How Hard Is The LSAT (Tips & Tricks To Ace The Exam)

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How hard is the LSAT exam? How can you ace it and clear your exam stressing much about it? 

We know you have many questions that might worry you if you are considering giving the LSAT or preparing for one. 

Being an integral part of Law school admission, LSAT is the most important test that helps prospective law students get admission to top Law schools. 

However, being an important test, LSAT might seem a harder and more intimidating one. 

In this article, I will shed light on how hard the LSAT exam is, how the scores are calculated, and also give you tips to easily clear your exam. 

With that, let’s get into the details!

LSAT Exam: Overview 

LSAT, or the Law School admission test, is the standardized test that the Law School Admission Council conducts to determine the potential of prospective law students. 

How Hard Is The LSAT - Overview

The test is designed in order to assess the student’s verbal reasoning, reading comprehension, and logical reasoning proficiency. 

It comprises five sections, and to get a clear view of them, you can refer to the table provided below.

Section Questions Time 
Logical Reasoning 24-26 Multiple-choice questions 35 minutes 
Analytical Reasoning 4 to 7 multiple-choice questions 35 minutes
Reading Comprehension 26 to 28 Questions 35 minutes 
Variable Section One unscored section 35 minutes
Writing Sample One unscored section 35 minutes

How Hard Is LSAT? 

If you want to know how hard and challenging is LSAT exam, then here is your answer. 

LSAT is one of the most difficult and demanding exams as it is conducted to determine how well potential students across the globe will get into the top law schools. 

Question design, time limitations, and content are the factors that contribute to the difficulty level of the LSAT exam. 

Along with the structure of the questions, the other factor which makes LSAT an infamously challenging exam is the time. 

35 minutes are allotted for each section, where the test takers have to solve the complex and tricky questions at a faster pace. 

How Hard Is LSAT

The logical reasoning section makes up around 50% of the total LSAT score and is demonstrated to be one of the most stressful sections, comprising arguments that seem complex to solve. 

The analytical reasoning section is another part that is divided into four distinct parts, and all the parts are termed logic games. You only have eight and a half minutes to solve each logic game, including tricky questions.

Coming to the comprehension section is a tedious section as it includes four parts with long passages of around 60 lines. These are used to determine the ability of the students to assess complex texts within a short span of time. 

How Are LSAT Scores Calculated? 

LSAT is divided into five sections: three sections are scored, and two are unscored.

Your LSAT scores are calculated based on the number of questions you have answered. All correct answers get a point which is then added to your raw score. 

The Scoring for the LSAT exam is scaled, which means the questions you have correctly answered, i.e., your raw scores, are compared with the scores of other students who appeared for the exam simultaneously. The final scores are calculated with the help of a score conversion chart. 

Final scores of the LSAT examination range between the lowest 120 to the highest 180. There are no penalties or deductions for incorrect answers. 

Tips And Tricks To Ace LSAT  

Even though LSAT may seem complicated and challenging, here are a few tips and tricks to help you score well on your LSAT exam. 

1. Prepare Your Study Plan. 

Plan an appropriate study schedule so that you allot maximum time to the sections or the areas that require more improvement. Make sure you plan your schedule so as to maintain the balance between the intensity and duration of the study to avoid frustration and burnout.

Prepare Your Study Plan

2. Find The Prep Courses.

Several websites and apps offer diverse self-study courses to help you prepare for your LSAT examination. Explore all the courses and opt for the best one as per your preference.  

3. Practice More 

Explore all the study materials and practice materials. Go through the books, courses, video lectures, and practice tests. Attempt as many tests as possible, as it will definitely help you to enhance your performance and will help you to determine the areas that require more practice.

4. Manage Time

Time management is the most important factor when it comes to scoring well. While taking practice tests, make sure you are not only solving the questions correctly but also within the allotted time. You can make use of the timers and take practice tests as per the actual testing environment.  

Manage Time

5. Attempt All Questions 

The LSAT examination has no negative marking, so your scores won’t be deducted for incorrect answers. Read all the questions carefully and try guessing the right answers for the questions you don’t know the answer to.  

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Final Thoughts: How Hard Is The LSAT

The LSAT examination is not at all a cakewalk, but with appropriate guidance, study material, and consistent hard work, you can undoubtedly ace it. 

It is a learnable exam where you can definitely improve your performance with proper study and preparation. 

So make sure you prepare well and follow all tips that I have mentioned above. If you have any doubts, drop them in the comments section below. 


How many times can you take LSAT?

You can take the LSAT examination seven times over a lifetime, i.e., three times in a single testing year. 

What is the average LSAT score required to get admission to the top colleges? 

The average LSAT score required to be admitted to top law colleges ranges between 150 and 170.

How long are the ISAT scores valid? 

The LSAT scores are valid or reportable up to five testing years after the year in which you have earned the score. 

How long should you prepare for the LSAT exam in order to score well? 

In order to perform well on your LSAT exam, you should atleast prepare for three months, i.e., approximately 20 hours each week. 

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