Magoosh GMAT Review 2024 — Is It Good For Preparation?

Magoosh GMAT Review

Preparing for an exam is not easy, especially if you have to take lectures sitting in a crowded room with a boring study schedule to follow. Nobody likes that.

With the Magoosh GMAT, the idea of preparing for a GMAT is changing. You get benefits like online study materials, structured learning, score predictor, private tutoring, and a plethora of questions to practice, all under a single roof.

Even though I was doubtful about taking the Magoosh GMAT at first, I gave it a try. Only after taking Magoosh GMAT myself, I got to know how effective Magoosh GMAT actually is. 

Hence, I decided to write a detailed review of my experience with Magoosh GMAT, the resources provided by Magoosh GMAT, the pricing of Magoosh GMAT, and its benefits.

If you are confused about taking Magoosh GMAT, this article will solve your problem.

What is Magoosh GMAT?

GMATs can be competitive, and so Magoosh – an exam prep e-platform added GMAT courses that will smoothen the preparation process and lessen the exam pressure on you. 

In Magoosh GMAT, you will be provided with a plethora of learning resources that will gear you up in scoring the best grade and qualify in getting into your dream college with a better score.

Magoosh GMAT Review - Overview

Isn’t that what you want? You are basically getting an opportunity to fasten your GMAT studying.

Magoosh has some of the best instructors with top-tier scores in their GMAT, which means you cannot go wrong with their teaching and quality. I mean, you are learning directly from the best via short, digestible video lessons that are put together for quick learning.

Taking Magoosh GMAT is a bonus because you get detailed video explanations wherein concepts and sections you might have struggled with self-studying get clarified easily.

Let’s not forget about the specially curated resources offered by Magoosh for your GMAT preparation. You get digitally-formatted books that are simplified for easy understanding.

In conclusion, Magoosh GMAT knows how to mold a student into getting the highest score!

What is the Curriculum Followed in Magoosh GMAT? (My Experience)

Taking Magoosh GMAT was a great learning experience. Although the approach that Magoosh GMAT followed was quite different, it had elements of the best learning platform for GMAT.

Unlike competitors, I was handed adequate video lessons with instructor-led voiceovers on presentations covered in certain sections. No interactive instructions? Unfortunately, you will not be able to see the instructors directly but only hear their voices.

It might seem odd to some students, but as you go further deep into the prep course, you’ll get used to it. With highlighted transcripts of the instructor’s voiceover, you can grab their teaching. 

Magoosh GMAT - Features

With 340+ video lessons, you are covered with the necessary learning for the GMAT. At some point, I did not realize that I had taken that many lessons since the video explanations were top-notch, and time flew quickly. 

Additionally, in drum rolls, there were a whopping 1300+ practice questions.

Can you believe it? I had plenty of questions to practice in the Magoosh GMAT. In most cases, I was held back with certain complicated questions, so the video lessons immensely helped.

With the exclusive custom quiz feature, I was able to set the difficulty and timing and take a quiz based on my strength and capability with the preparation I had made for a GMAT in general.

With such low pricing, Magoosh GMAT did a great job of delivering the best experience for an average student by producing good content, several practice questions, and a custom practice feature. 

In fact, there is also a flag feature in Magoosh GMAT, which can be used if you are finding difficulty in a specific video lesson that needs to be given importance later. Overall, the voiceover and text explanations in Magoosh GMAT were moderately effective.

Do You Get Practice Tests On Magoosh?

Yes, Magoosh provides 2 exclusive practice tests, but there is a twist. Can you guess?

Instead of the traditional method of preset practice tests, Magoosh filters out the unanswered practice questions and curates them into a simulated exam. Since the study materials and practice questions are well-formatted and helpful, the practice test created from it will be effective.

Although some students might still want the usual method of taking practice tests, Magoosh has ensured to provide other benefits that might compensate for the necessity of taking a practice test. 

I mean, the practice questions are hand-picked and easy to practice, which means despite writing competitive problems, students can learn through the process with additional resources and books. 

Still, I expect Magoosh to satisfy the needs of students who take practice tests to keep up with the learning by adding properly structured practice questions with easy marking.

Magoosh: Resources

Hah! Bonuses! Who wouldn’t like additional benefits while purchasing a product? At least I do. In this case, we have Magoosh, which offers quite some resources for its users.

Now, buckle up because there is going to be a lot of resources to consume in Magoosh GMAT.

What do You Get by Enrolling In Magoosh GMAT?

By enrolling in Magoosh GMAT, you are unlocking various benefits like score predictor, progress tracker, flashcards, FAQs, related blogs, engaging student forum, study schedule with timeline, and last but not least, 24/7 email support. 

