How Much Does Coursera Cost? (2024 Data)

Coursera is one of the most reliable and legitimate e-learning platforms providing more than 7000 courses and other learning programs by prestigious universities.

Coursera provides a chance to specialize or brush up your skills from a diverse pool of courses like Data Science, Linux, Social media marketing, Excel, coding, time management, personal development, and many more. 

But what is the pricing or subscription plan to avail of these courses? If you are wondering the same question, then you have landed in the right place.

This article will provide you a piece of in-depth information about the cost structure of Coursera. Along with pricing, you will also learn about the financial resources and the refund policy of Coursera.

So, without wasting any time, let’s get started. 

Coursera Cost Structure: Overview

If you are in a hurry, you can check out the below table to get an insight into the cost structure of Coursera. 

Coursera Program No Of CoursesDurationCostFree Trial Refund 
Degrees35+1 to 6 years$6000+No free trial It is set by a partner university. 
Specializations1550+1 to 12 months$39.99+ per month Yes14-day
Guided Projects2500+1 to 2 hours More than $9.99per courseNo free trial14 days
Professional Certificates100+4 to 7 months$39.99+ per month YesCancel Subscription
MasterTrack Certificates 20+4 to 7 months $2000+ per course No free trialIt is set by the partner university. 
Coursera Business Plan5000+It is not specific.Starting from $399 per user.YesCancel the subscription.
Coursera Plus7000+It is not specific $59 per month or $399 per year. Yes No refund on monthly plan and 14 days money-back guarantee on yearly plan

Coursera Pricing For Different Learning Programs

Coursera offers a massive catalog of courses and other learning programs in different languages. 

All these programs are offered at various affordable price ranges. To learn more about the cost structure of the different learning programs, go through the overview of each of them. 


More than 35 online bachelor’s and master’s are offered by Coursera from leading and top-notch universities all around the globe. 

Coursera has partnerships with more than 200+ universities. A few of them are Arizona State University, the University of London, Michigan University, etc. 

The degrees offered by Coursera are fully legitimate and fully verified, with the price starting from $6000 and above.

Coursera mainly focuses on team-based learning and provides access to the learners to live expert instructions making learning more effective. 


Coursera offers specialization programs (it includes a series of courses) to acquire a particular skill with in-depth knowledge and attain mastery over it. 

More than 1550 specialization programs are offered by Coursera starting from $39.99 per month. 

A 7-day free trial is available for all the specialization programs. On successful completion of all the specialization courses, a certificate of completion is received. 

Guided Projects

Around 2500+ guided projects are offered by Coursera to help learners inculcate job-ready skills and demonstrate their skills and ability to future employers.

The duration of these projects is not more than 2 hours and mainly focuses on the topics like Business, health, data science, marketing, etc. 

The guided projects provide an opportunity for the students to learn and get visual guidance on their projects from industry experts, and they have pricing starting from $9.99.

Professional Certificates

Professional certification programs help learners to develop job-ready skills with the help of top educators from all around the world for in-demand career opportunities. 

Coursera offers more than 100 professional certificate courses starting at $39.99 per month. A free trial period of 7 days is available for this program. 

Coursera Cost - Professional Certificate

Professional certification programs provide Project experience to learners by conducting interactive activities, assessments, assignments, etc. 

MasterTrack Certificates

MasterTrack Certification programs are rigorous programs designed to help learners to expertise in career-relevant skills in a short span of time. 

MasterTrack Certificates

The duration of these courses is about 4 to 7 months, and the price of the MasterTrack courses starts at $2000. 

This learning program offers official and verified certificates in various fields like Cyber security, software engineering, UX, etc. 

Coursera Business Plan

The Business plan offered by Coursera is a perfect option that business owners can purchase for employees to access development in both professional ad personal aspects. 

Coursera Business Plan

Coursera offers two types of Business plans as follows. 

Team Plan.

Coursera team plans are generally designed for small teams and organizations offering more than 5000 courses from the leading Universities and institutions. 

The price of the team plan is $399 per user for each year. You can get a refund within 14 days on the team plan offered by Coursera. 

