Grammarly For Business: What’s Included In The Plan?

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Grammarly for Business is a savior for teams. Since 50,000+ professionals, enterprise teams, and 900+ team members use Grammarly, knowing every aspect of the Grammarly business plan is important. 

Therefore, we used Grammarly’s business plan to provide an overview of this plan in the article below. 

Before getting into the article, look at this nutshell to get an idea of Grammarly’s business plan.

Ease Of Use4.8/5
Features 4.7/5
Pricing Starts from $15/member/month
Best for Enterprises, Content writing and marketing agencies, teams, organizations, etc.

What Is Grammarly Business Plan?

Grammarly Business works similarly to the usual Grammarly Premium plan to improve writing through A-I powered writing assistant combined with the organization’s knowledge. 

The business plan of Grammarly combines the features of Grammarly’s free and premium plans and provides additional features. It is made to collaborate with writing assignments and team projects. 

With the business plan of Grammarly, you get clarity, fluency, variety, and inclusivity in your written content to make it look more professional.

What Does The Grammarly Business Plan Offer?

Grammarly business plan offers all the features of free and premium plans to its users. 

Moreover, these are functionalities you get in Grammarly’s business plan.

  • Provides grammar, spelling, punctuation, and tone check.
  • Detects plagiarism.
  • Bulk user management and advanced security for large corporations or teams.
  • Company style guide.
  • Admin dashboard and Centralised billing.
  • Team usage statistics to review teammates’ performance.
  • Priority email support.
  • User management tools.
  • Invoice available for annual plans.
  • SAML single sign-on support.
  • Integrates for various workforce.
  • Gives real-time writing feedback.
  • 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption.
  • Maintains brand tone in each content.

Who Should Take The Grammarly Business Plan?

The Grammarly business plan is designed for teams, organizations, and large groups of working individuals who want advanced writing suggestions for their content. 

The features of Grammarly‘s business plan are designed for small teams of up to 149 members as well as large teams with custom pricing. 

The business plan helps your corporation get domain authority and advanced security features. 

Therefore, Founders or CEOs of content writing and marketing agencies should buy the business plan, and individuals can go with the premium plan.

Grammarly Business Plan Pricing

The Grammarly business plan consists of two pricing options, as shown here. 

Grammarly For Business -Plan
Grammarly Business PlanPrice
BusinessAnnual Plan: $15/member/month.Monthly Plan: $25/member/month.
EnterpriseCustom pricing

The primary pricing plan in Grammarly business is the business plan for advanced writing feedback. 

We recommend going for the annual plan to save 40% on the business plan. You can also get a discount if you have larger teams.

  • Team of 1-9 members: $15/member/month.
  • Team of 10-49 members: $14.50/member/month.
  • Team of 50-150 members: $12.50/member/month.

Furthermore, the second pricing plan is the enterprise plan for large teams providing robust team management features. 

The enterprise plan provides custom pricing options therefore contact the Grammarly team for the enterprise plan.

Grammarly Business: Collaboration With Writers

Grammarly business plans support organizations or groups of individuals who can work together in the same workplace while sitting far away. 

With the business plan of Grammarly, you can write an article and edit it. Furthermore, you can also write the article and ask the teammate to work on it further through Grammarly business

The team leader or organization head can review the analytics dashboard to view each writer’s performance.

Grammarly Business VS Grammarly Premium: How Are They Different?

Grammarly Business overtakes Grammarly Premium in various ways. While the premium plan of Grammarly is suitable for individuals to get advanced writing suggestions and improvements. 

The business plan of Grammarly is suitable for organizations and teams. It maintains professionalism in its content by having the same tone and voice in every written piece. 

The business plan of Grammarly is great if you want to collaborate with other writers, create grammatical rules, and get a consistent writing style in every content. 

Furthermore, with the business plan of Grammarly, the editors can check or edit the content of the writer in a single place, unlike the premium plan where only the individuals can make changes in their work. 

Look at the table here to check the availability of various features in the Grammarly business and premium plan.

FeaturePremium Business
Correctness (Grammar Spelling, Punctuation) Available Available 
Tone detection Available Available 
Conciseness Available Available 
Enterprise-grade privacy security Available Available 
FormattingAvailable Available 
Word choices & varietyAvailable Available 
Tone suggestions Available Available 
SAML single sign-onAvailable Available 
Account roles and permissions Unavailable Available 
SAML single sign onUnavailable Available 
Style guideUnavailable Available 
SnippetsUnavailable Available 
Brand toneUnavailable Available 
Analytics dashboard Unavailable Available 
CitationsAvailable Available 

Grammarly Business Plan: Pros & Cons

Before purchasing Grammarly’s business plan, look at its pros and cons to be sure about your decision.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Seamless integration with various browsers.
  • Inbuilt Plagiarism checker saves time.
  • Highly accurate grammar and tone suggestions and corrections.
  • Analytics dashboard helps in the performance review of teammates.
  • Does real-time checking of content


  • Expensive for large teams compared to alternatives.
  • Slow service for large pieces of content.
  • Does not work with CMS tools like WordPress.
  • Give inappropriate words choices suggestions sometimes.

Grammarly Resources:

Wrapping Up! Grammarly For Business

Now you know all about the Grammarly business plan, so you can make your decision to buy it. 

We recommend Grammarly’s business plan to organizations and teams for writing assignments. 

As it helps you work with various writers and get content with a similar brand tone along with effective communication. 

Furthermore, you can take a 7-day free trial of Grammarly business to know if it suits your needs.


Is there a free plan available in Grammarly?

Yes, the basic plan of Grammarly is available for free. It provides grammar, spelling, tone, and punctuation check features.

What are the alternatives to Grammarly business?

ProWritingAid, WriterSonic, Jasper, Rytr, and Linguix business are the best alternatives for Grammarly business.

What is the style guide in Grammarly’s business plan?

When the grammar/formatting in your content can be considered correct in more than one way, the style guide lets you know it. 
You can select the correct grammar/formatting you want in your content and let the other teammates know through the style guide feature of Grammarly business. 
This will maintain a similar style throughout all pieces of content.

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