Grammarly vs Quillbot – Unbiased Comparison of 2024

Wondering, “Is QuillBot or Grammarly better?” Your search for the answer ends here!

Both QuillBot and Grammarly are popular choices among writers, students, and anyone who writes. Regardless of your grammar, everyone needs a proofreading tool to ensure their content is flawless. 

With so many AI writing tools being released yearly, settling on one can be challenging. To make your job easier, we decided to try out the platforms. 

In today’s article, we’ll show you a comparison of QuillBot and Grammarly side-by-side to help you decide which one to get. 

Let’s get started!

QuillBot Vs Grammarly: A Quick Comparison 

Don’t have time to go through the whole article? We’ll make that easier for you! Here’s a quick comparison to help you make a faster decision. 

Grammar and spell checkBasic suggestionsAdvanced checks
ParaphrasingCan generate strong alternate textLimited paraphrasing 
ClarityLimited improvementsStrong improvement suggestions
Plagiarism checkerBasic detectionBasic and sometimes unreliable
Ease of useUser-friendly interfaceIntuitive interface
Vocabulary Provides synonyms and word suggestionsProvides vocabulary enhancement
IntegrationLimited Integrations available with a wide range of tools and websites
Pricing Free plan, premium starts at $9.95/monthFree basic plan, premium starts at $12/month

Who Are QuillBot And Grammarly For?

QuillBot and Grammarly are AI-powered writing assistance tools that can help a wide range of people, from high school students to multimillionaire businessmen. However, the platforms may offer different things. 

QuillBot is focused on rephrasing and paraphrasing content to improve the quality of writing. It is helpful for people who want to express themselves but cannot do so due to their imperfect writing skills. Therefore, the platform is more concerned with assisting users to rewrite their content to improve clarity and uniqueness. 

On the other hand, Grammarly is focused on grammatical errors and spelling checks. The tool ensures no grammar error is left on your document. It also tells you when certain sentences are unnecessarily long and you need to remove a few words for more concise content.

Therefore, the platform you choose depends on your content needs. The following may find QuillBot and Grammarly useful. 

  • Students
  • Content creators
  • Professionals
  • Bloggers
  • Writers
  • Job seekers
  • Digital marketers
  • Authors

QuillBot Vs Grammarly: Overview

QuillBot and Grammarly are excellent writing tools offering various features to improve your writing quality. However, they may cater to different needs. 


QuillBot is a paraphrasing tool using State-of-the-art AI to help you generate and rewrite content. It enhances your sentences and paragraphs by assisting you in rephrasing your content and making it better. It rearranges your sentences and offers word suggestions and better synonyms to form a grammatically correct and easy-to-read paragraph. 

QuillBot Vs Grammarly  - QuillBot

QuillBot has a “modes” feature that allows you to choose the tone of your content, such as formal, standard, creative, and simple. In the same section, you also get the option to shorten and expand your paragraphs. For example, if you need an essay with a limited word count and you’ve exceeded that limit, you can use the “shorten” feature to remove a few words. 

While paraphrasing is its primary function, QuillBot has also introduced grammar checks. However, you may not want to rely on QuillBot’s grammar checker alone. 


Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps curate error-free, concise, engaging, and flawless content. It is the leading tool for grammar and spell checks and is used by students and professionals in different industries across the world. 

With Grammarly, you can either write your content in the app or copy-paste your content from another writing platform. It offers various integrations to different websites and apps and has a Chrome extension, which helps check content in real time. 

Grammarly Overview

In addition to correcting the essential grammar and spell checks, Grammarly offers style, clarity, and delivery suggestions as well. These suggestions are not mandatory but serve as valuable insights to elevate your writing to a higher level. The style recommendations tailor your content to your intended audience. 

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QuillBot Vs Grammarly: Best Features 

Here are some key features of QuillBot and Grammarly. 


