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Prep Expert’s proven techniques for taking tests have helped students accomplish improvement in their ACT and SAT scores. Its instructors have demonstrated exceptional performance in teaching in a fun and personalized methods. So, Prep Expert is the ultimate solution if you wish to reduce your expenses for college. Now, let us view the Prep Expert coupon codes.

Active Prep Expert Coupon Codes 2024

Currently, Prep Expert is having the biggest holiday sale of the year. They are offering a $300 discount on all their courses. Here are the available offers:

1. SAT Courses: If you use code “BEST300” to buy any one of the SAT prep courses, then you will get a flat $300 discount. The current pricing of their 6-week flagship course is $999, and the 8-week capstone course is $1499 before the discount, and after the discount, the pricing will be $699 and $1199.

2. ACT Courses: If you use code “BEST300” to buy any one of the ACT prep courses, then you will also get a $300 discount on it. The current pricing of their self-paced video course is $399, and the 6-week flagship course is $699 after applying the discount.

3. All Access Pass: Prep Expert also offers all-access passes for 8th grade, 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, and 12th grade. In this all-access pass, you get access to all the types of Prep Expert courses along with four bonuses. With the holiday offer, you can get this All access pass for just $5699.

How to Claim The Prep Expert Coupon Code?

A few simple steps can help you claim the Prep Expert coupon code. 

Step #1. After visiting the official website, you will get to see different courses for the preparation of exams on its Home page.

Prep Expert Coupon Code - Overview

Step #2. Select the desired exam and click on its courses from the top navigation bar. You will reach the full course catalog.

Prep Expert Coupon Code - Course

Step #3. Once you have explored the courses, you need to select the ‘View Course’ option that will redirect you to another page.

Step #4. Click on the ‘Enroll’ button on the course page. Get done with the purchasing procedures after checking out on the cart page.

Prep Expert Coupon Code - Enroll Here

Step #5. Just under the subtotal pricing column on the cart page, the right-hand side displays an option to apply the coupon. You have to apply the Prep Expert coupon code to claim a massive discount on the total cost of the course.

Prep Expert Coupon Code

Prep Expert Pricing & Courses Explained

Depending on the tutors, the prices of SAT prep and ACT prep can differ. While some are available for free of cost, others charge more than $1000 for every hour. A course spanning 60 hours will cost $10 per hour on Prep Expert. Altogether, it amounts to $599. Undoubtedly, these courses are not cheap but a student investing in these courses will get incredible results. They also provide a guaranteed refund in case there is no improvement in the scores. 

The 60 hours ACT course continues for 6 weeks and comes with a bonus book containing ideal strategies. You need a computer and an internet connection for the course. After logging in to your classes, you can chat with the professor and ask questions during each lesson. So, even in a virtual classroom, you will get the feel of a real classroom from the comfort of your home. The platform offers four specific course formats. These options are as follows:

  • Weekend Review
  • Self-Paced Course
  • 6-Week Flagship
  • 3-Week Fast-Track

Prep Expert Login

You can follow the below-mentioned steps to log in to your Prep Expert account:

  • Open the app.
  • Look for the Sign In or login option.
  • Enter your username, email ID, and password.
  • Tap Log In and you will be logged in successfully. 

If you are looking for quality practice sessions, Prep Expert can come to your aid. It can prepare even the most unready learner. So, avail a Prep Expert coupon code and start your preparation now. 

FAQs On Prep Expert Coupon Code

Who created Prep Expert?

After landing an investment from the billionaire, Mark Cuban, Shaan Patel founded the Prep Expert. 

Are Prep Expert ACT and SAT prep courses worth it?

The test strategies help improve the students’ scores. Solving practice problems and reviewing the errors makes Prep Expert a powerful platform. 

What happens when a student misses a Prep Expert class?

All live sessions have recordings that a student can access if they miss any class. Moreover, the review and makeup sessions allow a learner to revise anything they might have missed. 

How much do Prep Expert’s ACT and SAT courses cost?

There are many course options available on Prep Expert for ACT and SAT, and the pricing range of those courses is $599 to $1499. You can choose the course which fits the best into your budget.

What kind of score guarantee does Prep Expert offer?

If you don’t get at least 200 points increase in your SATs compared to the last exam or you don’t get at least 4 points increase in your ACTs compared to the last exam after taking the flagship 6-weeks course, then Prep Expert will refund your money.

What is the most distinctive feature of Prep Expert?

With every Prep Expert course, you will get access to Dr. Shaan Patel’s hand-curated 100 exam strategies, and if you follow them religiously, then you will definitely score in the top 1%.

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