10X Fitness Review 2024: Is It Worth Taking?

What if I tell you that you can achieve peak fitness with two 15-minute workouts a week?  You’d take it as a joke or an exaggerated claim. Well, that’s what I thought when I came across Mindvalley’s 10x Fitness program, and this is my 10x Fitness review!

As someone who generally has a higher degree of skepticism for quick fixes for health and fitness, whenever I come across a claim of the promise of a ” dream body” with ‘less’ exercise, it sets a red alert. 

With this, I joined Mindvalley’s 10x Fitness program because of my research.

I’ve found it to be a  science-based program that taps into the evolutionary instincts of the human species and takes it as leverage to design customized plans. And here’s my honest review of it. 

Let’s dive in!

What Is 10X Fitness? 

10x Fitness is a 12-week-long health and fitness program that operates on the framework of science-based fitness theory and carves out a compressive and holistic program. 

10x Fitness goes above and beyond to make a bold claim:” Transform your body into the best version that it can be in 10% of the time. Cutting out 90% of your usual exercise.”

10x Fitness Review - Official Page

At this point, If you ask me personally. I would’ve dropped the idea to get into it. But somehow, I decided to read more about their program in its entirety. Which says 

During the 10x Fitness program

  • You’ll have to work out either at the gym or at home for 15 minutes twice a week. 
  • During this, you’ll learn about hyper-optimized workouts, which give you 10 times the result you spend for every minute of a workout. (Thus, the name 10x Fitness is derived) 
  • Build your workout with progressive overload each week as you grow stronger by each week during the 12-week 10x Fitness program. 
  • Amalgamate your workouts with the right eating and sleeping habits that suit your body to facilitate the process of active recovery and increase your results over time. 
  • Learn variations of every exercise depending upon your fitness regime of where & what you have for workouts (For home workouts, a bunch of dumbbells and resistance bands is a must) 
  • You’re taught the science of optimal workouts, which involves several aspects of health, such as stimulation of muscles and body-mind relation. In order to improve your strength with increased longevity. 

After reading about the program, I came to terms with the fact that 10x Fitness isn’t just another fitness program. It’s a program that arms you with knowledge of health, fitness, and nutrition. 

What Is Mindvalley? 

Before I move forward to talk about the program in detail, let’s take a quick dive into the original roots from which the 10x Fitness program initiates. Mindvalley. 

Mindvalley is an online learning platform that focuses majorly on self-improvement and personal development. It has over 10 million users around the globe. It has programs covering all areas of life, such as mind, body, relationships, work, performance, parenting, etc. 

Mindvalley Homepage

Mindvalley was founded in 2002 by Vishen Lakhiani, who is a former Silicon Valley employee and techie. In his days of work, after gaining a significant amount of recognition and experience. He suffered severely from stress, anxiety attacks, and burnout, which led him to his personal quest for self-improvement. Later, it was molded into the shape of a venture. Mindvalley. 

Mindvalley is almost everything that you wish school might have taught you. To live a contented, fulfilling, and enriching life. Mindvalley has an underlying spiritual overtone in all of its content. 

Read my detailed review of Mindvalley!

How Is 10X Fitness Different? 

I was adamant about knowing about the 10x fitness program before I got myself enrolled in it. At the same time, I was equally intrigued and skeptical by their bold claim.

I learned that Mindvalley took several years to develop this program with precise and accurate information on the science behind the adaptive, responsive mechanism of the human species. 

As it may sound like a marketing gimmick to you. Let me tell you. It’s not. They scrutinized the behavioral and adaptive patterns of our ancestors in situations where they were subjected to intense and threatening activities and environments. 

10x Fitness

With this program, they aim to tap into that same in-built evolutionary response that our ancestors used when they were running for their lives of dogging the dangerous predator. 

The program focuses on the quality over quantity of exercise, sleep, nutrition, etc. It includes all types of fitness goals, such as building muscle mass, fat loss, cardiovascular fitness, anti-aging, etc. 

Instructors Of 10X Fitness 

Instructors of Mindvalley’s 10x Fitness program are Lorenzo Delano and Ronan Diego Oliveira. They both make up a great duo for the program. Lorenzo Delano is the brain behind 10x Fitness, whereas Ronan Diego Oliveira is the face of the program. 

10x Fitness Instructor

Lorenzo Delano

He is an exercise psychologist and educational psychologist. He has been in association with Mindvalley for quite a while. Suppose you look up any of Mindvalley’s popular programs. In that case, there’s a greater degree of probability you’ll find Lorenzo Delano involved in their design team as it helps lay down the program’s structural foundation. 

Lorenzo Delano has another popular program on Mindvalley about optimal fitness called ‘Secret of Getting Fit.’

