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Mindvalley is a robust online learning platform with an optimized and unique approach that unlocks different strategies and offers a path for self-improvement. With so much popularity, how much is Mindvalley membership?

Previously known as the “All-Access pass,” the Mindvalley membership is your chance to grab the best courses on Mindvalley!

In this article, I’ll review Mindvalley pricing, different membership options,

Mindvalley Membership Plans 

The Mindvalley membership program provides unlimited access to the most extensive life transformation platform. 

The Mindvalley membership program, such as the exclusive private social network and Mindvalley live sessions with incredible teachers across the world, offers several benefits. 

Mindvalley has two memberships that allow access to a diverse range of self-healing courses.

  • Monthly Membership Plan: Mindvalley’s monthly subscription plan is offered at $99, which you can cancel anytime and provide access to entire Mindvalley quests. 
  • Yearly Membership Plan: The yearly subscription comes at $499/year.

Is Mindvalley Offering Any Discount?

Mindvalley Black Friday deal is now live, where you can grab Mindvalley’s annual membership at just $299/year (previously $499). 

The discount is available only on the annual plan. Besides 50% off, you also get a chance to lock in the price for LIFE. This means you will be paying $299 per year every time you renew your membership instead of paying full price. 

Mindvalley pricing -discount

You can save 50% on your Mindvalley purchase and get an annual membership at just $299/month. Take a look at our Mindvalley discount page and claim your discount today!

Mindvalley Free Trial 

Mindvalley offers a 7-day free trial with both memberships. 

You can test Mindvalley with its different courses for free for seven days. Once the trial ends, you can decide to continue your membership if you are enjoying it. 

Additionally, if you are going to purchase a Mindvalley membership, you will be given 7 days free before getting charged with the subscription. This is an excellent opportunity to decide if Mindvalley is the right platform for you!

Mindvalley Membership Features

The Mindvalley membership program provides a diverse range of features along with unlimited quests to help you focus on self-development. 

Following are a few features that you can access through the Mindvalley Membership Program. 

  • Complete access to the entire curriculum offered by the Mindvalley platform
  • Private Social network offered by Mindvalley
  • Mindvalley live sessions, which are conducted weekly featuring bestselling authors, trainers, and celebrities
  • Free access to the Mindvalley Connections app
  • Money-back guarantee or Refund within 15 days
  • Mindvalley Talks and Workshops
  • Lifetime discount on Mindvalley annual membership plan

Steps To Access Mindvalley Membership 

Here is the complete guide to help you access the Mindvalley membership program. 

Step 1- Navigate to Mindvalley’s official website. 

 Mindvalley Membership

Step 2- The next step is to create your Mindvalley account by filling up the essential details. If you already have your Mindvalley account, you can directly log in by filling up the required details. 

 Mindvalley Membership - Sign Up

Step 3- Once you have created the account, click on “Become a member now,” which is visible on your screen. 

Step 4- After clicking on “Become a member now,” you will be headed toward the membership plan page, where you can opt for any plan as per your preference. 

Step 5-  After you have selected the membership program, you will be headed toward the payment page, where you are required to add the payment details. Once you have entered all the details, select the “complete my order option.” 

Voila! You have availed of the Mindvalley membership program. Now, get unlimited access to all the features of the platform. 

Which Mindvalley Plan is Right For You?

Mindvalley doesn’t allow you to buy single quests (courses). Instead, you can buy a membership and get unlimited access to all its courses. 

Since the features you receive on Mindvalley monthly and annual plans are the same, the only difference is in the pricing of these plans. 

The monthly plan is good for users who want to get access to just one or two courses for a month. However, in the long run, the monthly plan isn’t cost-effective. 

Instead, I recommend going with the annual plan. When you go with the annual plan, you can save a massive 60% on your purchase. 

Additionally, with the current offer, you only have to pay $299/year, saving you $889!

Since you will be having a Mindvalley membership for a year, you don’t have to rush to complete your course. You can do it at your leisure. Moreover, you can also explore other amazing quests on Mindvalley throughout the year. 

What About Mindvalley’s Refund Policy?

All the plans of Mindvalley are backed with a 15-day money-back guarantee. This means your purchase is 100% safe with Mindvalley, as you can ask for a refund with just a click of a button. 

Remember, you are only eligible for a refund within the first 15 days of your purchase. After that, you can only cancel your membership but not demand a refund. 

In order to claim the refund, you can contact the support team or do it from your account –no questions asked!

Is Mindvalley Membership Worth It?

Mindvalley is different from other learning platforms, and it has its roots in the esoteric, self-help, and spiritual world. 

The Mindvalley instructors are experts in their field. Whether it is emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship, spiritual fitness, or creative problem solving, you can access any courses led by experts. 

Moreover, the courses are crafted as per the goals, needs, and desires of the individuals. It also offers supportive and engaging communities, assessments, quests, and affordable membership programs. 

With so many features and benefits offered by the platform, it can definitely be said that Mindvalley membership plans are worth purchasing. 

I have shared my experience with Mindvalley, which you can take a look at. The review will give you complete insight into what Mindvalley has to offer!

Our Mindvalley Course Reviews

Conclusion: How Much Is Mindvalley Membership (2023) 

All the Mindvalley courses are split into bite-sized lessons that are interesting and engaging so that you can access them easily. 

Mindvalley also offers a free masterclass every week that gives you complete insights into the platform offerings and the instructors. 

The annual membership plan provides great value, as you can save up to 60% on the subscription plan. 

With the current discounts and offers, you can lock in your subscription at an affordable price. Once you purchase your subscription, you can take a look at our handpicked list of best courses on Mindvalley that I have shortlisted to begin your journey!


Does Mindvalley offer a free trial? 

Unfortunately, there is no free trial offered by Mindvalley. However, it offers a masterclass of 60 to 90 minutes every week that you can access for free. The platform also offers a money-back guarantee of 15 days.

What is not included in Mindvalley membership plans? 

The Mindvalley membership program does not cover partner programs such as Wildfit and Lifebook. Also, the Mindvalley coaching certification program is not included in the Mindvalley membership program. 

Can you cancel Mindvalley’s subscription anytime? 

You can cancel Mindvalley’s subscription anytime. To cancel the subscription, you can follow the steps provided below. 
Click on your profile picture and then select “My Account.” 
Go to the Billing section in your account.
After that, select the “cancel subscription” option under the status.
Once you select to cancel the subscription, click on “Yes, continue to cancel.”

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