Mindvalley Discount Code 2024 → Get $100 OFF (JUNE)

Welcome to the ultimate savings opportunity with our Mindvalley Membership Discount offer!

Our exclusive Mindvalley Discount Code helps you get a membership at a discount price. Get your annual subscription now for just $299 and dive into a world of learning and personal growth.

This Mindvalley discount offer is available for a limited time only; claim it before it ends.

MyClassTracks Official Mindvalley Coupon & Promo Codes | June 2024

Coupons DescriptionDiscount TypeExpiry Date
Get a $100 discount on Mindvalley’s annual membership.Exclusive Deal30/06/2024
Save up to 60% Off On Annual Membership Exclusive Deal30/06/2024
Get a 7-day trial of Mindvalley Membership. Try Mindvalley membership  Free Trial30/06/2024
Mindvalley’s exclusive offer to get Mindvalley membership for $41.60 monthly Special Offer30/06/2024

Mindvalley is offering a flat $100 discount on its Annual Membership, irrespective of its varying subscriptions from country to country. 

For instance, the following are Mindvalley’s Subscription Plans (before and after discounts) for the USA, UK, Canada, and India:

Note: Mindvalley membership and discount prices may vary due to your region. However, the $100 will be applied to all the regions.

How to Claim Mindvalley Discount Coupon (60% OFF)

Now that you are aware of Mindvalley’s $100 discount, let’s go through the step-by-step guide to avail the opportunity:

Note: The current discount is available only on the annual plan. The monthly plan is priced at regular $99/month.

Step 1: Go to our exclusive Mindvalley discount link here.

Step 2: At the bottom of the page, you’ll locate the yearly membership.

Step 3: Now, click on the “get all access early” that is inserted into an orange box.

Step 4: Enter your personal information. 

Mindvalley checkout page

Step 5: Scroll down and check whether you want to pay with a card or PayPal.

Step 6: In case you chose a Card, then add the credit card details and select the green button. 

Mindvalley payment details

Step 7: Conversely, if you want to opt for the PayPal option, click the Pay by Paypal button. 

Mindvalley payment methods

Congratulations! You have now successfully grabbed the best Mindvalley discount. 

Mindvalley Pricing Plans & Coupons Explained

Mindvalley initially offered two subscription plans, which are a Monthly subscription ($99/ Month) and an Annual Subscription ($499/ Year).

However, with the current discount, you only have to pay $299 (if you are from India).

Note: Ensure to check the price in your country. Mindvalley’s price may affect your country.

For detailed information on the pricing, you can refer to our Mindvalley pricing guide here.

Which Mindvalley Membership Plan is Right For You?

You might be confused between Mindvalley’s monthly membership and Mindvalley’s yearly membership, so let me help you make the final call.

If you opt for Mindvalley monthly membership, you have to pay a whopping $99, which is quite expensive for a person receiving an average paycheck. In contrast, the Mindvalley yearly Membership is fairly priced at just $499 per year. 

FeaturesMonthly PlanYearly Plan
Price$99 per month$499 per year
Access All Mindvalley Quests✔️✔️
Unlimited Access To Quests✔️
Lifetime Discount✔️
Private Social Community✔️✔️
Weekly Live Classes✔️✔️
Money-Back Guarantee✔️✔️
Free Courses✔️✔️
Mindvalley Mobile App✔️✔️
Mindvalley University✔️✔️
AI Powered Learning✔️✔️
Access To New Quests✔️✔️

We would suggest going with the Mindvalley yearly Membership and saving a lot of money. You don’t realize that you are actually paying extra for the Mindvalley monthly membership, which is why the yearly Membership could be the best bet. You can also use official Mindvalley coupons website Mind.discount and save big on your purchase of Mindvalley membership.

At the end of the day, you are investing in yourself for a better change in life. Use the exclusive discount and go for the yearly Membership!

Bonus: You can take a look at the best Mindvalley courses that you can try out.

We have shared a detailed Mindvalley review that you can go through. The review will give you a complete insight into what Mindvalley offers.

Conclusion: Claim $100 Off On Mindvalley

With Mindvalley’s recent Discount, you can save $100 on its Annual Plan. 

Mindvalley’s subscription plans vary from country to country. Irrespective of your location, you get 10% OFF.

That makes the USA subscription $499/ Year, the UK subscription $499/ Year, the Canadian Subscription $499/ Year, and the Indian subscription $299/ Year. 

Keep in mind this offer is only available for a limited time. So, go ahead and give yourself the gift you deserve with Mindvalley membership.

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