Princeton SAT Review 2024: Is It Worth It For SAT?

The Princeton Review guarantees up to a 98th percentile score on the SAT prep program with the money-back guarantee.

With a strong base of testimonials, Princeton Review is the most popular platform among students. 

This article will give you an unbiased review of the Princeton Review SAT Prep course based on our first-hand experience buying and using it.

This will help you find out if your investment in this course can get you a high SAT score.  

So, let’s quickly jump into the details.

Princeton SAT: In a Nutshell (2024)

SAT can be exhausting, and the preparation process might sometimes give a headache, and so effective online learning platforms like Princeton SAT can smoothen the learning experience.

With features like structured learning, private tutoring, self-paced modules, and resourceful study materials, the Princeton SAT is the perfect exam kit for any student preparing for the SAT at home.

Princeton SAT Review  - Overview

Unlike other competitors, Princeton SAT gives a whopping 15+ practice exams and 2000+ practice problems. Unbelievable, right? That’s a great deal right there!

An excellent data-driven progress tracker is also available in Princeton SAT, making it transparent to comprehend how well you are performing to date.

What’s more? You get exclusive hardcopy resources to keep up with the learning and join live classes led by experienced SAT instructors, which means the instructor quality is promising.

Taking all things online, Princeton SAT does not settle for anything less, including its interface, which is well-designed with a simplified dashboard. It is like a private cabin only for you.

The good news to visual learners who get less time and like to take video lessons on the go is that Princeton SAT has a mobile application that reflects the study module from your laptop. 

Princeton SAT Review - Mobile App

In my experience, the app in Princeton SAT was only satisfactory, and I would suggest using it only if you are traveling. If not, you can use the desktop version, which works perfectly fine.

Last but not least, Princeton SAT gives a minimum score guarantee and 1 full year of access on all plans, which means you are getting the utmost benefit at reasonable pricing. 

Pros & Cons of Princeton SAT:

Princeton SAT provides several benefits with overlooked downsides. Let me give an insight into the advantages and disadvantages of taking the Princeton SAT for your SAT preparations:

Princeton SAT Pros

  • You get excellent video lessons in Princeton SAT.
  • 1-year of full access to online content is offered.
  • Well-structured learning modules are provided.
  • A minimum SAT score is guaranteed.
  • A mobile application is available.
  • Progress tracking is also available.
  • Materials are provided in hardcopy.
  • 2000+ practice questions are provided.
  • More than 15 practice tests are taken.

Princeton SAT Cons

  • Relatively expensive.
  • The mobile application is not updated.

What is the Curriculum Followed in Princeton SAT? (My Experience)

I was doubtful about taking the Princeton SAT at first. Still, then, the short video lessons with excellent content delivery were impressive, and I got glued into consuming more of Princeton SAT later.

Usually, prep courses use long lecture-type lessons to teach concepts, but Princeton SAT had a different approach with digestible content for easy understanding. You basically get a lively learning experience in Princeton SAT, wherein the instructor writes on-screen with a marker.

At times, I felt like I was taking in-person SAT tuition because the teaching felt real. 

The format is versatile, allowing the instructor to take lessons accurately while also working on examples on the whiteboard. In Princeton SAT, there are two studying modules followed one is the learning module, and the other is the practice module, which helps in self-study after lessons.

Who wouldn’t like some warm-up exercises before diving into the actual workout? Princeton SAT gives helpful drills and exercises after taking the video lessons. Such exercises help brush up on the revised portion and build a strong foundation for the actual SAT.

I was super glad that Princeton SAT also had the feature of progress tracking, which allowed me to analyze how efficiently I utilized my coaching in Princeton SAT. Even the setup was easy, all you had to do was click on the reports panel, and voila, you can see your performance to date. 

The text explanations for the practice questions was an added benefit because I got to comprehend the logical factors and strategic method used in solving a problem. 

In conclusion, I did not have any problems with the Princeton SAT, and the studying experience was butter-like smooth and the fact that the Princeton SAT had 15+ practice exams still surprises me.

Princeton SAT: Live Classes

Instructors, seasoned in SAT expertise, engage students with their knowledge and a touch of humor, making the 3-hour sessions surprisingly engaging.

Princeton SAT Live Classes

These live classes cover detailed knowledge of the test prep exam programs. 

The one con I have found is the live sessions are 3 hours long, which I think is very long for a teenager. 

I would say these live classes should be broken into smaller ones, making the classes interactive and easy to understand. 

SAT Practice Tests & Prep Books

The Princeton Review offers an abundance of practice tests, preparing students rigorously for the real SAT. 

Coupled with high-quality prep books, including manuals and practice test bundles, the content equips students with comprehensive study materials.

SAT Practice Tests

The SAT Manual, a standout among the books, aligns seamlessly with the course, providing strategies, key concepts, and illustrative problems. 

However, video solutions, akin to competitor offerings, would further enhance the learning experience.

Supplemental SAT Study Resources

The SAT Advantage sessions, a noteworthy addition, provide in-depth dives into specific topics, offering opportunities for targeted learning. While valuable for addressing weaknesses, their usefulness might vary based on individual strengths.

The inclusion of PSAT and ACT prep materials enriches the offering, benefitting those aiming for broader exam preparation. However, for SAT-focused students, these resources might hold limited relevance.

Note: We have done a roundup of the best SAT prep courses available.

Do You Get Private Tutoring In Princeton SAT?

Despite getting the advantage of consuming live classes in Princeton SAT and if you are still expecting an individual one-on-one session with an instructor, it is still possible. Keep reading.

You get an excellent tutoring package in Princeton SAT, which allows you to get private tutoring from an instructor if you have specific doubts or find it hard to solve certain sections. 

