Quetext Review 2024 — Is It Reliable & Accurate?

Analyzing and checking your writing has become easier with contextual analysis, word placement, and smart algorithms offered by Quetext. 

To prevent copyright infringement, Quetext is right here to help you out. 

If you are wondering whether Quetext is the right option or not, then you will get your answer right here in this article. 

I have provided a detailed review of Quetext, including its features, pricing plans, and pros and cons that you can check out. 

Before getting into the details, here is a quick overview of the platform that you can go through. 

Ease Of Use 4.6/5
Customer support 5/5
FeaturesColorGrade feedbackCitation assistant Duplicate detectionOffers plagiarism check in multiple languagesComprehensive plagiarism scoreIntuitive Snippet text 
Pricing $8.25 per month 
Ratings 4.6/5

Quetext Review: In A Nutshell

Quetext is one of the leading plagiarism tools to help you verify the originality of your content through its advanced features. 

It is one of the most accurate citation assistants and detection software that combines color-grade technology together with deep search version 2 to detect the content and avoid plagiarism. 

Quetext Review - Overview

The tool checks your content through several web pages, a database of educational sources, online textbooks, and many more. 

Features Of Quetext

Quextext is one of the most effective plagiarism checkers crafted by experts with the Grammatical analysis technique and machine learning. 

It offers a broad array of features that not only assists in checking plagiarism but also generates citations wherever necessary. 

Let us take a quick look at the features offered by Quetext. 

  • The plagiarism checker helps to check your content through several sources such as web pages, academic sources, online textbooks, etc. 
  • Domain/URL Exclusion allows you to exclude the domain or the complete URL so that the content is not compared against those URLs 
  • Snippet text, which helps to drill down your matches with an interactive and intuitive snippet text viewer so as to detect and remove duplicate content easily. 
  • ColorGrade Feedback detects the exact matches and the near-exact matches through intuitive colors. 
  • Citation Assistant, which is designed to cite your sources and format your documents with the help of APA style formats, MLA and Chicago. 

Quetext Accuracy

Accuracy is one of the most crucial aspects when it comes to checking plagiarism. If you are wondering whether Quetext is accurate or not, then here you go.

As per my experience with the plagiarism checker offered by Quetext, I copied and pasted the content where Quetext detected the plagiarised content within a few seconds and provided the accurate citation sources for the same. 

Quetext Accuracy

Quetext is absolutely accurate as it assures all its quality assurance and engineering practices to make sure that the results collected from the database and all over the internet are 100% accurate. 

On using Quetext, I personally feel that it is completely reliable and incredibly effective to use. Also, the comprehensive plagiarism checker score offered by the tool is validated by a number of internet sources. 

Quetext Privacy

Along with accuracy, privacy is another important factor when it comes to plagiarism checkers. 

But no need to worry; Quetext is bound not to store, share or claim the work of the users. They assure the customers or users that their work will be their property. 

Quetext Plagiarism Checker

The terms and conditions of Quetext are clearly stated, and Quetext cannot claim ownership over your work.

Also, the crucial details regarding payment, i.e., Credit card details, are encrypted by the SSL (Secure Socket Layer). 

Quetext Integrity

Having a backup of billions of sources of internet, Quetext also pairs with high speed. The top technology offered by Quetext makes sure that your work has integrity.

Quetext Ease Of Use

The intuitive and clean interface offered by Quetext is easy to use. Quetext is accessible only via computer. 

It offers a robust system for reporting and can scan documents in several languages. It also provides excellent customer support. 

Pros And Cons Of Quetext

Quetext comes with a set of pros and cons that you can check out before opting for it. 

Pros Cons 
Checks upto 25000 words at a single time Quetext does not offer any mobile application
Provides data privacy along with a privacy policyThe free plan does not allow to export reports
Checks plagiarism in multiple languagesThere is a restricted word count for the free version
Great Customer Support The limited size of the database
The upload feature allows you to upload multiple files for checking the plagiarism 

Pricing Of Quetext

Quetext offers a free plan and a premium plan. With the free plan of Quetext, you can access the basic features offered by the platform.

Quetext Pricing

To get a clear view of the pricing plans, read on further. 

