Memrise vs Babbel (2024) — Which One to Choose?

Learning a new language is often overwhelming at first. However, with exceptional language learning platforms like Memrise and Babbel, it can become super fun and exciting to know about foreign linguals. But the question is, which language learning tool is better for you?

Memrise and Babbel are both top-ranking platforms for learning several languages. While both these platforms have some unique qualities, one thing which remains common is providing quality content to their users. So, once you study all the parameters carefully, you can decide which platform is worth investing your money in. 

Although the internet is filled with biased reviews, we are committed to providing you with an honest and reliable debate between Memrise vs.Babbel. In addition, we will discuss the pros and cons of both language learning platforms for a better understanding. 

So without wasting any time, let’s get into the article. 

Memrise vs Babbel (2024): In A Nutshell

For all the readers who want a quick comparison between the parameters of Memrise vs.Babbel, you will find all the essential aspects to make your decision in this section. 

Parameters Memrise Babbel 
Overview Memrise is an online language learning platform that provides a wide range of personalized language training sessions.Babbel is an e-learning language tool that helps you build your speaking skills in a new language.
Key features Learn around 23 languages Grammatical tips for specific languages Take lessons from native speakersExcellent listening skills Choose from 14 languages. Bite-sized video lectures Flexible learning experience Beginner friendly 
Teaching method Multiple choice questions Written practice sessions Vocal trainingPersonalized teaching  Short video lessons Practice tests Review sessions after classes Standard questionnaires 
Pricing Starts from $13.95Starts from $8.49
Ideal audience Best for beginners and intermediate language speakers People looking for personalized training 

Memrise vs Babbel: Overview 

Before we get into the details, let us brief you about how Memrise and Babbel have unique ways of teaching foreign languages to learners. 

Memrise Overview 

Memrise is a unique language-learning platform built on the belief that everyone can become a fluent speaker of any language they wish. Even if you have never spoken or read a particular language, you can learn it from scratch using an exceptional platform like Memrise. 

There are around 60 million Memrise users worldwide. Learners trust Memrise for its quality content, which has made people confident in speaking a foreign language with a clear pronunciation of words. The best part about Memrise is it makes language learning super fun so you can connect with the language rather than just study it. 

Memrise vs Babbel - Memrise

If you are worried that an online language learning platform will not be able to give you a personalized approach towards teaching and curriculum: in that case, Memrise is the perfect platform for you. With Memrise, you get an equal opportunity to practically test your language speaking skills to sound natural to the native speaker.

You also get to select your preference on the learning grade and pace at which you want to achieve your language goals. Additionally, the courses include phrases and words used by native speakers of every language to help you gain optimum fluency. 

Babbel Overview 

Babbel has millions of loyal users around the world. People mainly trust Babbel for learning any new language or improving their speaking skills because of its constantly growing and enhancing software. With the never-ending development in its learning content, Babbel enables users to match up with all the new changes in the native phrase and words. 

The best part about Babbel is you get to enroll for a short learning session with a summarised review of the entire class at the end. This feature helps you to remember all the content you just learned from your video lesson, which promotes quality education. 

  Memrise vs Babbel- Babbel

Other than that, Babbel has different learning options for users to choose from. At the same time, Memrise is a course-based language learning platform, Babbel focuses on providing video lectures, podcasts, and even magazines, considering the preferences of several learners. 

With Babbel, you achieve confidence and excellent command over speaking a language you started learning a few months ago. You can also use Babel in your mobile by downloading its app. 

Memrise vs Babbel: Key Features

Any language learning platform needs to provide a robust set of functionalities and features to its users to ensure they have the best learning experience. So let us discuss the proficient tools that Memrise vs. Babbel has to offer you. 

Memrise Key Features 

  • Learn around 23 languages 
  • Grammatical tips for specific languages 
  • Take lessons from native speakers
  • Excellent listening skills 
  • Explore new words 
  • Quick review 
  • Learn difficult words easily 
  • Self-paced learning 

Babbel Key Features 

  • Choose from 14 languages. 
  • Bite-sized video lectures 
  • Flexible learning experience 
  • Beginner friendly 
  • Speech recognition technology 
  • Review manager 
  • Synchronized report of your learning progress 
  • Covers a wide range of topics 

Memrise vs Babbel: Languages 

Even though Memrise and Babbel have some excellent tools and features, knowing which languages are available on both platforms is essential. Once you know the available languages, you can decide which platform fits your needs the best. 

