Blueprint MCAT Review 2024: How Does It Help You Prep?

Blueprint has established itself as a reputed online teaching platform with its high-quality study material, advanced teaching techniques, and expert coaches. 

Blueprint is also creating a lot of buzz for its MCAT course after merging with Next Step Test Prep. But is it really worth your time and money? This is a question most aspirants and their parents have in mind. 

That’s why here is a detailed Blueprint MCAT review that will answer your question and help you decide whether you should opt for the Blueprint MCAT course. 

Blueprint MCAT Review: In A Nutshell

Blueprint MCAT has two-course variations- the online course and the live online option. The online course is a self-paced course where you’ll get the course materials and study them on your own. 

The live online option is almost the same. The only difference is if you take the live course, you’ll get live classes with the coaches. In addition, you’ll get 40+ hours of online classes taken by top Blueprint coaches. 

With the self-paced or the online course, you have the option to select six, nine, or twelve months of course access. But note that you’ll get the same course materials irrespective of the course tenure. 

Blueprint MCAT Review - Overview

So the choice depends on your study pace and knowledge-acquiring speed. Unfortunately, there is no such option for the live online option. 

Now let’s deal with the real question. What is there in the Blueprint MCAT course? Is it better than the rest? 

Well, I don’t know how better the Blueprint MCAT course is, but I know for sure it’s the best any MCAT aspirant could ask for. 

The course contains high-quality, in-depth study video lessons. The course has the perfect combination of Next Step’s traditional curriculum while making it more student-friendly. 

Blueprint MCAT Review - Course

Blueprint has separated the units into different modules to make it easier for students to grasp. Furthermore, the modules are divided into subtopics. And each subtopic is dedicated to covering one lesson. 

Each subtopic has video lessons, drills, quizzes, learning strategies, and more. These resources make sure that you master every concept. Moreover, based on the duration of your course, you’ll get an ample amount of time to keep practicing till you ace the modules. 

Blueprint MCAT Review - Videos

There are a total of 160 modules covering every subtopic and an additional 30 modules. These additional 30 modules mainly cover tips to improve your soft skills, reasoning abilities, strategy building, and more. 

I must say that the approach to segregating topics into different concepts is better for information retention. All the modules have video lessons which make grasping the concepts easier. These video tutorials are way better than simple Powerpoint presentations. 

Besides, the videos are made with professional tools to make them understandable for learners. The instructors use different tactics to make them visually appealing. These keep students engaged throughout the class. 

Things like cartoon animations, illustrations, graphics, and varied forms of text, make these online classes more engaging for the students. 

Blueprint trainers break down tough concepts and chemical processes through illustration to make them easily understandable. Students should find no difficulty in understanding and memorizing the process with such detailed illustrations. 

Blueprint learning does not stop here. After each video lesson, you get a quiz. The quiz includes- MCQs, fill-in-the-blanks, drag & drop matching, ordering, etc. These exercises are there to ensure that you practice what you just learned. 

These are also best for analyzing your understanding of the topics. But you won’t be left simply guessing whether you answered the questions right or wrong. 

After the quiz, there is a problem explanation section. This section will explain each question in detail and will teach you the right way to approach the questions. 

For longer passage questions, Blueprint uses the highlighting technique to show you where you should put more focus to get the correct answer. 

But the only drawback is that some of these answers have only one line of explanation. Students may lack clarity and may feel the need to refer to additional material to get proper explanations. 

Once you finish learning and practicing the entire course module, you’ll get access to Blueprint Question Bank, which contains 4000 plus questions. 

These practice questions are categorized based on difficulty level, question type, topic length, and more. The question bank is a great resource to brush up on your learning. The Blueprint practice tests and the question bank is top-notch when it comes to replicating the original test. 

Continuous practice will definitely help you get the desired score on the test. 

Overall I would say the Blueprint MCAT course is a well-curated and detailed curriculum for anyone looking for the right assistance. High-quality video lessons, text explanations, drills, quizzes, and practice tests, are of great help to students. 

Wait, that’s not all. Blueprint helps you make a customized study plan based on your projected exam date, your daily schedule, and your off days. Based on that, Blueprint makes a study by allotting enough time to all modules. 

The Blueprint MCAT course also comes with six hard copies. You’ll receive books on- Biology, Biochemistry, Physics, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Psychology, Sociology, and CARS. 