Quetext free plan: The free plan offered by Quetext provide you with a website citation generator, citation assistant, and deep search plagiarism checker. In order to access the advanced features offered by Quetext, you can opt for the premium plan.

Quetext Premium plan: Quetext’s premium plan is offered at $8.25 per month for each user. With the premium plan, you can get access to all features offered by the free plan; along with that, you can also use some additional and advanced features.

The premium plan is composed of individual and small team plans as follows. 

Essential Plan Professional plan
$8.25 per month/per user $8.25 per month per user.(Includes 3 users)

Enterprise plan: The enterprise plan of Quetext is offered at $7.50 per month for each user and can be accessed by a team of 6 or more members. It comprises everything included in the premium plan. 

Alternatives To Quetext

If you’re curious to know what are some alternatives of Quetext, then below are some of the top competitors of Quetext that you can go through. 

1. Grammarly 

Grammarly is one of the best alternatives to Quetext. It offers not only a plagiarism checker tool but also a Grammar checker, spelling checker and tone detector to help you write effective and efficient content. 

Along with several features, Grammarly also offers a proofreader service to enhance your writing skills. 


Pricing: Grammarly offers a free plan, a premium subscription plan at $30 per month, and then if you opt for the yearly plan, you can pay $12 per month, i.e., $144 per year.

The Enterprise plan of Grammarly is offered at $15 per month for each user. 

2. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is one of the popular Grammar checker tools that delivers thousands of Grammatical and style suggestions.


The plagiarism checker is an add-on feature that is included in the premium plus package of ProWritingAid. 

Pricing: The premium pricing plan of ProWritingAid is offered at $30 per month, where you can save up to 67% by opting for the annual plan, which is offered at  $10 per month, i.e., $120 per year. 

3. Turnitin

Turnitin is one of the efficient plagiarism checker tools that check for potentially duplicated or unoriginal content by comparing your content with several databases, including proprietary algorithms.


It has also launched AI detection in order to identify when the AI writing tools like ChatGPT are used. 

Pricing: Turnitin provides institutional licenses to Universities and Schools and does not offer any individual licenses. In order to get information regarding pricing, you can contact the salesperson. 

4. Unicheck 

Unicheck is one of the advanced plagiarism detection tools for publishers, marketers as well as academic institutions. 

It combines both technological excellence and intuitive design in order to help achieve authenticity. It offers easy to use interface and also provides customizable search settings. 


Pricing: Unicheck offers a flexible pricing option. It will cost you around $15 per month, and you can check up to 100 pages; you can also access the Google Docs add-on and organizable online dashboard. 

Final Thoughts: Is Quetext Worth It?

Even though it does not offer a comprehensive range of features as that of Grammarly, if you are someone who is looking for an extensive plagiarism checker tool, then Quetext is definitely the best one. 

I have been using Quetext for a long and coming to my experience with the platform, I would definitely recommend Quetext as it is completely reliable, legit, and safe to use. 

Whether you are a writer, blogger, student, teacher, or any other professional, adding Quetext to your content arsenal is the perfect one to go for. 

That’s all for the Quetext review. I hope it turns out to be helpful for you. So when are you opting for Quetext? Let us know in the comments section below. 

FAQs On Quetext

What is the difference between the professional team plan and the enterprise team plan of Quetext? 

The professional team plan is included under the premium plan of Quetext, and it allows access to 3 users, whereas the Enterprise plan allows access to 6 or more users. 

Is it possible to cancel the Quetext subscription at any time?

You can cancel your Quetext subscription plan at any time. You can simply do it by navigating toward the dashboard. After that, you can click on the accounts section and then on the subscription tab. There you will find the option for canceling the subscription.

Does Quetext offer a refund on the cancellation of the subscription plan? 

If you cancel your subscription, then the cancellation requests may take 24 hours to process, and it does not provide any refund on the subscription plan, but you can continue to access the services until the end of the period for which you had paid. 

Is Quetext free to access? 

Quetext offers both free as well as premium plans. The free plan offers a plagiarism check for 1 page (500 words), contextual analysis, conditional scoring, ColorGrade feedback, etc., and is a great one to start with. If you want to access the additional advanced features, then you can go for the premium plan. 

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