Princeton SAT Review - Private Tutoring

In Princeton SAT, the benefit of taking private tutoring sessions is that the instructor does not overlook you, and their entire focus, time, and commitment are toward you and only you

You are guided by strategic methods that can be used in fastening your exam preparations. Guess what? Some instructors might also drop insightful tips that helped them crack the SAT.

Using the tutoring package is vital because you must ensure that you are fully prepared with zero confusion or doubts. After all, the SAT can be challenging.

Princeton SAT: Pricing Plans & Discounts

You know what it is like to take the Princeton SAT, but what about the budget? 

Is it expensive? Fairly priced? Let’s find out! I have listed all the plans, discounts, and everything related to the pricing of Princeton SAT below. Sit back and carefully go through the plans.

Before that, let me recall that Princeton SAT offers in-person and online services, which means regardless of what kind of learner you are, you can still benefit from Princeton SAT.

Princeton Review SAT Pricing Plans

Princeton SAT Self-Paced

You can buy the Princeton SAT self-paced module at $499/- only. The self-paced module in Princeton SAT provides 375+ practical exercises, 280+ video lessons, and 3200+ questions.

Additionally, you also get exclusive online tools where you can curate study schedules and receive a personalized study plan that helps in bettering your SAT preparations.

Princeton SAT Online & In-Person

  • SAT 1500+ Tutoring – $420/hr (now discounted as $364/hr) guarantees a 1500+ score with compelling training, personalized teaching, and on-demand video lessons. Plus, 25+ full-length tests, customized private tutoring, and hardcopy textbooks.
  • SAT 1400+ – $2199 (now discounted as $1899) guarantees to achieve a 1400+ minimum score in less than 2 months of training – the most recommended package.
  • SAT Essentials – $949 (now discounted as $649), where you get three scheduled practice tests, 135+ expert-led video lessons, and an excellent classroom experience. 
  • Summer Camp – $1499 (now discounted as $1199), where you get 18 hours of LiveOnline classroom instruction and 30 hours of guided practice in the summer to get a headstart on your SATs.

You literally get all the essentials you might require to prepare for the SAT.

Princeton SAT Discounts

In Princeton SAT, you might feel the prices labeled are quite high. With the exclusive discounts that I have in hand, you can forget about all that and avail beneficial offers. 

Princeton SAT Discounts

Let me not make you wait any longer and unveil the discounts right away:

Use code TUTOR1000 to save $1000 on SAT 1500+ 

Use code DSAT350 to get a discount worth $300 on SAT 1400+

Use code EssentialsHS to avail of the SAT Essentials at $649/- only

You can simply copy and paste the discount coupons into Princeton SAT, and you are good to go!

NOTE: You can also purchase on-demand tutoring at $39.99/hr in Princeton SAT. Even free trials varied by programs allow users to access the features without charges.

Princeton Review’s Score Guarantee & Refund Policy

The Princeton Review’s score increase guarantee, coupled with the baseline score thresholds for specific courses, offers assurance but demands meeting certain criteria for eligibility.

Their liberal refund policy, allowing returns within 7 days (minus shipping), speaks volumes about the confidence placed in their offerings, providing a safety net for dissatisfied students.

What other students are saying about Princeton Review SAT Prep?

Now that you have an overall idea about the Princeton Review SAT prep let’s check what other students say about the program.

According to the Princeton Review SAT Prep, they have severed many students with their exclusive classes. Here are some of the testimonials that reviewed Princeton Review 4.8/5.

Princeton SAT Reviews

While on the other hand, some students do not find it helpful or worth the price.

Princeton reddit review

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Final Thoughts: Princeton SAT Review

So, should you use the Princeton SAT to prepare for the SAT?

Well, I think the Princeton Review SAT prep program offers a really solid course.

We reviewed more than 10 different SAT prep programs; at this point, very few others provide an entire package together. 

Moreover, Princeton Review provides the 150 score score-increased guarantee on their SAT 1400 plus program. All other programs promise you will score higher on the SAT but don’t specify an amount.

While their premium prep courses like SAT 1400 plus and SAT 1500 plus come with a high price tag, other competing SAT prep programs do not match the amount of student support and score-increased guarantees behind these courses.

So, that’s it with the Princeton Review SAT prep review. What are your thoughts on this? Share with us in the comment section below.


How much does Princeton Review SAT prep cost?

There are different types of courses available for the SAT on Princeton Review. The SAT 1400+ costs $2199, SAT 1500+ private tutoring costs $420/hr, SAT Essentials costs $949, and private tutoring costs $150/hr.

Does Princeton Review offer live classes for the SAT?

Yes, Princeton Review offers live classes in all their plans except for the essentials plan. You can also get separate tutoring to get one-on-one time with your tutor either online or in person.

How does the Princeton Review score increase guarantee work for the SAT?

Princeton Review offers two pricing options for SAT: SAT 1400+ and SAT 1500+. In these plans, guarantee that your score will increase by a minimum of 150 points compared to your previous year’s score; if not, then you will get a refund on your tuition fees.

What are the best books to study for SAT 2023?

Official Guide SAT Study, Kallis’ The SAT Pattern Strategy, and Barron’s SAT Study Guide Premium are the top three books to study for the SAT in 2023.

Is Princeton Review good for SAT prep?

Princeton Review offers the best course materials for SAT prep. Along with online materials, they also offer you offline materials such as books and practice tests. You also get to interact one-on-one with your instructors. Along with all these things, they also offer a score increase guarantee. So all-in-all, it is definitely worth investing in Princeton Review for SAT Prep.

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