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Jeffrey Allen Duality Review (2024) – Sharing My Verdict!

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Jeffery Allen’s Duality is all about energy healing. Now, you may wonder what that means. How does it help you? We humans go through a series of unforeseen events; while some are beautiful, others are ugly, and somehow, both affect our energy. 

If you are not grounded, you will be more susceptible to energetic attacks.

Considering a series of terrible things happening to me lately, I thought, well, I must protect myself now. 

That’s why I signed up for Mindvalley’s Duality – and this article will cover my personal experience with the Duality. 

I will do a detailed breakdown of this 48-day course, how it has helped me, its subscription plans, some things I like and dislike about Duality, and much more. 

By the end of this review, you will know –Is Duality worth it?

Things I Liked & Disliked About Duality Jeffery Allen

Duality is a hands-on masterclass that helps you push through your limiting beliefs and reach your desirable goals. After taking the eight-part course, I observed some things that highly impressed me, and likewise, there was something that I didn’t like much. 

So, here’s my verdict on the same:

Duality’s impressive things:

  • Significant improvement in first two weeks
  • The negative energy that I had been carrying around slowly started releasing
  • The 5-10 Minutes meditation videos were extremely relaxing
  • I discovered more about my self-limiting ways
  • Not only that, but I also understood the roots of those thought patterns
  • Which again helped me in ripping it off (or at least, I am trying to do it)
  • The additional resources are easy to go through
  • The workbooks/PDFs have retainable information
  • Jeffery Allen’s energy is super calm, which makes it easier to interact with the content
  • ENERGY (/chakra) HEALING
  • Moreso because I was always into binaural beats, and in this course, I learned more about it

Duality’s unimpressive thing:

The problem I had with Duality was how extensive it was. 

Despite wanting to do and be better, investing so much time was difficult (the course was 48 Days). In fact, sometimes, I would miss my lesson. 

However, this is likely a blessing in disguise as the course’s duration helped me dig more deeply into myself, which gave me lasting results.

Who Is Jeffery Allen? Why Is He Known As The Energy Healer? 

Jeffery Allen is one of the pioneers in online energy training. It’s pretty interesting that he was an engineer who turned into an energy healer. 

He is a Mindvalley author and speaker who trains people on how to channel their energy and control its power. 

Till now, Jeffery has trained thousands of people on how to harness your own energy to connect to your spiritual self and deepen your relationship with yourself. 

Moreover, his meditation sessions help people to improve their mind, body, health, and soul. He says that his motive is to unburden people from unnecessary conflict and live life happily while fulfilling our dreams. 

Let’s read further and see how Jeffery Allen’s Duality has become one of the most popular quests and what it promises to us. 

What Is Duality? A Detailed Breakdown Of The Quest

Mindvalley’s Duality is a seven-week-long quest that combines powerful guided meditation and exercises. The goal of this meditation program is to help you master the skill of getting answers from your intuition, self-healing, getting rid of energy blocks, improving your relationships, etc. 

The quest is all about getting familiar with yourself and mastering your personal energy system. 

Duality promises to help you nurture, heal, and draw your energy to the physical world to get results as per your manifestation.

The results can be anything like- improved relationship with your loved ones, better physical health, better fortune, progress in your academic field or career, etc. 

Duality Review  - Official Page

Duality focuses on the presence of the physical world first so that you can transfer your energy into various channels. Here is an excerpt from Jeffery Allen’s Duality- 

Jeffery Allen says that we have two sides. One is the physical side that can touch and feel things, and there is another side that we can’t see but has a very powerful existence that guides us. 

Duality Jaffery Allen

According to Allen, we know this energy by the names of- self/other, mind/matter, and conscious and unconscious. When we learn to connect with the energy side, we are unlikely to find ourselves demotivated, lost, or frequently struggling to find answers to problems. 

The ultimate goal of Duality is to release yourself from pain, lack of focus, frustration, stress, and disease and make you a person who can feel happiness, confidence, abundance, love, and better health and lead a life of coherence. 

What Did I Learn In The 48-Day Duality Program?

Yes, I know you must be thinking these promises are too good to be true. In some cases, yes, because not everybody can achieve such a state of mental and emotional peace. 

To understand and let duality work in your life, you must keep your faith and follow the guidance wholeheartedly. I am a spiritual person by nature, so I could see myself getting on track with Duality. 

DualityDuality Jaffery Allen

Here is a complete breakdown of the 48-day Duality course. I have listed the programs week-wise so that you get a better idea. 