Memrise Available Learning Languages 

 Memrise - Languages
  • Spanish (Mexico)
  • French 
  • Korean 
  • German
  • Spanish (Spain)
  • Japanese 
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Italian 
  • Turkish 
  • Portugal 
  • Russian 
  • Dutch 
  • Swedish 
  • Norwegian 
  • Polish 
  • Danish 
  • Yoruba 

Babbel Available Learning Languages 

 Babbel  - Course
  • German 
  • Italian 
  • French 
  • Spanish 
  • Brazilian 
  • Portuguese 
  • Russian 
  • Turkish
  • Polish 
  • English 
  • Indonesian 
  • Dutch 
  • Danish 
  • Swedish 
  • Norwegian 

Memrise vs Babbel: User Interface 

Learning a new language is a daunting experience for most, so they must choose a platform with a simple and beginner-friendly user interface. 

Memrise User Interface 

The website interface on Memrise is super simple and convenient to use. All the instructions for starting to learn a language are specified on the homepage. You can also select your choice of language in which you want all the functionalities and tools of Memrise to appear. 

 Memrise - Interface

To start your language learning journey, select the desired language from the “Select a Language section and click on get started. Once you choose the language, you will have to create your learning account, and you can begin to explore the courses and video sessions of that particular language. 

New users find Memrise extremely easy to use and love the straightforward approach of the platform. So if it is your first time using an online language learning platform, you do not have to worry about enrolling for Memrise. 

Babbel User Interface 

Babbel has a beginner-friendly use interface. If you are a new user, everything you need, from registering into Babbel to starting your language learning session, is displayed straightforwardly on the website. 

For example, when you enter the home page, you must select the language you want to learn and click on Let’s Go beside it. At the beginning of your learning journey, Babbel asks you a few questions to understand your goals and expectation for the language you are planning to learn. 

Then depending on your experience in that language, Babbel will recommend video lessons suitable for your caliber; so you can have the best results and improve significantly with every short video you see.

Memrise vs Babbel: Method Used to Teach Languages 

Learning a language differs from learning any other skill. So when choosing between Memrise vs.Babbel, you have to look out for their approach towards teaching the languages they offer as you invest your time and money in a language learning platform. 

Memrise Teaching Method 

Memrise is known for its direct approach to teaching all languages. When you enter the platform, Memrise asks you to choose the language you want to learn. After you select the language and enter your Memrise account, it will show you some essential words and phrases of a language. 

Here you have two options, and the first one is you can choose to learn the word or phrase displayed, or you can click on the other option, “I already know this.” Depending on your answers, Memrise will predict your skill score in the selected language and move you toward further lessons. 

Throughout your language learning journey, Memrise provides you with different scenarios where you have some time to understand the meaning of new phrases or words. You can even solve the translation tests to check how much you have learned at the end of each session. 

The teaching method or Memrise focuses on short and practical lessons to ensure the learner grasp steadily. The main goal of Memrise is to ensure you understand each word you are speaking in the selected language. 

Babbel Teaching Method 

Babbel offers a unique teaching approach to its learners. Initially, you must answer different questions about your learning goals, daily time investment, reminders to maintain consistency, etc. Babbel focuses on a complete development course of your selected language, gives you time flexibility, and ensures you focus on learning the language. 

Babbel - Difference

Other than that, Babbel also asks you questions about your age and the purpose of learning the language to provide you with the best possible lessons. Depending on your learning preferences, like whether you are learning alone or in a group, Babbel will also regulate your classes so you can get practical training. 

Memrise vs Babbel: Customer Support 

There are thousands of e-learning platforms providing language lessons online. However, specific platforms like Memrise and Babbel stand out from the rest due to their unique qualities. So let us check out the services of their customer support team. 

Memrise Customer Support 

Memrise’s customer support team is at your service 24/7, all days of the year. You can contact the team by visiting their customer support page, where you can find several FAQs for all general queries. However, if you are looking for anything specific, you can even access the community forum to solve your issues. 

Additionally, if you want to contact their support team for any platform-related or billing-related questions or problems, you can fill out their contact form to send your message to their support team. Once their team receives your message, they will reach out to you within 24-48 hours with a solution for your issues. 

Babbel Customer Support 

Babbel is a user-oriented language learning platform with a 24/7 available customer support team for all its users. If you have any queries or doubts, you can simply head to the Babbel help center and type your problems or questions in the search box. 

Babbel will suggest you the most relevant solutions according to your problem. However, if you cannot find the answer in its FAQ section, refer to the chat box at the bottom right of your help center. Here a bot will provide you with possible solutions for your problems. 

