Rosetta Stone Review 2024 — Is It Any Better?

Learning a new language could be anything from personal interest to professional necessity. Language learning was probably exhausting in the past, but thanks to today’s technology, the possibilities of learning a new language are simpler. 

Rosetta Stone has been performing well with a structured vocabulary and strong grammar for a long time. With a deliberate pace, the Rosetta Stone can be faithful for beginners with its linear language learning program

Your impression of Rosetta Stone could be positive because of its cool, user-friendly interface. Still, you may stumble upon the idea of picking this platform as your guide to learning a new language

While the internet can be overwhelming with its abundant data on Rosetta Stone, let us examine and understand everything about the Rosetta Stone in this article so that you can decide whether to get on with it. 

Rosetta Stone Review: In a Nutshell (2024)

We understand that if you aren’t an avid reader to acknowledge everything mentioned in this article, the table below will be the right fit for you. It’ll cover all the essentials of the rosetta stone for a quick and better understanding. 

Languages  25
Method Offerings For individuals, enterprises & schools 
Price offerings Three months, one year, and a lifetime 
Average rating 8.5/10 (combining all resources)
Human support Included 
Design and Interface User-friendly 
Other Features Games, stories, sneak-peak, and live streaming 
Value for money Moderate 
Pros User-friendly interface, unique approach, strong vocabulary, flexible courses, and live tutoring.
consOverpricing, no writing practice, repetitions, common interpretation for every language. Irrelevant images. 
Free trial 3 days for every language. 
Availability of use Website and application 

Rosetta Stone Review: A Quick Overview 

Rosetta stone is known for delivering a solid foundation for beginners. Its high-quality speech recognition technology will improve your pronunciation with time and includes images and videos for vocabulary explanations. 

Rosetta Stone Overview

The chances of knowing about rosetta stone for any practitioner who decides to learn a new language are very high because it has been on the internet for almost three decades. The interpretation of university courses and individual classes made it popular during its inception, and with the new adaption over the years, the rosetta stone grew to teach 25 languages today. 

There has been mixed opinion over the internet on the rosetta stone, from its teaching style to price modulation. However, Rosetta Stone is a solid platform, especially for beginner learners. 

However, from the perspective of rosetta stone, they offer language learning programs for better real-time communication and fluency. 

Rosetta Stone Review: Key Highlights

Let us now explore in an in-depth review of the Rosetta Stone. To start with specifications, they offer 25 languages to learn, which are designed almost in the same pattern. The platform has several key features that are both creative and advanced for people to learn the language. 

1. Courses: 

Rosetta stone courses include numerous variations. Every course is designed to learn the language in a specific pattern. While some languages have more units, some have fewer. Courses are also divided into different levels according to language proficiency. Level one is for absolute beginners, and language mastery follows as the course level increases. 


Their courses are unique in compassion to other language learning platforms. The Rosetta Stone approach is commendable, from basics to immersing in conversations. Some of the different topics to pick from their courses are luggage basics, travel, shopping, work and school, friends and social, etc., 

The immersion in the language starts right away. You can learn the vocab and its phrases by looking at pictures just like a child, and it works efficiently by making you more active and memorizing words and translations. 

2. Phrasebook: 

This feature is pretty straightforward. Simply put, this feature allows you to listen to different phrases and words from native speakers for better pronunciation. 

It is flexible to use, but I guess it’s limited in reviewing your vocabulary and pronunciation practice. While there are other features for learning vocabulary and pronunciation, this could be an additional help in your favor.

3. Reading and Pronunciation: 

Every lesson includes a pronunciation practice section where learners focus mainly on understanding the core lessons with vocabulary and grammar. This language learning section is helpful because it allows you to speak the language aloud. 

With the curation of syllable by syllable, the rosetta stone immerses you in pronouncing each syllable carefully and encourages you to bring together all the individual syllables that eventually form a word so that you can read and pronounce it wholly. 

4. Nativity: 

The good thing about the Rosetta Stone program is that its learning material includes nativity. Be it pronunciations, pre-recorded videos, or even additional feature stories, nativity is always included in its teaching. 