Magoosh GMAT - Customer Support

That’s actually a lot for a budget-friendly GMAT prep course. 

Unlike other GMAT prep courses, Magoosh GMAT is reluctant to give the best learning experience for its users. I mean, look at the added advantage of resources along with the practice questions and video-formatted lessons.

Magoosh GMAT - Improve Your Score

Although there could be minimum score guarantees, the score predictor in Magoosh GMAT works like a wonder wherein you can actually look out for your score and work on it to increase.

Similarly, other resources like flashcards are great in making revisions, the FAQs and blogs help solve common doubts regarding GMAT, and the forum is an excellent way to engage.

Lastly, the study schedule is an incredible resource offered by Magoosh GMAT. If you are unsure how to keep up with the timeline, the study schedule with the timeline is the perfect fix for you. Additionally, you also get 1-year access to Magoosh GMAT content.

I was glad that Magoosh GMAT pushed the access to almost a year. Usually, GMAT prep courses offer only 3-4 months of access and so weak students may not be able to keep up. In the case of Magoosh GMAT, they need not have to worry because they have enough time.

How is the Private Tutoring in Magoosh GMAT?

Unlike learning from video lessons and taking quizzes, being taught by an expert is easier and something different that is much to learn since the instructor might know our weak points.

Similarly, in Magoosh GMAT, while opting for a private tutoring session wherein you are allotted with one of the best instructors, you will be asked to answer a number of questions.

Don’t worry; these are not scientific or alien-related questions, some essential criteria to connect you with an instructor who might be appropriate to teach and guide you in improving better.  

Prior to the private tutoring session, the allotted instructor might reach out to you via email and discuss curating the best plan for the session so that you are not blank throughout the session.

The instructor will ensure to gather relevant information on what needs to be taught, what needs to be improved, what needs to be given utmost focus, and what needs to be revised.

With private tutoring in Magoosh GMAT, it is a typical class session with zero distraction since there will be no one else except you and the instructor so that you can focus better. The concerning part is that you need to pay $110/hr if you prefer to opt for a private tutoring session.

It might seem quite expensive. Still, in comparison with other GMAT prep courses, Magoosh is an easy grab for students looking for budget-friendly private tutoring. Additionally, there is also a pricing plan which comes along with private tutoring, that is, Magoosh Tutoring.

To know more about Magoosh Tutoring and its benefits, keep reading! 

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Who Should Use Magoosh GMAT?

Magoosh GMAT is a great platform for anyone who wants to learn at their own pace. It gives you flexibility & resources so you can prepare for GMAT whenever & wherever you want. If you are someone who has already finished all the questions of GMAT offline and want more practice questions to review your knowledge, then Magoosh GMAT can be a great option for you. There are plenty of questions and practice tests available on Magoosh for the GMAT.

Magoosh also has recorded explanations of all the practice questions making it easier for you to learn. If you get stuck on any question, you can just watch the video explanation of the question to get the solution and also understand it. If you have a busy schedule and don’t have a set time to prepare for GMAT, then Magoosh’s online GMAT course is the best for you.

Magoosh GMAT App

Many students who travel a lot have concerns that they can not access their GMAT study materials from their mobile devices. But Magoosh is a platform that allows you to use the GMAT study materials from any device. Magoosh offers a mobile app where that offers most of the content in there but not everything. The mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices.

You can access more than 700 practice questions and also explanation videos. The app only gives you partial access to the course, which is enough for you to go through when you’re traveling.

Magoosh GMAT Review: Pros & Cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using the Magoosh GMAT prep course.


  • The pricing of the Magoosh GMAT course is much more affordable than most competitors available on the market.
  • Magoosh provides you the option to get one-year access to the course, which makes it easier for students to practice and prepare for the exam.
  • All practice sets are customizable, and they give detailed analytics on any practice set you take so you can get a complete idea of your performance.
  • Magoosh just introduced GMAT online whiteboard feature similar to the actual exam so that students can practice on it and get better before the actual exam.
  • The user interface of Magoosh is beginner-friendly which makes it easier for students to access the course material.


  • Magoosh offers only two practice tests for the GMAT, which is not enough.
  • Magoosh does not offer structured guidance to the students.

Magoosh: Pricing & Refund Policy

Magoosh is one of the best GMAT prep courses, which are rolled out as a budget-friendly option. You can check these Magoosh promo codes to save a few extra bucks on Magoosh.

