10+ Best Spanish Learning Programs of 2024

Are you trying to learn more than “Hola” in Spanish but cannot find the best Spanish learning program? This is the perfect article that needs your attention right now!

I used, reviewed, and listed the best Spanish learning apps after carefully going through several “best Spanish learning apps” claimed by most sites. 

In this article, I have shared the best Spanish learning apps, including all the aspects like its overview, features, learning approach, benefits, and pricing. 

Yet, are you skeptical of the best Spanish learning apps better than language classes? Keep reading till the end because I got an honest answer for you!

List Of The 10+ Best Spanish Learning Program of 2024

You might find yourself in an overly crowded environment while searching for the best Spanish learning app. In some cases, few Spanish learning apps turn out to be fake or a scam, but I do not want you to go through such uncomfortable situations.

I gathered the best Spanish learning apps and reviewed each Spanish learning app with hands-on experience to find out if they were worth it or not – I did not get upset.

Learning something new can be a challenge, especially if you are learning a new language like Spanish. The following list of the best Spanish learning apps has turned the regular boring sessions into an active gamified Spanish learning experience.

Are you hyped about learning Spanish? Hola, amigo. Let’s discover the best apps!

  • Duolingo
  • Mondly
  • MosaLingua
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Memrise
  • Beelinguapp
  • Hellotalk
  • Speechling
  • Babbel
  • FluentU

1. Duolingo – Best Game-Based App

At this point, if you hadn’t heard about Duolingo, you are probably living under a rock because the amount of advertisement and marketing that the language-learning app has done is uncountable. Duolingo is one of the first language-learning apps to gamify the entire learning experience of a foreign language with appealing visuals.

I was glad to have kickstarted my Spanish learning journey with Duolingo since the app literally started from scratch. The learning process was insightful since Duolingo adapted the learn and practice method, making the session fun and easy!

As I mentioned about the gamified aspect in Duolingo, let me highlight that Duolingo gives rewards that boost up your motivation to resume Spanish learning effectively.

Best Spanish Learning Apps - Duolingo

You can also maintain streaks like the way you do in Snapchat. Yes, that’s right – Duolingo lets you challenge yourself by rolling out streaks and levels to get going.

The popping interface in Duolingo does not let you leave the application easily because it is so addictive that you can find yourself learning actively for hours.

Last but not least, you can get an immersive learning experience by lending an ear to listen to authentic Spanish stories via podcast support in Duolingo. Duolingo might convince you that it might be expensive to learn Spanish, considering all the factors.

Plot twist – Duolingo is available for free with no hidden costs. However, to unlock its full potential and additional benefits, you can go with the paid plan.

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We have done a detailed Duolingo vs Babbel comparison to help you choose between them here.

2. Mondly – Best Learning-focussed App

Now that you have discovered Duolingo, you might have to look at Mondly since it is a solid alternative with advanced features using AI technology. 

The learning pattern in Mondly is something to be noted as it follows a daily lesson protocol wherein you will get your chance to learn something new in Spanish every single day, but there is a catch to it. Mondly uses AI to interpret your learning.

Did you get it? Mondly basically absorbs your user experience and gives back a compelling lesson strategy so that you can continue learning Spanish at ease.

Best Spanish Learning Apps - Mondly

Although some users complain that the dialogues used in Mondly are quite artificial, I found it normal, but if you are keen on getting a native Spanish learning experience, Mondly might not be the best choice for you. Still, Mondly is fun to learn and play with.

Mondly showcases a detailed performance board that can help you understand your progress in learning Spanish with areas of improvement to get better at it. 

You also get the opportunity to interact with active Spanish learning peers via the community forum embedded within the Mondly application. The most underrated feature in Mondly is the chatbot that can literally talk and help in practice.

Through my research, I found that Mondly is one of the first language-learning apps to integrate an in-built AI chatbot that can communicate to learn better.

Although the free version of Mondly is adaptable, you might have to upgrade to the paid version costing only $4.99/- per month (for 1-year support) if you are learning Spanish only. A better option is one language for one month – $9.99 per month.

Still, if you want to learn multiple languages, it costs $479.99 per year (33 languages).

3. MosaLingua – Best Science-backed App

MosaLingua is a well-programmed language learning application backed up by polyglot experts who are incredibly skilled at coaching you better at learning a new language like Spanish. You can find compelling audiobooks and visual content based on Spanish for an enhanced learning experience in MosaLingua. 

Let me recall that MosaLingua uses a scientifically-proven teaching strategy called MosaLearning that lets you actively recall and process it for a long-lasting memory.

In fact, MosaLingua makes a stronger claim that if you sit with their application for the next 3 months by spending only 10 minutes per day, you can literally start understanding the desired language efficiently – I am halfway, yet I can understand.

