12 Best Apps To Learn Japanese in 2024

Japanese learning applications have been developed over the years that are suitable for both android and ios. However, limitless options over the internet may confuse you in picking which is best to learn and how they can work indifferently from each other. The resources are many, and it is indeed challenging to learn the language at the right pace that can be suitable for you to survive. 

Japanese is also one of the most widely spoken languages worldwide, and native English speakers often consider it tough to learn. The task of learning Japanese may be daunting for anyone because of its writing system, which includes kanji, katakana, and more, but thanks to today’s technological advancements, we now have limitless options to learn any language, unlike in the past. 

In this article, let us find the best language learning applications to learn Japanese and how they perform individually. The below-compiled list of 12 is some of the best applications available today to learn Japanese.

List of 12 Best Apps To Learn Japanese in (2024)

If you aren’t an avid reader to get to know about each application in detail, it’s okay. We’ve got you covered.  The table below will help you understand how these applications will help in their way. The table lists all 12 applications with quick reviews for each.

Sr. No.Language learning application Best known for 
1.Mondly Best for beginners 
2.LingodeerBest for overall language with grammar 
3.Pimsleur Best for speaking the language 
4.Drops Best known for vocabulary 
5.Japanese pod 101Best for podcast learning 
6.FluentUBest for immerse learning 
7.Hello talk Best for one on one learning and speaking
8.Lingopie Best for authentic content 
9.Duolingo Widely known among all platforms 
10.Kanji study  Best for reading and writing 
11.Italki Best for speaking and support 
12.Rocket LanguagesBest for learning at your own pace

There you go, the applications so far available in the market to learn Japanese and if you are excited to all of them in detail, let’s dive into them right away. 

Best Applications to Learn Japanese 

Although all are good to go, every application is developed in a specific way to meet the user’s day-to-day interaction with the language. Well, let’s find out then. 

1. Mondly 

Overall rating4.7/5
Free trial seven days 
Price 9.99$ per month 

Mondly is best known for beginners who are just starting to learn the language. It offers a lot of help, including grammar, vocabulary, and structured phrases that beginners and intermediates can easily understand. Best for the basics of Japanese and can complete lessons in any order. 


With Mondly, one can track their progression and statistics of learning the language for everyday motivation. Mondly is also best-suitable for professionals who travel on business trips. Their interpretation is designed and developed for everyone to learn the language to an intermediate level very quickly.  

Key features 

  • Best for beginners to learn the overall language basics within a short span 
  • One can complete lessons in any order according to his level of expertise and understanding capabilities 
  • Learn more than 100 native languages 
  • Can learn in both ways: augmented reality and virtual reality
  • Can track your progress every day 

The price is settled for 9.99$ per month and can get a discount on a longer subscription. The free trial is available for 7 days, and anyone can use a credit or debit card. 

2. Lingodeer 

Overall rating 4.8/5
Price 14.99$ per month 
Free trial Not available. Instead, basic learning is offered for free. 

Lingodeer is best known for its comprehensive explanation of the language, and it is perfect for people who are serious about learning Japanese. The application’s interface is easy to acknowledge and can proceed in the language easily. 


A range of lessons is categorized into various topics in Lingodeer. The four vitals for any language, which are listening, speaking, reading, and writing, are covered extensively in Lingodeer. With in-depth content and cross-checking with each level passing, Lingodeer is the best available platform to learn the overall language. 

Key features 

  • Wide range of content with in-depth material 
  • Interpretations are very clear and understandable for all level students 
  • Visually pleasing designs, and systematic curriculum 
  • Lingodeer family supports you to learn language from different activities 
  • Learn from stories that are both engaging and rich in cultural pov. 

3. Pimsleur 

Overall rating 3.5 – 4.5/5, from different sources 
Pricing 14.95$ per month 
Availability Both Android and iOS 
Free trial 7 days 

The app is widely known for its audio format learning that helps speak the language fluently. Their method is highly efficient and very proficient for all. The audio lessons can be learned from anywhere, anytime. Available in both mp3 and CD formats. 