Babbel also has some articles and resources to help you solve your issues instantly. However, if you are facing a more significant problem or error with Babbel you can contact them by heading to their request page. The Babbel support team will review your request and reach out to you through email for all the updates. 

Memrise vs Babbel: Key Differences

Here are the key differences between Memrise and Babbel.

  • Memrise doesn’t fully focus on helping you become fluent in the language you are learning, whereas Babbel completely focuses on helping you speak really well in the language you’re learning.
  • Memrise’s study methods mainly focus on helping you memorize what you learn, whereas Babbel uses multiple teaching methods to teach you.
  • You can learn 23 different languages on Memrise, whereas Babbel only offers 14 languages for you to learn.
  • Babbel can easily help you achieve your learning goals, whereas Memrise’s study materials and teaching methods are not that good.

Memrise vs Babbel: Pricing 

Memrise and Babbel are both robust online language-learning platforms. However, it is essential to know the pricing of both tools to know which fits your budget the best. 

Memrise Pricing 

Plans Pricing 
Monthly $8.49 per month 
Annual $59.99 per year
Lifetime $119.99

Babbel Pricing 

Babbel - Pricing
Plans Pricing 
1 month $13.95 per month 
3 months $9.95 per month 
6 months $8.45 per month 
12 months $6.95 per month 

Memrise vs Babbel: Pros and Cons 

As we are almost towards the end of the article, let us discuss the most exciting part, i.e., the pros and cons list. If you were confused between Memrise and Babbel, you would have a clear winner after going through the list. 

Memrise Pros and Cons 

Pros Cons 
Free version has minimal restrictions Depending on the user-created content quality may vary 
Wide selection of languages Has a stronger focus on vocabulary 
Massive collection of programs and lessons available for every language 

Babbel Pros and Cons 

Pros Cons 
Affordable pricing Limited content for less popular languages 
Excellent practice sessions for grammar Only suitable for beginners 
Useful language phrases and words 

Who Is Memrise Ideal For?

Memrise is an excellent language-learning tool for all types of learners. The best part of Memrise is that it determines your knowledge about the selected language and suggests training practices accordingly. 

Depending on your growth rate, Memrise will keep increasing the skill score of your lessons. The intuitive software of Memrise ensures that you get the best learning experience and are fluent in the chosen language. Moreover, it also helps you build good speaking skills by practicing local phrases and words so you can sound like a native speaker. 

Whether you are a beginner or are looking to improve your speaking skills in a particular language, Memrise can be the ideal platform for all kinds of training. Additionally, Memrise can be an excellent choice for people who have just shifted to a new country or region and need help conversing with the locals there. 

Who Is Babbel Ideal For?

Babbel can be your one-stop solution for all the difficulties you are facing while learning a new language and ensuring you reach your desired goals. The unique interface of Babbel makes it super simple for anyone to learn a new language without any hassle. 

Babbel hosts a special questionnaire that every learner has to answer at the beginning of their journey, which makes. The question-and-answer method helps Babbel determine why you want to learn the language and what you want to achieve from your course. If you are looking for a language learning platform that gives a personalized experience, Babbel is the perfect match for you. 

Once you have answered all the questions correctly, Babbel will ensure you get the appropriate training for it, and you can reach your end goals as soon as possible. Babbel also determines your skill core so it can provide you with the correct training for better understanding. 

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Wrapping Up: Babbel is our #1 Choice for Language Learning!

As we are at the end of the article, we have covered every vital aspect of the comparison between Memrise vs. Babbel. Both language learning platforms offer some excellent and unique functionalities. However, the strengths of these platforms are similar. 

It all comes down to what you are looking for in an online language learning platform and which platform fits your budget the best. Once you figure out all these factors, you will make a decision. 

This article helped determine which tool, Memrise vs.Babbel, is better for you. For more valuable articles, please keep visiting our page, and we will try our best to provide you with honest and reliable posts. 


Is Memrise suitable for beginners?

Memrise is an excellent option for beginners and intermediate speakers as it has intuitive software that determines your skill score with fundamental to advanced questions. 

Is Babbel helpful in learning the local language of a region?

Babbel has all the necessary functionalities to improve your knowledge and fluency of a particular language, like practice sessions, video lessons, and speaking tests. 

Can I learn Dutch using Memrise?

Yes, Memrise has a wide range of languages from which you can select your preferred language. The collection of languages in Memrise also includes dutch. 

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