Blueprint MCAT Review - Books

These books are designed based on the new syllabus and are linked to the online course. These books also have assessments and practice problems, and detailed answer explanations. These books are an addition to your MCAT preparation. 

Blueprint MCAT Live Classes

Blueprint MCAT Live Classes provide interactive online MCAT preparation taught by top-scoring instructors. Students attend scheduled classes twice a week to review MCAT concepts and strategies. The live format allows students to ask questions and get direct support from instructors and classmates.

Blueprint MCAT Live Classes

Some of the key components of Blueprint MCAT Live Classes include:

  • A comprehensive content review covering all MCAT subjects – biology, biochemistry, organic chemistry, general chemistry, physics, and psychology. Instructors explain challenging concepts clearly and help relate them to the MCAT.
  • Test-taking strategies to master timing, critical thinking skills, and other techniques to maximize MCAT performance. Blueprint shares proved methods to approach different question types.
  • AAMC practice material to prep with official MCAT resources. Students use AAMC practice exams and question banks to get comfortable with the real test.
  • Office hours for individual support from instructors. Students can get personalized help during scheduled office hours times.
  • Interaction with classmates in engaging online classes. Students can discuss topics, compare preparation and stay motivated together.
  • Mobile app with condensed review sheets covering key MCAT concepts for on-the-go studying.
  • Eight full-length practice exams to build endurance and practice pacing for the 7.5-hour MCAT. Detailed score reports are provided too.

Pros & Cons Of Blueprint MCAT Course 

After considering both online and offline study material, practice tests, and additional materials, the following are the pros and cons of the Blueprint MCAT course as per my observation- 

The Pros Of Blueprint 

  • High-quality study material with in-depth explanations. 
  • Access to 4000 plus practice questions, six hard copies, drills, and other materials 
  • Customized study plan 
  • Live classes with expert Blueprint coaches 

The Cons Of Blueprint 

  • Some answers only have short one-line explanations. 
  • Blueprint does not allow virtual study groups yet. 

How Much Does The Blueprint MCAT Cost? 

The Blueprint MCAT Online course prices start from $1999 for six months of access. If you choose the nine-month and the 12-month plan, the course price will be $2399 & $2699, respectively. But the good news is that it is currently running an offer and offering the courses at a discounted price. The current prices are as follows. 

Blueprint MCAT Online Course Pricing
6 Month Access9 Month Access 12 Month Access
$1899 $2549$2849

And the Blueprint Live online course price starts from $2599 for six-month access. Here is a detailed price overview of the course- 

Blueprint MCAT Live Course Pricing
6 Month Access9 Month Access 12 Month Access

Please note that Blueprint only offers a 24-hour refund policy for the online course. You must raise the refund request within 24 hours; otherwise, you won’t be eligible for any refund. For the Live Online Course, you’ll get a 5-days refund policy. Also, you must return the course books in excellent condition. If you fail to return the hard copies, Blueprint deducts $200 from the course fee. And you’ll receive the refund only after Blueprint receives the course books. 

Is The Blueprint MCAT Worth Trying: My Verdict 

If you ask me, is the Blueprint MCAT course worth it? Yes, it is. The course is one of the best MCAT courses out there. The main thing that most online courses lack is that they are not engaging enough. 

But that’s not the case with the Blueprint MCAT. Both the video and theoretical course materials are extremely engaging. The animated illustrations explain even the most complex concepts with ease. 

The eye-catching graphic details make information retention a lot easier. Furthermore, the practice questions come pretty close to the actual test, helping students to crack their exams. 

Other than just the learning resources, you also get a customized study plan which is beneficial for students who juggle a lot between managing their studies and daily routine. 

And if you opt for the live online course, you’ll get pro tips from expert teachers. Overall the Blueprint MCAT course will help you with solid preparation and take you closer to your dream Med school. 

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Final Thoughts: Blueprint MCAT Review (2024) 

As I have repeatedly been saying, Blueprint MCAT is the best coursework for students who want to get into a med school. Preparing for MCAT is overwhelming, and there is no denying that. 

But Blueprint tries to make it easier for you with proper module segregation, pinpointing problem areas, making a customized study plan for you, and giving access to its question bank. 

To be honest, I only have good things to say about Blueprint, as it helped me during my MCAT prep, and I would suggest it to others too. But the course cannot help you if you don’t put in enough time and hard work. So keep learning and practicing, and you’ll surely achieve your goal. 

Let me know if you have any other queries about the course in the comments. I’ll answer them right away. 

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