GrammarlyGO Review 2024: Unleash The Power Of AI Writing!

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From the creators of Grammarly themselves, GrammarlyGO is an AI-powered writing assistant tool

If Grammarly has been your best friend to check your written content, you’ll probably want to know what GrammarlyGO entails! Well, you’re at the right place. 

Still in its beta version, GrammarlyGO is an AI communication assistant that generates ideas and creativity for your content. You can use it to produce instant, high-quality content and boost productivity. 

GrammarlyGO isn’t the first of its kind and has a lot of competition in the market. So, what makes it stand out? Is it even worth trying a new tool when others are available?

We tried GrammarlyGO, and we’ll tell you about our experience in this article. From its features to unique qualities to downsides, we’ll cover everything. 

If you’re curious about what GrammarlyGO is and whether it is worth it, continue reading. 

GrammarlyGO Review: A Quick Look

Here is a quick and summarized version of the entire article for our busy readers. This table includes the essential information you need about GrammarlyGO. 

AccuracyHigh accuracy level
PersonalizationTailored content according to your needs
Speed of responseFast responses, within a few seconds
Ease of useSimple interface for easy navigation
PricingFree but requires you to subscribe to Grammarly Premium. 

Who Should Use GrammarlyGO?

Ultimately, it all comes down to one question: Is GrammarlyGO suitable for me? Anyone who works with written content can use GrammarlyGO to help them generate ideas.

Freelance writers can save time in content creation. Business owners can also benefit from GrammarlyGO by using it to generate proposals or draft letters. Similarly, students can reduce time in research when doing an assignment. 

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What Is GrammarlyGO: Overview Of The New AI Tool

GrammarlyGO is an AI assistant that aims to help you write and improve your content. It utilizes natural language processing (NLP). 

While GrammarlyGO is primarily designed for writers, it can be used across various industries. Writing and communication are prevalent in almost all professions. 

GrammarlyGO Review - Overview

It is integrated into the existing grammar and spell check tool, Grammarly. 

Pros And Cons Of GrammarlyGO

Weighing the upside and downsides of GrammarlyGO will allow us to understand the platform better. Review our pros and cons list to determine whether GrammarlyGO aligns with your needs and goals. 


  • Personalize your content. 
  • No additional subscription price. 
  • Available on the website and mobile app. 
  • Check plagiarism and grammar from the same place.  
  • Quick response time.


  • May feel incomplete.  
  • Generated content may show plagiarism.  
  • Information is shared with partners.  

What Does GrammarlyGO Do Exactly: Looking At Its Features

Released recently in March 2023, GrammarlyGO is packed with similar features that you see in other AI-powered tools for writing.

GrammarlyGO Review - Features

Similar to ChatGPT, you can simply write your commands in the search box, and the AI does what you say. 

GrammarlyGO Review - Search Box

It also already has built-in commands to help new users understand what they can use the tool for. Some examples include: 

  • Generate ideas for a blog post
  • Write a project progress report
  • Brainstorm some thought-provoking questions
  • Share a company update
  • Ask for a favor
  • Respond to a customer complaint, etc. 

GrammarlyGO was designed with one specific aim: to save writing time. Instead of spending 30-40 minutes analyzing different articles on the Internet to create a structure for your article, you can have GrammarlyGO generate one in seconds. 

GrammarlyGO can help you draft formal letters or agreements. For example, if you don’t like the tone of your formal letter written to your boss, you can have GrammarlyGO make changes to it. Within a few seconds, you’ll have a perfectly formal-toned letter. 

Writers experiencing “writer’s block” and those needing a boost of creativity can benefit from GrammarlyGO. The AI-powered tool can help writers get the inspiration and information they need to get back to writing. 

Finally, GrammarlyGO largely helps streamline workload. Responding to various emails can be exhausting and take a chunk of your day. Having a writing assistant to draft your emails for you can be a lifesaver. 

Testing GrammarlyGO: Pass Or Fail?

