13 Best LinkedIn Learning Courses of 2024 (Reviewed)

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Tired of scrolling mindlessly through LinkedIn Learning to find the perfect course? I got you the best LinkedIn Learning courses with my honest review of each course.

In this article, I shared my experience using the best LinkedIn Learning courses, including its overview, curriculum, and the knowledge that you’d gain in the courses.

In fact, I have also answered if LinkedIn Learning is effective with an honest review!

13+ Best LinkedIn Learning Courses of 2024

Ever since the acquisition of LinkedIn with Lynda, LinkedIn has been rolling out massive e-learning courses on multiple niches that will upscale your skill-set and advance your career potential. LinkedIn Learning is the right place to start growing. 

I curated an exclusive list with the best LinkedIn Learning courses ranging from several sectors that you can use to brush up on the basics and absorb the learning. 

The best part – some students claim that finding jobs with relevant skills acquired from LinkedIn Learning has become easy since you can directly apply via LinkedIn.

Does it sound like a great way to kickstart your career? 

Without further due, let’s begin.

  1. Blockchain Basics
  2. Cybersecurity Foundations
  3. Data Science Foundations
  4. Learning Python
  5. Project Management Foundations
  6. HTML Essential Training
  7. Web Development Foundations
  8. JavaScript Essential Training 
  9. Online Marketing Foundations
  10. DevOps Foundations
  11. Goal Setting: Objectives And Key Results
  12. Be A Leader
  13. Financial Basics Everyone Should Know

1. Blockchain Basics | Most Popular LinkedIn Course

The top-selling Blockchain-based course in LinkedIn Learning is one of the most recommended courses for literally anyone seeking resources to gain A-Z knowledge about blockchain technology today. Right from the birth of blockchain to turning the future with blockchain, the Blockchain Basics course narrows down everything.

Blockchain Basics

Along with each chapter, you will receive an exclusive invite to participate in insightful quizzes that will help you revise the acquired learning better. 

Additionally, you get hands-on experience to work on real projects in the course. If you are curious to know about investing through bitcoins, this is the course you need!

2. Cybersecurity Foundations

Technology today demands a strong and robust cybersecurity system that can protect your device with utmost care as a shield, and so the Cybersecurity Foundations course in LinkedIn Learning helps you learn the skill efficiently.

Cybersecurity Foundations

I found the course interesting since it tackles the aspects of cybersecurity protocols and how to spot threats via viruses and malware. The best part is that you’ll learn about security architecture and how to monitor it with accurate data. 

At each chapter end, you will be asked to complete a resourceful quiz. After completing the chapters, I can guarantee that you’ll have a better understanding of cybersecurity and ways to use it in order to protect attacks or defeat ransomware.

3. Data Science Foundations

Data and analytics are everywhere – Be it business or an organization. Making decisions and crafting pathways based on data is crucial, and so the Data Science Foundations course in LinkedIn Learning helps you get a better understanding of it.

Data Science Foundations

Along with data interpretation and preparation, you’ll learn about the ethics and legal issues aligned with data science. As technology has started booming, the course additionally explains the use of algorithms in the role of data science. 

Basically, to sum it up, I’d say that you’ll grasp the fundamentals, including the tools and resources used for data science, in order to smoothen the workflow.

4. Learning Python

If you wish learning computer languages was as easy as taking French classes, the Learning Python course in LinkedIn Learning is the course you are looking for.

Learning Python

I was amused to find out that the instructor teaches you from scratch to install Python into your system to process HTML. It is evident that the course is beginner-friendly, so you can barely get any doubts while taking the lessons.

You will learn how to analyze data, write coding, and read computer-related files. The best part is that the instructor thoroughly teaches the process of working with expressions and variables. 

As a bonus, you’ll learn how to retrieve data from the internet using Python instantly.

5. Project Management Foundations

Although project management is a profession in the corporate sector, it is also a productivity skill anyone can learn to enhance their workflow efficiently.

