Kaplan MCAT Review 2024 — Should You Go For It?

Like SAT, GMAT, and GRE, MCAT can be critically hard and extremely difficult to prepare yourself. Even with adequate self-study, you might fall back easily. 

In such cases, if you had come across Kaplan MCAT to better your MCAT preparations with the help of MCAT tutors, then this article might help you.

Even I was lost and confused about memorizing and completing the entire MCAT portion until I took Kaplan MCAT. In my experience with Kaplan MCAT, I easily completed multiple sections for MCAT and wrote several practice tests.

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about Kaplan MCAT, the curriculum followed in Kaplan MCAT, the benefits of Kaplan MCAT, and its pricing.

I also have given my personal verdict on Kaplan MCAT in the end. Watch out!

What is Kaplan MCAT?

Kaplan MCAT is a versatile online prep course that offers self-paced learning materials and in-person structured classes with a professional educator.

With the perfect mix of all learning resources, including interactive video lessons, text-based explanations, and competitive practice questions, Kaplan MCAT has set its mark on giving the best learning experience for its students. I had a great time!

Along with it, you get to be a part of an exclusive boot camp hosted by Kaplan MCAT that might give more insight into strategic preparations and key factors on learning.

Kaplan MCAT Review - Overview

The breakdown of heavy concepts and core subjects is simplified using helpful illustrations and graphics, making Kaplan MCAT even more enjoyable. 

We all are suckers for graphics, right? Kaplan also has a top-notch layout and design that gives a pleasant user experience with zero lagging. Usually, sites or applications containing big materials might delay, but Kaplan MCAT is smooth.

Kaplan MCAT - Courses

In Kaplan MCAT, you get a whopping of 10,000 practice questions which is a blessing for most students because that is a generous amount of questions to practice.

Kaplan MCAT -Practice Sets

Even the practice problems are provided with in-depth explanations, and that is no way you are getting stuck with the study flow. Kaplan MCAT has ensured to give adequate information in bettering your study schedule with a personalized plan.

Kaplan MCAT is mobile-friendly with a decent performance rate, but you can use it to access flashcards for the ultimate revision session after practicing the problems.

Last but not least, Kaplan MCAT also gives a big fat number of 16 practice tests. 

What is the Curriculum Followed in Kaplan MCAT? 

Taking Kaplan MCAT was a knowledgeable experience where I was given access to multiple resources and gained effective learning via organized modules. Let me tell you that the ease of use was pleasant, and there was no delay at any instances.

The self-paced learning in Kaplan MCAT was excellent. I had the freedom of studying whenever I wanted since the lessons were pre-recorded, and I could consume them easily. Additionally, in one of the packages offered by Kaplan MCAT, I was rewarded with private one-on-one tutoring for almost 3 hours, which was beneficial.

Since I am a slow-learned, the explanation was top-notch and on to the point, leaving no room for confusion. Again, even if I got carried away with a particular section, the self-paced module was easy to access. 

Plus, the practice tests in Kaplan MCAT were very helpful. Since it is a medical test, the demand for detailed questions is excess, and so the 16 practice tests offered by Kaplan MCAT were truly effective. 

I mean, if there were fewer tests, then it would have been upsetting for me since the sections are long, and you need to revise the portions by taking several practice tests. Thanks to Kaplan MCAT for actually making it happen!

The best part about taking Kaplan MCAT is that you are also provided with books that you can use physically. Yes, Kaplan MCAT gives hardcopy study materials. Lastly, Kaplan MCAT also guaranteed a higher score, which is a bonus point.

Not lying, but the questions and tests in Kaplan MCAT are quite hard than the actual, but if you look at the perks you can pull through the practice tests, then the MCAT might not seem that difficult if you think about it. 

Also, something worth mentioning in my overall experience with Kaplan MCAT is the Qbank material provided. It was beneficial for efficient studying.

Do You Get Private Tutoring In Kaplan MCAT?

Despite getting adequate teaching and instructions via video lessons, private one-on-one tutoring can enhance the learning, especially if you are a student who gets distracted or confused about certain problems or sections in a chapter.

Kaplan MCAT -Tutoring

Regarding private tutoring in Kaplan MCAT, it is possible. You can get private tutoring in Kaplan MCAT. 

Luckily, all the Plus plans in Kaplan MCAT offer one-on-one coaching. What’s more? The private tutoring can be taken for 3 hours long.

Even if you demand in-depth answers or explanations in the private tutoring sessions offered by Kaplan MCAT, the instructors will be able to guide you. 

Kaplan MCAT -Tutor

Additionally, the tutoring was promising. It is always recommended to take private tutoring even if you are comfortable with self-paced learning in general. 

Kaplan MCAT - Live Class

At times, you might not realize the seriousness of certain sections and skip them directly for revision. Only in the private tutoring session in Kaplan MCAT, the instructor will ensure that you have completed all the essential sections to be prepared efficiently.

A fun fact in taking private tutoring in Kaplan MCAT is that you will get insightful tips for the test and strategic methods that might ease your test preparations. 

Kaplan MCAT Prep Books

Along with all the online course materials on MCAT, Kaplan also offers eight books that are top-tier study books for MCAT. After purchasing the course online, you will get eight hard copies of MCAT prep books, of which seven are different review books, and one is a complete lesson book. All the books are well-written and offer plenty of study materials. 

