How Many Germans Speak English (2024 Data)

Wondering how many people in Germany speak English? What is a percent of the German population speaks English fluently?

According to recent statistics, about 56% of the German population speaks English. It is also ranked 10th in the countries that speak English.

This article talks about the proficiency of English among people in German. So, without wasting time, let’s quickly get started with facts and stats about People in Germany who speak English.

How Many People In Germany Speak English: General Stats

How Many People In Germany Speak English - Top Picks
  1. According to Wikipedia, 45,400,000 people in Germany speak English.
  2. According to the research from polls, 56% of the people in Germany speak English in their daily lives.
  3. 392,000 (0.47%) people in Germany speak English as their first language.
  4. Germany is considered to have the 10th highest English proficiency in the world.
  5. According to the EF English Proficiency Index, Germany is in 10th number in best non-English speakers in the world.
  6. More than 45,100,000 people in Germany speak English as an additional language.
  7. According to the data from EPI, Germany is ranked 7th in 2022 among the top countries in the world for English proficiency.

Following is the in-depth data on people in Germany speaking English.

(Source: Wikipedia)

English Speakers in GermanyNumberPercentage
English as their First language392,0000.47%
English as an additional language 45,100,00056%
Total English speakers in Germany45,400,00056%
  1. According to Statista data, in 2022, 12.25 million people in Germany will have good English language skills.
  2. Similarly, in 2018, around 36.775 million people in Germany had less than no knowledge of English.

Following is detailed information on the population in Germany speaking the English language from 2018 to 2022.

YearExcellent skillsQuite good skillsPoor skills 
  1. English is a second language in most schools in Germany.
  2. According to the research from Lingoda, a large number of native English speakers and businesses from various countries are currently residing in Germany.
  3. German people learn the English language from the age of 5.
  4. The study states that students or Germans above the age of 5 start learning from primary schools. It is also noted that various American and British talk shows played an essential part in their English speaking skills.
  5. As per the research, Germany scored 63.77, which makes it a country with high English language proficiency.
  6. According to the research, people under 50 have a good grasp, smooth speaking, and are fluent in English.
  7. In many German cities, waiters, transport operators, and professionals mainly speak English daily.
  8. 56% of German parents opt for English for their children.

How Many People In Germany Speak English: City Wise

  1. According to the study, Germany’s big cities are the ones that are ranking top in English proficiency.
  2. Berlin is on top in all the cities, with a score of 65.61.
  3. Moreover, Hamburg with 64.72, Bavaria with 65.09, and North-Rhine Westphalia with 64.63.
  4. Unlike the ranked highest cities, the lowest-ranking cities were Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, with 58.72 scores, and Sacony-Anhalt, with a score of 60.70.
  5. Düsseldorf is the highest-ranked city in North-Rhine Westphalia, with a score of 65.55.
  6. Munich has many English speakers. In Munich, people under 60 are well-versed in the English language.
  7.  The central city and the harbor are reportedly largely English-speaking, especially among professionals and younger people.
  8. In Cologne’s main tourist and central districts, English is frequently spoken.

Other than these cities, English is also spoken in various German universities. These include:

UniversityNumber of students speaking English
University of Hamburg43,957
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich51,000 
University of Cologne51,250
Goethe University Frankfurt45,533
Technical University of Dortmund 35,000
Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf33,000

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Conclusion: 45,400,000 people in Germany speak English

English is the language among young professionals and entrepreneurs in various major German cities.

In fact, the English-speaking population in Germany has grown by more than 50% over the past decade. 

Not just that English is frequently used in the German workplace on a daily basis to increase international contacts with various foreign companies. Likewise, tourism also plays a crucial part in using the English language in Germany.

This describes the upcoming demand for German languages in Germany. So when you ask, ‘How many people in Germany speak English?’, then I would say the number of English speakers in Germany is catching up with speed and will rise by 60% in the upcoming years.

I hope I have covered all the stats that refer to how many people in Germany speak English. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


How many people in Germany speak English?

According to the statistical data, there are more than 45,400,000 people in Germany who speak English on a daily basis.

What percent of Germany speaks English?

Over 56% of the population in Germany speaks English. It is growing among youngsters and may rise by 60% in the upcoming few years.

Is English commonly spoken in Germany?

Yes, Germany is ranked 10th among the countries speaking English. English is usually used in many business deals with international countries, and it is also commonly used in various restaurants, bars, and by many servers.

Is it rude to speak English in Germany?

Ans: No, as it is a famous country, many tourists visit from various countries worldwide each year. So, English is always appreciated in Germany.

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