The dynamic immersion approach, for instance, is based on the native speaker’s speech with a high-quality tone and straight-to-the-point facts at a definitive pace. In fact, in stories feature, almost all writings are written exclusively in authentic nativity. 

5. Translations: 

The immersion in Rosetta Stone courses can be intimidating and frustrating simultaneously for you, depending on your adaptiveness to the course. Now with the introduction of embedded translations, lessons can be more interesting to learn. 

However, translations eliminate the fascination of figuring out all phrases and words. That’s why Rosetta Stone won’t allow you to translate immediately. You can leverage it only when you are stuck with a word or phrase you can’t crack. 

Rosetta Stone Review: Design and Interface  

The best thing about rosetta stone is its design and interface. The programs are highly user-friendly to jump between lessons, and it is interesting to acknowledge that there are no written instructions anywhere in the program. You can access all your learnings from the dashboard. More like which one to complete, which to begin, and feedback on everything. 

Also, the landing page gives you the flexibility to explore the materials they provide. Every lesson is structured in the same pattern for all languages. This can be disappointing because when you wish to explore more than one language, the fascination of learning with new interpretations is eliminated. The standard pattern contains a core lesson followed by other modules like vocabulary, grammar, reading, pronunciation and others, along with a review at the end. 

Another noticeable thing is that your performance is always synced from the web to mobile applications. This keeps you hooked and connected to the content wherever you are. 

Rosetta Stone Review: Languages Offered

You can learn 25 languages from the Rosetta Stone, each with different proficiency levels. Some of the popular languages are English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, dutch, german, Hindi, Arab, Greek, etc.

Rosetta Stone - Languages

Language learning is limited to Rosetta Stone, unlike other platforms where you can access more than 100 languages from both structured courses and native speakers. You can purchase individual languages one at a time or all at once with an unlimited language subscription according to your necessity. 

Rosetta Stone Review: Method Offerings 

Rosetta stone helps language learning in three ways. In perspective with their learner’s point of view, their programs are designed to reach individual goals. The first is for individuals, followed by enterprises and schools respectively. 

Method Offering

If you solely want to learn any of the languages they provide, their individual program with tested curriculum engages your learning activity through its features and activities. At the same time, their enterprise curriculum has industry-ready lessons and vocabulary if you have a team of employees ready to explore different language barriers. With world language courses, rosetta stone helps students build proficiency in a language by empowering them to read, write and speak any language confidently. 

Rosetta Stone Review: Immersion in The Language

Rosetta’s immersion allows you to learn any language through its structured methods that are both interesting and quick to learn. The improvement in language can be noticeable for beginners within a few days of continuous involvement in their curriculum and constant reviewing of work. 

Their comprehensive training method with exclusive content will help acknowledge the language from the right perspective. But it is limited without any further advancement in some courses. All the content can be accessed from anywhere and provides end to end experience for better immersion. 

Also, if you are a beginner, this platform could be the perfect fit to learn strong vocabulary and proper conjugations. However, understanding grammar from the native context is limited here. For instance, you can’t differentiate between the formal and informal speaking of the language until you are informed. Rosetta needs an improvement here. 

Topics of the language are also limited without any inclusion of any lessons on an emergency or necessary. The importance of instructing the right approach to language is missing in the rosetta stone. Despite their attempt to teach with images, in most cases, they remain irrelevant to the topic. 

Who Is Rosetta Stone For?

Rosetta Stone is a great platform for anyone who wants to improve their accent and pronunciation in a new language. There are 25 different languages you can learn from Rosetta Stone. You can apply your learnings from Rosetta Stone in real life. Rosetta Stone does not follow the regular text-based learning styles, and it follows a gamifying way of teaching.

Rosetta Stone follows the more active approach to help you learn the language you want in a short time. Rosetta Stone is much more modern and has better lessons than language learning apps like Duolingo. It also gives you progress reports so you can track your progress and how much you’ve learned about a language.

Rosetta Stone Pricing -Is it Expensive?

