Magoosh SAT Review 2024 — Is It Worth It?

Writing an SAT exam demands hours-long study sessions and complete dedication. With a blank mind about study plans, I had no idea how to approach SAT preparation. 

Coming across Magoosh SAT on the internet, it claimed that you get video explanations for all 1750+ practice questions, guaranteed minimum score, provided strategic studying methods, and adequate guidance by 99th percentile instructors. 

Looking at the benefits of the Magoosh SAT, I got curious and purchased Magoosh SAT. After taking Magoosh SAT, I found out that the teaching in Magoosh SAT is well-structured. My results doubled, and learning became easy through Magoosh SAT. 

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Later, I decided to write a full-fledged review on Magoosh SAT by sharing my experience. 

In this article, you will learn everything about Magoosh SAT, including the curriculum followed in Magoosh SAT, the pricing plans of Magoosh SAT, and the pros & cons of Magoosh SAT.   

Magoosh SAT Review 2023: In a Nutshell

Preparing for the SAT is not an easy task. You are bound to opt for the most affordable, reliable, and flexible online prep course, which is nothing but Magoosh SAT if you want to score the best.

Magoosh SAT is a well-structured coaching program where complicated sections are simplified via video lessons with adequate explanations followed by 1750+ practice questions to revise.

In Magoosh SAT, you are blessed with excellent resources to keep up with the training for your SAT exam. If you are falling behind with certain sections, the experts and tutors at Magoosh SAT are literally just one click away, which means your problem gets resolved quickly.

The best part about Magoosh SAT is that all the live classes are handled by 99th percentile instructors, which means there are no compromises on the content quality. What’s more? You get the opportunity to take 3 exclusive practice tests and receive a data-driven score prediction.

Usually, people think that the design and UI in online learning programs are messed up and confusing, but Magoosh SAT is different and has a popping interface with a good design layout.

In fact, Magoosh SAT is also mobile-friendly, which means you can access Magoosh SAT on all Android and IOS devices. The mobile application of Magoosh SAT provides 450+ flashcards along with essential study materials, so if you are not on the desk, you can use it on mobile.

Last but not least, you are getting one of the best learning experiences on a budget. Yes, Magoosh SAT is budget-friendly, and there is a 7-day money-back guarantee.

What is The Curriculum Followed in Magoosh SAT? (My Experience)

Although you get self-paced study materials in Magoosh SAT, the approach to the curriculum was an eye-opener because Magoosh SAT did not curate a format that a student must follow.

Meaning, you can choose the desired study material and proceed with it naturally. In my case, I was lacking math knowledge and a few problems, the material with relevant math lessons was helpful. The breakdown of using mathematical formulae and steps was well-explained. 

Basically, the process that Magoosh SAT drives its functionality is through detailed presentations with a voiceover by 99th percentile instructors where the instructor will be explaining and guiding the student over the presentation by working on problems using red ink on the screen. 

I loved the idea of choosing the study material in Magoosh SAT by ourselves. Still, the teaching style followed in the video lessons was quite disappointing because not every student might be comfortable with visual learning. 

Still, students who like to be guided via visual representation on certain topics and sections might find it helpful. In Magoosh SAT, all the video lessons are bite-sized and easily digestible.

I was glad that Magoosh SAT decided to keep its teaching content short, crisp, and on point because long-time content only results in prolonged studying, which is demotivating. 

Along with the learning in Magoosh SAT, there were two essential features that I loved, which were the customizable practice test feature and the quiz-taking feature. Don’t worry. It is not the usual boring 15 quoted questions kind of quiz; the quizzes in Magoosh SAT are fun and helpful.

Basically, after taking a particular video lesson on a certain topic, Magoosh SAT directs you to a quiz tab where short questions will be asked, and you get to revise the lesson learned right away. The quiz-taking feature was beneficial because I often kept forgetting the lessons.

Regarding the practice questions, you get 1750+ questions similar to the actual SAT to practice. The most unexpected part about the practice questions is that Magoosh SAT actually delivers text and video-based explanations for every single practice question in the program.

Excluding video lessons, I still had explanations for all the practice questions, for which I was also able to get an estimated score prediction through my performance. Thanks to Magoosh SAT! 

To wrap up my experience with Magoosh SAT, I would recall that I was not forced to follow a standard protocol on taking lessons. Revisions were made easy with simple quizzes, and the practice questions were well-executed with explanations. Overall, the learning was great.

5 Reasons Why Magoosh SAT is Worth Buying:

Is Magoosh SAT worth buying? Tell me one reason why. 

Well, I can tell you five reasons why. Watch out! It is evident that the newest addition to the market, like Magoosh SAT, might not have gained major traffic globally, but there are certain features and benefits of Magoosh SAT that make it one of the best SAT prep courses.

