the examination. 

All problems are explained in a detailed manner to help you understand everything better. I liked that the book is written in a very engaging style, not to bore the students. 

The only thing to note is that the book is meant especially for advanced learners; hence beginners may find it a bit challenging. 

You can also register on the PWN SAT website. The website has video explanations and other study materials for even more solid exam preparation.

11. The Critical Readers – The Complete Guide To SAT Reading

This book is made for students who are aiming to improve their SAT reading scores. The author of this book, Erica L. Meltzer, offers you amazing strategies to understand the complex text and find the right information to answer any reading question.

The Critical Readers - The Complete Guide To SAT Reading

This SAT prep book solely focuses on the reading portion of SAT exam. In this book, you will find different passages and practice questions related to them. 

In the book, you will also see a complete breakdown of critical reading questions of SAT and how they are created, and how they can be solved.

This book’s 5th edition just launched, where the author has added 300 explanations of practice questions. The author also focuses on teaching you how to approach these critical thinking questions and how you can solve them without wasting precious time.

No practice tests are available in this book since it only focuses on one portion of the SAT exam. You can use the techniques you’ve learned from this book and other practice tests you can find online or in any other book. 

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You’ll find many books claiming to be the best SAT prep book, but most of them don’t even cover the main topics. The books I listed are trusted by experts and students who have cracked the exam, and I have used a few from the list myself. 

My favorite pick from the list is the Kaplan SAT Prep Plus. It covered all essential areas and provided a lot of practice material along with other essential content. 

I hope you got a clear idea of which books to trust for your SAT preparation. Let me know if you need additional information about SAT in the comments; I’ll be glad to answer your queries.  

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