The program begins with an introductory video. This video gives a complete idea of what we will learn throughout. It familiarizes us with certain concepts and terms that we’ll listen to throughout. 

Phase 1: Energy Awareness & Personal Presence 

The first phase, or week one, is all about getting closer to ourselves and creating our personal space. The meditation program teaches us to be more confident in any situation. The guidance helps to have a clear vision so that we can work towards our ultimate goals in life. 

Duality Week 1

Here is what you’ll learn at the end of the first phase of Duality. 

Phase 2: Achieve Mental And Intuitive Clarity 

The second stage takes us deeper into opening the channels of new ideas and better opportunities. It guides us to think about the endless opportunities we will get in our lives and not be limited in our horizons. 

Duality Week 2

At the end of each phase, we had self-practice sessions. For the phase two self-practice sessions, Allen asked to do the following things. 

Phase 3: Healing Our Bodies Through Energy 

The sessions are getting intense by this stage. Jeffery Allen introduced us to three ancient techniques to heal our bodies and lead a life full of happiness, health, and vitality. 

Duality Week 3

We learned about Earth Energy to get rid of any pain in our bodies. And also how to activate Hand Chakras to activate energy on demand

Stage 4: Empathy & Healthy Personal Boundaries 

This stage is all about protecting ourselves from negative energies around us and developing healthy boundaries and empathy. We got introduced to a new healing technique called Permission Rose

Duality Week 4

Stage 5: Using Chakras To Communicate & Manifest Better 

Stage five has more advanced sessions, which teach us to clear our Chakra energies. By creating harmony and resonance in the Chakra centers, we will be able to see beyond the obstacles and limitations. 

Duality Week 5

Stage 6: Clearing The Limiting Beliefs 

We are by now introduced to developing emotional balance and using it to see the world through an open mind. It helps us raise vibrations that let us communicate and adjust to social environments better. 

Duality Week 6

Stage 7: How To Access Our Intuition 

As we near the end of the Duality quest, Allen teaches us how to get ahead by synchronizing our energies to experience success in all our endeavors. We become aware of coincidences, perfect timing to begin any new adventure against the earlier efforts of trying too hard to get success. 

Duality Week 7

Following are the lessons included in phase seven- 

Stage 8: Accessing Our Higher Awareness 

Stage eight winds up by showing us how to connect with our higher self. This phase is about developing self-love and being more confident in our decisions that lead to an abundant, happy, and successful life. 

Duality Week 8

How Much Duality Costs? 

While most courses on Mindvalley come under the Mindvalley All-Acces pass, there are some that you need to purchase individually. 

To access Duality, on the other hand, needs a Mindvalley Membership.

So, you can either join the Mindvalley family with $1/ Day or opt for the following options:

  • Monthly Plan: $99/month
  • Annual plan: $499

Besides that, Mindvalley also offers a Pro Membership worth $498/ Year, which gives you two additional benefits compared to the Mindvalley Membership. 

Mindvalley membership vs membership pro

Now, if you ask me which subscription plan is ideal for you, I would say the Mindvalley Annual Plan is best! 

On the other hand, if you want access to the extraordinary benefits of Vishen Lakhiani’s live lectures, then the Pro Membership is best for you. 

Bonus: You can get a 40% discount on Mindvalley with our coupon code.

My Experience During & After The Duality Program: Was It Worth The Money? 

It’s been more than six months since I completed Jeffery Allen’s Duality. And the things I have learned during his classes have stayed with me forever, and I have practiced meditation since then. 

I gave this background because my review is based not only on the seven weeks but also on the changes I have experienced over these six months. 

Often in life, we experience times when we lack the motivation to do anything. We feel irritated, alienated from our close people, and lack interest in everything. 

This was when one of my close friends mentioned Duality quests. He, too, had taken the course and found it helpful. Duality seemed like a better option for me because I wasn’t ready to open up to a therapist yet. 

As the journey began, I started realizing the cause of my mental and emotional dissatisfaction, why I felt unmotivated all the time, and the reason for my irritation. 

I realized that I wasted a lot of energy thinking about the negative outcome. Before even beginning any project, I started thinking about what if the plan won’t work out. 

This problem gradually led to my messed-up sleep cycle, and I started getting fussier with people around me. 

