9 Best SAT Tutoring For Students (2024 List)

In order to get into your dream college, it is necessary to ace the SAT, and for that, proper tutoring and guidance are essential. 

With so many available options among the SAT prep programs, opting for a perfect one might seem challenging. 

No worries, we have got you covered.

 This guide will provide you with a complete walkthrough of the 9 Best SAT Tutoring platforms to help you select the best one. 

So without any delay, let’s get started. 

Top 9 SAT Tutoring: In A Nutshell (2024)

Sr.No Name Of The Program Best For 
1Kaplan SAT Tutoring On-demand and engaging lessons
2The Princeton Review Best Overall 
3Varsity Tutors Best for customized tutoring 
4Mangoosh SAT Offers affordable pricing option
5PrepScholar It is best for self-study 
6Khan Academy Free Resources 
7Testive It is best for offering the customized support 
8Perp Expert Best for Limited time of preparation. 
9ePrep Best overall

To select the best one, below are the top 9 SAT tutoring platforms that you can check out. 

1. Kaplan SAT Tutoring 

Kaplan is the most extensive platform helping students to ace SAT by offering three learning programs. 

These include on-demand courses, unlimited prep courses, and live online courses. 

Whether you are searching for self-paced courses or one-on-one tutoring classes, Kaplan has got your back! 

Best SAT Tutoring  - Kaplan Sat

 All the sessions are interactive and are led by a team of experts. 

Additionally, their on-demand learning program offers four full-length practice tests, more than 50 instructional videos on the strategies and the test content, and over 1000 practice questions. 

On the other hand, Live online programs provide access to 18 hours of live instruction on content review and test strategies, eight practice tests, including four official college board exams, 1000+ test-like questions, and four SAT prep books

Pricing: It offers an on-demand program, the most affordable option starting at $199, a live online program at $699, and an unlimited prep, the most expensive option offered at $1999. 

Pros Cons 
Offer different study tools in all the packagesThe unlimited prep package is quite expensive. 
Offers seven days free trial period The self-paced courses have a short access period. 
Sessions are conducted by expert tutors. 
The video quality of the on-demand course is top-notch.

2. The Princeton Review 

The Princeton Review has been the leading one offering SAT tutoring for over 40 years and has a good track record of helping students improve their grades.

It offers the most extensive and thorough curriculum to help students prepare effectively for SAT and is one of the most recognized names in the test prep. 

The Princeton Review

The 1400+ course program offers more than 36 hours of live online and in-person classroom instructions. 

In contrast, the SAT Essentials course offers more than 135 expert-created video lessons, three scheduled practice tests, eight single sections, and 23 additional practice tests. 

Pricing: It offers SAT 100+ tutoring at $1,899, Essentials at $649, SAT and ACT self-paced tutoring at $499, and private tutoring that you can access at $175 per hour.  

Pros Cons 
Offer interactive live sessionsThe book offered by Princeton is quite difficult to understand
24/7 on-demand tutoring The course packages are a bit expensive 
Access to parent and student portal app 
Provide a diverse range of SAT prep programs.
Top-percentile instructors 

3. Varsity Tutors 

Varsity Tutors is one of the best options if you are juggling your busy schedules and want to opt for one-to-one customized tutoring. 

The 8-week SAT prep class is crafted in such a way as to help students take SAT by imparting essential skills and test-taking strategies for scoring good grades. 

Varsity Tutors 

The course covers all the content and the strategies for all the sections, i.e., Maths, reading, and writing. 

Morecer, the course will provide you with important strategies and tips along with the techniques and tricks to solve mathematical problems. 

Pricing: It offers both free SAT preparation classes and pay-by-hour classes. The average pricing ranges between $25 to $80 per hour. 

Pros Cons 
Offer the best virtual learning tools The pricing plans are not clear and provided upfront 
Allows access to customized learning plans
High caliber instructors 
Have expertise in more than 3000 subjects

4. Magoosh SAT 

Magoosh offers an accessible and flexible learning option by offering video and audio lessons along with practice questions. 

