How Many People Speak English Worldwide?

English is recognized as the official language in over 96 countries and is considered one of the crucial languages for communication as well as business correspondence around the globe. 

But How Many People speak the English language? If you are wondering the same question, we have got the answers!

According to Statista, in 2023-2024, over 1.5 billion people worldwide speak English as their primary and secondary language.

To get insight into more of such interesting and amazing stats, read on further. 

Key Findings: How Many People Speak English 

Before getting into the details, below are some of the key findings that you can check out. 

  1. There are around 1.5 billion people worldwide who speak English in 2023-24. (Statista)
  2. Over 20% of the world’s population speaks English.
  3. Around 360 million people speak English as their first language.
  4. English is the official language in 45 countries. It is partly spoken as a mother tongue in 21 other countries. (
  5. The majority of native English speakers are residents of the United States.
  6. More than 30 million English speakers live in Canada.
  7. The United Kingdom is a country with 56 million native English speakers (According to Ethnologue)
  8. The English language learning market generated more than 2.75 billion dollars in the year 2021. 
  9. English is one of the dominant languages on the web, and around 58% of the content available on the internet is in the English language.
  10. In Namibia, English is spoken by only 7% of the population, even though it is recognized as their official language. 
  11. More than 50% of the scientific and technical periodicals are present in the English language. 
  12. In South and Central America, there are around 14 million individuals who speak English. 
  13. Several African countries consider English their second language, and a maximum number of them reside in Nigeria (111 million) and Cameroon (9.8 million).
  14. Asian countries have a minimum number of native English speakers. India is the leading Asian country with 265 million speakers.
  15. The Philippines comprises 50 million speakers, and Bangladesh includes 29 million speakers. 

How Many People Speak English In Different Countries

  1. According to, the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and South Africa are the countries with the maximum number of English Speakers. 

To learn more, below are the different countries with the number of English speakers. 

CountriesDistributionTotal (In millions)
United States of America82.1 %273,629,000
United Kingdom97.3 %65,163,000
India 3.2%45,625,000
Nigeria 15.0%32,781,000
Canada58.7 %22,852,000
Australia76.8 %19,952,000
Ghana15.3 %5,023,000
South Africa9.6 %5,750,000
Ireland98.4 %5,006,000
New Zealand72.6 %3,719,000
Philippines2.2 %3,351,000
Singapore29.8 %1,680,000
Trinidad and Tobago93.5 %1,432,000
Chile5.2 %1,019,000
United Arab Emirates7.0 %661,000
Panama13.4 %591,000
Cameroon2.0 %558,000
Malaysia1.6 %543,000
Sierra Leone4.7 %404,000
Zimbabwe2.2 %359,000
Zambia1.7 %340,000
Hong Kong3.5 %257,000
Puerto Rico5.5 %177,000
Liberia2.5 %133,000
Japan0.1 %125,000
Jersey94.5 %97,000
Namibia3.4 %87,000
Virgin Islands74.7 %79,000
Guam43.6 %75,000
Bermuda100.0 %64,000
Cayman Islands90.6 %62,000
Botswana2.1 %55,000
Cyprus4.1 %51,000
Saint Lucia20.0 %36,000
Malta6.0 %31,000
Gibraltar88.9 %29,000
Norway0.5 %27,000
Denmark0.3 %18,000
Guatemala0.1 %17,000
Macao2.3 %16,000
Belize3.9 %16,000
Rwanda0.1 %14,000
Burundi0.1 %13,000
Sao Tome and Principe4.9 %11,000
Northern Mariana Islands17.0 %8,000
Vanuatu2.0 %6,000
Sint Maarten12.0 %5,000
Seychelles5.1 %5,000
Saint Martin14.0 %4,000
Curacao2.9 %4,000
Cook Islands42.7 %3,000
Falkland Islands89.0 %3,000
Palau15.5 %3,000
Principality of Monaco6.5 %2,000
Samoa0.6 %1,000
American Samoa2.9 %1,000
Norfolk Island67.6 %1,000
Caribbean Netherlands2.8 %700
Niue24.0 %500
Tokelau27.4 %500
Nauru2.0 %300


Top 10 Countries With English As The Primary Language 

According to World Population Review, below are the top 10 countries with English as the primary language.

Sr.No Countries Number Of English Language Speakers 
1United States 273,629,000
2United Kingdom65,163,000
3Canada 22,852,000
6Ireland 5,006,000
7New Zealand3,720,000
9Tobago and Trinidad 1,432,000
10 Guyana 790,326

Source: World Population Review 

English Language Learning Market Revenue 

To get an insight into the revenue generated by the English language learning market from the year 2013 to 2021, then go through the below-provided data. 

English Language Learning Market Revenue 
Year Revenue (Billion U.S. Dollars)
201311.7 billion
201412.94 billion
201511.21 billion
20169.33 billion
20179.15 billion 
20188.99 billion 
20198.86 billion 
20203.33 billion 
20212.75 billion 

Source: Statista 

  1. In the year 2013, 11.7 billion U.S. dollars was generated by the English language learning market. Whereas in the year 2020, due to the pandemic, the Country lost around 60 percent of its revenue. 

English Language Proficiency In The United States Among Hispanics 

The statistics below represent the English proficiency level among Hispanics. 

Sr.No English Proficiency Level Share Of Hispanic Population (In %)
1English “very well”40.1%
2English “well” 12.1%
3English “not well” 10.1%
4English “not at all” 5.4%
5Speak only English 31.8% 

Source: Statista 

  1. In the year 2022, it was reported that around 38.1% of Hispanics speak only English. 
  1. The United States is the country with a maximum number of native English speakers, which is approximately 257 million. 

Countries With A Maximum Number Of Non-Native English Speakers 

  1. India is the country with the maximum number of non-native English speakers, which is around 257 million.

To learn more, below are the countries with a maximum of non-native English speakers for the year 2022.

Countries Non-Aative English Speakers 
India 254 million 
Pakistan 104 million 
Nigeria60 million 
Philippines 52 million 
United States 49 million 
Germany 46.6 million 
Egypt 35 million 
Uganda 29 million 
France 26.2 million 
Italy 20.7 million 

Source: Ethnologue

Student Population Studying English As A Foreign Language 

The following data represents the county-wise student population studying English as a Foreign language for the year 2021. 

Sr.No Countries Distribution Of Students (In Percentage )
2United Kingdom 21%
3United States16%
4Australia 14%
5Ireland 11%
7New Zealand 3%
8South Africa 3%

Source: Statista

  1. In 2021, Canada comprised a maximum i.e., 22% of the students learning English as a foreign language. On the other hand, South Africa and New Zealand are the countries with a minimum, i.e., 3% of students learning the English language. 

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Conclusion: How Many People Speak English

English is an extremely popular choice due to the sheer number of individuals who speak it. Also, it is the most obvious choice for a second language in many nations around the globe. 

It is demonstrated that the maximum number of people worldwide speak English, and the data changes every year. 

I hope the article provided complete insight into how many people speak English. Let us know your thoughts on this article in the comments section below. 


How many people speak English? 

According to research conducted by Statista, there were about 1.5 billion people who spoke English either as a native or second language worldwide in the year 2022. 

How many citizens of the United States can speak English? 

English is considered to be one of the most common languages spoken by approximately 239 million individuals in the United States. 

What percentage of the world speaks the English Language? 

More than 15% of the total population of the world speaks the English Language. Less than around 6% of the people speak it natively. 

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