Super Reading Review 2024: Unlock Your Reading Potential

Finding a decent reading course isn’t as easy. Most often, certain courses promise to make you a fast reader, but midway through, you realize the techniques aren’t working. 

Is it the same with Mindvalley’s Super Reading?

Mindvalley has established itself as a trusted online learning platform when it comes to wellness, fitness, and personal transformation. Therefore most people believe that their Super Reading is a proven quest. Is it so? 

I would ask you to read this review to know my experience with Super Reading so that you make an informed decision. 

What Is Super Reading?

Simply put, Super Reading is a speed reading methodology devised by Jim Kwik. He bursts the myth of the traditional reading process that most of us were taught when we were kids. 

Super Reading talks about a neurostimulation method that not only helps with speed reading but also provides better memory retention. Following the Super Reading method, you can trigger both the right and the left hemispheres of your brain at the same time. 

It makes your brain open up more space and you can consume information faster. Following this technique, you are not only reading fast but also retaining and comprehending information more quickly. 

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Super Reading is a 21-day program. Like most Mindvalley quests, Super Reading’s sessions are also shorter. This is a great thing because Super Reading requires you to be present at the moment. 

You must actively listen and focus on understanding what Jim Kwik is saying. I used to take notes so I didn’t miss out on any points, and I suggest you do the same. 

Super Reading promises to help you increase your reading and comprehension speed with this proven process. I’ll give you a complete breakdown of the course later in this review, so make sure you read that as well. 

What Is The Core Idea Behind Super Reading? 

The core idea behind Super Reading is neurostimulation. Let’s first understand how reading works. Our reading process involves two steps: fixation and saccade. 

Fixation is when we first look into the word before uttering it, and saccade is when our eyes move to the next word. Fixation takes about 0.25 seconds and saccade takes 0.1 seconds. As per this calculation, every human, on average, can read about 250 words with a 70% comprehension level. 

This is where Jim Kwik’s Super Reading comes in. Of course, we can’t reduce the saccade time, so we focus on reducing the fixation time. 

So how do we do it? We all have the habit of uttering the word in our minds before reading it. Super Reading helps us read or comprehend the word without sounding it out loud in our brain. 

Super Reading Review - Curriculum

By doing so, we can drastically reduce the fixation time and increase our reading speed up to 25 to 50%. According to Jim Kwik, some people can increase their reading speed up to 75% using the technique which sounds pretty unread. 

What separates Jim Kwik’s Super Reading from other speed reading courses is that it does not compromise comprehension. There is no point in being able to read fast but unable to understand or remember anything. 

Therefore the first three days of Super Reading only focus on increasing the reading speed, and after that, it gradually teaches to increase the comprehension levels too. 

A Brief Background Of Super Reading Inventor Jim Kwik 

Jim Kwik is a renowned name when it comes to training people and big organizations. He was known as the boy with a broken brain. He had a brain injury when he was five leaving him with learning challenges. 

He was a slow learner during his entire school life. He tried to compensate for the loss he experienced in school by doubling up his efforts during college. While he spent hours in the library he neglected sleeping and eating, which ultimately made him bedridden for two years. 

During his recovery, he realized that he was only focusing on learning the subjects. Nobody ever taught him how to read or learn smartly. After that, Jim went to a mentor who taught him to learn about his brain and how to use it. 

Super Reading Review - Author

This was when he learned about speed reading, and since then, he has been helping people unleash their exponential reading and comprehending power. 

In today’s time, Jim Kwik is known as the world’s top brain coach who has worked with top celebrities and reputed companies and institutions like Nike, Fox Studios, Harvard, Singularity University, NYU, etc. 

What Is Covered In Super Reading By Jim Kwik: Complete Course Breakdown

Now that you have a complete idea of how Super Reading works let me take you through the 21 days of the quest. I’ll break it down week-wise so that you get an idea of how the course proceeds. 

Super Reading Course Breakdown Week Wise 

Week 1: Building The Foundations Of Super Reading 

In the first week, you’ll get familiar with the concept of speed reading. The natural ability to expand your brain’s capacity to learn fast, the obstacles you face, etc. 

Other assessments you’ll take care of- 

  • Your current reading speed. How many words can you read at present with the help of a preparation guide and by downloading the Word Per Minute (W.P.M) tracker? 
  • Next, you need to find out the constant obstacles or distractions you face while learning. 
  • Knowing about Jim Kwik’s proven technique to increase focus to increase reading speed. 
  • Finally, how can you finish a book within a week without spending hours on it? 

Week 2: Scientific Techniques To Enhance Your Reading Speed Further 

The second week takes us deeper into some advanced scientific methods of increasing learning speed. Jim introduced the concept of Subvocalization. It’s nothing but the inner voice we hear while reading or uttering any word. It’s an obstacle because if we have to utter each word we read, our reading speed will be similar to our talking speed. 