Mosalingua - Overview

MosaLingua excels best in two things – teaching a new foreign language and enhancing your understanding. Since the technique is backed up by science, there are no questions or doubts raised so far. Even I had no issues with the learning.

In conclusion, MosaLingua is an excellent way to learn Spanish if you can instantly grasp the teaching through audiobooks and voiceover pronunciations. Still, MosaLingua stands out by offering add-on packages that might be beneficial.

Like MosaSeries – a 6-month subscription plan; MosaTraining – a premium plan curated for exclusive learning with an immersive approach; and MosaSpeak – a compilation of 8 insightful modules. 

The standard pricing of MosaLingua is at only $59.90/- per year only.

4. Rosetta Stone – Best Immersive Learning App

The household name has been held in the language-learning spectrum for the past several years. Rosetta Stone is one of the earliest applications to produce language-learning content and has been ranking at the top since its launch.

Rosetta Stone does not simply use direct translation or fixed grammar learning strategies but ensures to produce an immersive language learning experience.

Rosetta Stone-Overview

No – This does not mean that you will find new lessons daily, but lessons on a foreign language directly from the native speaker. Like Duolingo, Rosetta Stone also uses podcast-like stories narrated by native speakers in the desired language (Spanish).

If you feel like learning the essence of Spanish without any adequate rules or grammar, Rosetta Stone should be your next calling. If not, it could be upsetting.

Since Rosetta Stone does not go in-depth about the grammar aspect, you might get lost after a point, and it could be difficult to get back on track without any guidance. I heard that Rosetta Stone uses the same content for the other languages in its app.

There are some convincing options like offline downloads that might help if you are on the go and still want to learn or an accurate pronunciation setup that can help you pronounce the learned Spanish words better. 

Lastly, a subscription plan in Rosetta Stone also lets you take up weekly private tutoring sessions with language experts that can enhance your learning easily.

You can explore all the features in Rosetta Stone for 3 days without paying a single penny using the free trial. From audio companion to TruACCENT speech engine to Phrasebooks, if you’d like to make the most out of Rosetta Stone, you might have to pay either $11/m for 3 months plan or $7.99/m for 12 months plan. 

A rewarding plan of a lifetime deal at $179/- is also available in Rosetta Stone.

5. Memrise – Best easy-to-learn App

Memrise is an easy and intuitive way of learning a new language, mainly Spanish, as the application will help in building the foundation stronger in the early stage. 

The main thing – Memrise shares native Spanish expressions and phrases used by real people in the motherland so that you can get an authentic learning experience directly from the people who use Spanish in daily conversations. 

Although you might say that it is like watching a Spanish movie, you cannot deny the fact that Memrise ensures to make it informative. Basically, I’d say that it is an edutainment approach towards language learning. In this case, it is Spanish.

Memrise - Overview

I would not guarantee that you’d become the best Spanish speaker ever after using Memrise, but I’d say that you can survive through related Spanish phrases easily. 

Features like useful flashcards and daily vocabulary reminders in Memrise might be beneficial if you are targeted at getting in learning Spanish at a faster pace. 

On a serious note, Memrise can get boring since you do not get any gamified effect of appealing graphics. Yet, if you are a visual learner with an objective, you might find Memrise highly effective. I found out that Memrise is similar to MosaLingua. 

Memrise also uses spaced repetition to enhance your learning experience, so if you are willing to use Memrise, you can purchase it at only $8.99/m or $80/yr.

There is a lifetime deal in Memrise that you can buy at $119.99 only.

6. Beelinguapp – Best Language-Reading App

Beelinguapp is a new-age language learning model that focuses on reading out bilingual content side-by-side so that you can learn, understand, and practice. 

I felt that Beelinguapp could have integrated a dedicated feature on upscaling language enhancement. Still, side-by-side reading is a decent way of learning.

Basically, Beelinguapp ensures to let a native speaker narrate a specific part of the story or even recall a particular word in a sentence. The best part that I found in Beelinguapp was diversity in terms of language narration. 

Beelinguapp - Overview

For instance, you get options from news to novels to fiction. You can also get rid of ads and download them for offline use. The good news in Beelinguapp is the fact that the majority of the features are free, and there is no need to update to premium.

Still, you need to pay if you want to remove ads. There is customization based on the user, like Spanish for beginners, Spanish for kids, and Spanish advanced. 

7. Hellotalk – Best Native-speaking App

Hellotalk is a virtual way of learning a new language with a native speaker in real-time. Being a one-of-a-kind learning application, Hellotalk lets you converse, chat, and even call speakers worldwide who are well-versed in Spanish. 

I mentioned Spanish because it is the first language that pops up when you start with Hellotalk, but Spanish is quite an easy way to start compared to other options.