Rosetta stone is much costlier than other language-learning platforms. This is what makes it unaffordable for people to experience the platform. However, their plans are cheaper than giants like Pimsleur and fluentu. Choosing the right plan must be confusing but consider the right one by your approach to the language(s). 

Rosetta Stone Pricing Plan

The discount they offer for each individual subscription plan is also costlier comparatively. A three-month subscription plan costs around 35$, which is ~95$ for a 12-month subscription. If you choose a lifetime subscription, the one-time billing can be done for 179$. 

You can access the free version of every language in the rosetta stone for three days once you sign up online. We advise you to try the free version before picking any subscription plan. 

How Does Rosetta Stone’s Human Support Stand Out?

It’s always delightful to interact with fellow learners or with native speakers for perfection. At least for overall improvement of command over the language to speak out confidently. Rosetta stone’s new introduction to interacting with people can seriously empower your learning ability at a greater pace. 

This happens every time in the live interactions with the native speakers, which are scheduled at a specific date and time to stream live. They offer live streaming very often so students from different countries can experience it at different times to improve their language learning performance.

Additionally, there are on-demand videos with topics that relate to native speakers, which probably last for five minutes. They help in better pronunciation of the language. There’s also a section available to book a 25 min call with a native speaker once a week. You can benefit significantly from this speaking practice session by scheduling it whenever you wish to. 

Rosetta Stone Review: Other Features 

There are enough features that are pretty much attractive in rosetta stone, but some additional features will enhance your daily learning activity. Games are one of them. While you play some of them alone and for others, you can pair up with a fellow learner or a native speaker who are in online. Some of the games they include in programs are speaking of short sentences and clicking on words that appear on a bingo card after you listen to a story. 

On the other hand, it is exciting to read different content, such as short stories and other combinations of research. You can even record your videos to improve your fluency in the language you are pursuing. The biggest disappointment, however, is that the rosetta stone doesn’t teach you to write the language. 

The sneak peek exercise allows you to pick any random topic in your learning language and explore it. They help teach the language through the picture method in this section because images with words help in better memorization. 

Live interaction or live tutoring is the latest feature of rosetta stone, and it’s probably one the most efficient methods to improve the language’s dialect. This feature helps practice the language with the native tutors in multiple sessions. It also allows you to take group sessions that include your fellow learners. 

Customer Support

A customer support portal is available at the end of the rosetta stone webpage, which is dedicated to addressing its user issues. You can tap on that to find out what you need precisely.

Customer Support

This page has three sections: technical issues, billing and policy, and login assistance. Customer support is available 24/7, all week, and the problems will be resolved immediately after you address them. 

Rosetta Stone: Pros & Cons


  • They help in providing a solid foundation in a new language for beginners 
  • The interface is extremely user-friendly 
  • Additional features can be a definite help in improving your overall performance in the language
  • Courses are flexible to learn 


  • Their service is arguably costly when compared to other platforms 
  • The repetition of the same phrases over multiple lessons can be frustrating 
  • The curriculum structure is common to almost every language, making it boring to learn various languages 
  • The idea of memorization with pictures will get boring because of the irrelevant context with images. 

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Is Rosetta Stone Worth It?

Rosetta stone remains an excellent premium application for people to learn a language interestingly, and it indeed provides the required solid foundation for beginners. However, it can be improved in certain areas, including strong grammar and supplements of unlimited content to read and write. To try out for a beginner level of language, this could be one of the best practices available, and you can try it without a doubt. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we become fluent with the Rosetta Stone?

You cannot be fluent in any of the languages they provide because of their learning limitations; however, if you want to try it out for a beginner and intermediate level of any language they offer.

Is Rosetta Stone worth it for the money?

Again, suppose you are a beginner and want to immerse in the language. This could be the perfect fit for you because of its strong vocabulary and audio-image learning activities. Meanwhile, It cannot be a good fit if you focus on advancing in the language. 

Can I change the language or learn multiple languages in the Rosetta Stone?

You can learn more than one language if you subscribe to unlimited learning in the pricing column. 

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