Project Management Foundations

In the Project Management Foundations course, I understood about dividing your project in different aspects in terms of its nature wherein the budget deducted, the time taken, and the total workload involved. Basically, the course acts as a roadmap.

Additionally, you’ll also learn strategies that can uphold your business or organization and elevate it to the next level instantly with proper management. 

Each project demands adequate planning, and so the course guides you in scheduling tasks, interacting with teams, allocating resources, and fixing disputes. 

I’d wrap up the overview by saying that it is a “handy course” to increase productivity. In fact, you also get the option of working on a real project handed to you by LinkedIn.

6. HTML Essential Training

Each tech-enthusiast has a flair for writing content in a unique programming language, and so if you are desperate to learn HTML, this course is the right place.

HTML Essential Training

In the HTML Essential Training course, you’ll kickstart your HTML learning by working on basic HTML exercises and understanding the working of HTML in modern technology.

The course also narrows down other aspects like choosing the right code editor, understanding the basic HTML syntax, and finding the resources needed for HTML.

If I had to extend a bit deeper into HTML’s content, you’d learn everything about creating content on a page, from drafting to formatting to controlling. 

Ultimately, you’ll learn the process of creating links and lists effectively. To top it all, you get the opportunity to take up to 8 insightful quizzes after each chapter.

7. Web Development Foundations

You can either work on databases and servers or analyze web applications and sites on the internet if you learn a complete understanding of Web Development Foundations. The course unlocks multiple resources that’ll help in upscaling. 

Web Development Foundations

From differentiating programming languages to using the right language to server-side scripting to learning the core objective – you’ll learn everything.

As the course suggests, you get the chance to learn the best of both worlds, like full-stack development and front-end development. You also get a bonus chapter.

In the bonus chapter, the course helps you in finding a potential job using the skills that you have gained so far and maximizing your compensation efficiently!

8. JavaScript Essential Training

“Why is JavaScipt so hard? How do I learn JavaScript?” if you are someone who is battling with questions like this, JavaScript Essential Training is the best bet.

JavaScript Essential Training

Unlike other courses, the JavaScript Essential Training will guide you with step-by-step tutorials on analyzing and working with data using JavaScript.

Additionally, the course teaches you about troubleshooting codes and ways to use JavaScript efficiently. In fact, you’ll learn how to use markup to make images. 

I chose the JavaScript Essential Training course based on reviews, and it was worth it!

9. Digital Marketing Foundations

Finding a brand is easy, but building a brand is a difficult task, so the Online Marketing Foundations has the perfect recipe for growing your business fruitfully.

Digital Marketing Foundations

I grasped unique concepts like planning strategic content, leveraging ad campaigns, using digital marketing efficiently, extending brand values and integrity, and owning a brand voice. I realized that a brand is more than just a business via this course.

A great thing I loved about the course is that it also captured the science and psychology behind the customers’ buying behavior using marketing strategies. 

In my experience with LinkedIn Learning, I’d say that it is great learning, especially if you are a small-business owner who does not have a professional marketing team.

10. DevOps Foundations

Development operations are on the rise, and most young individuals are pumped to learn this specific skill as there is a high demand for it. Even I was excited to learn. 

DevOps Foundations

In the DevOps Foundations course, it revealed the collaboration between IT operations and software engineering and the working of DevOps in general.

The course highlighted software development usage and how efficiently you can analyze data. In fact, you’ll learn about the various tools and resources required. 

You will also acquire insightful knowledge of the best DevOps practices and the adequate principles followed within an organization. Even the workflow is discussed.

11. Goal Setting: Objectives & Key Results 

If you have a vision and you want to change that vision into reality, then you need to set realistic goals for yourself. But most of the time, we procrastinate in creating goals and setting up objectives and end up doing nothing. But this course will help you create goals which you can achieve with your team easily.

Goal Setting - Objectives and Key Results

Jessie Withers teaches the importance of goal setting and how you and your team can towards your goals and achieve them as quickly as possible without any hassle. You will learn to set up strategic goals in this course. The OKRs methodology can help you break down your goals into smaller objectives making them more achievable.