Ronan Diego Oliveira 

Ronan Diego Oliveira is the face of the 10x Fitness program. He is the Head of Health and Fitness at Mindvalley. Ronan Diego Oliveira has played out all the instructive videos in the program. 

Key Features of 10X Fitness 

There’s a colossal amount of content that you’d get access to in your 12-week course of the program as well as extra support. 

  • You’ll get 12 weeks of video lessons. Instructed by Loren Delano and Ronan Diego Oliveira. 
  • You’ll learn about all core exercises with in-depth instruction and guidance. 
  • You’ll get four live calls with Mindvalley’s Health and Fitness Team. 
  • You’ll get lifetime access to the course, lifetime access to the 10x Fitness Student Community, and all bonuses. 

Is 10x Fitness For You? 

10x is best suited for both professional and beginners. So, if you are wondering for specific pointers to indicate whether the 15-minute twice-a-week program is ideal for you, check out the bullet points below:-

  • You go out of stamina easily.
  • You are looking for proper recipes that cater to your personal needs.
  • You experience sore muscles easily.
  • You have no time to work out.
  • If you have a gym membership and want to work with proper guidance.

Structure of 10X Fitness 

10x Fitness is a long program running over 12 weeks. Majorly categorized into four divisions. 


It starts off with an introduction in the first week about the core exercise and principles that will be used throughout the program. You’ll also be asked to get a few tests done. In order to get a clear picture of your health and fitness predisposition. 

In this part of the program, you’ll be taught six core exercises with correct posture with 10x methodology principles applied. 

At the end of this part, there will be an assessment test by which you get a clear idea of how your body responded after opting for 10x Fitness. 


This part of the program is a transformational period from week 2 to week 4. In this period, you’ll start using exercises that trigger the body’s adaptive responses, which will be later used in the 15-minute workouts. Twice a week. 

In this part of the program, you’ll be taught core exercise routines in the optimal way that works best for your body, accompanied by a close look at your eating habits. 

By the end of this part, the instructor talks about differences in the optimal training of men and women and what the strategy to be followed by each of them would be when it comes to weights and progressive overload. 


By Week 5, the transformational phase must have surpassed. From weeks 5-9, the phase of sculpting takes place, which involves more advanced concepts, which include targeting a specific muscle or a group of muscles at the same time, workout intensity, etc. 

In this part of the program, you’ll be taught nine optimized exercises and advanced intensity workout techniques involving 10x methodology and principles. In order to increase strength, build muscle mass, and lose fat. 

By the end of this part, the Instructor also talks about toning your muscles and body. What are the common approaches to toning, and what can you do instead of 10 times your results? 


The final stage in the course of the program. From 10-12 is all about the incorporation of what you’ve learned in your lifestyle in order to make it lasting and gain 10x results. 

In this part of the program, you’ll learn to maintain what you’ve learned over a long period so much so that it comes naturally to you rather than feeling like a struggle to make it happen every time. 

By the end of the 12-week-long 10x Fitness program – You’ll learn to personalize your workouts based on your respective fitness goal and methods to 10x your results, including a nutritional plan customized solely for you based on your fitness goal and lifestyle accompanied by active optimized recovery window and sleep. 

Who Shouldn’t Opt For 10X Fitness Course?

Mindvalley’s 10X Fitness course can help you become fit and get you into great shape. However, this program is not for everyone because if you do not align your goals with the program, you will not get the best results.

If you think you will achieve your dream physique by just watching this course, then it does not work like that. You will need to work according to the program.

You don’t need to spend hours and hours in the gym; you just need to get 30-45 minutes in a day to exercise. Along with exercise, you also need to follow a proper diet because you can’t become fit by just eating anything. If you can’t put in the work, then the 10X Fitness course is not for you, and you will be wasting your money and time on it.

10X Fitness Review: Pros & Cons

Here are the benefits & drawbacks of taking the 10X Fitness course.


  • Learn how to improve your fitness at your home and discover your purpose behind getting fit.
  • This fitness program takes three things into consideration: exercise, nutrition, and sleep, so if you are not balancing all three, then you will not get the desired result.
  • This program has a personal approach where it takes your choices & goals into consideration, and after that, they create a fitness plan suited for you.
  • You might think you can do it all alone; you don’t need to buy this program to become fit. Yes, you can do it alone, but it’ll require a lot of self-discipline. Once you sign up for this course, then it is more likely that you will follow the program because you have paid for it.
  • They feed you the information in small amounts and give small tasks daily, which I personally liked because it is easy to finish small tasks within a day compared to a big task in a few days because it will feel like a burden.