Enterprise Plan.

The enterprise plan of Coursera is created for larger organizations and companies and offers custom pricing.

It has all the inclusions of the team plan, along with additional features like customer success, features of integration, and solution consulting services. 

It also allows access to private authority tools, API interactions, analytics, skill metrics, etc. 

Coursera Plus

Coursera plus offers unlimited access to more than 7000 world-class courses, job-ready certification programs, and hands-on projects taught by experts from the top universities and institutions. 

The pricing plan of Coursera Plus is $59 per month or $399 per year. You can also get an exclusive discount on Coursera Plus using our discount offer.

Coursera Plus Pricing

To know the detailed cost structure and features included in different subscription plans of Coursera plus, check out the table provided below. 

FeaturesSingle Learning ProgramCoursera Plus Monthly Coursera Plus Annual
Free CoursesYesYesYes
Certificate on Completion of CourseYesYesYes
Professional Certification programNoYesYes
Access to the full course catalog. NoYesYes
Degree ProgramsNoYesYes
MasterTrack Certification Program NoYesYes
Free TrialYesYesYes
Student Forum YesYesYes
Refund policy (14 days) YesYesYes

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Financial Resources By Coursera

If you are short on budget to pay for the Coursera courses, don’t worry; financial resources offered by Coursera are here to help you. 

Coursera Financial Resources

Coursera provides six different financial resources as follows. 

  1. Employer tuition reimbursement. 

Employer tuition reimbursement is the employee benefit provided by the employer to help with educational expenses.

These benefits may vary depending on the employer, so be sure that you check the program details to determine the employee-specific eligibility requirements. 

  1. U.S. Federal financial aid. 

The department of education in the U.S. provides more than $120 billion to help students pay for their college and school every year.

Scholarships, grants, loans, etc., are included under U.S. Federal financial aid. 

  1. Scholarships and Grants.

Along with the $46 billion provided by the United States department of education, there are some additional private grants and scholarships that offer $3.3 billion as financial aid. 

  1. Private Loans.

The official loan partner of Coursera is Credible, which helps students to get an accurate and quick overview of different loan options available from different private loan lenders.

  1. Tax credits and deductions.

The lifetime learning credit helps students pay for their undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs and has worth up to $2000 per tax return. 

The American opportunity tax credit is another tax credit option that provides maximum yearly credit of $2,500 per student that is eligible. 

If you meet the eligibility requirements based on your income, then $4000 can be deducted from the gross income for educational expenses. 

  1. Resources for non-U.S. students. 

Several free scholarship databases and government, private, non-profit, and corporate funds are available that help international students to pay their educational expenses.  

Coursera Refund Policy

Coursera provides refunds within 14 days of the payment. Your refund will be disapproved if you want to claim it after two weeks of payment.

If you pre-enroll and make payment for the course that is not available yet, your 14 days refund period starts the first date when the course is available. 

Once you have earned the Coursera certificate, even within 14 days of the refund period, you are not eligible to get a refund. 

Coursera does not offer any refund for Guided Projects. 

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Final Thoughts: The Cost of Coursera Courses Starts From $49/month

Coursera provides different certification programs and degree programs at affordable price ranges, offers unlimited access to the study material, provides a 7-day free trial period and 14-day refund policy, and helps to inculcate job-ready skills. 

Therefore, considering all the benefits offered by Coursera and its pricing policy, investing money in the learning programs offered by Coursera is worth it. 

I hope the article provided a clear insight into the pricing and subscription plans of Coursera. Let us know your thoughts and queries in the comments section below. 

FAQs On Coursera

Is Coursera free? 

No, actually, there is a lot of content you can access for free by using the audit course option, but in order to access the assignments and earn certificates, you will require a Coursera subscription. 

Do Coursera certificates expire?

Yes, the Coursera registration expires if you don’t earn the certificate within 180 days. You will have to register and pay to enroll again.

Do Coursera certificates count for College credit? 

Yes, it is approved by ACE CREDIT, i.e., American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service, that 5-year courses on Coursera provide college credit. 

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