Pimsleur Coupon Code 2024 | Exclusive 25% Discount

Pimsleur Coupon Code - MyClassTracks

Do you want to learn a new language without hurting your pocket during the process? Pimsleur is a great platform to get started, but the prices can be a little over budget for some. That is exactly what we’re here to help you with! Learning a new language is certainly not easy, especially when you

How Many People Speak Swedish In 2024 (Latest Data)

How Many People Speak Swedish - MyClassTracks

Do you know the number of people who can speak Swedish and its dialects? You may already be aware that not many people speak Swedish outside of Sweden. In fact, a lot of people even ask questions like, “Which countries speak Swedish as a second language?” or “Could it be the Finns? ” Well, this

Rosetta Stone Black Friday 2024: Upto $200 Off

Rosetta Stone Black Friday - MyClassTracks

Rosetta Stone Black Friday is an excellent option to kickstart your language learning journey at an affordable price. In this article, I will discuss all the details about Rosetta Stone’s Black Friday Deal 2024. Moreover, I will also cover all the other details, including key features, additional benefits, and more! So, let’s get into the details

15+ Best Vocabulary Apps 2024 (Free & Paid)

Best Vocabulary Apps

Who doesn’t like having a rich vocabulary? These 15+ best vocabulary apps for learning will help you discover interesting words. So, if you’re applying for higher-level tests such as the GRE or TOEFL, this article is a savior. I personally really like hearing new words and then implementing them in my day-to-day phrases. These apps

11 Best Language Learning Apps of 2024

Best Language Learning Apps - MyClassTracks

As a language learner who has used every popular language learning app, I’m often asked – what are truly the best apps right now for quickly and effectively picking up a new language? With so many digital solutions claiming to help you gain fluency, how do you identify the apps that actually help conversational ability?

74+ Language Statistics For 2024 (Trends, Facts & Data)

Language Statistics - MyClassTracks

Approximately 7,151 languages are spoken today. English, Mandarin, Hindi, and Spanish are the top four languages that are most spoken around the globe. These facts and figures keep fluctuating with evolving population.  Some of the languages that were used in 2000 have become extinct today, while some new languages have come into existence. The languages

12 Longest Word In The World From Different Languages

Longest Word In The World - MyClassTracks

You will be amused if I say that the word “Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia,” which refers to “the fear of long words,” is actually one of the longest words in the world. Isn’t that ironic?  However, this is not the only word that seems very hard to read. There are hundreds of long words across the world that

Babbel Coupon Code 2024 – Exclusive 60% Discount

Babbel Coupon - MyClassTracks

Babbel is running some exciting offers on their app. Using the exclusive Babbel coupon, you can buy any language course for less than half the original price.  I’m sure you want to know more in detail about the coupons and the discounts, which I’ll tell you about in this guide. Plus, I’ll also let you

How Long Does It Take To Learn Korean? (Fastest Ways)

How Long Does It Take To Learn Korean - MyClassTracks

Let’s face it– whether it be your love for the popular Korean boy band BTS or your eagerness to upskill, you want to learn Korean as fast as possible. When looking for a way to make quick progress, the question “How long does it take to learn Korean?” is bound to pop up! Before answering

Top French-Speaking Countries of 2024 (Updated)

French Speaking Countries - MyClassTracks

French holds an esteemed position among the most spoken languages worldwide.  With approximately 300 million speakers across diverse continents, it serves as a linguistic bridge connecting people from different backgrounds and cultures.  Europe to Africa, North America to the Caribbean, and French-speaking countries encompass a remarkable variety of regions, each with its own distinctive charm

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