But after taking 4 to 5 classes, I learned how to divert my energies into more positive thinking and unlock the creative ability I have. I learned to tune down the chaotic noises that were disturbing me, instead focusing more on beginning every day with a fresh start and fresh energy. 

If you have the question of whether you should undertake this quest or not, I would say you should. But if you are very skeptical about everything related to energies, chakras, intuitions, etc., I don’t think Duality will work for you. 

Faith is the ground for such programs, and if you don’t have faith, you must not undertake it. 

Who Should Opt For Duality? 

I would say Duality is for anyone who is going through a rough patch in life and struggling to find their creative self. I never knew that we could have the power to utilize the unseen power surrounding us to make a change in our lives. 

If you feel you are stuck at a single spot and are unable to move forward, Duality will help you unlock the various potentials you have by understanding your inner energy. It also helps get rid of physical discomforts like pains and aches, so people who believe in natural healing may also opt for the program. 

My Experience With Duality: Things I Learned!

I didn’t know how to balance my energy, nor did I know how to protect myself. 

Strangely enough, I came across a Tweet, and they were talking about some evil eye remedies. That person was kind enough to share some things with me.

Long story short, I discovered Duality.

After beginning my journey with this 49-lesson masterclass, I learned many things. You have no idea how much Jeffery Allen has saved me. So, the following are some of my key learnings:-

  • I became more aware of my inner and higher self.
  • Grounding techniques
  • Built a connection with my higher self.
  • I learned to clear my self-limiting thoughts and beliefs.
  • I started practicing lessons to raise my intuition more
  • I discovered how my body is so connected to my energy – suddenly, it made sense why I would fall sick so easily.
  • I started cleansing the negative energy I have carried with me so far.
  • After that, I practice a white light shield around me. 
  • That light protected me from any foreign and negative energy coming towards me.
  • I learned to draw more firm boundaries (both personally and energetically)
  • While at the same time maintaining my kind and empathetic nature 
  • Of course, it’s difficult at first, but I am trying.
  • I learned about the seven chakras and how to make them more balanced.
  • I learned to get rid of my stuck energy.
  • Finally, I tried communicating with my spirit guides.
  • Again, this process is a little scary as, despite the good intentions, they are still different entities – thankfully, I don’t see them; I just suddenly hear things in my inner voice.
  • And that’s how I know they are trying to talk to me.
  • Sometimes, I dream about things or consume media that resonates. 
  • Each spirit guide has a different way of communicating, and you just have to listen.

Overall, I would rate Duality 10/10. 

So, in case you’re struggling to find a deeper meaning in life and feel stuck, this is your cue to take Mindvalley’s energy healing course. Even if you don’t believe in spirits, the universe, or energy, try to think with an open mind. And trust me, the results will be impeccable. 

Who Is Duality Right For?

As mentioned earlier, Duality mainly deals with energy healing and overall spiritual aspects of your being. So, utterly practical and rigid-minded people won’t comprehend this course. That being said, the following are some pointers for whom Duality is ideal:

  • Wide sense of belief system
  • Highly sensitive to energy and things
  • Wants to learn how to balance their feminine and masculine side
  • Interested in chakra healing
  • Learn to be more empathetic
  • Eliminate negative energy
  • Protect yourself from evil eyes by shielding yourself
  • Want to connect with your mind, heart, and soul
  • Draw firm boundaries
  • Looking for a deep meaning in life
  • Break the old patterns/ cycles
  • Release any abundant/ manifestation barriers
  • Cleansing the energy
  • Raising your intuition
  • Connect more with your higher self

Now that I have discussed who duality is ideal for, let’s check out some pointers for whom Duality may not work:-

  • Looking for quick improvement
  • Narrow-minded
  • Doesn’t believe in spirituality, energetic attacks, or spirit guides
  • Only taking the course half-heartedly

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Final Thoughts On Duality Review (2024) 

Duality by Jeffery Allen is indeed a Hemodialysis of energy. 

It taught me how energy is contagious, irrespective of whether it is good or bad. So, why not spread joy and get rid of negative emotions? It affects not only you but also the people around you.

With the help of Jeffery Allen’s Duality, I learned to draw firm, energetic boundaries. I learned to protect myself from all the intentional and unintentional negative energy coming towards me. 

In fact, there is a ripple effect: If you intentionally try to send negative energy towards, it will turn into a 3x positive spell. So, thank you, Jeffery Allen. I am truly grateful!

I have also done a review of Mindvalley as an overall platform. If you are looking for your next read, you might want to check it out!

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