9+ Best GMAT Prep Courses For 2024 (Ranked)

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Preparing for GMAT might seem a daunting task for most test takers as it is one of the highly competitive exams. 

While most people take in-person GMAT courses, there is a majority of individuals who prefer online GMAT courses. 

If you are one of them and want to get a clear idea about the Best GMAT Prep Courses, then we have got you covered. 

In this article, we have researched and compiled a list of 9 Best GMAT Prep Courses that will definitely turn out to be bang for your buck. 

So without further ado, let’s delve into the details. 

Top 9 GMAT Preparation Courses: In A Nutshell (2024) 

Sr. No. GMAT Preparation Courses Best For 
1Magoosh Best Overall 
2Kaplan Best Online courses 
3e-GMAT Best for verbal and quant lessons 
4Varsity Tutors Best for small group learning sessions 
5PrepScholar Best Budget-friendly courses 
6Target Test Prep Best for super-comprehensive courses 
7The Princeton Review Best in-person courses 
8Test Masters Best overall
9EmpowerGmat Best for strategic-based instruction 

To get a clear understanding of all the GMAT prep courses, along with their pricing plans, scroll down below. 

1. Magoosh 

Magoosh is one of the robust platforms that offer an extensive range of sources to prepare for the GMAT. 

The platform provides high-quality study material created by GMAT experts and provides a guarantee to increase your score by up to 70 points. 

 Best GMAT Prep Courses - Overview

You can access more than 1300 practice questions along with the video explanations. The platform offers an appealing user experience with its intuitive user interface. Platform also offers a flag feature so that you can bookmark a specific topic that requires more attention. 

Pricing: Magoosh offers three pricing plans along with different features as follows. 

  • Premium Plan: Magoosh premium plan will cost you around $159.20, along with access to all the features of the platform. 
  • Premium and Admission Plan: To access the GMAT preparation together with application support in a single plan then, you can opt for the Premium + Admission plan at $171. 
  • Admission Plan: The admission plan of Magoosh is offered at $119.20, which provides access to more than 30 MBA application videos, gain advice from MBA experts for resumes and essays. 

Duration: You can access the course for one year. 

Overall Rating- 4.6/5 

Pros Cons 
Provides more than 300 video lessons It offers only two full-length practice tests 
7-day free trial period The platform offers no structured guidance 
It works on both PCs and MacOS. 
Offers expert advice

2. Kaplan

Merged with Manhattan Prep, Kaplan offers a diverse range of GMAT preparation courses crafted by expert Manhattan Prep teachers. 

All the Kaplan GMAT courses are comprehensive and compiled with verbal and quant topics in all the sessions.  


Before opting for the Course, you can also take the free trial class or join the free workshop to get an insight into your MBA journey. 

Pricing: There are several courses and live classes offered by Kaplan, all having different price ranges. To get a clear idea about them, scroll down below. 

  • Live Course- $1599 
  • On-Demand course- $999
  • Bootcamp- $2599
  • Tutoring- $2450
  • Advanced course- $1399
  • Self-study toolkit- $359
  • Executive assessments- $1499
  • GMAT free class and events- Free 

Duration: Different courses have different time duration. But the average course duration is six months. 

Overall Rating- 4.6/5 

Pros Cons 
Live and self-paced instructions The courses might seem a bit expensive 
Six full-length practice tests 
Additional resources and books 
Personalized instruction 

3. e-GMAT

E-GMAT is one of the extensive platforms which is a unique combination of both quant and verbal proprietary methods. 

The course led by e-GMAT allows you to learn everything right from scratch. It also provides 300 core concepts that are curated carefully to equip you with the essential skills. 


To brush up on all the concepts learned, you can also access around 4,500 different practice questions along with a detailed explanation of all the questions. 

Pricing: e-GMAT has three distinct courses with different pricing and duration. You can check out the pricing plans of e-GMAT given below. 

  • GMAT Online Focused- $199 
  • GMAT Online Intensive- $299
  • GMAT Online 360- $399 

Duration:  e-GMAT offers three different plans with different time durations, i.e., GMAT online-focused plan has a duration of 2 months, GMAT online intensive plan has a duration of 4 months, and the GMAT online 360 with a duration of 6 months. 

