Silva Ultramind Review 2023: Is It Any Good (My Experience)

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If you’ve clicked on this article, you are already aware of what Silva Ultramind is, and you want to know whether it is worth buying or not. 

I will definitely give you a first-hand experience of the Quest (special programs) Silva Ultramind because I tried it myself. 

The 28-day course of the special program from Mindvalley uses different meditation techniques to ease us from tension, stress, and all other complexities we might be dealing with. 

But does it actually work? 

Let’s not delay anymore and jump straight into the review and let you know whether buying this is the right choice or not. 

A Brief Look Into The Silva Ultramind: The Course Design & More 

Silva Ultramind is a sound-based meditation system that helps you improve your mind’s ability. The program uses various meditation and visualization programs to help you ease out of your stress, manifest your goals, etc. 

This is a 28 day self-development course by Mindvalley where you get to learn how to unveil your inner power by tweaking your mind to think in a certain way using certain practices. 

The program uses the Silva Method, which is a mind-powering technique founded in 1960 by Jose Silva, a Texas Instruments Professor at Texas A&M University. 

The 10 to 15-minute sessions of the Silva Ultramind System focus on unplugging your life from everyday complexities and help you dwell in mental relaxation. 

Silva Ultramind Review - Overview

The easy-to-follow meditation process of the Silva Ultramind gives you an understanding of how the four primary states of consciousness of the human mind work. 

The Silva Ultramind tries to bring you the capacity to assess how the different conscious states of the mind work by using different mind techniques. 

The sessions help us unlock the power of channeling our ultramind to stay happy in life and find solutions while facing challenges in life. 

At the end of the sessions, you get a pre-recorded call from Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mindvalley, where he answers all the queries raised by people about the Silva Ultramind course. Get to know more about Mindvalley through our detailed review of Mindvalley.

Who Is The Instructor Of Silva Ultramind System?

The methods of Silva Ultramind were created long ago by Jose Silva, but he died in 1999. Vishen Lakhiani learned all the concepts of this course from his book and then created the Silva Ultramind course on Mindvalley. 

The formula which Jose Silva created has been used since the 60s. After in-depth research, he discovered the Alpha and Theta frequencies of consciousness and how they help shape an individual’s character. Vishen also teaches other courses like Be Extraordinary, where he shares his beliefs and how we can improve ourselves in life.

What Does The Silva Ultramind Program Promise You? What Will You Learn From It? 

Now that you have an idea of what the Silva Ultramind program is, let’s go ahead and see what the course promises you. 

Silva Ultramind Review - Day By Day

I’ll break down all the modules of the course so that you can understand what you’ll learn each day. Here is the course module- 

Week 1: Your Ultramind Foundation

  • Day 1- Learning posture and style 
  • Day 2- Understanding Alpha with a centering exercise
  • Day 3- The Mental Screen And E.S.P (Extrasensory perception) 
  • Day 4- The Mental Video Technique: enlisting higher intelligence to solve problems
  • Day 5- Projection into your home 
  • Day 6- Centering exercise 2 
  • Day 7- The compass and the rocket 

Week 2: Knowing The Unknown 

  • Day 8- How to harness your natural intuitive power
  • Day 9- Projection to metals 
  • Day 10- The three scenes technique 
  • Day 11- When to use the three scenes technique 
  • Day 12- Centering exercise 3 
  • Day 13- Develop psychometry to read/ understand objects by touching them
  • Day 14- Projection into plan matter

 Week 3: Attaining Your Soul Desire & Healings

  • Day 15- How to grow a strong desire to manifest your dreams 
  • Day 16- The Power of belief and Expectancy 
  • Day 17- Centering exercise 4
  • Day 18- How to improve healing with your mind
  • Day 19- Healing applied 
  • Day 20- Projection to pets
  • Day 21- Conditioning your mind to achieve your biggest goals 

Week 4: Channeling Your Ultramind Into Your Life 

  • Day 22- Centering exercise 5 
  • Day 23- The orientation of projection into human anatomy 
  • Day 24- Projection to human anatomy
  • Day 24- Case working on how to heal others and build E.S.P
  • Day 26- Developing your working psychic ability
  • Day 27- Refining your case working 
  • Day 28- Continuing after this program 

The above-stated is the complete program of the Silva Ultramind. Each lesson will help you relax and focus your mind in your desired direction. The course also enables you to gain information beyond your physical body using your consciousness. 

Overall the course assists you in relieving the stress and anxiety that modern life has created for us. Plus, using the various exercise programs, we can find solutions for minor to major issues. 

Who Is Suitable To Take Up The 4-Week Silva Ultramind Program? 

The Silva Ultramind System is honestly for anyone who is trying to find a way of manifesting their goals, a better way of dealing with situations in life and wants to learn how to function their mind in a certain way. 

But if you are someone who doesn’t believe in spiritual powers or spiritual healing, you may not be able to resonate with the program. 