Trust me. I am sharing valid points from experience only, which means Magoosh SAT is tested and verified before writing this article because I wanted to check how effective Magoosh SAT is.

The following are the top five reasons why Magoosh SAT is worth buying:

  1. Budget-friendly 
  2. Bite-sized content
  3. Additional benefits 
  4. Explained practice questions
  5. 99th percentile instructors 


Known for its low pricing, Magoosh SAT has attracted potential learners on a reasonable scale. Despite Magoosh SAT being priced on a budget, it does not lower its quality, functionality or even limit the provision of resources, and that’s what I love about Magoosh SAT.

In fact, most competitors do not offer certain benefits like score prediction or custom practice tests provided in Magoosh SAT. If you are held on a budget and need a compelling prep course that can brush your skills and better your preparations, then Magoosh SAT is the one. 

Bite-Sized Content

Out of everything else that I enjoyed in Magoosh SAT, the short and digestible video lessons exceeded my expectations in learning topics. I thought only long-timed content would produce quality content, but I was wrong. 

I realized it only after taking the bite-sized content in Magoosh SAT, where all the complicated problems were well-formatted for easy understanding. 

I couldn’t be more grateful to Magoosh SAT for making such short content for its students.

Additional benefits

Who doesn’t like to receive additional benefits? At least I do, and I did in Magoosh SAT. 

Let me briefly cover everything that I received in Magoosh SAT. Although everything was online in Magoosh SAT, it effectively focused better, primarily on benefits like customizable practice tests, short insightful quizzes, score prediction, flashcards, video explanations for practice questions, FAQs, and blogs on common doubts that may arise in SAT preparation.

Magoosh SAT provides utmost benefits so that a student does not get demotivated with limited resources. With the score prediction and performance report, I could track down how far I have prepared for the actual SAT exam. Such benefits are absent in competitors.

Even the flashcards were a great way to revise everything I studied from the lessons.

Explained Practice Questions

All SAT prep courses offer practice questions, but which one provides video/text explanation for practice questions? Only Magoosh SAT does. Yes, you heard me. 

Magoosh SAT is the only SAT prep course that actually provides adequate explanations for the practice questions offered by the program. In case you are working on a problem and not getting accurate results, there is nothing to worry about. Magoosh SAT has got your back, literally.

Magoosh SAT has ready explanations for all problems so that you get clarified instantly.

99th Percentile Instructors

As mentioned earlier, there are no compromises on the instructors’ quality because all the live classes in Magoosh SAT are handled and led by 99th percentile instructors only.

The instructors who are teaching the classes have experience with actual SAT and can offer strategic ways to score better. You might even get insightful shortcuts to learn faster. 

I received a tip from my instructor in Magoosh SAT on working on math sections. Likewise, there are several instructors who can teach in certain ways that help in fetching good grades.

With 99th percentile instructors in Magoosh SAT, you are safely landed in the right hands!

Do You Get Private Tutoring in Magoosh SAT?

Although it is excellent and engaging to take live classes with fellow peers for the SAT preparation, private tutoring in a one-on-one session with a qualified expert gives more clarity and space in the learning since live classes can be crowded sometimes. 

In the event of maximum students, the instructor may not dedicate all their time to teaching a single person and skim through topics at a faster pace. So you have to pay full attention to the desired instructor in order to grasp their instructions and teach better.

Unfortunately, Magoosh SAT does not provide any private tutoring sessions for its students, but there is email support from tutors at Magoosh SAT who might be able to help.

Still, it would be great if Magoosh SAT considers curating a private session with a dedicated instructor for the enrolling students to get personalized teaching via their tutors.

I found out that private tutoring is actually possible in the Magoosh GMAT. Still, it has not been updated with Magoosh SAT yet, which means it could be a sign that private tutoring might be coming to the Magoosh SAT with a new set of instructors and tutors. Keep an eye on Magoosh!

What Is Magoosh High Score Guarantee?

Magoosh offers a high score guarantee to SAT aspirants. They assure their students that if they fail to see an increase of 100 points in their SAT score compared to last year’s score, they will give their students 100% money back. However, there are some conditions to this offer. To avail of this offer, you need to take the SAT exam before enrolling in the Magoosh SAT Prep course.

Your previous score will determine the point score guarantee for this year. If you haven’t taken the SAT exam yet, then you will not get this points increase guarantee.

Who Should Use Magoosh SAT?

If you are looking for an SAT prep course that offers amazing course materials but also fits into your budget, then Magoosh SAT is the right choice for you. It is also a great option for those who want to prepare for their SATs while sitting at their home because it doesn’t have any in-person classes. You can finish the course materials at your own pace. 

