9 Best SAT Prep Courses in 2024 (Top Rated)

Selecting the best SAT prep course is hard, harder than hell!

No more confusion. I got the solution for you. I researched and came up with the best SAT prep courses worth taking in 2024, along with a complete guide.

The guide helps in choosing the best SAT prep course within minutes. If you are still on the run for the best SAT prep courses, take a step back and watch out for the list!

In this article, I have listed some of the best SAT prep courses, including their pricing, modules used, and overviews of each of the best SAT prep courses for quick learning.

Ultimately, I have also answered the final verdict on “Which is the best SAT prep course?” in the end.  

  • Magoosh SAT (Best Overall)
  • Kaplan Test Prep (Best Quality)
  • Princeton Review (Best Value for Money)

Top SAT Prep Courses: In A Nutshell (2024)

If you don’t have the time to go through each course, then you can check our comparison table and decide which one is the best for you.

Sr. No.SAT Prep CourseBudget
1.Magoosh SAT$129-$399
2.Kaplan SAT Prep$899-$1299
3.Princeton Review SAT Prep$849
6.Khan AcademyFree

List Of 9 Best SAT Prep Courses In 2024

Learning is not fun if you force yourself to study hundreds of chapters overnight for a mere pass mark. That’s when some of the best SAT prep courses come in handy.

With 99th percentile-led SAT prep courses, your entire study schedule will transform, and you will be rewarded in terms of a minimum score guarantee, resourceful materials, and many exciting benefits that will upscale your SAT preparations.

If that excites you, then keep reading because I have researched and curated an exclusive list of all the best SAT prep courses that you can take in the comfort of your home and aim at a good SAT score so that you can make it to your dream college.

Brace yourself because I am going to recommend some of the best SAT prep courses out there that would literally change your attempt at preparing for the actual SAT:

  • Magoosh SAT
  • Kaplan Test Prep
  • Princeton SAT Review
  • Testive
  • PrepScholar
  • Khan Academy
  • PrepExpert
  • ePrep
  • Collegevine

1. Magoosh SAT

Budget: $129-$399

Module: On-demand Live, Online, and In-Person 

Timeline: 10 days to 8 weeks

Check my detailed Magoosh SAT review to get detailed insights into it.

Brief: Magoosh SAT is one of the SAT prep courses that usually has a unique approach to their teaching style. In Magoosh SAT, you basically get presentation-like teaching wherein every section is explained via slides. You are promised flexible tutoring sessions with 1750+ practice questions. Along with learning, you can also practice problems with the instructor by your side. In conclusion, you get a personalized studying schedule with a review tracker to analyze your performance.

Best SAT Prep Courses  - Magoosh

Perks: Mobile-friendly, free trials, personalized tutoring, and budget-friendly. We also have a Magoosh Promo Code that can help you save a few bucks on your purchase.

2. Kaplan Test Prep 

Budget: $899-$1299

Module: In-Person (with the provision of online study materials)

Timeline: 10 days to 8 weeks

Brief: Kaplan Test Prep is a slightly expensive SAT prep course but promises top-notch quality in its content. With a limited set of practice questions, Kaplan Test Prep does not compromise with the teaching and delivers the best video-formatted lessons. All the sections in Kaplan Test Prep are simplified with no complications for easy understanding. In fact, you are guaranteed a minimum score in Kaplan Test Prep.

Kaplan - Overview

Perks: Unique teaching style, additional materials such as SAT prep books, and a guaranteed minimum score.

3. Princeton SAT Review

Budget: $849

Module: In-Person and Online 

Timeline: 10 days to 9 weeks

Check my detailed Princeton SAT review to get detailed insights into its SAT prep course module.

Brief: Princeton Review is the most popular SAT prep course since Princeton Review guarantees a whopping 99th percentile in the actual SAT, which means the quality is promising. You are taught lessons with the motive to rank the highest in the SAT. Plus, Princeton Review offers personalized assignments based on your learning. Additionally, you can take up helpful private tutoring sessions in Princeton Review.

The Princeton Review

Perks: Personalized assignments, free trials, high guarantee score, and refund policy.

4. Testive

Budget: $399-$799

Module: In-Person, Live, and On-Demand 

Timeline: One-time Boot Camp (custom plans can be created)

Brief: Testive is a one-of-a-kind SAT prep course where you can curate a custom tutoring plan or opt for a one-time boot camp according to your preference. In Testive, all the plans have at least one private tutoring session, which means you can sit down with a professional educator and get guidance on preparing for the SAT. Testive allows you to practice analyzing your weaknesses and provides you with the most compelling study schedule so that you do not have to stress about your studies.


Perks: Text-based explanations, customizable plans, well-structured study schedules, the option of a boot camp, and free trials are also available.

5. PrepScholar

Budget: $397-$995

Module: Live and On-demand 

Timeline: 2 weeks to 5 weeks (varies accordingly)

Brief: PrepScholar is known for the number of practice questions. You literally get 7000+ practice questions that actively help in revising the syllabus. PrepScholar also ensures to deliver a detailed curriculum with adequate teaching. Like Testive, PrepScholar also analyzes a student’s performance and provides a compelling study schedule along with an easy learning strategy. In PrepScholar, the live classes have a limited class size which means the instructor will focus on every student.

Prepscholar - Overview

Perks: Personalized assignments, detailed curriculum, and 100% refund policy.

