8 Best AI Writing Softwares Of 2024 (Free & Paid)

Are you on the hunt to find the best AI writing software? 

You came to the right page! I reviewed some of the best AI writing software after using them for several writing projects that I had in hand. 

After getting the best results, I reviewed the best AI writing software.

In this article, I talked about the best AI writing software by giving an overview of each of the best AI writing software and its best features, along with their pricing.

In fact, I also included the best AI writing software available for free.

Top 8 AI Writing Software (2024)

You might not believe this, but robots are gradually taking over the world. I mean, there are enough movies about it, but this time, I am quite serious about this. 

Yes – I am talking about the best AI writing software that has gained popularity and has become rivals for potential human writers.

The usage of AI technology in writing tools has immensely reduced the wasted hours of writers in crafting the best content. 

In fact, some of the best AI writing software can deliver content within seconds. I carefully picked the 6 best AI writing software after considering different aspects. 

Watch out!

1. Jasper AI

Jasper AI is typically a robot replica of a potential human writer. 

You can also hear Jasper AI speak! You get excellent accuracy in Jasper AI that lets you come back for more quality content. In fact, you can turn on Boss Mode in Jasper AI and receive content 5x faster than an average writer. 

With a whopping 11,000 free fonts, you can let Jasper AI curate content in the desired font that you want. Each content must have a unique voice, so Jasper AI produces 2,500 different writing styles, which means you can change the tone of your content within seconds and create content better.

Plus, you can also customize the writing style according to your preferences. What’s more? Jasper AI has a pre-designed content template for platforms like Facebook for instant content delivery. 

Best AI Writing Software - Jasper

Additionally, Jasper AI breaks the language barrier and writes in 25+ languages effectively. Did you have to come up with new content at the last minute? No issues. 

The content improver in Jasper AI can enhance your last-minute content into one of the BEST CONTENT EVER! It’s the truth.

Jasper AI also has SurferSEO integration, which helps in optimizing your content. Therefore, Jasper AI basically serves you everything that you’d need, from content curation to SEO optimization.

Best Jasper AI features:

  • Let Jasper AI write 5x faster using Boss Mode.
  • 50+ ready-to-use content templates for social media.
  • Enhance your boring content using content improver.
  • Jasper AI generates content in a foreign language instantly.
  • If there is a specific quote, Jasper AI highlights it automatically.
  • You can customize the writing styles in Jasper AI in any way you want.


You can access Jasper AI by purchasing either of the two plans. In the standard plan priced at $29 per month and $288 per year – you can generate 50+ short copies and 20,000 words/m only.

Jasper Pricing Plans

In contrast, purchasing the Boss Mode (premium plan) can fetch you benefits like a high-quality plagiarism checker and an in-built Grammarly version along with AI writing support. Comparing the standard plan, if you spend a little more bucks, you can get Boss Mode at just $59 per month.

A tip that I’d suggest is that you can opt for the standard plan if you are a small business owner who needs to curate social media and sales copies and does not have a hired professional copywriter.

Yet, the Boss Mode in Jasper AI is the best investment if you are a full-fledged digital agency!

2. Copysmith AI

Copysmith AI is a mesmerizing AI writing tool that can instantly deliver effective content for you. There is no additional need for a potential editor because Copysmith AI shows accurate results.

It does not matter if your content requirement is short marketing copies or full-fledged articles; Copysmith AI will write any content that you want. In fact, Copysmith AI is known for its versatility.

CopySmith AI

The best thing – Copysmith AI has got your back if you demand content in a non-English language because Copysmith AI supports other universal languages and so you do not have to worry about it.

Although Copysmith AI guarantees the best accuracy, you can rephrase the desired content however you want without changing the context and achieving your goal right away.

Best Copysmith AI features:

  • Generate the best creative taglines within seconds.
  • Improve your quality using the content enhancer.
  • Edit your content in real-time by browser integration.
  • Achieve Shopify eCommerce integration in Copysmith AI.
  • Copysmith AI writes content in 100+ universal languages.


