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Silva Ultramind Review (2024): My Honest Experience

Silva Ultramind Review - MyClassTracks

Mindvalley offers hundreds of courses for several different needs. If I talk about Silva Ultramind, this mind-reprogramming course is specially curated for enhanced mental abilities. 

Life has defeated us at least once, and this course helped me gain clarity and provided practical tools to get back the lost grip on life. 

Therefore, I will discuss my personal experience with the masterclass in this article. 

You can expect me to talk about What Silva Ultramind is, the module details, how it has helped me, the subscription plans, the pros and cons, and so much more.

So, let’s dive into the details!

Who Is Suitable To Take Up The 4-Week Silva Ultramind Program?

Following are some of the key pointers to decipher whether Silva Ultramind is ideal for you:-

  • Looking for ways to manifest your goals
  • Believes in a higher power, the universe, and the law of attraction
  • Have an open mind to surrender to the concepts and, thus, implement it
  • Have physical difficulty and wants to heal it by attaining a positive mindset

What I Liked And Disliked About Silva Ultramind

Throughout my experience with Silva Ultramind, I found a lot of things that I liked. At the same time, there are a few drawbacks.

Here is what I liked and didn’t like about the course.

What I Liked

  • The Silva Ultramind course is included in the Mindvalley All Access Membership, so you don’t need to purchase it separately.
  • The Silva Ultramind System focuses on self-discovery and personal development.
  • Vishen Lakhian teaches this course with passion, which makes it more interesting.
  • You get access to the Mindvalley community, where you can connect with your instructor and fellow students and interact with them directly.
  • Mindvalley offers a 15-day money-back guarantee on its membership

What I Didn’t Like

  • Mindvalley’s all-access membership model may not be suitable for those who just want to access this course.
  • You need to give 20-25 minutes daily to this course to see improvement.

My Experience With Silva Ultramind In A Nutshell

Founded by Jose Silva, Silva Ultramind is a 28-lesson course that takes up to four weeks. Before passing away in 1999, Silva explained in a book how to alter your reality by tapping into your subconscious. 

Mindvalley’s creator, Vishen Lakhiani, has gone through thoroughly brought back the masterclass in a digital format. Now, you may ask, what does the platform offer? Moreover, how did it help my pixie dust soul with a factual mind personality?

I just needed something or someone to show me a ray of light.

Therefore, I was intrigued when I stumbled upon Vishen’s technique of reaching an alpha state. Of course, I was already aware of the concept of the binaural beat since I mainly used it for relieving period cramps and migraines. (Yes, it works!)

Okay, but what is Alpha state now? It’s a state that’s nearly similar when you’re daydreaming or even about to fall asleep – which helps you raise awareness.

Silva Ultramind’s daily 15-20 minute quests provide practical tools for improving your intuition, creativity, psychic abilities, and more. Okay, now that you know what the course offers, you must be wondering about the HOW –

Well, you can implement Vishen’s techniques by visualization and Meditation.

By doing so, I have tapped into different levels of my mind and, thus, unlocked a door to successful manifestation, effective problem-solving, and overcoming difficulties.

Overall, I can tell you that Silva Ultramind alters your mind and helps you reach your fullest potential. You must have heard that we are born psychics. It’s just over the period, our ability to listen to our intuition clouds – and that’s what this $99/Month course clears.

A Brief Look Into The Silva Ultramind: The Course Design & More 

Silva Ultramind is a sound-based meditation system that helps you improve your mind’s ability. The program uses various meditation and visualization programs to help you ease out of your stress, manifest your goals, etc. 

This is a 28-day self-development course by Mindvalley where you get to learn how to unveil your inner power by tweaking your mind to think in a certain way using certain practices. 

The program uses the Silva Method, which is a mind-powering technique founded in 1960 by Jose Silva, a Texas Instruments Professor at Texas A&M University. 

The 10- to 15-minute sessions of the Silva Ultramind System focus on unplugging your life from everyday complexities and helping you dwell in mental relaxation. 