Here are the key takeaways from week 2- 

  • Debunking the old school reading method, we followed throughout our school life. We don’t need to pronounce each word and focus on the internal sound to understand its meaning. He talks about simple exercises to reduce subvocalization to increase reading speed. 
  • How using body parts stimulates the part of the brain. He teaches us to use the left hand to fasten up comprehension levels. Using the left hand, we can stimulate the right side of the brain and vice versa. While the left side of the brain is usually active, it is more logical, and the right side is more creative and has better visualization, emotions, and imagination. By activating the right side, you not only read a book but feel like you’re a part of it. 
  • The following technique he talks about is the speed drill to increase our words per minute. The idea is to develop your personal mental gym. This technique will help you read four times faster than your usual speed. 
  • How to activate peripheral vision so we can subconsciously sink in every information we read. He uses the juggling exercise to increase our comprehension levels. 
  • Introduction to four power questions to boost comprehension. 
  • Finding answers to the biggest speed reading questions. 
  • Three brain-friendly ways of taking notes to remember what we have read. They are- capturing & creating mind mapping and using quadrants. 

Week 3: Jim’s Mystery Of Speed Reading 

In the last and final part of the quest, Jim reveals the personal tools he uses for speed reading. When you are able to grasp these tools and techniques, you’ll be able to learn, understand and comprehend at an incredible rate. 

The key takeaways from week 3 are- 

  • Unveiling the secret about taking notes to sharpen our brains to increase focus and retain more information. 
  • Learning to read five times faster by teaching others 
  • Brain breaks are necessary for better growth. This is a technique similar to yoga. It helps stretch our mental reading capacity further than we can ever imagine. 
  • The right skimming technique that nobody told us till now. 
  • Learning to see groups of words together to train our brains on what we want to learn in a shorter span. 

The Reason I Took The Super Reading Quest And My Experience With It: Do I Suggest Buying The Quest? 

Why did I take Super Reading? Did it work for me? I know this is the part you have been waiting to read till now. Well, I am a research scholar, so you can imagine the number of books, journals, and other reading materials I have to go through every day. 

When you read so many books at the same time, it becomes tiring, and sometimes comprehending also becomes an issue. Super Reading wasn’t my first speed reading course. I had tried another course before, but it didn’t work as it mainly trained me to read faster and not comprehend faster. 

Since Mindvalley is famous for its result-driven quests, I thought, why not try it? Since it’s an expensive course, I did some research to see what others have to say about Super Reading. I saw so much positive feedback that convinced me to take the course. 

To cut it short, Super Reading did help me become a quick learner. But was it different from my previous course? Did it help me retain the information with such fast-paced reading? Drum roll, please.

Yes, it did. The best thing I liked about the course was that Jim explained everything with logic and how we can train our brains to retain information with some simple exercises by activating our body parts and going against the traditional way of reading. 

It also burst the myth that to understand a concept better, we have to really read slowly. The fact is, most of the words we read every day are fillers that do not require our concentration. 

For instance, when I say Darwin invented the theory of Survival Of The Fittest. You only have to focus on the man who invented the theory and the name of it. This is the core method of Jim Kwik’s Super Reading, using which we can not only read fast but also collect more information in a shorter time. 

Of course, there are other techniques involved, like different ways of taking notes and exercises to increase our focus that aid in the process. Overall I had a great learning experience. 

To be honest, I was surprised to see how I could read so much faster and retain the information. My reading speed has increased by 40 to 50%, and I’m sure to increase it further with experience. 

But it took me more than 21 days to finish the course because it requires complete concentration to understand the process. On days when I felt exhausted, I wouldn’t take up the course and instead skim through previous days’ learnings. 

Who Should Enroll In Jim Kwik’s Super Reading Course?

You’re wrong if you think this course is only for those who need to read and process information faster than normal. Anyone can take this course and improve their reading speed. If you think you are a slow reader & learner, then this course can help you increase your speed and efficiency. The lessons of this course are easily understandable, and you can finish daily exercises easily.

This course can also help you with self-growth and train your brain to process information a lot faster. The Super Reading course can help students who need to revise their syllabus in a few days and prepare for exams. Reading is one fundamental thing we do in our daily life whether it is at our workplace or at our home reading something on the internet. So it will be much better if we can read and understand a lot faster than normal.

How Much Does Super Reading Cost? 

The original Super Reading price was $999. Yes, it’s quite a lot, and I personally don’t feel the course is worth a thousand dollars. But now they are offering the course at $349, which is a lot cheaper. You can get more information on the Mindvalley discount here.


But let me help you make a smart decision. Instead of buying a single course, you can take Mindvalley yearly or monthly subscriptions (all-access pass), using which you can access not only Super Reading but all the 50+ courses in Mindvalley

Here are price plans for Mindvalley monthly and yearly plans- 

Membership TypePrice 
Mindvalley Yearly Membership $41.60/ month ($499/year)
Mindvalley Monthly Membership$99/month

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, Mindvalley offers a 15-day money-back guarantee. In the first 15 days, you can go through the materials and some videos. If you feel the course isn’t for you, you can ask for a complete refund by visiting Mindvalley’s refund page. 

However, the 15-day money-back guarantee is only for all-access pass memberships. For single quests, you have a ten days trial period, and you have to make the decision within the days only. 

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Final Thoughts: Super Reading Review (2024)

I hope you found the Super Reading review useful. Apart from giving my verdict, I explained what you’d learn in 21 days. It’s essential to have a clear idea of how any course works before you get enrolled. 

Go through the course details once again not only to know what you’ll learn but also to understand your role in the process. Remember, Super Reading is an intense course that requires the full participation of the learners. 

Let me know if you have any more queries in the comments!

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