The application is perfectly designed with all the audio lessons that can be started from anywhere. But it is advisable for beginners to follow their pattern to start speaking the language within 30 days. 

The lessons are built to memorize the language with multiple repetitions of language at definite intervals. Every lesson is 30 minutes long, and each lesson per day is fine to excel in the language quickly. 

Key features

  • One can start speaking the language within a short span of 30 days 
  • Audio-based lessons are extremely advantageous to learn from anywhere and are structured to follow in order.
  • Pimsleur’s learning app is super user-friendly.
  • You can access Pimsleur’s premium, which consists of all levels at once for 575$.
  • Every lesson is well-researched and recorded according to the local nativity.

4. Drops 

Overall rating 4.6/5
Pricing 9.99$ – 13$ per month 
Free trial 5 minutes per day 

Drops is beneficial in learning the overall language. It can be an excellent choice to learn the vocabulary and grammar of the language. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to learn a language in a fun way.


With thousands of new Japanese words introduced in the course, drops is dedicated to learning the language’s vocabulary. There are also inbuilt activities that help them remember the language for longer periods.  

In addition to vocabulary translations in English, it helps in memorizing the words by visualization through pictures.

Key features 

  • The parade of vocabulary with combinations of different sentences and sequences are  major highlights along with its visual teaching.
  • Activities are an additional plus to learning the language in a fun way. 
  • Lessons from a 5-minute free trial also consist of visual learning.
  • Drops help teach more than 2000+ vocab words with the everyday review.
  • Lessons can be customized. 

5. Japanese Pod 101

Overall rating 4.0/5 
Pricing 4$ – 47$ per month 
Free versionAvailable 

Japanese pod 101 is also the best on the list because of its unique podcast features and many other audio and video formats of lessons. Thousands of lessons are included in the course structure, along with the flashcards for vocabulary.

JapanesePod 101

Although it’s not that great to learn the written part of the language, one can excel in grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation to read and speak the language. The best part is that most of the contexts are based on real conversations so that one can understand the flow of the language. 

Hundreds of lessons cover every material for beginners with real-time examples in the language.

Key features 

  • Access to hundreds of lessons in all speech, text, and written formats
  • Flashcards are available for better fluency 
  • Lessons are taught in the native language to improve command over language 
  • For rapid learning, lessons are also designed in illustrated formats with study tools
  • Personalized learning with one on one interactions  

6. FluentU 

Overall rating 3.8- 4.0/5 
Pricing 29.99$ per month 
Free trial 14 days. 

FluentU is known for its authenticity and is one of the most powerful resources for learning the language. The lessons are transformed from Japanese media and movie clips, both inspirational and entertaining. 


FleuntU is immersive in learning and helps enhance our vocabulary and grammar, which is derived from Japanese culture and origins. With Fluentlu, one can become an expert in learning the language. 

Quizzes are provided after every interactive video, enhancing our learning experience overall. Words and their meanings are even shown in video context for better understanding. 

Key features

  • Words and phrases can be learned in a contextual manner
  • Language exposure is limitless in this application 
  • Because of its authenticity, one can learn to speak the language just like a native
  • The content is authentic and covers all interests
  • Vocabulary can be learned with real-time videos  

7. HelloTalk

Overall rating 7/10 
Pricing free
Availability Android and ios

HelloTalk is genuinely not for beginners who have no basics in Japanese. It is a language exchange app where you can find native speakers of the language you want to learn and have one-on-one interactions with them. 


People who can start basic conversations in Japanese can excel in their learning skills within a short span by communicating and interacting with native speakers. Not everyone can afford private coaching, and this app can perfectly fit them. It works just like any other social media platform where you set up your profile, and then it is ready to go. 

Key features 

  • This app works for people who want to polish their basic Japanese language 
  • It’s always fascinating to learn our desired language with native speakers 
  • It’s free to use just like any other social media platform
  • Available in both android and ios format 
  • The community inside this platform is universal

8. Lingopie 

Overall rating 3.8/5
Pricing 12$ per month 
Free trial 7 days 

Lingopie allows people to learn the core language while watching Japanese tv shows and media. It has immersive techniques that are associated with transitions, vocab, and grammar. Every video even has subtitles in both languages to watch and learn. 


