What Is The Average LSAT Score Without Studying In 2023?

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The average LSAT score without studying is a popular topic of conversation among students who plan to take the exam since the LSAT is a skill-based exam that emphasizes general knowledge and logical reasoning above theoretical knowledge. 

Nevertheless, Starting your LSAT exam preparation at least three months in advance is wise. We know that most students about to take the LSAT have many concerns about how much they can achieve without preparing and whether their scores will be good enough to get into a reputable law school. 

There are several inquiries about the score increases that can be anticipated after diligent study and the greatest resources for LSAT preparation. We have decided to compile all the material about your questions in the article below. 

So without any further wastage of time, jump into the article now!

How Much On An Average Can I Score In LSAT Without Studying?

A crystal clear and precise answer to this query is 150. The LSAT ( law school admission test) exam is scored between 120-180; on average, students sitting in the exam can score 145-153 without studying based on various statistics. LSAT is an exam based on the performance of the test takers, which directly means it is a scalar exam. 

Simply put, the number of right answers you write will be compared to the right answers written by your competitors or the other test takers. The 145-153 score without studying seems like a cherry to the eyes, but it is not. These scores are not enough to get into the top law colleges.

How Much Can I Score After Preparing Well For The LSAT?

It’s always good to sit well prepared for LSAT since it’s one of those exams where a little hard work can land you in your dream law college. Students appearing for LSAT after preparing well can score 10 to 20 or higher than those sitting without preparing. 

Even a small rise in your number can help you achieve a high percentile in LSAT. For instance, students scoring one or two marks more than the other test takers can increase their percentile by five, six, or even higher points. 

Test takers with good preparation can expect a score between 160-180. Looking at the presentation below to understand the rise and bumps in your LSAT score after preparing well.

 Average LSAT Score Without Studying - Score

The LSAT exam has approx 92 questions divided into four sections to understand how to achieve a better score in your LSAT exam by working on each section. Have a look at the table below.

Section Number of Questions Attempts For a Good Score
Reading comprehension 2417-18
Analytical reasoning 2316-18
First logical reasoning 2217-18
Second logical reasoning2314-16

Is 50 Percentile a Good Score For LSAT?

Most students appearing in the LSAT exam without preparation score around 150-151, giving them a 50 percentile in their exam. This 50 percentile indicates their performance is better than the other 50% of test takers.

A 50 percentile might help you to get a seat in a law school, but it does not help you acquire a seat in the top ones. 

Students aspiring to get admission in a three-year LLB program, or a one-year LLM program should keep their focus on scoring 60 percentile. Most of the LSAT aspirants appear right after their school for the five-year integrated LLB program hence it’s good to analyze this high competition. 

It’s important to score above the 80 percentile to get into the top law school. With a 50 percentile in LSAT, you may not even get a seat in the top 50 law school programs.

What Are The Best Platforms To Prepare For the LSAT?

There are various resources available online for LSAT preparation but if you don’t have time to research each one’s details, go for Blueprint

Blueprint guarantees its students the best Lsat score. However, If you don’t want to go for the blueprint, look over the other best platforms for Lsat preparation below.

1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is the most affordable and best platform to prepare for LSAT providing free resources for preparation, including a personalized study plan, practice questions, detailed answers, and explanations. Students can supplement other resources from khan academy by creating their free account on its platform.

Khan Academy

2. Kaplan

Kaplan is the best educational source for students looking for live online classes. Kaplan provides flexible and quality live online classes where two expert teachers coordinate to teach you through a virtual classroom and answer all your queries through chats in real-time. 


Depending on your chosen subscription plan, Kaplan will provide all the study material for Lsat preparation.

3. PowerScore

Power score is specially made for students who want to do targeted study instead of focusing on every area. Power score helps students learn in-depth about the test’s logic games and logical reasoning. It teaches the best techniques and strategies to solve logical questions with confidence. 


Furthermore, the advanced plan of PowerScore offers students an argument deconstruction, elimination of answers, and a guide to recognizing specific sorts of questions in the reasoning section, where students acquire most time.

4. Lsat Demon

Lsat demon is a fantastic platform for providing drill-based approaches to students for solving Lsat questions. It is the best option for students who want their drill-based approach to solve test content at an affordable price. The basic plan of LSAT demon provides access to Lsat questions and a progress tracker to help students gain confidence in solving Lsat questions.

Lsat Demon

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Wrapping Up! Average LSAT Score Without Studying (2023)

Here we end this post, and by now, you must have got a detailed analysis of the average score in LSAT without studying, but if you are still clueless, we will sum up things for you. The average LSAT score without studying is 150

However, because the LSAT is a scalar exam, your raw score will be converted into a scalar score to determine your percentile. For example, if your raw score is 38, your scaled score would be 139, and you would receive a 10 percentile. 

Nevertheless, We will suggest studying before your exam to be a must to secure a seat in a top law school because scoring well on the LSAT is not a very difficult undertaking.


What is the average LSAT score for people who give the test for the first time?

The average LSAT score for first-time test takers is 150-151, which increases to 151.7-151.8 for second-time test takers.

What is the lowest LSAT score accepted?

The lowest LSAT score ranges between 120-140. An LSAT score below 140 is not accepted.

What is a poor LSAT score?

An LSAT score below 147-146 is considered poor and won’t help you land a top law school, even an average law school.

What is the lowest LSAT score accepted at Harvard?

The lowest LSAT score accepted at Harvard is 170.

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