Mindvalley Black Friday Deals 2024 — Is It Live?

Mindvalley Black Friday deals are the perfect opportunity to transform your life with just half price!

Mindvalley’s Black Friday sale provides up to 60% discount on its membership plan.

Read the article till the end to grab the budget-friendly offers and get the Mindvalley courses at very low prices!

Mindvalley Black Friday Sale 2024: Live Or Not?

Mindvalley Black Friday sale 2024 is not active yet. But you can expect this sale to go live by November 2024.

Mindvalley Black Friday - Overview

In 2022, Mindvalley’s Black Friday discount offered a flat 40% off on their annual membership plan. This plan usually costs around $499 per year. But Mindvalley’s Black Friday offer brought it down to $299/year. 

Here is what I saved with the Black Friday discount in 2022.

Mindvalley SubscriptionActual PricingBlack Friday Deal Price After A Discount 
Monthly $9940% off$59.40
Annually$49940% off$299.40

This year, Mindvalley deals might break the previous records and are expected to offer up to 50% off on their memberships. 

So, start with listing the top Mindvalley courses to grab the exclusive Black Friday offers.

You can bookmark this page to get noticed with the latest updates for Mindvalley deals and discounts. 

The Black Friday sale is still a month away; you can save up to 60% on Mindvalley Membership. Check out our Mindvalley Discount Code to get Mindvalley courses at half price. 

Mindvalley Cyber Monday Sale

Mindvalley Cyber Monday sale is also an excellent opportunity to access Mindvalley courses at a discounted price.

Though the Mindvalley Cyber Monday sale is not live yet, you can expect it to go live in the last week of November. 

With this offer, you can save 35% to 50% on the annual subscription. 

So, even if you miss the Black Friday sale, the Mindvalley Cyber Monday deal can save you money!

If you are looking forward to exploring other platforms like Mindvalley, check this article for the best Mindvalley alternatives.

How to Claim Mindvalley Black Friday Deal?

Mindvalley doesn’t provide an option to enter coupon codes manually during the checkout. This can make it confusing to understand how to redeem your discount. 

Last year, when the sale went live, we offered a quick step-by-step guide on how to redeem your Mindvalley discount. So, this year, you can expect us to assist you with the same too. All we are waiting for is for the sale to be live!

Mindvalley Pricing

Mindvalley offers monthly and yearly membership plans.

The monthly plan costs $99/month, but you can cancel this membership anytime you want. The second plan is the annual one, priced at $499/year, which is equivalent to $41.60/month. 


With a yearly membership, you can save around half of the price that you pay for a monthly membership. 

Here is a detailed breakdown of Mindvalley membership plans.

Features Monthly Membership Yearly Membership
Pricing$99/month$499/ear ($41.60/month)
All 100+ Mindvalley ProgramsYesYes
Mindvalley Meet UpsYesYes
Mindvalley’s Private Social NetworkYesYes
Group coaching session with Vishen and special guestsNoYes
Lifelong group session with VishenNoYes

If you are still confused with the plans, you can check our detailed Mindvalley pricing breakdown. It will help you in understanding the different plans and how to pick the right one for your needs.

Mindvalley Features

Mindvalley offers exclusive classes on self-transformation from the world’s most-rated instructors.  Let’s take a look at some of the features that Mindvalley offers its users.

  • Get exclusive coaching sessions with top coaches to boost personal growth and transformation.
  • Learn with personalized sessions that are tailored to each member’s needs.
  • Get a chance to attend in-person meetups and events on Mindvalley.
  • Become a part of the Mindvalley community.
  • Transform your life with the Mindvalley Life Assessment feature.

Bonus: Check out our Mindvalley Review to know how it works and how you can use it to transform your journey!

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FAQs On Mindvalley Black Friday

 When will the Mindvalley Black Friday sale start?

The Mindvalley Black Friday deal is expected to go live by the last week of November 2024. . 

How much discount can you get with the Mindvalley Black Friday deal?

With Mindvalley’s Black Friday offer, you can save up to 60% on the annual membership plan.

When will the Mindvalley Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales end?

The Mindvalley Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are not active yet. These deals usually last for two days. So, we recommend grabbing the deal as soon as the sale goes live.

Do I need a coupon code for the Mindvalley Black Friday offer?

No, you do not need any coupon code to redeem the Black Friday deal. You just have to sign up and pay for the membership plans.

How much can I save with the Mindvalley Black Friday Deal?

The Mindvalley Black Friday deal saves up to 40% to 50% on the subscription plans. That means you get a complete plan in just half price.

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