WildFit Review 2022: Should You Go For It? (TRUTH)

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You must have heard the hype about WildFit by Mindvalley, are here to know an honest WildFit review. But what actually is WildFit? Is it a weight loss plan?

Many of you might have heard of WildFit as a weight loss plan that helps you lose weight without any exercise.  

But it is not. It’s rather a three-month-long health program. In this duration, you’ll learn about various tricks and techniques to train your minds to stop craving those unhealthy, high-calorie, refined foods and make conscious food choices. 

But is buying WildFit worth it? To know the answer, you have to keep on reading through this post and know my honest review about it. 

Yes, I tried it myself, and here is how it worked. 

WildFit Review: At A Glance

Before we get on to the review of this health program, let’s understand what WildFit is. Mindvalley’s WildFit is a 90 days health program devised by Eric Edmeades. 

This is not a conventional diet plan or exercise routine. Instead, it’s a logical twist to give you food freedom. 

The program intends to make you understand why you make certain food choices and how they may affect your life. Making you understand the consequences such eating habits can have in your life, it helps you make conscious food choices. 

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As I said, WildFit isn’t similar to any regular diet plan. It won’t ask you to follow a strict diet or to watch your calorie count. It is more about reprogramming our system and changing our food habits according to what goes into our mouths. 

Eric says that we all have specific nutritional requirements, and a natural diet plan exists according to our body’s needs. 

When we provide nutrition to our bodies according to its need, without stuffing them with unnecessary food, we look and feel better. And our bodies function efficiently. 

Eric further says that we humans crave six types of hunger. But mostly, a person falls for a single type of craving, and it becomes like an addiction. 

So he recommends finding out what that particular type of hunger is and how to win over it. Are you thinking WildFit will suggest exotic food you find only in fancy grocery stores? 

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If you are thinking that way, you are wrong. This program is not about following a standard diet routine like celebrities. Instead, you’ll have access to easy recipes, informative PDF documents, and an easy-to-follow diet chart that fits in according to your nutritional needs. 

You won’t have to starve yourself during the process. Rather, you can have everything you crave for. The goal is to make you feel full and satisfied while eating clean. And also to make you understand that healthier substitutes for everything exists. 

This is how the program works- 

  • Daily tasks and challenges that help you adopt a healthier diet/ eating habit. 
  • There is no exercise in this routine. You’ll only have to follow some simple breathing techniques. 
  • You’ll get expert nutritional advice and will be a part of the community that is following the same routine. 

Entire Structure of the WildFit Program Explained 

As mentioned already, WildFit is a 90 days health program. So you’ll learn a lot in these three months. But not to make it overwhelming for you, Eric has made a very structured routine of WildFit where he has broken down the plan on a day-by-day basis. 

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When you sign up for WildFit, you get- 

  • Practical resources and guides. 
  • Training videos. 
  • Regular assignments to keep track of the progress. 
  • Checklists of completed tasks. 
  • Pre-recorded live calls to answer frequent queries. 
  • Access to the WildFit community. 

There are three stages of WildFit, and here is how they work. 

Stage 1 

Stage one covers 2 weeks. These two weeks are more about making the foundation of a healthy food habit. You’ll have access to daily videos and a weekly call with a certified coach. 

In this stage, you won’t make any food changes. Yes, you read that right. In the first fourteen days, you’ll not cut anything out from your regular eating pattern. 

While following the original food habit, you’ll learn about your relationship with food. You will also get familiar with the six hunger types that make you crave food and how to subdue them. 

As you progress in the program, you’ll find that the cravings are no longer making you weak, and they are gradually fading away. 

Stage 2 

Stage two covers week three to week ten. This stage is about letting your natural diet take over. There will be weekly videos and group coaching sessions that will teach you to start making gentle changes to your diet. 

Through these small changes, you will let your body decide what it wants and make alterations in your diet accordingly. When you listen to your body and provide fuel accordingly, you are allowing your natural diet to take over your unhealthy eating choices. 

After a few days, you’ll realize the difference between your previous diet and the current healthy diet. You’ll be able to adopt the new eating pattern without struggling or feeling you are compromising on your taste buds. 

Other positive sides of the second stage are that you’ll notice better sleep, more energy, increased focus, weight management, very few mood swings, and overall improvement in your everyday life. 

Stage 3 

This is the last stage of the 90 days health program that covers weeks 11, 12, and 13. The final stage is all about ensuring that the changes you have made in your eating pattern stay with you forever. 

You must make WildFit your lifestyle. This stage will help you adapt to the seasonal changes and how to integrate these changes into your life. 

For example, the coach asks us to incorporate seasonal fruits and vegetables in our diet to match our bodies’ natural cycle with the change of seasons. Similarly, they will ask you to fast in intervals during winter because it is the perfect season for fasting. 

Gradually, you’ll notice that you are just getting better at accepting your new lifestyle and eating pattern. 

They also let you connect with a tribe where you can raise all your queries. On weeks 11 and 12, you’ll get a weekly call with a certified coach and two coaching videos per week. 

On week 13, there will be daily coaching videos and calls with a certified coach. 

How Does WildFit Train Your Mind to Adapt To A Natural Human Diet? 

The sole technique that WildFit uses is just to train your brain to reconsider its relationship with food in a certain way. Here are the grounds based on which WildFit works- 

Psychologically altering your relationship with food: 

The program will help you learn about the damage the food industry has done to your health for years. Increased use of refined sugar, additives, sodium, and other ingredients has made us food addicted. 

