Babbel Coupon Code 2024 – Exclusive 60% Discount

Babbel is running some exciting offers on their app. Using the exclusive Babbel coupon, you can buy any language course for less than half the original price. 

I’m sure you want to know more in detail about the coupons and the discounts, which I’ll tell you about in this guide. Plus, I’ll also let you know how you can avail of these offers without any hassle. 

Babbel Coupon Code | Exclusive for 2024

Babbel’s deals are live right now.🎯
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Shall we dive in? 

Available Babbel Coupons & Discounts (2024)

You can save big on Babbel and learn any language you want.

Yes, you heard me right. In the table below, I have mentioned the current discounted price Babbel is offering for their different plans. 

Plans Offer Price Original Price 
6 months $11.15 per month (total $66.90)$89.70
12 months $6.65 per month (total $79.80)$179.40
Lifetime $239$599

As you can see, you are getting all the packages at a great discount. In my opinion, the six-month or yearly plan is the best because you can utilize the time to learn more than one language. 

Babbel Fourth Of July Sale

Also, if you already have a busy schedule, the half-yearly or yearly plan will give you the flexibility to learn a new language with ease. 

But if you have a keen interest in learning different languages, the lifetime offer might be beneficial for you. It gives access to all the 14 languages Babbel offers. 

How To Claim Babbel Coupon Code & Promo in 2024? (Step By Step)

You have to follow the steps mentioned below to get the discounted Babbel membership- 

Step 1: Visit the official Babbel site by clicking here.

Step 2: In the top right corner, you’ll find two options: Log in and Register. The current offer is applicable to both existing and new customers. If you already have an account, click on login, and for new customers, click on register. Since the existing customers already know the procedure, I’ll show the steps to new customers. 

Babbel Coupon - Pricing

Step 3: After you click on the register, you have to pick the language you want to learn. 

Babbel Coupon - Language

Step 4: Once you pick a language, click on Next. 

Step 5: On the new page, you have to click on Next again, and the site/app will ask you a few questions, like why you want to learn this new language, if you have any knowledge about the language, what your goals are, etc. 

Babbel Coupon -  Question

Step 6: After you answer, you have to provide your name and email address and set a password. You have successfully created your Babbel account. 

Step 7: It’s time to choose a plan. You can select a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly plan as per your requirement. 

Step 8: Once you select the plan, you have to pay either through a credit card or PayPal. 

Babbel Coupon -  Payment Method

Step 9: Now provide the payment details and complete your purchase. If you have any additional coupons, you can redeem them as well. To redeem Babbel coupons, click on the voucher redeem tab at the bottom of the plans. 

Babbel Coupon -  Redeem Now

Step 10: Once you click on that tab, you’ll be redirected to a new page, where you have to enter the coupon code. 

Are There Any Special Discounts For Students? 

Yes, Babbel has special discounts for students, but that’s only applicable to students from the United States. Therefore, if you are studying at any American college or university, you can avail the special student discount. 

But to claim the offer, you have to verify your student ID at It’s an API tool through which you can safely share your ID cards. 

Once Babbel verifies your student ID, it will give you a three months Babbel subscription at a 65% discount. So you can learn your preferred language at just $15.99 for ninety days. 

Babbel Pricing Plans Explained 

In case you are reading this article late and wondering what the original prices of Babbel subscription plans are, I have got you covered. 

Here are the original Babbel pricing plans- 

Plan Prices 
1 month $13.95 
3 months $41.85
6 months $83.70
12 months 167.40

Why Should I Use Babbel Instead Of Any Other Language App? 

Although there are other free language learning apps that claim to offer the same lesson plans and assessments as Babbel, I think you should go for Babbel. 

Free apps like Duolingo claim to help you learn a new language for free, but most of them have a paid version as well. And to avail of the premium features, there is no other option than to sign up for the paid plan. 

Moreover, the free versions have constant ads, which is extremely irritating. Babbel is also cheaper than other advanced language learning apps like Pimsleur or Rosetta Stone

I have taken the Babbel Spanish lesson, and my experience was quite fantastic. I loved the fact that they have courses based on different levels of learners, like- newcomer, moderate and advanced, and we get to pick them accordingly. 

Plus, there is a revision section after each lesson which is great for revising whatever we have learned in the previous class. In a nutshell, Babbel is a cost-effective and easy-to-follow learning platform. If you want to know more about Babbel then check our detailed review of Babbel here.

Can Babbel Classes Make Me An Expert Speaker In A New Language? 

I think whether you become an expert in a new language or not depends mostly on the individual. Everyone has a different pace of learning, so the progress may not be the same for everyone. 

In my opinion, Babbel provides the necessary material you need to learn a new language. There are five to fifteen chapters in each module that cover basic to advanced information. 

For example, the beginner course starts with how to greet others, introduce ourselves, use basic pronouns, etc. As we proceed, we are taught to speak a whole sentence, and there are grammar lessons in between as well. 

But to be able to speak a language fluently, you must practice. No matter how many language classes you take, if you don’t have real-life conversations, you’ll eventually forget what you’ve learned. 

Babbel definitely helps with good material and proper guidance, so I think it’s a useful app for learning a new language.

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Final Words: Babbel Coupon Code (2024) 

If you’ve been contemplating whether to buy a language course in Babbel or not, I think now is the right time to do so. You can get the packages at up to 65% off, which is an amazing deal. 

Hopefully, the article has helped you pick a plan that suits your learning pace. Let me know if you have any other doubts in the comments. 

FAQs on Babbel Coupon & Promo Codes

Can I use Babbel for free?

Yes, you can use Babbel for free. Babbel allows you to check out the first lesson from every course for free. All you need is to sign up to Babbel with your credentials and get access to more than 50 free lessons.

Is there a money-back guarantee available on Babbel?

Yes, Babbel offers a 20-day money-back guarantee on all their plans. If you’re not happy with the services of Babbel, then you can just contact their customer support and get a full refund on your purchase within 20 days.

On how many devices can I use Babbel?

You can use your Babbel account on as many devices as you like. All you need to do is log in with the same credentials on the devices to continue from where you left off previously. You can use Babbel on Android, iOS, Desktop, and Mac devices.

What is the maximum discount I can get on Babbel?

Babbel usually offers discounts on their plans. Currently, they are offering a maximum discount of 55% on their yearly all-language access plan.

What subscriptions does Babbel offer?

Babbel offers a single language subscription, a languages subscription, and a live classes subscription, and all these subscriptions’ pricing varies based on validity.

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