How Long Does It Take To Learn Sign Language (Exact Time)

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Sign language makes use of visual-manual modality to communicate. Manual articulations are used in combination with non-manual elements for expression. They constitute a part of full-fledged natural languages and have well-defined grammar and lexicon.

Is It Difficult To Learn Sign Language?

Sign language is considered one of the easiest languages that can be learned efficiently and quickly by any interested individual. It is because sign language mainly uses gestures, which we all use daily. Therefore, individual signs are relatively easy to learn. 

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However, if one wishes to do a proper course like one on American Sign Language, which has its own set of grammar, rubrics, and syntax, then one might have to invest a year or so to learn the language.

Is It Worth Learning Sign Language?

The demand for learning a foreign language has been increasing day by day and for all good reasons. The benefits one can enjoy by learning sign language are more significant than learning any foreign language. It acts as a brain booster and even helps to strengthen cognitive function, increase attention span, and improves our memory. It makes us creative while providing us with several communication skills. 

Sign language also helps us communicate with underprivileged or specially-abled people. Therefore, the dynamic content that is present here should act as a motivator in the course of learning sign language.

Can I Learn Sign Language On My Own?

Several platforms or applications, along with YouTube, allow you to learn the basics and complicated or advanced parts of sign language. Still, it would be unwise for you to go ahead and try to learn sign language without taking the help of a professional who has been associated with this field if you want to flourish or hold meaningful conversations. 

It is essential to reach out to a reputed institution or a professional to gain the required training and personal guidance that should allow you to stick to the standard learning format. Certification at the end of the course will only help you achieve more success and diversity in your career. Therefore, it is best advised that you go for professional training. 

However, essential learning from the applications and the internet should serve your short-term purpose. 

How Long Does It Take A Deaf Person To Learn Sign Language?

Learning the basics of American Sign Language takes around 60-90 hours on average for a deaf person. There are around 26 different types of American Sign Language hand signs that you will be required to understand or memorize, but as mentioned earlier, it takes much less time. 

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However, it is essential to mention here that it would take 60-90 hours only to learn the alphabet of American Sign Language. A deaf person would require special assistance to learn sign language as it is difficult to grasp this entire concept initially. 

The easiest and fastest way to learn sign language is to attend classes where you will able to have access to people who use sign language in their daily lives.

How To Learn Sign Language Quickly?

To flourish in any field, you would require rigorous practice and assessment to understand where you stand with the available resources. 

First of all, you should take regular classes to build a strong base, keep watching online videos on how to communicate with the help of sign language effectively, and remind yourself of your purpose and how every day you have to work to get closer to your goal, join a sign language group. It would be even better if it had a group of deaf people to serve your learning purpose, go for additional online courses, follow reputed mimic interpreters, and ask deaf friends and family to teach you so that you acquire more skills and have an on-hand experience. 

You can also make use of an online application to learn more skills.

How Does Spoken Language Compare To Sign Language?

Speaking languages and sign languages are completely different languages. Similar to a speaking language, sign language also has its own rules, pronunciation, word construction, and word order. All languages also have their own different signals; for example, asking a question and making a statement may have the same words, but the signals are different between the two.

In the English language, you just ask the question by changing the pitch of your voice, whereas in sign language, people may ask a question by raising their eyebrows, widening their eyes, and leaning forward toward the person they are asking the question to. Sign language also differs based on gender and age.

Which Is The Most Used Sign Language?

The most used sign language in the world is Chinese Sign Language, which is used by around 20 million people worldwide. Next in line is Brazilian Sign Language, which has around 3 million users worldwide. Around 1.8 million people in South Asia mainly use Indo-Pakistani Sign Language to carry out a conversation.

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What Are The Disadvantages Of Sign Language?

As mentioned earlier, sign languages depend entirely upon gesticulations that would require extensive usage of your hands to allow you to express yourself clearly. Therefore, if you have any problem with the movement of your hands, you might not be able to express yourself completely. In addition, sign Languages may differ from one region to the other, and hence you might have difficulty expressing yourself to the best of your capacity.


Should a child learn sign language?

Any child needs to learn sign language to help them express themselves and have a more diverse group of friends. They would also play a significant role in helping their specially-abled peers blend in and feel secure in their shared environment. Hence, a child learning sign language will only ensure the all-round development of themselves and their peers. Hence, it should be introduced to them.

Should schools teach sign language as a second language?

Schools are the place where the development of a child takes place. They acquire values and learn the meaning of life from here mainly. To ensure that the child is developing an understanding of empathy as well as acquiring skills that would help them in the future to initiate better conversations or add a feather to their resume, schools should teach sign language as a second language. Therefore, it must be made compulsory for everyone to learn sign language.

Which sign language is the most universal?

Chinese Sign Language can be considered to be the most universal because it is used by around 20 million people around the world. However, American Sign Language ASL has been growing in popularity. It is often considered the primary language for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing people, especially in the United States of America. Therefore, as you can see, learning sign language is essential in today’s world, and you can make the environment more inclusive while learning a new language.

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