We conducted a few trial tests to check GrammarlyGO’s reliability, speed, and performance. 

For our first trial, we chose the in-built commands. Upon clicking on “Brainstorm some thought-provoking questions,” GrammarlyGO gave us a few examples to choose from.

GrammarlyGO Review - Upon CLicking

We asked it to generate questions about hobbies and interests. Within less than two seconds, GrammarlyGO produced five intense questions worthy of discussion. 

GrammarlyGO Review - Question Answer

Test Result: Pass

Let’s try another approach. This time, we asked GrammarlyGO something different from the provided examples. We wrote “Write a horror story,” and it generated a short story in under 5 seconds. 

GrammarlyGO Review - Result

However, when we asked it to include specific details in the story, it failed to generate the test. For example, we wrote, “Write a horror story with aliens.” It showed us this sign. 

GrammarlyGO Review - Specific Details

Test Result: Fail

We tried another example where we asked Grammarly to write a book report. It generated a high-quality report, including information on the main characters, themes of the novel, and an overall summary. 

GrammarlyGO Review - Result Fail

Test Result: Pass

Let’s try something more complicated. For our next trial, we asked GrammarlyGO to change an informal letter to a formal one. 

GrammarlyGO Review - Informal Latter

We were greatly impressed by this particular trial. GrammarlyGO was able to change a poorly written letter with an informal tone into a formal one within seconds. If you worry about your letters sounding too informal, which can seem rude in formal settings, GrammarlyGO can be a big help. 

Test Result: Pass

GrammarlyGO is still in its beta version and sometimes can fail to generate content. This usually happens when the command is a bit complex. 

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How Much Does GrammarlyGO Cost?

The best thing about GrammarlyGO is that it has no separate pricing section. Anyone who subscribes to Grammarly’s Premium can enjoy the GrammarlyGO perks. 

Here are the prices of Grammarly Premium

Quarterly$20/month (billed $60 for 3 months)
Annual$12/month (billed $144 for 12 months)

What Are GrammarlyGO’s Limitations?

Like any other AI writing assistant, Grammarly GO has its own set of limitations. While GrammarlyGO can be beneficial in many ways, it still has various areas of improvement. 

  1. A limited number of prompts. 

As of now, GrammarlyGO only allows 1000 prompts for Premium subscribers. GrammarlyGO should fix this soon as there are several competitors in the market offering unlimited prompts, and that too for free. 

  1. Does not work at times. 

GrammarlyGO can fail to show results at times and goes offline. When performing the trials, I noticed that it could not generate content when the commands when complicated. Moreover, while GrammarlyGO is usually quick, it can work slowly at times. 

  1. Only suitable for short content. 

During my trials, I noticed that GrammarlyGO only produced short content. When given multiple prompts about the content I wanted, it failed to provide me with so or showed the text “Something went wrong.” 

  1. AI-detection. 

We checked GrammarlyGO’s content through several AI-detection tools, such as Copyleaks,, and Originality.Ai. Unfortunately, all of the AI-detection websites were able to detect AI-generated content. GrammarlyGO will have to improve, or its users may get into trouble!

GrammarlyGO For Writers: Is It Any Good?

Since GrammarlyGO was designed solely for writers, this article would have no meaning if we didn’t include a trial dedicated to writers. We made a few trials. Let’s check the results. 

Creating An Outline For An Article 

We asked GrammarlyGO to generate an outline for an article titled “Best Jobs In The World”. 

GrammarlyGO Review - Creating Outline

We thought it did a great job listing the job categories, then the jobs and small subsections relevant to the topic. 

Generating A Catchy Introduction 

Next, we asked GrammarlyGO to generate a catchy introduction for the same topic. The introduction is the most important part of an article. Let’s see how good of a job GrammarlyGO has done creating one. 

GrammarlyGO Review - Introduction

If you ask me, I wasn’t impressed by the introduction. It read like any other generic introduction and had nothing catchy to it. I also thought the introduction could use some human touch. 