Overall Rating- 4.7/5 

Pros Cons 
It offers a personal study planner The pricing plans might seem a bit expensive 
You can access Sigma-X mock tests. 
The platform offers verbal and Quant Scholaranium. 
All the instructors are experienced 

4. Varsity Tutors 

Varsity Tutors is one of the robust GMAT preparation platforms that allows you to opt from the two GMAT test prep supplements. You can choose a small group setting, or you can take individual courses under expert guidance. 

With Varsity Tutors, you can explore different learning tools so as to clear your academic concepts. The platform also has a GMAT preparation mobile application that is accessible on both Android and macOS. 

Varsity Tutors 

Learners can get personalized attention and guidance from the instructors and several self-study resources. 

Pricing: The platform offers three different pricing packages as follows. 

  • Small Group Classes: This plan features 20 hours of online live small group instruction, which is offered at $599. 
  • GMAT Bundle: GMAT bundle is one of the popular plans offered by the platform at $1599, together with 30 hours of live instruction (including 10 hours of private tutoring)
  • 1-on-1 Online tutoring: To get quicker results, you can opt for 1-on-1 online tutoring, where you are matched with a tutor to get a personalized learning experience, and it is offered at $102 per hour. 

Duration: The duration is based on the type of Course. It may last up to 20 to 30 hours. 

Overall Rating- 4.7/5 

Pros Cons 
It offers two full-length practice testsDoes not offer any study plan or feedback 
All the instructors are top-notch 
It offers a better score guarantee. 
Features small group learning sessions 

5. PrepScholar 

When it comes to preparing for GMAT, then PrepScholar is one of the best options to be taken into consideration. 

With more than 50 interactive GMAT lessons, the platform offers a comprehensive customized curriculum packed with 1000+ GMAT practice questions. 


It provides the guarantee to increase your score by more than 60 points. PrepScholar also offers 10 GMAT strategy lessons. All the sessions of the Course are designed in such a way as to provide you with an adaptive and customized learning experience. 

Pricing: Below is the complete PerpScholar GMAT pricing structure. 

  • Resource Pool Online GMAT Prep: Offered at $69. 
  • Self-Guided Online GMAT Prep: You can access it for $139.
  • Completely customized Online GMAT Prep: It is the most popular plan offered at $259.

To get a complete idea about the GMAT prep material offered by PrepScholar, you can access them with a free trial period of 5 days. 

Duration: Around 2 to 4 months.

Overall Rating- 4.6/5 

Pros Cons 
Provide customized study plansDo not offer live GMAT classes
You can access four computer adaptive practice tests Course access period are quite short 
Offer personalized study plan and progress trackers
Provide free e-books 

6. Target Test Prep 

Master all the GMAT topics with the extensive curriculum offered by Target Test Prep. There are around 400+ instructor-led HD videos, along with easy-to-understand and comprehensive video lessons. 

You can get access to more than 800 quant and 400 verbal videos led by expert instructors on all the subscription plans. 

Target Test Prep 

The platform also offers private online GMAT tutoring at $350 per hour, where all the sessions are tailored to your learning style, unique needs, and goals. 

Pricing: Target Test Prep offers three different pricing plans packed with a wide range of features, as follows. 

  • Flexible Preparation Plan: It is the most popular plan offered at $149 per month. 
  • Dedicated Study Plan: This study plan will cost you around $449 for four months. 
  • Maximum learning plan: You can opt for the Maximum learning plan at $499 for six months. 

You can go for the 5-day free trial offered by the platform at $1

Duration: 4 months to 6 months. 

Overall Rating- 4.9/5 

Pros Cons 
More than 3000 Quant GMAT practice questions There are no adaptive practice tests 
Live expert support Does not offer a mobile application 
110 point score guarantee 
Provides custom GMAT practice test engine 

7. The Princeton Review

With the combination of academic excellence and authenticity, The Princeton Review is one of the leading GMAT prep platforms offering a massive range of courses. 

It has a well-designed curriculum with thorough lessons and tons of practice materials. It also offers self-paced learning options. 

The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review GMAT prep course also provides online live sessions led by expert instructors and covers in-depth information. 

Pricing: The Princeton Review offers four pricing plans. To learn more about them, read on further. 

  • Self-Paced Plan: The Self-paced plan is offered at $699. 
  • Fundamental Plan: Fundamental Plan is offered at $1,299 with 27 hours of live classroom time. 
  • GMAT 700+ Plan: It is the most popular plan offered by the platform and will cost you around $1,699. 
  • Private Tutoring: If you prefer customized learning, then you can also go for the private tutoring option, which will cost you around $167 per hour. 