Silva Ultramind Review - Overview

The easy-to-follow meditation process of the Silva Ultramind gives you an understanding of how the four primary states of consciousness of the human mind work. 

The Silva Ultramind tries to bring you the capacity to assess how the different conscious states of the mind work by using different mind techniques. 

The sessions help us unlock the power of channeling our ultra mind to stay happy in life and find solutions while facing challenges in life. 

At the end of the sessions, you get a pre-recorded call from Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mindvalley, where he answers all the queries raised by people about the Silva Ultramind course. 

Get to know more about Mindvalley through our detailed review of Mindvalley.

Who Is The Instructor Of Silva Ultramind System?

The methods of Silva Ultramind were created long ago by Jose Silva, but he died in 1999. Vishen Lakhiani learned all the concepts of this course from his book and then created the Silva Ultramind course on Mindvalley. 

The formula that Jose Silva created has been used since the 60s. After in-depth research, he discovered the Alpha and Theta frequencies of consciousness and how they help shape an individual’s character.

Vishen also teaches other courses like Be Extraordinary, where he shares his beliefs and how we can improve ourselves in life.

What Does The Silva Ultramind Program Promise You? What Will You Learn From It? 

Now that you have an idea of what the Silva Ultramind program is let’s go ahead and see what the course promises you. 

Silva Ultramind Review - Day By Day

I’ll break down all the modules of the course so that you can understand what you’ll learn each day. Here is the course module- 

Week 1: Your Ultramind Foundation

  • Day 1- Learning posture and style 
  • Day 2- Understanding Alpha with a centering exercise
  • Day 3- The Mental Screen And E.S.P (Extrasensory perception) 
  • Day 4- The Mental Video Technique: enlisting higher intelligence to solve problems
  • Day 5- Projection into your home 
  • Day 6- Centering exercise 2 
  • Day 7- The compass and the rocket 

Week 2: Knowing The Unknown 

  • Day 8- How to harness your natural intuitive power
  • Day 9- Projection to metals 
  • Day 10- The three scenes technique 
  • Day 11- When to use the three scenes technique 
  • Day 12- Centering exercise 3 
  • Day 13- Develop psychometry to read/ understand objects by touching them
  • Day 14- Projection into plan matter

 Week 3: Attaining Your Soul Desire & Healings

  • Day 15- How to grow a strong desire to manifest your dreams 
  • Day 16- The Power of belief and Expectancy 
  • Day 17- Centering exercise 4
  • Day 18- How to improve healing with your mind
  • Day 19- Healing applied 
  • Day 20- Projection to pets
  • Day 21- Conditioning your mind to achieve your biggest goals 

Week 4: Channeling Your Ultramind Into Your Life 

  • Day 22- Centering exercise 5 
  • Day 23- The orientation of projection into human anatomy 
  • Day 24- Projection to human anatomy
  • Day 24- Case working on how to heal others and build E.S.P
  • Day 26- Developing your working psychic ability
  • Day 27- Refining your case working 
  • Day 28- Continuing after this program 

The above-stated is the complete program of the Silva Ultramind. Each lesson will help you relax and focus your mind in your desired direction. The course also enables you to gain information beyond your physical body using your consciousness. 

Overall, the course assists you in relieving the stress and anxiety that modern life has created for us. Plus, we can find solutions for minor to major issues using the various exercise programs. 

Science Behind Silva Techniques

The Jose Silva techniques are mostly based on scientific practices such as ESP, Neuroplasticity, tapping into alpha/ theta waves, Psychoneuroimmunology, and Meditation. So, let’s discuss these concepts in an elaborative manner below:-

1. Extrasensory Perception/ ESP

In this scientific practice, you learn the basics of developing your intuition. Unfortunately, as widely popularised, ESP is not scientifically proven. 

However, what this practice does is help you expand your mental strength and further reach the deeper parts of your subconscious. The whole motive is to widen your intuition beyond the basic five senses. (Or developing a sixth sense).

