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Spanish is one of among widely spoken languages all across the globe and is known for its fast-paced speech and classic trills. 

It is the second-most spoken language, with 595 million speakers, out of which 486 million are native speakers. 

If you are wondering which are different Spanish-speaking countries and how many people speak Spanish worldwide, then you will get your answer right here in this article. 

So, without further delay, let’s dive into the article to unfold the complete list of Spanish-speaking countries. 

Spanish Speaking Countries

From Spain to Argentina, explore the diverse and culturally rich Spanish-speaking countries across the globe.

Spanish Speaking Countries
  1. According to research conducted by Statista in 2021, Mexico is the country comprising the maximum number of Spanish speakers (native) across the globe. 
  1. Around 124.85 million individuals in Mexico speak Spanish, making it the highest Spanish-speaking country. Colombia is the second-highest country with the maximum number of Spanish speakers. 
  1. The maximum number of Spanish-speaking countries are situated in South and Central America. 
  1. California and Texas have a high percentage of Spanish speakers. 
  1. The United States and Brazil are the countries with the maximum number of Spanish language students, which are approximately 8.08 million and 5.24 million. 

To get an insight into different Spanish-speaking countries and the percentage of the population speaking Spanish, check out the data provided below. 

Sr.NoCountriesCapital Total Population % Of The Population Speaking Spanish 
1MexicoMexico City 126.7 million 90%
2Colombia Bogota 51.52 million 99.5% 
3Spain Madrid 47.42 million 94%
4Argentina Buenos Aires 45.84 million 98% 
5PeruLima33.72 million83.9% 
6Venezuela Caracas28.2 million 95% 
7Chile Santiago 19.49 million 99.3% 
8Guatemala Guatemala City 17.11 million 93% 
9Ecuador Quito 17.8 million 97% 
10BoliviaLa Paz and Sucre12.08 million 75%
11Cuba Havana 11.26 million 90%
12Dominican Republic Santo Domingo 11.12 million 90% 
13HondurasTegucigalpa 10.28 million 90% 
14ParaguayAsuncion 6.704 million 90% 
15El Salvador San Salvador 6.314 million 97% 
16Nicaragua Managua 6.851 million 90% 
17Costa RicaSan Jose 5.154 million 99.3% 
18PanamaPanama City 4.351 million 95%
19Uruguay Montevideo 3.426 million 90%
20Puerto Rico San Juan 3.264 million 95%
21Equatorial GuineaMalabo 1.634 million 67.7% 

Source: Wikipedia 

Non-Hispanic Countries With A Maximum Number Of Spanish Speakers

The following data represents the Non-Hispanic countries with a maximum number of Spanish speakers. 

  1. The United States is a Non-Hispanic country with a maximum population of native Spanish speakers, which is approximately 41.76 million. 
  1. On the other hand, European Union comprises the largest group of non-native speakers, with around 25.98 million Spanish speakers. 
Sr. No. Countries Limited Proficiency Group (In Thousands)Native Domain Group (In Thousands) 
1United States 15,00041,757.39 
2European Union 25,9751,267
3United Kingdom4,824133
5Canada 293439.11
6Brazil 96460.02
7Australia 374.57117.5
8Philippines 461.694.48 
9Argelia 48175
11Other 458.66491.92

Source: Statista 

Countries With The Largest Population Of Native Spanish Speakers

As per Statista, the following data represents the countries with the largest population of native Spanish Speakers in the year 2021. 

The Largest Population Of Native Spanish
Countries Number Of Spanish Speakers 
Mexico 124.85 million 
Colombia50.64 million 
Argentina44.94 million 
Spain43.64 million 
United States 41.76 million 
Venezuela 32.1 million 
Peru 28.71 million 
Chile 18.87 million
Ecuador15.48 million 
Guatemala13.4 million 
Cuba 11.29 million 
Dominican Republic 10.28 million 
Bolivia 9.79 million 
Honduras 9.33 million 
Nicaragua6.51 million 
El Salvador 6.5 million 
Costa Rica 5.13 million
Paraguay 5.01 million 
Panama 4.03 million 
Uruguay 3.43 million 
Puerto Rico 3.16 million 
European Union 1.27 million 
Equatorial Guinea 0.91 million 

Source: Statista 

Countries That Speak Spanish But Not As An Official Language 

Now that we have seen countries with Spanish as the official language, below are a few countries where Spanish is not recognized as the official language. 

  1. The United States has about 42.5 million people speaking Spanish as their native language, which accounts for around 13.4% of the overall population. 
  1. As per the study conducted by the European Commission, about 4.6 million people in France speak Spanish. 
  1. According to Statista, the United Kingdom comprised around 206 thousand Spanish residents in 2021
  1. 3,872,858 people in Italy speak Spanish, with 6.56% of proficiency. 
  1. Germany is another Non-Hispanic country with approximately 2,111,306 Spanish speakers.

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Key Takeaways: Spanish Speaking Countries (2024)

Even though Spanish is not the official language in the United States, 13.4% of the U.S. population speaks Spanish.

As per the US Census Office, by 2050, the United States will have around 138 million Spanish speakers making it one of the biggest Spanish-speaking countries. 

Because of its widespread use and massive benefits, the Spanish-speaking population across the globe is staggeringly high. 

Spanish is one of the fascinating languages that allows one to learn different exquisite cultures and traditions. 

I hope the article gave you a clear idea about different Spanish-speaking countries. If you have any queries feel free to drop them in the comments section below. 


How many countries speak only Spanish language? 

Spanish is the official language of 20 countries and one territory, but no such countries speak only Spanish as the dialect might be different due to the influences. 

Which are the countries that Speak Spanish unofficially? 

Andorra, the United States, Gibraltar, and Belize are some of the countries where people speak Spanish, but it is not considered the official language. 

Which are the top three countries with a maximum number of Spanish speakers? 

Mexico, Colombia, and Spain are the top three countries with a maximum number of Spanish speakers. 

Which Spanish accent and dialect is easy to understand? 

Colombian Spanish is considered to be one of the easiest and clearest Spanish accents and dialects, which is easy to understand and learn. 

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