6. Khan Academy

Budget: FREE

Module: Self-Paced Learning

Timeline: No fixed time duration

Brief: Khan Academy is the only non-profit company that aims at giving utmost learning resources for free with no hidden costs. Everything that you consume in the Khan Academy is 100% free. Khan Academy also promises a 39-points average increase with 1000+ practice questions to revise. You can also take up 8 full-length SAT-like practice tests in the Khan Academy and receive exclusive exam tips.

Khan Academy

Perks: Free of cost, self-paced, sufficient practice tests, and personalized studying.

7. PrepExpert

Budget: $499-$999

Module: Live and On-demand online 

Timeline: 6-8 weeks (Self-paced learning is also available)

Brief: PrepExpert is led by 99th percentile instructors only, which makes the course quality promising. In PrepExpert, engaging assignments and tasks will be provided to students. You will take at least one 4-hr practice exam per week in PrepExpert. Plus, PrepExpert guarantees a minimum 200+ points increase, and you can request a full refund. The educators will monitor your performance and give adequate advice.

Prepexpert - Overview

Perks: Promising instructors’ quality, 200+ points increase, and engaging tasks.

8. ePrep

Budget: $129-$599

Module: Online and Self-Paced

Timeline: 2 Months To One Year

Brief: Similar to Magoosh, ePrep is another great video lessons-based test prep that offers standard tutoring in an engaging way. The methodology of ePrep follows Tests, Grades, Reviews, and Repeat. ePrep focuses on helping students in improving their scores by a lot. That’s why they offer maximum 250 points increase guarantee on their annual pass. On ePrep, you will get video lessons by subject, answer explanations in videos, practice quizzes, and full-length practice tests.


Perks: They also have suggested time to complete options on every plan, along with a score improvement guarantee on all their plans.

9. Collegevine

Budget: $1000-$2400

Module: Online

Timeline: Online Tutoring

Brief: Collegevine’s customized SAT prep aims to boost scores through personalized lesson plans tailored to each student’s abilities and target score goals. After taking a diagnostic exam, students are matched to expert tutors who assess strengths/weaknesses and design a focused study plan. Tutoring is delivered through weekly online video lessons exploring concepts the student struggles with and drilling on practice questions.

Collegevine SAT Prep

Perks: Some perks of Collegevine’s approach include top-tier tutors from Yale, Harvard, and other top schools providing personalized instruction. There is flexibility to reschedule or request new tutors as needed. Also included are SAT guidebooks, access to an SAT question database, and essay reviews.

How to Choose From The Best SAT Prep Courses? (A Guide)

Making decisions when it comes to your education should not be taken lethargic because it can create a massive impact on your potential career. Truer words!

If you have an eye on choosing the best SAT prep course or are baffled about selecting the right SAT prep course, then the following educational guide might help.

In this guide, I have included all the critical factors that you need to consider when making the final call for the best SAT prep course for your ultimate SAT preparations:

  • Instructors’ quality

You might compromise on the budget criteria for the best SAT prep course, but you should never settle for poor instructor quality or SAT prep courses led by unfit instructors. The instructors in effective SAT prep courses must be valuable.

The motive of each instructor should be to upscale your preparation and offer utmost guidance in training and tutoring their students better. To be precise, watch out for the instructors’ SAT scores because they must have the experience to be eligible. 

  • Study materials

Each SAT prep course should provide adequate study materials because the purchase you are making must be worth every penny. Regardless of the format, the SAT prep course can offer it in any form, including hardcopy or online documents.

You should also expect the SAT prep courses to provide engaging materials like flashcards or comprehensive learning modules that help prepare better.

Note that not all SAT prep courses will provide a bulk amount of study materials.

  • Number of students

Although most SAT prep courses have turned online, you have to look out for the student population or the crowd held in a classroom. Say you are attending a live online SAT prep class; the students’ strength must not be too much.

The fewer the students are, the more the instructors’ focus on each student increases. Still, it might sound like a psychological calculation, but it really makes a difference.

Why Should You Choose SAT Prep Courses? 

Imagine you are a baby and are struggling to eat. Your mother will help you by spoon-feeding you nutritional and healthy food. Similarly, SAT prep courses basically help you by nurturing quality teaching via video-formated learning modules. Easy!

An SAT prep course has predefined lessons that are accurately structured for different kinds of learning. For instance, even if you are attempting SAT for the first time, SAT prep courses will have resources that might help you keep up with the learning.

Additionally, SAT prep courses are handled mainly by 99th percentile instructors only, and you are promised private tutoring sessions that help in learning in-depth.

Some SAT prep courses also guarantee a minimum SAT score that you can get.

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Final Verdict – Which Is The Best SAT Prep Course in 2024?

Ugh. Here we are. Finally, after going through each of the best SAT prep courses out there that promise to deliver high-quality content and study materials. Of course, a minimum score guarantee and some additional benefits!

To wrap up the list of the best SAT prep courses, I’d say that Magoosh SAT is by far the best SAT prep course, followed by Kaplan Test Prep and Princeton Review.

Testive and PrepScholar were other great SAT prep courses with compelling benefits. Plus, Khan Academy has to be appreciated for the free advantage. 

Lastly, PrepExpert is also one of the best SAT prep courses that guarantees a 200+ points increase. All SAT prep courses on the list offered various benefits in some way!

I am sure you might have decided to choose the best SAT prep course by now. If not, you can still check out the guide on selecting the right SAT prep course.

Personally, I’d suggest Magoosh SAT because the quality is really promising! ATB.

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