Blueprint LSAT Review 2023: Is It Worth The Hype?

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If you’re preparing for the LSAT, you might have looked at some course options online and definitely stumbled upon Blueprint. Blueprint’s LSAT prep course is popular, but does it live up to its hype? Let’s find out. 

We heard a lot about Blueprint’s fun and engaging video lessons and tutors. But, we were curious to know whether these fun lessons were indeed effective in helping a student pass the law test. So, we decided to give it a try ourselves. 

You must have tons of questions about Blueprint, and we’ll answer them in-depth by looking at its features. Without wasting time, let’s carry on.  

Blueprint LSAT Review: In A Nutshell

We understand that not all our readers have the time to read the entire long article. That is why we’ve come up with a quick table for you. Below are some important criteria to judge an LSAT prep platform and how we rated them.  

Blueprint LSAT Review - Overview
Value for money5/5
Accessibility 4/5
Quality of education5/5

Blueprint LSAT: Overview

Blueprint provides a structured, comprehensive, and detailed course for LSAT preparation. It has both the majorly opted study options–self-paced and live online classes. Blueprint has textbooks, videos, fun instructors, and engaging video lessons. The logic games, humorous lessons, and animations keep the boredom at bay. 

Blueprint has a first-of-its-kind study planner who creates a personalized plan for each student according to their level and pace. The advanced analytics and realistic test interface make it easier for students to spot their weak points and fix them immediately. 

Blueprint offers four courses: Live Courses, 170+ Courses, Self-Paced Courses, and Tutoring. As the names suggest, the Live Course has live online classes, while the Self-Paced one allows you to study according to your own timetable. The 170+ Course is new and guarantees a 170+ score on your LSAT. Lastly, they have personal tutors as well. 

Blueprint LSAT Review - Courses

One of the best things about Blueprint LSAT prep courses is that they teach you everything from scratch. Students need not have existing knowledge of the topics to score well. They have highly qualified, 99th-percentile instructors who undergo rigorous training with Blueprint to provide you with a quality learning experience.  

Blueprint LSAT Review: Lesson And Course Structure

Blueprint has made clear in its claims and lessons that they aim to make the studying process fun, and they have put a great deal of effort into it too. They’ve kept it engaging by providing various modes of learning through self-paced courses and live tutoring classes. 

The short video lessons explain one topic in detail to not overwhelm the student and help them grasp one topic before they move on to the others. The videos contain animations, graphics, and cartoons, which we don’t find in other LSAT prep courses. After each video, you must perform a quick assessment to check whether you are paying attention and have understood the teaching material. 

Blueprint LSAT Review - Lesson

You are given a batch of homework once you complete a lesson, which includes drills and problem sets. Blueprint has managed to make homework fun as well by gamifying it. If you’re familiar with the show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire,” you would know the rules immediately. 

Basically, you can eliminate one of the MCQ options to get closer to your answer, get a tip from a guru or check other people’s answers. 

Blueprint offers tons of official LSAT questions that you can practice. In fact, you will get access to every official LSAT question that has been made public to this day. This is extremely helpful because you can get an idea of the type of questions you can expect and how the question patterns have changed throughout the years. 

Blueprint LSAT Review: Dashboard And User Experience:

The dashboard is where you will spend a lot of your time, so it is important to be organized and clean. What we liked about Blueprint’s dashboard is that it was easy to use and navigate. Even if this is your first time using an online prep platform, you should get used to its features in a day or two. 

The dashboard provides a clear picture of your progress, showing what you have completed and what is left. Along with tracking your progress, you can also be reminded of upcoming tests right from the dashboard.    

Blueprint LSAT Review: Customer Support

Sometimes, text material and video lessons may not be enough, and you may still have additional questions about a certain topic. The good news is Blueprint offers excellent student support outside of the course. 

If you have a query, you can contact your instructors. Remember that Blueprint does not hire anyone with a score of less than 170, so you can rest assured that an LSAT expert will answer your questions. 