It provides engaging and interactive lectures, more than 200 video lessons, three practice tests, and over 1,750 practice questions

Magoosh SAT 

It helps you to understand the concepts better by providing video or text-based explanations for all the questions. 

Mangoosh also provides personalized study plans and text message reminders to help them keep track of their progress. Its subscription plan also offers score predictors, flashcards, and a money-back guarantee. 

Pricing: Mangoosh provides two pricing plans, i.e., a self-paced program, which is accessible for about 12 months and is offered at $129, and a guided study plan which is offered at $399. 

Pros Cons 
Offer a 7-day free trial option Does not offers graded feedback for the optional essay section of SAT 
Email assistance from the expert tutors Offers only three practice tests which may not be sufficient for a few test takers 
Data-driven score prediction 
100+ point increase guarantee 

5. PrepScholar 

PrepScholar offers an extensive and exclusive catalogue of content, including high-quality video content that supplements interactive lessons. 

It provides several packages, including online interactive, one-to-one, and self-paced courses. It also offers time trackers that demonstrate your time of study to stack up against your goal. 

With PrepScholar, you can access personalized study plans per your schedule, skills, and needs. 


The complete SAT online preparation package provides access to more than 210 hours of content, over 7100 practice questions, more than 700 problem-solving videos, and a customized diagnostic quiz. 

Pricing: The complete SAT online prep is offered at $397 and is the most popular one with an exclusive range of features. The PrepScholar class package is offered at $895, including all the features of a complete prep package and expert-led classes. A complete+ tutoring package is offered at $995.

Pros Cons 
5 days risk-free trial The tutoring add-ons are quite expensive 
Provide progress reports Self-paced videos are a bit lengthy
Cover content for all the sections, i.e., Maths, reading and writing
Detailed explanation of answers for all the questions  
Ten real practice tests

6. Khan Academy 

Khan Academy is one of the best learning platforms which enables you to prepare efficiently for SAT examination by offering a personalized learning dashboard. 

It is a non-profit organization for education that offers amazing content which is completely free to access. 

Khan Academy

It is partnered with the College Board, which is the maker of SAT, so the content is officially approved. 

Pricing: It offers free access to the platform’s study material and video content. 

Pros Cons 
It offers free lifetime access to the content Does not offer test strategies.
Detailed text-based explanation of the answers Comprises insufficient lessons
Offer several practice questions 

7. Testive 

Testive offers personalized programs to students and provides them with an effective learning experience. It is a virtual learning platform that offers both ACT and SAT online courses. 

Once you have signed up with Testive, it offers a free initial consultation to determine your strengths and weaknesses and matches you with a tutor. You can master all the sections of SAT with the help of engaging and expert tutors. 


Furthermore, it offers a personalized study plan that is tailored to your needs. It allows access to thousands of practice questions, eight practice tests with detailed score reports, personal attention, and regular check-ins with expert tutors.

Pricing:  Testive offers a self-paced study package at $99 per month and a guided study package at $499 per month. 

Pros Cons 
Personalized answer explanations Offer limited full-practice tests 
Provides exceptional one-to-one instructionsDoes not offer on-demand video sessions on the strategies for SAT 
It offers digitally free proctored SAT tests for free
Offer quite an affordable pricing range.

8. Prep Expert 

The SAT prep courses offered by Prep Expert are designed in such a way as to help you get incredible SAT scores

It offers 8 and 6 weeks of online learning classes along with on-demand courses that you can take at your own pace. 

Prep Expert 

It conducts a self-proctored exam once every week and provides dozens of proven strategies to help students beat SAT. 

Moreover, the flagship course of Prep Expert covers several crucial skills required for test taking. The course meets twice each week and offers 3 hours of instruction and once each week for the self-proctored exam. 

Pricing: The 6-week flagship SAT prep course costs $999, and the 8-week capstone SAT prep course costs $1499. 

The Prep Expert’s unlimited prep offers unlimited access to PSAT, ACT, and SAT courses for one year and is provided at $2,999. SAT weekend review can be accessed at $499 for each review.