As usual, you get two plans, namely, the basic plan offering limited features like 20 plagiarism checks and 50 credits only at either $19 per month or $192 per year.

CopySmith Pricing

In contrast, you unlock a whopping of 100 plagiarism checks per month with a bonus of 400 credits in the premium plan priced at $59 per month or $600 per year. In fact, Copysmith AI made it easy if you are looking for a way to upgrade. Pay only $149 per month and get unlimited credits easily!

The twist in the plans offered by Copysmith AI is that only 2 members can access at a time in the basic plan while up to 5 members can enjoy all the benefits in the premium plan simultaneously.

3. Rytr

Rytr is an underrated AI writing software that delivers top-notch content in a fraction of seconds.

The support for unique writing styles and tones in Rytr is one of its highlighting features. Although other competitors promise SEO-optimized content, it eventually fails to do so. But Rytr is different!

Rytr - Overview

In Rytr, you can find a dedicated SEO analyzer that will automatically get your content optimized. Henceforth, curating polished and optimized content in high-quality is very easy with Rytr.

Take Rytr wherever you go. Instagram to Slack to WordPress – Rytr supports it all! You also get an accurate plagiarism checker as a cherry on the top in Rytr. You get the BEST content using Rytr.

Best Rytr features:

  • Create your own custom template in Rytr.
  • You get use-cases in Rytr that will smoothen your workflow.
  • Eliminate duplicated content using the in-built plagiarism checker.
  • Change the tone of your content or let Rytr do it for you.
  • Integrate Rytr into multiple web browsers for efficient use.
  • You can also achieve API integration in Rytr.


You can literally go to the Rytr and get high-quality content for free with no additional fees.

Rytr Pricing

Still, if you wish to unlock added benefits, you can pay a little less than $9 per month and receive up to 50,000 words in 20k+ content styles and tones. In this plan, you will get access to the core features.

On the other hand, the Rytr unlimited plan will let you generate unlimited words at just $29 per month. In my experience with the best AI writing software, only Rytr offers plans at the lowest!

4. WriteSonic

Most users popularly prefer WriteSonic since it creates compelling content in a structured format leaving no room for proofreading or additional editing. Yes – That’s right!

You can find the most creative content and generate leads using WriteSonic as it creates unique marketing and sales copies for your business or brand. 

WriteSonic can also write product descriptions if you mention and highlight the key features of the desired product.


Additionally, WriteSonic supports a generous amount of 25 languages and writes converting copies. A bonus feature that you get in WriteSonic is the restructuring tool – expand or shorten your copy.

Even if you struggle to develop a powerful bio for your company, WriteSonic can do it!

Best WriteSonic features:

  • You can instantly shorten your content without affecting the context.
  • Curating content in a different format is easy with WriteSonic.
  • WriteSonic can write high-quality content in different languages.
  • If you are out of ideas, let WriteSonic stretch your content quickly.
  • A dedicated product description generator is available in WriteSonic.
  • WriteSonic uses compelling strategies like AIDA and Pain-Agitate-Solution.
  • SEMrush integration is available in all the plans offered by WriteSonic. 


You can start your WriteSonic journey right away and get 10 credits, 25 languages support, and a single seat without paying a single penny – That’s about the free trial for new users in WriteSonic.

Writesonic Pricing

If you are looking for specific needs, purchase the basic plan at $15/m and get 50,000 words or the professional plan at $45/m and get unlimited credits. 

In the pricing plans, you get an exclusive long-form writing assistant that can help in generating 125 words at once with SEMrush integration.

Since marketing agencies and companies might need additional benefits like higher quality generations, priority support, and multiple user seats, you can get the start-up plan at $95/m or the ultimate agency plan at $195/m. 

I’d recommend going for the start-up plan if you have just started! Ultimately, you can explore the user experience in WriteSonic for free before buying any plan.