But the program makes us understand how such foods are harming not only physically but causes frequent mood fluctuation and other emotional imbalances. 

Hence, the program breaks us free from such addiction. And without any restrictions, it lets us make conscious food choices which are also satisfying. 

They train our minds in a way we voluntarily choose to pick plain homemade food instead of ordering a pizza or burger. 

The behavioral change techniques used in the program help us fight those unhealthy cravings. Our minds get tricked by different types of hunger, but we need to understand that we don’t have to eat to meet each type of hunger. 

Sometimes dehydration also makes us feel hungry, so all we need is to drink some water instead of grabbing a packet of chips or chocolate. The program makes us aware of tricks big businesses use to increase our temptation for junk food. 

Eating as per the natural diet: 

Often in the zeal of losing weight, people tend to try different diets, count calories, and deprive themselves of what their bodies need. Eric says such ideas do not make any sense because the human body is not a machine to let it work in a certain way. 

Instead, he says that we go through different stages and different seasons and need food as per them. This is what he means by eating as per the natural diet. 

By providing nutrition that works for different seasons like spring, summer, autumn, and winter, we’ll be able to cope with the seasonal changes. 

Ultimately WildFit wants us to realize that if we keep our willpower strong, we can definitely overcome our cravings and avoid stuffing our system with unrequited junks. 

Who Should Try The WildFit Program?

It totally depends on the individual. If you want to be fit and feel fit and ready put in the effort, then this might be a good option for you. WildFit is a great option if you want to change your diet and follow a healthy lifestyle. However, if you’re a vegetarian, then I would not suggest you this program because some of its diets may include meat that you might not be able to follow.

This is not the right program for you if you don’t want to put in the effort and want a quick fix to become healthy and fit. You must commit to the program and apply its techniques & diets into your lifestyle; only then you will get the results I got. Within a few weeks of committing to the program, you will start noticing the changes in your mood & energy, and health.

How Much Does WildFit Program Cost? 

To be honest, WildFit is quite an expensive program. The original price of the entire program is $1499. But currently, they are running an offer where you can access the program for $899. 

You can also opt for three installments, where each installment will cost you $349. So ideally, you’ll be paying $1047. 

WildFit Review - Pricing

They offer a 15-day trial period after you make the payment. If during these 15 days, you feel the program isn’t working for you, you can end your subscription and get a complete refund. 

Their refund procedure is quite hassle-free. You don’t have to send multiple emails or call them. Simply go to the refund page and follow the directions, and they will initiate your refund in no time. 

My Experience With WildFit: Did It Help Me? 

Here is the main part of this review. I have been a great foodie all my life, and I still am. I had the least control over my cravings, and I knew I wasn’t making the right choices. 

But the toughest part for me was to not fall for unhealthy food. This was when I came across Mindvalley’s WildFit program. 

I saw a YouTube video where a YouTuber was reviewing the program, which I found very intriguing. So I thought of giving it a try. 

I could not see any drastic changes in the first two weeks. Of course, it was the initial phase, and we were asked to continue with our existing eating pattern without making any changes. 

But as the program advanced, the compelling facts, very well-structured teachings, and the live coach calls have slowly helped me change my food choices. 

Everything was explained in detail and backed up with logical explanations that made me understand why I crave certain things and how I can rewire my brain to think that I don’t really need to have it at that moment. 

Plus, I also learned about my ideal weight and how I can manage it without actually going on any fancy diets. The program actually helped me eat whatever I wanted without feeling I’m depriving my body of the tempting packaged foods.  

Now I can actually eat filling meals as per my body’s natural requirements without fearing weight gain. I am writing this review after six months after ending my WildFit program, and I can say that this has been a totally life changing experience for me. 

If you have tried multiple diet plans and have been to the gym, but all of them were temporary, you can give WildFit a try. 

However, I think Wildfit won’t be a good fit for vegans or vegetarians because some of the programs might conflict with your food choices. Also, the program won’t be right for you if you lack the patience and dedication the program requires. 

To help you make up your mind, I have prepared this list of pros and cons based on my experience with the program- 


  • No exercise is involved. 
  • I don’t have to starve myself. 
  • Changed my approach to food and understood my body’s nutrition requirements 
  • Easy to understand lessons.
  • It helped me realize how the food industry is tricking us and pushing us to an unhealthy lifestyle. 
  • It helped me strengthen my willpower. 


  • It is quite expensive. 
  • Some of the modules were repetitive. 
  • No in-person training. 

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Concluding Thoughts: Is Wildfit Worth It?

I have explained everything about WildFit and how this program works. As a follower of WildFit myself, I found positive results. But I would say it requires dedication and commitment to let it work for you not only for the three months but for the rest of your lives. 

Let me know what you think of WildFit. Will you give it a try?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

FAQs On WildFit

How long does it take to complete the WildFit course?

The WildFit program takes 90 days to complete. However, you can complete this course at your own pace. But if you want to see the results, then it would be best for you to stick with the schedule.

How long will it take to see visible results with this course?

You can see the results while following the instructions of the course, or it may take you longer than the average, depending on how you’re implementing the teachings of this course.

Can I pay for WildFit in installments?

The WildFit program costs $899 once, and you can pay for the program in three easy installments of $349.

I am a vegetarian. Is WildFit a good program for me?

Yes, WildFit is a great program for vegans, but it may ask you to add some non-vegetarian items into your diet, which you can ignore and replace with a vegan alternative.

Do I need to do exercises with the WildFit program?

No, you don’t need to do a lot of exercises to lose weight with the WildFit program. The course revolves around diet and very little physical activity.

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