Manhattan Prep Promo Code 2024: $75 Discount On GMAT

If you are a student on a budget who wants to score well in their entrances to get into their dream college, Manhattan Prep promo codes are the perfect opportunity.

Manhattan Prep is a popular and trustworthy online test preparation platform specially curated for sunset who want to excel in GMAT, GRE, and EA. If you want to score a merit rank without attending all the traditional classes, Manhattan Prep can help you do that. 

Today’s post will cover everything you need to know to avail the Manhattan Prep promo code. You will also find a step-by-step guide on redeeming the discount codes. 

With that, let us quickly dive into the details!

Manhattan Prep Promo Code 2024!

For a student preparing for their entrance exam, you also have some further financial steps to calculate, like your tuition, stay, etc., so investing a considerable amount in test preparation classes or crash courses might not be feasible. 

In that case, Manhattan Prep promo codes are here to save from all these expensive classes. Manhattan Prep offers exciting offers through its promo codes, like free courses and discounts starting from 10% and reaching up to 50%!

There is one promo code available that is for GMAT, and the promo code is “GMATCLUB75”. This will help you get $75 off on your purchase.

So what are you waiting for? Let us check out how to avail of these promo codes so that you can quickly head to the Manhattan Prep website and unlock them when they launch.

How to Redeem Manhattan Prep Promo Code? (Step By Step)

Now that you know all about the promo codes, you must be wondering how you can avail of them. Read the below guide carefully and apply the following steps to get the discount.

Step #1: Visit the official Manhattan Prep website and create your account by clicking on the link HERE.    

 Step #2: On the homepage, select the test you are preparing for and click on the test icon.

Manhattan Prep official
Manhattan Prep official

Step #3: Now, you will see all the details of the selected test, scroll down, select the study method that is the most preferable for you, and tap on ‘Explore.’ For someone who wants a detailed course, you should go for the course option, and if you want a one-on-one training session, select the tutoring method.

Manhattan prep-select the study method
Manhattan prep-select the study method

Step #4: Choose the schedule that is preferable to you and tap on “Enroll’.

Manhattan prep Choose the schedule
Manhattan prep-Choose the schedule

Step #5: The schedule page will direct you to your cart, where you can enter the promo code and tap on ‘Apply.’

Apply Coupon To Get Discount

Step #6: Select your preferred payment method, enter your payment credentials after applying for the promo code and click on ‘Confirm Payment.

Select payment method
Select payment method

Congratulations! You have successfully redeemed your Manhattan promo code. Prepare for the best quality course and pass your exam with flying colors.

Manhattan Prep Pricing – Explained!

Manhattan Prep has straightforward pricing for its students. It has two types of subscriptions available, which we have explained in the table below for your understanding.

Manhattan PrepPrice
Single Learning ProgramAround $1599
Private tutor$2450

While the pricing layout might be simple to understand, it is certainly not feasible for everyone, especially if you are a student. However, the good thing is that Manhattan Prep offers discounts through promo codes to its users to buy its course or private tutoring classes. 

Currently, there isn’t a Manhattan Prep promo code that is active. But do not worry as they will soon come up with a discount.

Should You Go For Manhattan Prep: Our Verdict! 

Without a doubt, yes! Manhattan Prep has a top-quality course led by experts who will help you achieve high-ranking scores on your tests. While these tests are undoubtedly essential to secure a position in a highbrow institute, they do not make it any easier for you to secure a rank. 

Manhattan Prep mainly focuses on training students who want to appear for GMAT, GRE, and EA. this targeted approach makes it serve the best quality content in its courses. The course here not only has all the theoretical and statistical knowledge but also implements creative learning methods for the student so they can grasp it more efficiently.

Moreover, it has a super easy and beginner-friendly website interface that allows students to access any part of the platform easily. The best part about Manhattan Prep is that it also has a private tutoring section where you can hire a personal teacher.

Manhattan Prep has been a significant support to some of the great leaders on our team. They had the best experience studying and preparing for their test from this robust online test preparation platform. Preparing for your test from Manhattan Prep will be one of the best decisions of your life.

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Wrapping Up! Manhattan Prep Promo Code (2024)

With Manhattan Prep, you can ensure that you will get an eligible position in your dream college. This is because of the carefully curated courses by top experts and mentors. So make sure you grab these offers before they run out. 

We hope this article helped you in getting the Manhattan prep promo code. Over to you, what are you reviewing on Manhattan Prep? Let us know in the comments section below!


Do Manhattan Prep promo codes last for a long time?

No, even though you will not find a more viable platform than Manhattan Prep during its sales, the promo codes offered in the sale are only valid for a limited period and will expire soon. So grab yours before it’s gone.

Does Manhattan Prep have free courses?

Unfortunately, Manhattan Prep does not have any full-time courses for free. However, they offer free practice tests to students preparing for the GMAT, GRE, and EA.

Does Manhattan Prep have a money-back guarantee?

No, Manhattan prep does not have any active money-back guarantee as of now. So once you enroll in the course, you are not eligible for a refund—final Verdict.
Undoubtedly, Manhattan Prep is an excellent platform that empowers many students yearly to secure merit-based scores. And now, you can get this online test preparation platform at a discounted rate using our exclusive Manhattan Prep promo codes.

Is Manhattan Prep good for GRE?

Manhattan Prep is a great test prep option for GMAT, GRE, and EA. All the instructors you will see on Manhattan Prep have already scored within the 99th percentile in the exams they will be teaching you.

How much does Manhattan prep cost?

If you are looking for self-studying materials and physical books, then you can expect to spend between $50 to $350 on Manhattan Prep. The on-demand course with video lessons can cost you from $300 to $999. If you want everything within one package, then you need to spend between $1000 to $2000.

Are Manhattan Prep practice tests hard?

Yes, Manhattan Prep practice tests are a bit harder than the actual exams because they don’t want their students to face the real exam thinking that it is the hardest exam they’ve ever seen. If they manage to solve the practice test and score well on them, then it is sure that they will score the most in the actual exam.

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