2. Tapping into the alpha/ theta waves

Silva practices highly, emphasizing reaching a relaxed state of mind, which is also known as alpha or theta brain waves. Generally, this state of mind is achieved while you are daydreaming/in a light meditative state or in REM sleep, respectively. 

Once you reach either alpha or theta brain waves, you unlock greater mental capabilities or get far more intuned with your subconscious. This heightens your manifestation powers. 

3. Neuroplasticity

Also known as the technique of visualization, it is the famous Silva practice that rewires the neural connections of your brain. What it does is bring your deep desires into reality. In fact, the now-activated neural pathway pushes you to reach your goals.

Neuroplasticity is often seen in behavioral and sports psychology. 

4. Meditative State

Practicing meditation regularly, even for five minutes, helps with a positive thought process. As per many studies, daily meditation helps reduce stress, improve immunity, lower blood pressure, improve attention span, and promote an overall happier lifestyle. 

Therefore, if you are struggling with any mental disorders, practicing meditation will be reduced to intense symptoms, most likely.

5. Psychoneuroimmunology

The word is derived from the concept that your immunity is proportional to your subconscious processes. For example, if you develop a positive mind that is much more relaxed and feeds you positive thoughts, your immunity automatically improves.

However, there is yet no scientific proof that Psychoneuroimmunology cures deadly diseases. 

I have read somewhere the first sign of bad mental health is when your digestive system starts acting up. That is because your brain is so focused on protecting you from stressful memories/ situations that to give you more attention, it stops looking after organs that it thinks need the least attention. 

Additionally, this ties up with other scientific practices (root chakra), which represent anxiety and self-worth issues. That chakra is also placed below your pelvic region, which also implies that once your root chakra is out of balance, organs situated in that region will also stop functioning. 

NOTE: If you want to know the science behind Silva Ultramind, head to this article for detailed insights!

How Much Does Silva Ultramind Cost? 

I have talked enough about the Silva Ultramind System, but how much does the entire program cost? 

Well, the good news is the price has gone down drastically. Earlier, Mindvalley sold it at an exorbitant amount of $499 to get complete access to the course for one year. You can also check detailed Mindvalley pricing here.

Mindvalley pricing

Bonus: You can also claim an official Mindvalley membership discount here.

Mindvalley is offering monthly and yearly membership at lower prices, with which you can access not only the Silva Ultramind program but also other courses offered by Mindvalley.

  • Mindvalley monthly: $99/month
  • Mindvalley yearly: $499/year

Compared to the monthly plan, you should opt for the Mindvalley yearly plan. You can save a massive amount on your purchase and get access to all the courses for a year straight!

Furthermore, you can also keep a close eye on Mindvalley Black Friday deals since the sale is around the corner. The sale will help you grab additional discounts!

Silva Ultramind Review: Case Studies & Testimonials

The Silva Ultramind has a dedicated section called “stories,” where the users share their experiences and how the course has impacted them. So, if you want to read the case studies in detail, you can simply click on the link and be redirected to the page. 

Meanwhile, the following are some of the brief testimonials of those users:-

  1. Dr Ritu Dabas, Internal Medicine Physician -⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Before this program, I was always stressed out and anxious. This quest showed me how to meditate, which is awesome! The mental screen technique is so powerful, and I treated my multi-drug-resistant UTI with this. I feel more confident and ready for my life journey.”

  1. Eleanor Meireles, CEO, Sydney, Australia -⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Not only were these successful and things I have been afraid of my whole life I am now able to do with ease, but I also have structure and guidance on where my life is going and my dreams for the company by utilizing the Three Most Important Questions which I have stuck up in front of my desk.”

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Conclusion: Silva Ultramind Review (2024) 

Silva Ultramind is definitely worth it, as the course helps you with heightened awareness. This “Alpha” state of mind boosts creativity, intuition, manifestation power, and psychic abilities. 

For those struggling with chronic anxiety or a cloudy mind, this four-week course is your savior! So, stop wasting more time and go alter your reality!

I hope this Silva Ultramind Review helped you know whether the course will be right for you. You can also check our list of best Mindvalley courses to explore more courses on Mindvalley!

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