  • Paraphrasing, rephrasing, and rewriting. 
  • Synonym and word suggestions.
  • Summarizes content.
  • Offers five quill modes.
  • Grammar and spelling checks.
  • Sentence rearrangement.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • QuillBot browser extension.


  • Advanced grammar and spelling checks.
  • Provides clarity. 
  • Curates concise statements.
  • Style enhancement options.
  • Plagiarism detector (premium).
  • Multiple writing styles (formal, casual, professional).
  • Real-time feedback.
  • Grammar tips on the go.
  • Vocabulary enhancement.
  • AI-generated content with GrammarlyGO.

QuillBot Vs Grammarly: Ease Of Use 

An efficient user experience is essential for a seamless writing experience. Let’s take a look at what QuillBot and Grammarly have to offer in terms of user interface design. 


QuillBot has a pretty straightforward user interface. When you log in, you’ll be greeted with QuillBot’s features on the left side and a space to paste or write your content. 

You can choose between various paraphrasing modes on the same page and get real-time feedback so you can make the changes. Users can choose the mode that aligns with their writing goals. 

 QuillBot - Ease Of Use

You can choose between 23 languages before you start writing, and QuillBot makes suggestions accordingly. If you encounter a wrong suggestion, you can always report it and suggest improvements. This shows that QuillBot greatly values user feedback. 


Grammarly has a clean interface. You get a blank space to paste or write your content and receive real-time grammatical suggestions. You can view all the suggestions on the right side of the page under the “All suggestions” tab. Grammarly makes it extremely easy to edit documents with just a few taps. 

By clicking on the “Goals” option, you can set your writing goals, and Grammarly will help you curate content for your intended audience. Over the Goals option lies the overall score, which shows how flawless your content is. 

Grammarly Ease Of Use

The plagiarism checker option is right there as well and available for premium users. It is integrated into the Grammarly interface and can be accessed with a few taps. The tool highlights the sentences with plagiarism so you can make changes. 

QuillBot Vs Grammarly: Grammar & Spell Check

Grammatical corrections are one of the most important components of written work. It is what makes documents perfect and easy to read and understand. 


QuillBot does provide basic grammar and spell checks, but it is not what the application was created for. QuillBot’s grammar checker is good but does not catch all the errors. It may identify some obvious mistakes that some users may be able to identify themselves but won’t catch subtle errors. 

 QuillBot - Grammar Checker

QuillBot’s main aim is to help people rewrite, rephrase and paraphrase content. Due to their focus on paraphrasing, they haven’t had much success in developing their grammar tool. Therefore, relying completely on QuillBot for your grammar-checking needs is not recommended. 


Grammarly clearly wins this one. It has been the leading grammar-checking tool for years now, and with good reason. Grammarly catches all major and minor errors and even makes suggestions to make your content more concise and to the point. Grammarly is all about creating content that is easy to read and understand. 

QuillBot Vs Grammarly: Plagiarism Detection 

No writer intends to steal ideas for someplace else, but accidental mistakes can happen. This is why a good plagiarism detector is necessary for every writer. Let’s take a look at how QuillBot and Grammarly’s plagiarism detector work. 


QuillBot’s plagiarism checker detects copied content but only allows 20 pages per day, even with the Premium plan. Therefore, if you need to check a lot of content in one day, you may not be able to do that. If plagiarism detection is necessary for your workflow, Grammarly might be right for you. 

 QuillBot - Plagiarism Detection


Grammarly also detects plagiarism but may not be as reliable as other websites, such as Copyscape. Grammarly scans your content and highlights your text’s plagiarized parts or similar phrases. The best thing about Grammarly’s plagiarism detector is that it allows unlimited checks per day. However, it is still not recommended to rely completely on Grammarly alone. 

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

QuillBot Vs Grammarly: Free & Premium Plans

Both QuillBot and Grammarly offer a free basic plan and a paid premium plan. Let’s find out what they offer. 


QuillBot’s free plan has many useful features, but most are limited. For example, you can use the QuillBot paraphrase unlimited times daily, but you can only paraphrase 125 words at once. You also cannot use all the modes with the free version. 