Although Magoosh offers prep courses at a low price, it does not lower its standards or features at any cost. Most benefits, resources, and features that you experience in Magoosh are as compelling as it is on other big prep-coursing companies and platforms. 

Magoosh GMAT Pricing

Magoosh does not settle for less except for its pricing, which is one reason to buy Magoosh. Now, let me disclose all the exciting packages that you can obtain from Magoosh. 

In Magoosh, you get two ways to study, namely self-study and guided study with an expert. I will list the Magoosh pricing plans so that you will get a better understanding of what I am talking about.

Magoosh Self-Study

  • Magoosh Math + IR – $149 (or you can pay $37.25 for 4 months)
  • Magoosh Premium – $199 (or you can pay $49.75 for 4 months)

The benefits in Magoosh Self-Study plans, including Magoosh Math + IR and Magoosh Premium, are access to Verbal, Math, and IR sectional content, 2020+ practice questions combined, and 2 exclusive practice tests, 50+ minimum score guarantee, and a robust score predictor.

You also get access to ask an expert, an online whiteboard, and a way to pause your plan anytime. Magoosh also provides an excellent study schedule with an adequate timeline.

Magoosh Guide Study

  • Magoosh Premium + Admissions – $228 (or you can pay $57 for 4 months)

Obviously, all the benefits you get in Magoosh Math + IR and Premium are accessible via Magoosh Premium + Tutoring. What makes Magoosh Tutoring so special, then? 

Well, the fact that you get private tutoring and one-on-one video sessions with experts, which can go up to 6 hours long. Even if you are a not-so-bright student, you get flexible scheduling with the instructor to meet your requirements. The email support is very responsive too.

If you are opting for private tutoring outside the Magoosh study plans, you’d have to pay $110/hr, which I don’t recommend because that is a lot of money. Hence, you can opt for the Magoosh Premium + Tutoring plan, wherein you get additional resources along with tutoring.

NOTE: Magoosh offers a 7-day free trial with over 20 questions. Give it a try!

Magoosh Refund Policy

Even if you are not satisfied with the features and benefits offered by Magoosh, you can opt for a refund. All you have to do is request a refund via email, and Magoosh will successfully refund the desired amount. It is that simple in Magoosh to get a full refund.

Instead of directly diving into Magoosh by paying for the plans, it is vital to use the free trial. You do not have to spend all 7 days on Magoosh, you can simply skim through all the features and the content quality in Magoosh and make the right decision of choosing the plan.

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Final Thoughts: Magoosh GMAT Review (2024)

Magoosh GMAT is one of the very few budget-friendly GMAT prep courses out there. Most GMAT prep courses promise to deliver the utmost quality and end up being a scam.

With Magoosh GMAT, it is different. As mentioned earlier, though Magoosh offers GMAT prep courses at the lowest price, the quality is pretty high, and the content delivery is excellent.

The only drawback that I felt in Magoosh is that you cannot visibly see the instructor in the video lessons unless you opt for private tutoring sessions. Regarding the resources, Magoosh should be awarded brownie points because you are getting loads of benefits on a budget.

The score predictor, progress tracker, flashcards, student forum, and study schedules are excellent bonus resources that are often absent in other GMAT prep courses. I mean, other GMAT prep courses do not provide all the resources that Magoosh provides its users with.

In conclusion, what can I say? The quality is great, private tutoring is excellent, the resources are incredible, and lastly, the budget is on affordable price tag. Therefore, I would highly recommend taking Magoosh GMAT for your GMAT preparation because there is a lot for you.

If you are still in doubt, try the Magoosh free trial and experience it yourself. All the best!

FAQs On Magoosh GMAT

How does the Magoosh GMAT course work?

The complete course material is available online. They don’t offer any physical book for preparation. You access the course material from anywhere in the world with your PC; you only need an internet connection.

Is there a free trial available for the Magoosh GMAT course?

There is a 7-day free trial available for the Magoosh GMAT course. To claim the free trial, you just need to sign up for the course, and it will give access to 30 practice questions and 20 video lessons for one week.

How many practice tests will I get with Magoosh GMAT?

You will get two complete practice tests with Magoosh GMAT. These tests will be like the real test, and you can give these practice tests whenever you want.

Does Magoosh offer any score increase guarantee for GMAT?

Yes, Magoosh offers a 50 points increase guarantee for the GMAT over your old score. If you don’t get an increase of 50 points even after studying from Magoosh, then they will refund your money or provide free access to other live classes.

Does Magoosh offer live classes?

Magoosh never offered a live classes option. But recently, they introduced the live classes feature, and now with the Guided study plan, you can get 16 hours of live classes.

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