You can easily design OKRs for groups and also implement a complete framework of goal setting into your organization without any hassle. Jessie teaches you the importance of accountability and how to implement OKRs throughout the year.

You can easily measure results after completing set goals. The best part of this course is that you also get a shareable certificate which will show up on your LinkedIn profile as well.

12. Become A Leader

Nowadays, businesses are moving from the traditional hierarchical system to becoming more goal-oriented teams. It is essential for these kinds of teams to have the right leadership to be more productive and achieve goals on time. LinkedIn Learning’s “Become A Leader” learning path helps you become the best leader possible.

Become A Leader

After taking this learning path, you can confidently take leadership positions, create a vision for your team, and help them achieve that vision. In this learning path, you will see ten different courses, which will take you around 9 hours to complete the learning path. Experts teach all these courses.

The first course targets the common issue managers face: transitioning from manager to leader. In this course, you will learn how you can shift your mindset from manager to being a leader, and the following courses teach you about leadership fundamentals, the philosophy of leadership, how to lead effectively, how to lead through relationships & emotional intelligence, and so on.

13. Financial Basics Everyone Should Know

Everyone should know about Financial basics to make the best financial decisions in their life. It is important for everyone to know the answers to questions like how banks operate, how to save properly, so you don’t have to work even after your retirement, and many more. This is the perfect course to help you understand all the basic things you need to know about finance.

Financial Basics Everyone Should Know

The instructor of the course is Michael McDonald, who is a professor and researcher of Finance at Fairfield University. Hence, he is the perfect guy to help you understand finance. He has already helped many financial institutions with their capital investments, capital allocation, and valuation issues.

This Finance course is perfect for businesses and individuals alike. This course lasts 1 hour and 17 minutes, and after finishing the course, you can also take an exam for the course to get the course completion certificate.

Are LinkedIn Learning Courses Effective?

LinkedIn has gained popularity for its excellence in smoothening the search for in-demand jobs. Yet, is LinkedIn Learning reliable for gaining in-demand skills?

It is a great question, but after using several LinkedIn Learning courses, I must say that the quality that LinkedIn Learning delivers is top-notch, and there are no compromises. Although it varies for each content, the standard format is brilliant.

The fact that you also get resourceful quizzes to get going with your learning in LinkedIn Learning is something you need to consider looking at. 

Plus, some of the best courses in LinkedIn Learning also offer real projects for you to get hands-on experience which means you can gain practical knowledge instantly.

Last but not least, LinkedIn Learning ensures to recommend relevant jobs so that you can get exposed to job offers immediately after completing the in-demand courses!

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Which is the best LinkedIn learning course?

LinkedIn Learning has been drastically growing with student database and quality. In fact, most of the population take up courses in LinkedIn Learning since finding jobs and relevant skills is quite easy on the LinkedIn Platform. It’s true, though.

Yet, I had my doubts until I took up several in-demand courses in LinkedIn Learning to test if the reviews and recommendations were worth it – I was not disappointed.

LinkedIn Learning carried the utmost information, data, and content delivery of each course. I’d recommend LinkedIn Learning for two reasons: if you doubt switching careers and learning compelling skills or advancing your career.

Go ahead and get the best learning experience in LinkedIn Learning – NOW!


Is LinkedIn Learning free?

Unfortunately, LinkedIn Learning is not available for free, but the option of a free trial is available that lets you access LinkedIn Learning without any charge.

Are LinkedIn Learning courses only for business owners?

No. LinkedIn Learning has a diverse course collection from marketing to technology to SEO optimization and so anyone can learn from it easily.

Do you get certificates in LinkedIn Learning?

Yes. LinkedIn Learning provides a certificate if you successfully complete the desired course without skipping any chapter or lessons in a module. 

Are LinkedIn Learning courses beginner-friendly?

Yes. The majority of the courses in LinkedIn Learning are beginner-friendly, which means you do not need to have prior experience in the desired field.

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