All the review books cover major MCAT subjects like Biology, Organic Chemistry, and so on. All these books contain a lot of study materials for an MCAT student. Sometimes it can be tedious to go through all the materials, but if you grasp everything written in the book, you will definitely get high marks on the exam.

Kaplan MCAT: Benefits (What I Found Useful)

As mentioned earlier, the experience with Kaplan MCAT was truly effective, but there are a lot of benefits that students often overlook. Let me highlight the best benefits that you might get via Kaplan MCAT:

I cannot thank enough for Kaplan MCAT for giving such detailed practice tests because you might find it hard to revise the learning without practice tests. 

In Kaplan MCAT, you also get the option of taking in-person classes with qualified tutors while also taking private tutoring sessions. It is basically a win-win situation.

Usually, test prep courses offer only a minimum score guarantee, but Kaplan MCAT stopped ahead and is offering a high score guarantee or refund your money. 

It is confidence for me. It is evident that Kaplan MCAT is assuring its students that they are fully trained to excel in the actual MCAT and get outstanding scores.

A whopping of 1000 flashcards are provided, which are useful. In case you have completed the studying, you can revise all the portions using simple flashcards.

Flashcards are fun in Kaplan MCAT. You can consider it as UNO but for education. Last but not least, you get 8 hardcopy study materials from Kaplan MCAT, which is good news for students who like the traditional approach to learning.

Even if you are not, the Kaplan MCAT application can be an alternative.

Pricing: Is Kaplan MCAT Affordable?

You got everything you need to know about the Kaplan MCAT except one of the crucial factors that help in making the final decision. 

Yes, I am talking about the budget for Kaplan MCAT. Well, I would remind you to brace yourself because the budget might surprise you. In Kaplan MCAT, the pricing plans are categorized accordingly to the type of course that you take.

Kaplan MCAT Pricing

Allow me to explain. You get three distinctive plans in Kaplan MCAT, namely:

Kaplan MCAT On-Demand

  • On-Demand – $1899, which has self-paced learning modules.

Kaplan MCAT Live Online 

  • Live online – $2399, which gives live access to educators at Kaplan MCAT.

Kaplan MCAT In-Person

  • In-person – $2899, where you get a compelling classroom experience. 

Kaplan Private MCAT Tutoring + Live Online Course

  • This course costs $2999 and gives you private tutoring with live online course.

Apart from all the pricing plans in Kaplan MCAT, it has also launched an exclusive 5-week boot camp where you can fully focus on bettering your MCAT preparations.

Let me recall all the benefits that you’d get with the plans in Kaplan MCAT. Kaplan MCAT basically provides:

  • 16 full-length practice tests.
  • 3000+ practice questions. 
  • Up to 40 hours of private tutoring.
  • 6-month access to the study materials.
  • Live, On-demand, and In-person training.

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Final Thoughts On Kaplan MCAT Review (2024)

Ahh, finally, the verdict section. After thoroughly exploring all the best features, benefits, and essentials in Kaplan MCAT, I might have the answer if Kaplan MCAT is worth it or not.

Though it is tough, I will say that – Yes, Kaplan MCAT is worth buying. Let me tell you that Kaplan MCAT is one of the few test prep courses that put quality first.

You cannot go wrong with Kaplan MCAT. I mean, there are barely any downsides except the pricing, which might seem a bit expensive but looking at the benefits, it makes justice. 

The best part of Kaplan MCAT is that all the plans have private one-on-one tutoring sessions that can last up to 40 hours, usually absent in competitors.

Kaplan MCAT excelled in additional benefits like creative learning using flashcards, self-paced learning using organized modules, and live learning with coaching sessions.

To wrap up with Kaplan MCAT, instead of thinking it is a purchase, consider Kaplan MCAT as an investment that gives a high score guarantee in return. 

As a follow-up, Kaplan MCAT promises to return your money if you don’t get high scores. Does that sound like an opportunity to you? If yes, grab it right away!


Does Kaplan offer any free course materials for MCAT?

Yes, Kaplan offers free quick sheets for MCAT. You can get these quick sheets for subjects like BioChemistry, Orgo, Math, Biology, Behavioral Sciences, and Physics. To download these quick sheets, you just have to enter your email address and name in the popup box.

How much does Kaplan cost for MCAT prep?

Kaplan offers four options for MCAT prep. The on-demand course costs $1999, the live online course costs $2599, the in-person course costs $2599, and the private tutoring+live online course costs $3299.

Is Kaplan’s MCAT practice tests harder than the actual test?

Yes, Kaplan’s MCAT practice tests are harder than the actual test. If you have taken the practice tests and scored really well in them, then you can definitely expect a good score on the actual test.

How many points increase guarantee does Kaplan offer for the MCAT?

Kaplan offers 13 points increase guarantee to your MCAT score compared to your previous score. If you don’t get the increase, then you can get your money back. Before you apply for a refund, you should read their terms & conditions to see if you are eligible for a refund or not.

What will I get with the Kaplan MCAT prep course?

In the Kaplan MCAT prep course, you will get pre-recorded video lessons, live-streamed interactive lessons, one-on-one tutoring, unlimited live online workshops, personalized assignments & study plan, and so on.

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