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Iceland is one of the sparsely populated and isolated countries known for its scenery and rugged landscapes. 

In spite of being a monolingual country, Iceland has an extensive range of fascinating insular languages that are not used by the Icelanders but also by the Icelandic immigrants in Canada, the United States, and Europe.  

If you are wondering, What language is Spoken in Iceland? Then you will get your answer right here in this article. 

So without any delay, let’s explore the different languages spoken by the people in Iceland. 

Languages Spoken In Iceland

Iceland is home to several languages. To get insight into different languages spoken by the people in Brazil, scroll down to the below data. 

What Language is Spoken In Iceland - Overview
Sr.No.  Languages % Of The Population Speaking Languages
1Icelandic 93.3% 
2Polish 2.74%
4English 0.32%
5German 0.31% 
6Danish 0.31%
7Portuguese 0.28% 
8Filipino 0.24%
11Other languages 1.89%

Source: Wikipedia 

Official languages of Iceland

Icelandic, which is an Indo-European language, is the official language of the people of Iceland. 

It is part of the Germanic language and has its roots in the Indo-European family. It is influenced by Norwegian and Faroese languages. 

Out of 372,520 people in Iceland, the language is spoken by around 3,00,000 people, which equates to 97%  of the population, making it the native language of Iceland. (Source: LinkedIn)

Countries speaking Icelandic LanguageNumber Of People Speaking The Icelandic Language
Denmark 8,000 
United States 5,000
Canada 1,400 

Source: LinkedIn

Foreign languages Are Spoken In Iceland

Historically migration to Iceland remained low due to a lack of economic opportunities, its remote location, and its rough climate.

But it showed a significant increase since Iceland joined the European Economic Area in the year 1994. The rise in migration led to the use of different foreign languages in the country. 

Here are a few Foreign languages spoken by the people in Iceland. 

Foreign languages Are Spoken

Danish: Danish is spoken by around 1,000 people in Iceland and is offered as the first foreign language in several schools in Iceland. It is taught to 92.6% of the students at the lower secondary level. (Source: Babbel, mbl.is)

German:  Even though German and Icelandic are Germanic languages having certain similar words, the major part of the vocabulary is different for both languages. 

Around 0.31% of the population in Iceland speaks German, making it the third most spoken language of the country. (Source: Wikipedia)

English: English is one of the majorly spoken languages in Iceland, and around 0.32% of the people in Iceland speak English, and it is taught as a second language. 

It is demonstrated that approximately 98% of the people in Iceland speak English fluently. (Source: Prolingo

Polish: Approximately 2.74% of the population of Iceland speak Polish making it one of the widely spoken foreign languages of the country.  (Source: LinkedIn)

Out of all the foreign inhabitants residing in Iceland in the year 2022, the major part of the population had a Polish origin, i.e., around 20,000 people of Polish origin resided in Iceland.  (Source: Statista)

French: Although the people of Iceland occasionally use French, it was bought to the islands of Iceland by merchants and traders.  (Source: Iceland.org)

Languages Spoken By The Pupils In The Primary Schools Of Iceland

According to the research conducted by Statista in 2021, the following data represents the different languages spoken by the pupils in the primary schools of Iceland. 

Sr.No. Languages (Mother Tongue of Pupil)Number of Pupils speaking the language 
1Polish 1,960 
2English 421
3Philippine language 326
4Arabic 313
5Lithuanian 277
6Spanish 269
8Vietnamese 204
9Russian 166
10Serbo-Croatian 155
11German 151
12Albanian 122
14Portuguese 117
15African languages-various 110
16Latvian 99
17Danish 61
18French 59
19Kurdish 50
21Swedish 46
22Chinese 44
23Ukrainian 40
24Italian 38
25Czech 35
27Slovene 30 
28Hindi 29
29Dutch 26
30Norwegian 23
31Hungarian 22
32Turkish 22
33Nepali 16
34Singhalese 16
35Faroese 15
37Indonesian 14
39Greek 12
40Macedonian 12
41Urdu 11
42Finnish 10
43Estonian 10
44Greenlandic 9
45Tamil 6
47Hebrew 4
48Mongolian 3
49Other and Undisclosed 1

Source: Statista 

Among 5,611 children in the primary schools of Iceland, Almost 2,000 children had Polish as their mother tongue, and English was the second-largest group of native speakers. 

Icelandic Sign Language 

The sign language of Iceland is based on the Danish sign language and is used by the Deaf-community of Iceland. The language is officially recognized and regulated by the national committee. 

Icelandic Sign Language 

Until 1910, the deaf community of Iceland was sent to Denmark to learn the Danish sign language, but since 2011, the country has had its own sign language.  

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Conclusion: What Language is Spoken In Iceland

Along with the official language and other foreign languages, the Scandinavian language is one of the majorly spoken languages of the country. 

Icelandic is a West-Germanic language similar to English, with its roots in Norse. The language has undergone several changes, which has made it unique among the other Scandinavian languages. 

I hope the article provided you with a clear idea about the languages spoken in Iceland. If you have any queries, drop them in the comments section below. 


What is the popular language used by the people in Iceland? 

Icelandic is the official language and most popular language of Iceland. Other languages, such as English, German, French, Spanish, and Danish, are a few popular languages spoken by the people in Iceland. 

Is the Icelandic language spoken only in Iceland? 

The Icelandic language is spoken by 357,096 people worldwide, and a maximum number of them live in Iceland. A few of them reside in neighboring countries and other distant places such as Sweden, Canada, the United States, Denmark, and Norway. 

What is the native language of the people in Iceland? 

Gaelic was the native language of the early settlers in Iceland. Icelandic is the native language spoken by the people in Iceland. 

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