HelloTalk - Overview

Not to forget – You can also doodle out something and let the other person name it in Spanish. Basically, you can make the utmost use of Hellotalk in the most useful way possible. Additionally, you get access to in-built intuitive language tools.

The only drawback in Hellotalk is that the filter search is limited, and you cannot actually reach out to global users but are constrained with specific users only. 

You can connect with native speakers up to the cultural level and understand the language and the meaning behind each expression.

Users claim that using Hellotalk has enhanced their fluency in Spanish, and even I felt the same. There are no restrictions or limited features. Hellotalk is completely free!

8. Speechling – Best Pronunciation-focussed App

If getting the pronunciation right at first go your priority in Spanish, you must try Speechling because it does exactly that and delivers the best language learning support. Speechling replaces isolated word teaching with full phrase expressions.

I got amused at the features offered by Speechling that allowed me to get in-depth knowledge about Spanish. The dictation exercises in Speechling were a game-changer because it was unique and did not feel like listening to audio.

Plus, I got instant feedback on my progress in Spanish learning directly from a native speaker. How cool is that? In fact, the audio journal followed in Speechling was great!

Speechling - Overview

The best part is that Speechling has a well-structured curriculum that helps start your language learning journey without any hassles by saving you time. 

Lastly, Speechling does not teach random and unused phrases but filters the teaching with compelling statements that you might have to use often in Spanish.

The free version in Speechling is excellent, but the paid version at $19.99 per month unlocks more features that can instantly enhance your experience. 

9. Babbel – Best App To Learn Spanish

Babbel comes with an easy-to-use interface, and it also allows the learners to set their own goals. That means you can use this platform as you see fit. You can either choose to give 10 mins daily to practice your Spanish, or you can sit through hour-long lessons and dive deep into Spanish.

You can track your progress using its tracking tools. With its subscription, you can also unlock extra features like mini-games, learning extras, podcasts in the Spanish language, and stories. All of these features are created keeping your progress in mind.


This app also has reading exercises, live conversations in between lessons, and vocabulary drills. You can repeat the exercises and lessons as many times as you want. Babbel also has an adaptive algorithm that automatically adjusts the difficulty based on your answers in exercises.

With this app, you can learn to speak, write, listen, and read Spanish. The app’s Spanish program is specially designed, not just copy & paste from other Spanish learning programs. A typical lesson takes not more than 10-15 minutes to complete.

Babbel subscription costs $13.95/mo, but if you subscribe for a longer period, then you can save a lot on your purchase. You can save up to 50% if you subscribe to the annual plan, which costs $6.95/mo annually. We have also compared Babbel and Rosetta Stone closely here.

10. FluentU

FluentU has taken a level up compared to its competitors, which have included advanced-level Spanish. So if you have prior knowledge of Spanish, and aim to take it higher, and improve your skills, then this platform is best suited for you.


FluentU adapts to teaching methodology by showing its students videos of the Spanish language and adding subsite to those videos for your understanding. There is not much in writing or speaking, as all the course content revolves around videos. You get a tracking system to mark your progress based on the tests you give and suggestions to improve them. 

Pricing Plan: There are two plans that FluentU offers to its subscribers:

  • Monthly Plan: $29.99
  • Yearly Plan: $143.99.

Are Spanish learning Apps Better than Language Classes?

In today’s fast-growing modern world, everything has come in the palm of our hands. To be precise, the mobile phones that we use on a daily basis.

If you can also learn a new language via the same mobile phone that we use for other purposes, why not? I agree that you might be skeptical about it.

After thoroughly going through the best Spanish learning apps, I must say that the improvement in technology is excellent and developers leveraged mobile applications to an innovative way of learning new languages.

The regular language classes are mostly boring, with lectures often making you sleep. In contrast, the best Spanish learning apps reward you with points giving an immersive learning approach while ensuring that you get a gamified experience. 

Personally, I’d say that the best Spanish learning apps are great replacements to the traditional language classes that you are forced to attend to learn a new language.

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Which is the best Spanish learning program?

Voila! Alas! Bravo! Hola! 

I am letting you play a guessing game and spot the Spanish word in the above sentence. Jokes apart, I had a fantabulous learning experience with some of the best Spanish learning apps. 

I mean, I did not expect that there were a plethora of apps to try. 

Some of the best Spanish learning apps nailed it with a popping interface, gamified experience, reward points, compelling lessons, audiobooks, and the list goes on.

Although I kept switching back and forth through several Spanish learning apps, I caught myself coming back to Duolingo every time. I’d say Duolingo had captured my attention through creative push notifications and email marketing. 

Plus, the learning approach in Duolingo is quite addictive. I would proudly say that you might maintain streaks in Snapchat; I maintain streaks in Duolingo.

We are not the same, bro! It’s never too late. Start learning Spanish today!

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