Because the entire program is based on spiritual overtones, different meditation techniques help you transform your life. 

Silva Ultramind

Plus, the techniques adopted by the Silva Ultramind are backed by science, so it’s not based on any superstition. But to benefit from the course, you must keep an open mind and practice meditation, visualization, and other exercises with full faith. 

Again, you’ll not see results overnight because you have to let your mind get accustomed to these practices. But many people have tried the program and said that they have found it useful, including me. 

Who Won’t Like The Silva Ultramind Program?

Here are some reasons why the Silva Ultramind program may not be suitable for some people:

  • Skeptics – The program involves mental visualization, intuition training, and claims about accessing higher states of mind. Extreme skeptics may find this too “new age” despite the program’s efforts to frame itself scientifically.
  • Impatient – People looking for an instant, magic solution may be disappointed. Silva Ultramind requires discipline and practice of the provided techniques over time to see results. Progress can be gradual.
  • Need Structure – The program provides flexibility in how you apply the techniques. Those who thrive with a more rigid structure may struggle with the open framework.
  • Lack of Focus – You need to be able to maintain focus and concentrate to visualize and manifest desires. People who tend to lack focus could find this challenging.
  • Time Investment – Applying the techniques consistently requires setting aside 15-30 minutes daily. Busy schedules may preclude devoting this time.
  • Solo Learning – Since it’s a home study program, those who prefer learning in a classroom setting won’t get that group accountability and dynamic.

Silva Ultramind Review: Pros & Cons

Here are the pros & cons of using the Silva Ultramind system.


  • The Silva Ultramind course is included in the Mindvalley All Access Membership, so you don’t need to purchase it separately.
  • The Silva Ultramind System focuses on self-discovery and personal development.
  • The course is taught by the Mindvalley founder, Vishen Lakhiani himself, and he teaches this course with passion which makes it more interesting.
  • You get access to the Mindvalley community, where you can connect with your instructor and fellow students and interact with them directly.
  • Mindvalley offers a 15-day money-back guarantee on its membership, so you can get your money back if you don’t like its courses.


  • Mindvalley’s all-access membership model may not be suitable for those who just want to access this course only.
  • You need to give daily 20-25 minutes daily to this course to see improvement.

How Much Does Silva Ultramind Cost? 

I have talked enough about the Silva Ultramind System, but now let’s come to the main point. How much does the entire program cost? 

Well, the good news is the price has gone down drastically. Earlier, Mindvalley sold it at an exorbitant amount of $499 to get complete access to the course for a lifetime. You can also claim an official Mindvalley membership offer here.

Mindvalley Pricing

But now you can make a smart move. Mindvalley is offering monthly and yearly membership at lower prices, with which you can access not only the Silva Ultramind program but also other courses offered by Mindvalley. Isn’t that amazing? 

Here is a comparison chart of the Mindvalley membership prices earlier and now- 

Old price Current price 
Mindvalley Monthly Membership $2000$99 per month 
Mindvalley Yearly Membership $2000 $499 per year

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My Experience With The Silva Ultramind: An Honest Review 

Now let’s come to the part you all have been waiting for. I know before spending your money on such a course you want to see whether it really delivers what it promises. 

Because a lot of us don’t have so much faith in such meditative systems, but to be honest, my experience with the Silva Ultramind System has actually been very helpful. 

By nature, I am a person who easily gets anxious, even during minor problems. Also, I was having a hard time figuring out what I wanted from my life. 

One of my colleagues introduced me to this course, and only after a couple of sessions did, I feel intensely relaxed. 

The meditation programs somewhat transformed me into a different universe which helped me get rid of negative thoughts. 

Due to work and family pressure, I felt my mind never got to relax, but the Silva Ultramind helped me give my mind much-needed relaxation. 

It feels somewhat like I’m transformed into a world of only positive thoughts and actions. Also, I was surprised to see how I started dealing with tense situations maturely and was able to figure out the solutions on my own. 

If you asked me whether I recommend it to others or not, I would say I definitely do. To be able to calm our minds and souls in today’s world is extremely important, and the Silva Ultramind exactly helped me do so. 

If you are expecting it to change your entire life, I don’t know if that’s possible, but if you are seeking mental and emotional peace, the audiobook can actually help you. 

Also, paying less than fifty dollars for so many meditative programs seems like a fair choice to me.  However, the value that Silva Ultramind provides is immense. 

Conclusion: Silva Ultramind Review (2023) 

Hopefully, this review of the Silva Ultramind program has helped you understand whether this program is for you or not. As I said in the above section, the program was beneficial for me, so I would give it a big thumbs up. 

It’s actually quite important to find a peaceful balance after all the stress, work pressure, etc., we have to deal with in our everyday life. And the Silva Ultramind helps with that. 

Plus, it has also taught me how to manifest my goals in life, and I have found them quite helpful. 

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