You can schedule a meeting with an Academic Manager to discuss your goals. They, then, suggest the best course suite for you. If you want to ask questions unrelated to the course, you can visit the Contact Us page. 

  • Phone 1-888-4-BP-PREP (888-427-7737)
  • Email  

Who Is Blueprint LSAT Course Ideal For?

The Blueprint LSAT course is perfect for visual learners looking for a more structured LSAT prep. Regardless of whether you are in school, working a job, or in need of motivation to sit for the test, this course can help you. 

Blueprint LSAT Review - Courses

However, since this course has many video lessons and focuses on visual learning, it is not for those who cannot learn by watching. Some students prefer reading texts over watching visual content. If you are one of them, we recommend you look elsewhere.  

Blueprint LSAT Review: Pricing And Subscriptions

Blueprint offers various course options with different pricing plans. The live online course for LSAT is priced at $1,599 and includes 37+ hours of instructor-led classes, tons of self-paced course materials, and over 9000 LSAT questions with detailed explanations. 

Their latest course is the 170+ score guarantee score, specifically designed for students looking for intense study. This plan includes live instruction, full-length practice tests, official LSAT questions, a customized study plan, and much more. It is one of their most popular courses since it guarantees a score of 170 or higher. It is priced at $2,249. 

They have a self-paced LSAT course priced at $329 per month. You can buy for one, three, six, or twelve months. The price per month decreases when you buy for more than one month at a time, so here is a chance to save a few bucks!

Finally, there’s a personal live tutoring plan which includes various hours of one-on-one instruction with an LSAT expert. This is a personalized tutoring program where the experts work on creating a tailor-made study plan for you. Tutoring starts at $225/hr. 

Blueprint LSAT Review: Pros And Cons

Still confused about whether Blueprint’s LSAT prep course is for you or not? Maybe a couple of pros and cons can finally help you decide!

Excellent video lessons that beat competitorsIt is more expensive than other alternatives
Personalized study calendar Not for students who want something simple
Tons of practice tests and questionsCharges are extra for some LSAT questions
Strong curriculum with easy explanations for the toughest topicsThere is no mobile app yet
Homework is adjusted based on your level

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Blueprint LSAT Review: Final Verdict (2023)

In our opinion, Blueprint LSAT prep courses are excellent. For starters, they are indeed what they claim. They have top-notch, high-quality, interactive, and engaging videos, which are far better than most of their competitors. Every intense and difficult topic is explained in detail but using simple methods for the student’s understanding. 

Blueprint makes an effort to make its lessons fun. However, studying with them is not exactly “fun,” but the lessons surely hold your attention. This stops you from getting distracted. Therefore, we found the user experience good. 

They also provide tons of quality prep material, and their hard-copy books are sold. So, if you prefer reading texts, you can opt for those. For a classroom experience, you can buy live online courses where you can directly connect with the instructor. 

All in all, Blueprint does not lack in any aspect. There are tons of studying options with them and different kinds of courses. If you have that kind of budget, we recommend you try Blueprint. 

FAQ On Blueprint LSAT Review

Does Blueprint have a money-back guarantee scheme?

Yes. Blueprint LSAT course has a money-back guarantee scheme where you can request a refund if your LSAT scores do not increase. According to their claim, they refund people’s money if the users do not see a positive difference in their performance. 

Does Blueprint use real LSAT questions?

Yes, the Blueprint LSAT course uses real questions. The users get access to full-length LSAT practice tests and actual questions from previous LSAT exams. 

Does the Blueprint LSAT course work on a smartphone?

While you can visit Blueprint’s website and log into your account to access the course you’ve bought, there is no official mobile app. 

Does Blueprint claim to increase your score?

Yes. Blueprint guarantees test takers who study with the help of their courses a score of 170 or higher. If that does not happen, you get your money back. 

Can you pay in installments?

Yes. Blueprint allows users to pay in installments. They are partnered with Affirm, and you can pay small amounts over time. However, you’ll be required to qualify for this mode of payment first. 

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