5. Ink Editor

Ink Editor claims to be the all-in-one text editing solution.

After careful analysis, I found that Ink Editor really does have everything from AI writing to SEO optimization to tone detection to content rephrasing to API integration. 

Ink Editor

In short, you can use Ink Editor as your personal writing assistant and enhance your productivity 5x faster for efficient use. The best part about Ink Editor is that you do not have to manually optimize your content later, as Ink Editor ensures that the content is optimized by itself. In fact, you can learn your content’s score.

Lastly, you can customize all the accessibility modes in Ink Editor according to your preference.

Best Ink Editor features:

  • You can rephrase any content in Ink Editor.
  • Analyze your content’s tone within seconds.
  • Generate SEO-optimized content from scratch.
  • Find out your content performance by scores.
  • Stretch and shrink your content using Ink Editor.


You guessed it right. Ink Editor also has a free trial that you can use to explore the features. Yet, if you wish to extend your plan and get the utmost benefits of Ink Editor, then hear the plans first.

InkEditor Pricing

You can either pay $29/m for Ink Pro and get unlimited SEO AI content scoring and 50,000 words and exclusive chat support, or pay $82/m and unlock everything in Ink Editor with no limitations.

Personally, I’d say that all the plans offer generous benefits. Even the free trial gives access to tools.

6. ArticleForge

ArticleForge has a robust AI technology that uses 8 deep-learning models to match the best quality.

In ArticleForge, you can customize the style you want to use in your content. For instance, an article on education must be formal, whereas an article on entertainment can be informal.

The working of ArticleForge is very simple and easy to use. ArticleForge guarantees that it will deliver any content within 60 seconds, and that’s a promise. 


In fact, ArticleForge is versatile, and so it can write in multiple formats from marketing to finance to entertainment to whatnot.

Additionally, ArticleForge has a one-of-a-kind WordPress posting feature that lets you schedule your posting timeline, so you do not have to worry about manual posting.

Finally, ArticleForge also breaks the language barrier and writes in 7+ languages effectively.

Best ArticleForge features:

  • Generate content in different forms without compromising quality.
  • Get 100% original with zero duplicated content from ArticleForge.
  • Fix a specific WordPress posting schedule and let ArticleForge do it.
  • A powerful AI technology that thoroughly analyses the context.
  • Easy API integration is available in ArticleForge.
  • ArticleForge checks through Copyscape for plagiarism.


ArticleForge sticks to two unique pricing plans that let you get access to all its features. The standard plan is priced at $57/m – get 250k words with all the benefits.

Article Forge Pricing

If not, you can opt for the unlimited plan priced at $117 and get unlimited words. 

The benefits in both the plans include compelling AI writing support, bulk content generation, and API access.

You can also check out all the features in ArticleForge without paying money by using the 5-day free trial. 

Plus, ArticleForge offers a 30-day money-back guarantee that you can use if needed.

7. Copy AI

Another AI writing software that is based on the GPT-3 technology is Copy AI, just like Jasper and Rytr. You can find a lot of templates and editing tools on this writing software. It also comes with a grammar checker tool to help you prevent making any grammatical errors.

With this tool, you can create effective and creative writing copies. To use this tool, you just need to select the type of copy you want to create, give a description, and that’s it. Copy AI will create a unique copy based on that topic.

Copy AI Overview

You can find plenty of copywriting prompts on this tool and improve your writing skills. All the Copy AI tools are not so much different from other writing softwares on this list. Some of the famous companies like Nestle, eBay, and Microsoft have put their trust in this software.

The interface of this software is the best among all the tools listed on this list. With their starting guide, you can easily start creating content.

Best Copy AI Features:

  • Create unique digital ad copies and sell them easily
  • Choose among 90+ templates to write content
  • Use fun templates for your pet projects
  • Create content in over 25 languages
  • Create social media captions using hashtags
  • Create Blog post ideas


It comes with a free plan which allows you to write up to 2000 words per month. The pro plan costs $49/mo or $36/mo annually.