Generating Ideas  

Next, we asked GrammarlyGO to generate ideas for an existing topic. Writers often find themselves at a loss for ideas and creativity. Let’s see if GrammarlyGO can offer any help. 

We typed the prompt ‘Generate ideas to write the topic “How to Choose the Right Career Path: Tips and Advice.” These are the results. 

GrammarlyGO Review - Generating Ideas

We were pretty satisfied with the result. GrammarlyGO did not exactly write the article but provided ideas on which information one can include. 

Writing Feedback 

One of the most critical requirements for a writer is to have an expert give them feedback on their writing. We asked GrammarlyGO to provide ideas for improvement in an existing article. 

GrammarlyGO Review - Writing Feedback

The result it generated was satisfying. It provided interesting ideas to improve our content. 

Final Verdict: After several trials, we believe GrammarlyGO is an excellent platform for writers to save time, generate new ideas, and improve their writing quality. It also helps expand one’s thinking spectrum by exposing them to a world of new ideas. 

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Alternatives To GrammarlyGO

Since GrammarlyGO still has areas where it can improve, you may find other AI writing tools more helpful. Here are some of its top competitors: 

1. JasperAI

Jasper AI uses advanced algorithms and natural language processing to provide effective writing assistance. From blog posts to product descriptions and more, it can write anything and get your thoughts down on paper. 

Price: Starting at $39/month. 

2. ChatGPT

ChatGPT has gained immense popularity in the world of AI writing assistance. Launched not too long ago, ChatGPT can create the most humanlike content. Regardless of how complicated your prompts may be, ChatGPT will produce something you like. 

Price: Unlimited free prompts, but a paid version is available with additional features. 

3. Bard AI

Bard is an AI chatbot developed by Google. Since it was released not long ago, it still has room for improvement and isn’t as good as ChatGPT. Bard is focused on developing conversational and natural responses to your texts. 

Price: Free. 

4. Bing AI

Bing Chat was launched earlier this year in February, so we can expect it to have a few bug fixes now and then. It is a conversational bot by the Bing search engine. Through Bing AI, you can find answers by talking to the chatbot instead of filling out search queries. 

Price: Free. 

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Final Verdict: Is GrammarlyGO Worth It?

After using GrammarlyGO, trying out several prompts, and counting the additional benefits, we recommend it to people with an existing Grammarly Premium subscription. 

You won’t have to spend an extra penny to access the feature if you already have a subscription. Since the grammar checker is right there, it streamlines the writing process. 

From generating content to giving it a few touches of your own to checking its grammar, you can do everything in one place. 

However, if you don’t have an existing Grammarly account, we wouldn’t recommend you pay an additional amount for it. ChatGPT provides a better alternative to GrammarlyGO since it’s free of cost and has unlimited prompts. 

Besides the price and the limited number of prompts, GrammarlyGO needs improvements and repairs. We don’t blame it; it’s still in its beta version, so this is expected. 

Until Grammarly comes with a better version of its AI assistant, you can use its free alternatives.

FAQs On GrammarlyGO

Is GrammarlyGO available in Grammarly’s free version?

Unfortunately, GrammarlyGo has been removed from Grammarly’s free version. Previously, it used to offer 500 prompts for the free plan users, but it has now been made available to Premium subscribers only. 

Can I get additional prompts on GrammarlyGO?

As of now, there is no option to buy additional prompts on GrammarlyGO. Once your 1000 prompts are used up, you will have to wait for the next month to reset the number. 

Is GrammarlyGO completely reliable?

GrammarlyGO certainly has useful features. However, it is not yet completely reliable. For example, sometimes it doesn’t give you satisfactory results. 

Can GrammarlyGO detect AI?

No. GrammarlyGO is an AI writing assistance and cannot detect AI in your existing content. However, you can check your content for plagiarism through Grammarly’s plagiarism checker. 

Does GrammarlyGO have a free trial?

No. The GrammarlyGO feature is available for premium subscribers with limited prompts. It is not available for the basic free version, nor does it provides a free trial. 

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