Reviews of your progression can be seen every time you complete tasks. One can even create custom vocabulary lists from the shows and videos they watch. All of their content is authentic to its Japanese nativity.

Key features

  • There’s a large library of tv shows, documentaries, and other video content available to watch and learn 
  • Everyday review of your progression can be done
  • Language taught is authentic to their core nativity 
  • Leaning can be done in different methods with everyday tracking 
  • Video learning is available for all level students

9. Duolingo 

Overall rating 4.7/5
Price Free 
Availability Android and IOS 

Duolingo can be considered one of the best platforms for learning any new language. Their activities are quick and immersive to interact and learn. Lessons are taught in all formats to acknowledge the overall language with solid vocabulary and sentence structures. 


Duolingo even offers flashcard quizzes that help stabilize your vocab knowledge. Its interface is user-friendly and attracts people to spend more time on the platform, but eventually, it doesn’t help people to learn the language to its core. 

Key features 

  • Interface and readily attractive programs to participate 
  • Helps in improving our vocabulary and grammar 
  • It is free to learn, and one can excel in their performance to an intermediate level
  • Primarily focused for English speakers 
  • Activity learning includes games and goal settings.

10. Kanji study 

Overall rating 4.0/5 
Pricing 12$ for lifetime access 
Availability Android and IOS

This is one of the best Japanese language learning applications to become proficient in reading and writing. With this application’s approach, one can excel in their writing frequency from a basic level to an advanced one. 


For beginners, Kani study is free to learn kana, radicals, and the first level of kanji. One can become proficient in 6000 vocab words with the help of kanji. The method of kanji study is highly effective for learners because of its simple and straightforward learning techniques. 

Key features 

  • Helps to become proficient in reading and to write the language
  • It is simple, and each lesson has hundreds of new vocabulary and grammar
  • Flashcard learning is available for better memorization
  • Resources are designed for all level students
  • Vocabulary is their biggest resource 

11. Italki 

Overall rating 4.0/5
Pricing Depends on the instructor 
Availability Android and iOS 

itlaki is a one-on-one interaction app with native speakers of the language. The application helps in connecting both learners and instructors on their medium and charges nothing. With italki, anyone can find a tutor in any language they prefer to learn.


All classes of tutors are available to teach the language. People who are just begging can hire a teacher who asks for less fee, and people who are getting serious about learning the language can hire an expert speaker to teach. 

Key features 

  • There’s no formality in learning. Anyone can connect with other language learners, too.
  • Can exchange on language trade instead of paying for a tutor. 
  • Community in italki is global
  • Free practice sessions are available in community learning 
  • Learning can be done from different formats like podcasts, articles, assessments, etc., 

12. Rocket Languages

Overall Rating4.1/5
Pricing$75 per month
AvailabilityAndroid and iOS

Rocket Languages is an amazing app for learning Japanese. The course teaches you all the basics of Japanese in levels. The course also includes daily life dialogues that are voiced by native Japanese speakers. The best part about Rocket Languages is that you get access to many free sample classes, and there is no time limit on them.

Rocket Japanese

You will learn about Japanese culture and its language as you’re learning from a local. Once you buy the premium version, you get lifetime access to the course so you can learn Japanese at your own pace. The lessons also include fun and engaging activities, so you don’t lose interest and keep on learning.

Key Features

  • Lifetime access to the course with the premium version
  • Learn how to pronounce Japanese words perfectly
  • Practice on-the-spot speaking
  • Focuses on improving your listening, speaking, and writing skills
  • Test the course with the sample lessons

Wrapping Up: Best Apps To Learn Japanese (2024)

That’s the end of listing up there, and you are certainly equipped with all the information you need to kickstart the journey of learning Japanese. In our advice, begin with all available free opportunities and advance with the best-paid resources according to your point of view. Native-level learning also is possible if your perception of using the resources is effective. 

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