 QuillBot - Plan

Here’s a table consisting of features in the free and premium versions to help you understand better: 

QuillBot FeatureQuillBot FreeQuillBot Paid
Paraphrase limit125 wordsUnlimited
Paraphrase modesStandard, FluencyStandard, Shorten, Formal, Simple Fluency, Creative, Expand
Summarizer limit1,200 words6000 words
Processing speedModerateFastest
Rewrite recommendationYesYes
Plagiarism checkerNoYes
Tone insights NoYes

Here are the pricing plans of QuillBot premium: 

  • $9.95 per month with the monthly plan. 
  • $6.66 per month with the semi-annual plan, billed $39.95 every 6 months. 
  • $4.17 per month with the annual plan, billed $49.95 every 12 months. 

The longer plan you choose, the more money you save. 


Grammarly’s free plan offers basic grammar and spelling checks. However, there are many of Grammarly’s core features that you won’t be able to enjoy without the premium plan. 

Grammarly Plan

Here is a table of Grammarly’s free and premium features: 

Grammarly FeatureGrammarly FreeGrammarly Premium
Grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Limited consistency.All mistakes are shown.
ClarityConciseness.Full-sentence rewrites, formatting. 
EngagementNot availableWord choice and suggestions.
DeliveryTone detection.Tone suggestions, inclusive language. 
CitationsAuto-citations.Citation style formatting, plagiarism detection. 
MS and Google Docs IntegrationNoYes
Browser extensionYesYes

Here are the pricing plans of Grammarly Premium

  • $30/month for the monthly plan. 
  • $20/month for the quarterly plan, billed $60 every 3 months.
  • $14/month for the annual plan, billed $144 every 12 months. 
  • Grammarly Business plan- $15/member/month.

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QuillBot Vs Grammarly: Pros & Cons

To help you finalize your decision, here are the pros and cons of QuillBot and Grammarly. 

QuillBot Pros: 

  • Excellent paraphrasing assistant. 
  • Simple user interface.
  • Multiple modes.
  • Free plan available.
  • Free content summarizer.
  • Browser extensions available.
  • Free language translator. 

QuillBot Cons: 

  • Limited features in the free plan.
  • Character limitation in free and paid plans.
  • Unreliable grammar checks.
  • No advanced writing suggestions.

Grammarly Pros: 

  • Highly accurate results. 
  • Built-in plagiarism checker.
  • Fast processing speed.
  • Educational suggestions and tips.
  • Seamless integration in various browsers, websites, and apps. 
  • Genre-specific writing insights.
  • Availability on smartphones.

Grammarly Cons: 

  • No offline editing.
  • May not catch every mistake.
  • Aggressive advertising.
  • Suggestions may be useless.
  • Manual intervention is required.

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Which Tool Is Better Quillbot or Grammarly?

Both QuillBot and Grammarly can help you edit your texts and improve your writing skills. However, the applications have unique features. 

While QuillBot is focused on paraphrasing and rewriting already written content, Grammarly is more focused on providing comprehensive writing assistance by correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, and clarity issues in real time, enhancing the overall quality and readability of the text.

Since the platforms were created with different aims and goals and are good at different things, there is no one answer to which AI writing tool is the best. 

The platform you choose depends on your specific writing needs. You can use both platforms simultaneously to satisfy all your writing requirements and curate flawless texts. 


Which tool is better for grammar and spelling checks?

While QuillBot does offer a grammar and spell checker, Grammarly is the leading tool in this aspect. Grammarly’s grammar checker is the best in the industry. 

Can I use QuillBot and Grammarly for academic writing?

Yes, QuillBot and Grammarly can be used for various types of writing, including academic papers. You can set the modes according to your goals and intended audience, and the platform will provide genre-specific suggestions. 

Which of the two tools offers real-time browser extension grammar checks?

Both QuillBot and Grammarly offer browser extensions that provide real-time suggestions on various websites.

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