Copy AI Pricing Plans

In the free plan, you will get access to all the 90 copywriting tools, a 7-day free trial of the Pro plan, the option to create unlimited projects, and one user seat. The pro plan allows you to create content of 40,000 words/month, and you can increase this limit to more than 300K words, but the pricing will also increase. In this plan, you can add up to 5 users, write in over 25 languages, get access to the newest features, and so on.

8. ClosersCopy

If you’re searching for an AI writing software that can help you write amazing marketing copies, then ClosersCopy is a good option for you. Its writing model is different from the usual GPT-3 models that most AI writing tools use. They have created a machine learning program specifically for writing marketing copies.

These marketing copies can easily help you sell your products & services. There is no content filter, limitation, or restriction are there on these models because ClosersCopy controls the technology and allows users to use them with ease.


ClosersCopy has tools for you to create long-form content, do SEO audits, create a strategy for SEO, and templates for creating email scripts, sales letters, and advertisements. To use a template, you just need to fill out the required information, and it will create the type of content you want to create.

You can also write product descriptions using these templates. They also have a course for you to help you learn everything about using this tool with ease. However, there is not much information available about their features on their website.

Best ClosersCopy Key Features:

  • Create unlimited content using the AI
  • Supports 128 languages
  • 700+ Frameworks for you to use
  • Workflows to create long-form content in a few minutes
  • Get lifetime updates with the lifetime deal
  • Run unlimited site audits


There are three pricing options available on ClosersCopy. The power plan costs $49.99/mo or $419.90/year and allows you to use the AI writer 300 times a month and run 50 SEO audits.

ClosersCopy Pricing

The superpower plan costs $79.99/mo or $671.90/year and allows you to use everything with no limitations, and gives you three user seats.

The superpower squad plan costs $99.99/mo or $839.90/year and gives you everything from the last two plans plus five user seats.

Which Is The Best AI Writing Software?

Has AI replaced human writers? Well, the answer still remains to be the same.

No, even the best AI writing software cannot replace potential human writers for varied reasons. No matter the accuracy that each AI writing software promises, you cannot blindly submit it to clients.

Yet, AI writing software is recommended for small projects and freelance assignments because it can drastically reduce your time and efforts as AI technology can produce similar results.

Maybe you can use the best AI writing software as a helping hand. 

For instance, in case you are stuck with a bulk content requirement or running low on budget and cannot afford professional writers. Technology, indeed has a solution for almost every need in our lives. In this case, AI helps in writing!

To wrap up the article, I’d say that it is better to have a sidekick that can smoothen your workflow. In my experience, Jasper AI enhanced my productivity and helped me in meeting deadlines.

No more confusion. Pick Jasper AI and let it work for you while you can continue doing your thing!


Which is the best AI writing software?

Overall the best AI writing software is Jasper AI, hands down. There are a lot of AI writing tools available on the internet, but Jasper AI has its own proprietary AI technology, which allows you to create unique content within a few seconds.

Is AI writing tool good for content writers?

AI writing tools can be a great addition to your arsenal as a content writer. It can help you create content briefs within a few seconds, which saves you a lot of time that you would have spent researching the topic. You can quickly compose content for advertisements, blog posts, essays, etc.

Is there any free AI writing software?

There are plenty of free AI writing softwares available, and some of the premium AI writing software also offer free trials, such as Jasper AI. You can try Jasper AI for five days and create unique content with 10,000-word credits.

Which AI writing tool is the best for SEO?

Ink Editor is a great AI writing tool for SEO, and it helps you create SEO-optimized content with ease. Jasper AI also has an integration with Surfer SEO which allows you to create unique SEO-optimized content so you can decide which one is good for you.

Is AI writing tools good?

AI writing tools have been around in the market for quite some time now, and developers are constantly working on them to improve their efficiency in creating unique content. So I would say AI writing tools are the future of content creation.

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