Duration: The duration varies based on the classes. 

Overall Rating- 4.5/5

Pros Cons 
Full-length GMAT practice tests It does not offer a mobile application 
700+ Score Guarantee is provided. Quite an expensive course option
Provide several online drills. 


8. Test Masters 

The GMAT courses offered by Test Masters have helped thousands of learners to prepare effectively and score well for GMAT. 

It offers self-guided online courses along with private 1-on-1 instructions. One of the unique features of the platform is it offers additional tutoring for the courses. 

Test Masters 

With Test Masters, you can access up to 12 class sessions. The private tutoring offered by Test Masters is the perfect option for learners who are looking for a personalized study approach. 

Pricing: The platform offers three different courses with distinct pricing options as follows. 

  • Classroom course: The classroom courses are offered at $999.
  • Private 1-on-1 Course: You can access the Private 1-on-1 Course at $2999
  • Online Course: The online courses of Test Masters is offered at $899. 

Duration: 4 months 

Overall Rating- 4.2/5

Pros Cons 
Provide a 100-point score increase  guarantee The private 1-on-1 course is a bit expensive 
Offers over 1200 pages of course review
All the courses are led by professional instructors 

9. EmpowerGmat

EmpowerGmat is one of the exclusive platforms that offer quality GMAT courses covering a comprehensive curriculum. 

The platform features top-rated and tactical on-demand GMAT preparation material along with 120 point score improvement guarantee. 


You can access six official GMAT practice tests over three months and a test plan offered by the platform. It also provides analytics and advice so as to guide you for specific points. 

Pricing: Below is the complete breakdown of the pricing plans offered by the platform. 

Self-study Plan: The self-study plan is offered at $89. 

Full-training plan: Full training plan will cost you around $99. 

3 months and tests: You can access 3 months and test plan at $399 with several additional resources. 

Duration: The courses are offered on a monthly basis. 

Overall Rating- 4.6/5 

Pros Cons 
Offers score cancellation guaranteeDo not offer mobile application 
Provides expert email and chat support 
Personalized training calendar 

Preparation Tips For GMAT

If you are aspiring to score high in your GMAT, then To help you prepare well, here are some of the tips that you can check out. 

1. Prepare A GMAT Study Schedule.

Begin your GMAT study preparation early. Determine your strengths and weaknesses and prepare a study schedule such that you allot more time to the areas that require more focus. 

2. Take Prep Courses.

There are several online prep courses available that offer customized learning options. So in order to seek proper guidance from professionals and gain access to official practice tests and insider tricks to crack the exam, you can opt for GMAT prep courses. 

3. Focus On Time Management Skills. 

To accelerate your speed in solving questions, make sure you manage your time efficiently. You can set the timer and take practice tests within the allotted time limit. It is an effective way to practice pacing before appearing for the actual examination. 

4. Explore Different GMAT Preparation Materials. 

There are abundant resources and preparation materials available to prepare for GMAT. Explore all the resources carefully so that you won’t miss out on anything. Go for official GMAT preparation materials and tests crafted by experts. 

5. Brush Up On Mathematical Skills.

Make sure you clear your basics relevant to mental maths. The mathematical questions might seem daunting, so clear your mathematical concepts and formulas so that you can ace the quantitative section. 

Key Takeaways: Best GMAT Prep Courses (2023) 

All the above courses offer a diverse range of features to help you master all the skills required for the GMAT and boost your score. 

No matter whichever course you choose, you will have access to hundreds of practice tests, quizzes, video lessons, and active customer support. 

Still, if you are finding it challenging to opt for the best one, then here are our top three picks for you. 

  • Mangoosh 
  • Kaplan 
  • The Princeton Review 

Explore all the courses and let us know which one you are opting for in the comments section below. 


How to opt for the best GMAT course? 

Before opting for the best GMAT prep courses, make sure that you consider the program offerings, your learning style, features of the course, tutors, and, most important thing affordability. 

Are GMAT preparation courses worth it? 

Taking GMAT preparation courses is definitely worth the cost, as they offer the opportunity to learn under the guidance of professional instructors and enhance your confidence for the test day, which eventually will have a great impact on your scores. 

How many practice tests should be taken before appearing for the actual GMAT exam? 

Most of the students take around three to four practice tests to determine whether they are fully prepared for the GMAT examination. However, it’s up to you how many tests you want to take, as it will be beneficial for you to keep track of your performance. 

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