They also have a score predictor which predicts your score in the actual exam based on your performance in the practice tests. All the practice questions of Magoosh SAT come with video explanations so you can understand how the question is solved properly. Magoosh SAT is like a library where there is no curriculum or teacher but a bunch of videos and practice tests, so it is a great option for introverted students.

Magoosh SAT: Pricing Plans

Being recommended and popularly known as the budget-friendly prep course for SAT preparations, Magoosh SAT indeed has an affordable price tag, to begin with. 

I repeat, Magoosh SAT still offers excellent quality in terms of content and instructors, including study materials and resources. Magoosh SAT does not settle for less, and it is evident. Here’s some working Magoosh SAT promo.

You might think that low pricing would result in low quality, but Magoosh is an exception, and my experience with Magoosh SAT is a testimony to it. Now, let me tell you about Magoosh pricing.

You get two incredible study plan options, namely,

Magoosh Self-Study

  • Magoosh Premium – $129 for 12 months with benefits like 200 video lessons, 1750+ practice questions, 3 practice tests, adequate study schedules, and score predictor.

You also get text/video explanations for all the practice questions, flashcards, mobile applications, a 100+ point guarantee, and email support from experts at Magoosh.

Magoosh Guided Study 

  • Magoosh Premium + Live classes – $399 with live classes handled by 99th percentile instructors, 100+ point guarantee, live instructions for 16 hours long, and 1-year access.

You basically get everything from Magoosh Premium along with live classes.

Magoosh Discounts

If you wish to save on Magoosh plans, use this exclusive Magoosh coupon code: MAGOOSH20SAT and get discounted prices right away. With the coupon, you can buy Magoosh Premium at $103.20 and Magoosh Premium + Live classes at $319.20

Grab the Magoosh Premium coupon code right now! It is a limited offer by Magoosh.

NOTE: There is also a 7-day free trial and money-back guarantee in Magoosh.

Pros & Cons of Magoosh SAT:

Magoosh SAT has set the bar high in bettering exam preparations and has several benefits along with some downsides. Let me quickly list them down below:

Magoosh SAT Pros

  • Magoosh SAT is budget-friendly.
  • Bite-sized and digestible content only.
  • Detailed explanation on 1750+ practice questions.
  • Availability of a customizable practice test feature.
  • You can take live classes on Magoosh SAT.
  • Excellent classes led by 99th percentile instructors.
  • You can get an estimated score prediction in Magoosh SAT.
  • There is a 7-day money-back guarantee and a free trial. 

Magoosh SAT Cons

  • No private tutoring is available.
  • No in-person classroom experience.
  • Study materials are provided online only.

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Final Thoughts: Magoosh SAT Review (2024)

I am thankful that I had taken the Magoosh SAT before writing the actual SAT because it helped in giving an exam-like experience beforehand and several practice questions to revise efficiently.

With the bite-sized content, I was able to grasp the teaching faster and easier because long-form content is usually confusing. The voiceover-style presentation was intriguing at first, but then it started making sense, and I was able to keep going with the video lessons in Magoosh.

Additionally, the text explanation for the practice questions was surprisingly good because practice questions are rolled out with no answers in general, but Magoosh had solutions.

The performance tracker and the score predictor were immensely helpful since I could track how far I was getting better in my SAT preparations. In conclusion, it was a great learning experience with Magoosh SAT on an affordable price tag. 

If you ask me, I would definitely recommend Magoosh since you are getting a lot on a budget. You can take the Magoosh SAT free trial if you doubt buying Magoosh Premium! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Magoosh SAT Worth it?

Yes, we think it is. Wanna know why? Check our complete Magoosh review above. We have broken down the course in every possible way to help back our statement.

What is the cost of the Magoosh SAT plan?

The pricing for Magoosh SAT plans starts from $129 to $399. The great news is that you can save on these plans with our discount code. We have listed it above in the post. Check out to know more.

Can I use Magoosh for GMAT as well?

Yes, along with SAT, Magoosh also has courses for GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, ACT, IELTS, and many more.

How does a score guarantee work on Magoosh SAT?

Magoosh offers at least 100 points increase guarantee based on your previous test scores. This score increases guarantee only works for those who have scored 1350 or lower in their previous SAT. If you don’t get the score increase, then Magoosh will refund all your money.

Does Magoosh offer refunds?

Magoosh offers a 7-day refund guarantee. You can request a refund on your purchase within seven days if you don’t like their course material. They will not approve any refund request made after this time period.

Does Magoosh offer live classes for SAT?

Yes, Magoosh offers live classes in their Guided Study plan. You will get 16 hours of live classes and from an instructor who has already scored 99th percentile in SAT.

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