  • This program claims that you can become fit following its practices at home, but they forget to mention that you will need to buy a few basic things like resistance bands, dumbbells, and a pull-up bar.
  • You will have to give more time to this program than just 10 minutes of your daily life to see improvements, which may not be possible for people with hectic schedules.

10x Fitness vs Traditional Fitness Regimes

The following are distinguishing factors (be it time, intensity, long-term effects, equipment necessity, and more) between 10x Fitness and traditional workout routines or programs. 

Features10x FitnessTraditional Fitness
Targeted areaWhole BodyOne body part at a time
Workout IntensityHighModerate
Time15 Minutes 45 minutes to 1 Hour
Equipment necessityNot compulsoryCompulsory gym appliances
ProgressionIntense workouts from the get-goGradually, the intensity of the workout increases
DurationTwice a Week4-5 times a Week

How Much Does 10X Fitness Cost? 

You get access to the 10x Fitness program on the Mindvalley online learning platform if you want to buy a 10x Fitness program. 


You can buy the All Access Pass of Mindvalley for $499, which gives you access to 50+ programs available on the platform. It could be a great option if you’re inclined to buy more programs on Mindvalley later on. 

You can also get an annual 60% off on Mindvalley.

Who Shouldn’t Opt For A 10X Fitness Course?

Mindvalley’s 10X Fitness course can help you become fit and get you into great shape. However, this program is not for everyone because if you do not align your goals with the program, you will not get the best results.

If you think you will achieve your dream physique by just watching this course, then it does not work like that. You will need to work according to the program.

You don’t need to spend hours and hours in the gym; you just need to get 30-45 minutes in a day to exercise. Along with exercise, you must follow a proper diet because you can’t become fit by eating anything. If you can’t put in the work, then the 10X Fitness course is not for you, and you will be wasting your money and time on it.

My Struggles While Taking Up 10x Fitness?

10x Fitness’s basic requirement is reducing sugar, and I have a big sweet tooth.

So, suddenly, cutting down my sugar intake was difficult. In return, I added more protein and carbs to my diet. I wanted to do justice to the program, so I was willing to go to any lengths. I ate well. I slept on time. 

The workout’s first week was challenging to manage as I have not worked out in quite some time. The exercises were not that difficult, but experiencing a sudden shift from not working out to working out suddenly did leave me speechless. 

Eventually, my body started getting used to my new routine. I realized that I no longer feel tired in the morning. In fact, more creative than ever. 

Turns out the food I was finding solace in was slowly killing me. I am happy that I signed up for 10x because I would not have felt so challenged if it weren’t for this program!

10x Fitness: User Experience & Case Studies

10x Fitness has a dedicated section called “stories” where users share their experience with the course. So, if you want to read the testimonials in detail, you can simply click on the link, and you will be redirected to the page. 

Meanwhile, the following are some of the brief case studies of those users:-

  1. Leonard Döhl, Consultant and researcher. Delft, Netherlands
10X Fitness Review - Leonard Döhl
Source: Mindvalley, 10x

“10x is the ultimate fitness program ever! For ten years, I started some fitness without any clear goal but just the thought that it was healthy, and with time, I changed things without knowing why I was making these changes. I just did a lot of exercise for up to 1 hour every morning every day and did not notice how or if things were improving.”

  1. Vickie Alexander, Information Systems Security Analyst. Nederland, United States
10X Fitness Review - Vickie Alexander
Source: Mindvalley, 10x

“Before discovering Mindvalley and 10x, I had broken my back and was struggling to recover fully. After completing the course, I returned to a successful routine that has helped me rebuild my strength. I’m not only motivated to work twice a week again, but I’m also learning to coach other aging athletes who need help getting back into the game.”

  1. Horațiu Udrea, Transformation Coach. Sibiu, Romania
Horațiu Udrea
Source: Mindvalley, 10x

“10x made going to the gym FUN! When I started, it was probably the 3rd time I EVER went to a gym, and I never missed a workout in this whole program. I feel that my body and my mind are stronger. I find myself embracing things that are hard, but that leads me to what I want to achieve.”

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Is 10x Fitness Worth It in 2024? – Final Thoughts 

Is 10x Fitness really worth it? Well, let me tell you an honest, bitter truth. It totally depends on you. 

If you’re willing to put in the effort and time to learn and unlearn with the objective in mind to improve your health. Along with the determination to stick to the plan of proper nutrition, exercise, and rest. Then only it’ll be worth it.

Otherwise, you’re certainly aware that you won’t be keen to do the work with the prescribed attention. Then, it’ll be a waste of your money, which mustn’t be new for you. 

The program provides you with quality content and resource materials to facilitate the experience of your fitness journey. That in itself is a value for money. 

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