Pros Cons 
It provides 200+ SAT score improvement guarantee Limited in-person course options 
Courses are led by top-notch instructors Doest not offer an interface for interactive practice questions
In-detail explanation of answers
Comprehensive range of courses 

9. ePrep 

With the engaging video lessons created by the experts, ePrep ensures to impart essential skills to the students to help them earn effective scores. 

It offers a flexible and customized study experience and instant video reviews that allow you to determine your areas of improvement. 


You can also access the timeline feature that helps you review your timeline to stay focused and motivated. 

Based on the subscription plans, students can access several tools, such as vocabulary building,  video lessons, and test simulations. 

So if you are looking for comprehensive and exclusive engaging video sessions, opting for ePrep is the perfect option for you. 

Pricing:  ePrep offers test date course plans, including an express plan at $129, a standard plan at $249, and a premium plan offered at $299. 

It also provides access to the standard plus plan offered at $399 and a premium plus plan at $599. 

Pros Cons 
Full-length practice tests It does not offer feedback for essays
Video answer explanations No appropriate study plan is offered 
Score improvement guarantee 
WordSmith Vocabulary builder 
Affordable pricing options 

Tips And Tricks To Ace SAT

In order to beat the SAT and attain high scores, here are a few tips and tricks that you can go through. 

1. Creating An Appropriate Study Plan.

Develop an appropriate study schedule in such a way that you prioritize more time on the areas of improvement and make sure you stick to the same schedule. 

Determine the date of the SAT examination and start preparing accordingly. Start with 2 to 3 hours per week for studying. Ensure that you maintain consistency. 

2. Opting For The Best Study Material. 

The preparation material that you utilize for study can greatly affect your scores. Make sure you explore all the study materials and opt for the best one.

There are several online tutoring platforms, books, apps, and private tutors that you can reach out to seek assistance for SAT preparation.

3. Improving The Speed Of Reading. 

As the test comprises long passages, it is necessary to read the questions carefully and accurately but at the same time quickly so that you can save time to contemplate the answers.

Reading and practising the questions will definitely help you to get familiar with the language and the question structure. 

4. Practice Thoroughly. 

Consistent practice is essential to score well on SAT. The exam includes a maths section, so brush up on your basic skills, such as formulas, geometry, algebraic expressions, trigonometry, etc. 

5. Attempt All Questions. 

Do your best to make sure that you attempt every question, as there is no penalty for the wrong answers. You can guess and attempt the questions even if you don’t know the answer. 

Once you have attempted all the questions, allot time to go through all the questions to make sure that you have marked the appropriate answers. 

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Which Is The Best SAT Tutoring?

Start your SAT prep today with the exclusive study content offered by the different virtual platforms.

All the above-listed platforms are the best ones offering comprehensive preparation materials. Still, The Princeton Review, Kaplan SAT tutoring, and PrepScholar are the top three recommendations. 

With the proper support and positive mindset accompanied by your efforts, you can succeed in the SAT test. 

So which SAT tutoring program are you opting for? Let us know in the comments section below. 


How many times can you take SAT? 

You can take SAT as many times as possible there is no limit to it. Generally, it is recommended to take SAT atleast twice, i.e., during the fall of the senior year and the spring of the junior year. 

Which is the highest SAT score to get admission to a top-notch college? 

SAT scores ranging between 1350 to 1450 are considered the good ones that make your application more selective for admission to top-notch colleges. 

Is online tutoring for SAT worth taking?

Opting for online SAT tutoring services is definitely worth it as it will not only help you by clearing concepts through engaging video content and practice materials but also provides essential tips and strategies virtually by the experts that definitely help you score well on SAT. 

What factors should be considered while opting for Online SAT tutoring services? 

Many essential aspects are needed to be considered before selecting online SAT tutoring services. Below are a few of them. 
Look for a platform that offers several features to access. 
Pay attention to the quality of the content. 
Look for the practice materials offered by the platform. 
Select the program which provides the high score guarantee. 
Go for the courses led by expert instructors. 
Budget is another important factor to be considered. 

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