Rocket Spanish Review 2024: Is It Best For Learning?

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Spanish is one of the most popular languages, with more than 500 million speakers worldwide.

Pretty impressive, right?

Reports state that Spanish is the 4th most spoken language worldwide. With that number, many people are willing to learn Spanish.

A larger number of individuals are opting for Rocket Spanish, which is a course and an app by Rocket Languages.

So I decided to sharpen my Spanish language skills with the Rocket Spanish platform.

Here in this article, I am going to share my experience with Rocket Spanish to help users to get an idea of Rocket Spanish.

Let’s explore Rocket Spanish thoroughly.

Rocket Spanish Review: Overview

Rocket Spanish is an online course for the Spanish language offered by Rocket languages. It is one of best selling courses in the Rocket Language, which is structured in A to Z format leading students from zero knowledge to advanced lessons. 

It is also preferred by learners who want to learn conversational or casual Latin American Spanish.

Rocket Languages Overview

Rocket Spanish has 3 levels that will take you from beginner to advanced level learner. There are also some Travelogues available that focus on everyday conversations in Spanish.

Mainly, Rocket Spanish focuses on vocabulary and grammar rather than engaging you down with unnecessary language stuff.

Along with the in-depth grammar, Rocket Languages provides podcasts and audio formats that help learners to understand the language easily.

The most engaging method I liked about Rocket Languages is that they do not use a heavy grammar teaching method. Instead, they prefer teaching in context format by using natural dialogues.

How the Rocket Spanish Program Works?

Now let’s talk about how the Rocket Spanish program is structured and how it works. This will include the content quality, user interface, instructors and much more. 

User Interface

Rocket Languages has a really simple and easy-to-understand user interface where you can quickly navigate the language course that you want to opt for.

Rocket Spanish makes it simple to get started. You only need to submit your name and email address to get started with learning. 

You can quickly determine which lesson to start with because the order is clearly written out. 

It provides you access to all the lesson’s elements, including audio, dialogues, and other practice exercises, by selecting the first lesson from your dashboard.

You can select the language that you want to learn from 14 different languages on site. After choosing the language, you will land on the pricing page from where you can select the suitable plan.

In fact, you could start to doubt whether you have actually found everything. Both the desktop and mobile app versions are rather simple. It’s simple to access your lessons, use the learning resources, and navigate the software in general.

Course Content

Talking about the course content on Rocket Spanish, it is really easy to understand and grasp. 

The study material includes some grammar, significant vocabulary words, and cultural details, among other pertinent and significant themes.

Course Content

You get engaged in every 15 minutes of each audio lesson. Numerous reading, writing, and speaking exercises are also provided to help you apply what you have learned.

The topics ranged from the very fundamentals of Spanish up to upper intermediate-level material.

All in all, it has great quality content, which helps you to speak Spanish fluently and easily.

Learning method

Each level of Rocket Spanish has three levels and between five and seven modules.

Between the three levels of Rocket Spanish, there are almost 200 lessons in total.

Moreover, there are three different sorts of lessons in each module: interactive audio lessons, language and cultural lessons, and lessons for the survival kit.

Each module typically has 6–13 interactive audio lessons, 4-6 language and cultural lessons, and 6–13 survival kit lessons.

Audio lessons

The interactive audio classes, which normally run 20 to 30 minutes, are the first lessons you’ll find.

They often begin by giving you a brief recap of the prior lesson before describing in greater detail what will be covered in this one. A brief Spanish exchange between the hosts will be followed by a discussion of it throughout the audio lesson.

Audio lessons

Although they emphasise conversational Spanish, they also pay considerable attention to grammar and provide explanations of other Spanish language features.

Throughout the audio classes, Rocket Spanish makes a lot of remarks on grammar and culture. This is quite beneficial since you’ll get lots of clarifications on anything that could be unclear.

The dialogue and vocabulary covered in the lesson are briefly reviewed at the conclusion of the class.

Rocket Reinforcement Tools

The main feature of Rocket Spanish is all the additional resources that are available in addition to the primary lesson materials.

A variety of “Rocket Reinforcement” exams are included with each session in Rocket Spanish to ensure that you have mastered the topic from all perspectives, including reading, writing, listening, speaking, and remembering.

These video game-style exams employ spaced repetition and keep asking you questions about the material you have been struggling with until you ace it. 

These activities forced me to slow down and concentrate on learning the subject, which improved my memory retention and self-assurance.

Language and Culture lessons

There are around 33 “Language and Culture” lessons in addition to the audio sessions.

These clear, in-depth lectures teach all the key linguistic foundations of Spanish in detail.

The explanations are written in an approachable and sympathetic manner, not in a stiff and textbook-like manner. In addition, there are numerous audio samples for each course.

For me, this portion was comprehensive, simple to grasp, and helpful.

The lessons’ structure is also quite similar to the audio versions. There are still numerous recordings and opportunities for you to record your own voice interspersed throughout the lessons.

Who Is Rocket Spanish Best For?

Rocket Spanish can be good for a variety of learners. If you are a complete beginner and want to learn a new language, then this course helps you learn the basic foundation of the Spanish language. If you are planning to visit a country where the Spanish language is widely spoken, then Rocket Spanish can help you learn the basic words to help you get by in just a few weeks. 

The course also helps intermediate learners in refining their grammar knowledge. Rocket Spanish is also a great option for self-learners and busy professionals who want to learn a new language. You can also become fluent in the Spanish language within a year if you religiously follow the course.

Rocket Spanish Review: Pricing

Let’s now discuss the pricing plans of Rocket Languages for Spanish.

Rocket Languages for Spanish offers three different subscription plans with different levels of courses.

Rocket Language Pricing Plan

Level 1: The level 1 course will cost you around $149.95 with many package features like voice recognition phrases, language lessons, and much more.

This is a beginner to intermediate-level course that is perfectly suitable for learners who want to reach at least a conversational level.

Level 1& 2: This is a combo level course for the Spanish language where you will get all the features from the level 1 package as well as some additional features.

This package costs around $299.90.

This Beginner to advanced level plan can help you to understand the minorities and in-depth grammar for Spanish. Along with the practice conversation lessons, you get lifetime access to this package.

Levels 1,2 & 3: This is a complete bundle of all the courses available on Rocket Language for Spanish. This bundle provides all the features with 60 days guarantee and lifetime access.

It will cost you around $449.85 with proficiency in beginner to advanced levels of the Spanish language.

Following is the detailed guide on Rocket Spanish Pricing plans with available features.

Level 1,2, & 3Level 1 & 2Level 1 
Discounted Price$259.90$249.90$99.95
Total Saving$189.95 (42%)$50.00 (17%)$50.00 (33%)
LevelBeginner to advancedBeginner to advancedBeginner to intermediate
Course duration382 hours260 hours138 hours
Voice recognition phrases11,3276,9183,074
No of Audio lessons875931
No of Language lessons896133
No of culture lessons896133
Practice Conversations875931
Free Survival kits 321
60 day guaranteeYes Yes Yes 
Lifetime accessYes Yes Yes 

Rocket Spanish 6 month plan: 

There is also a six-month plan that allows students to enrol in the entire course by paying the full fee over the period of six months.

This plan has a monthly cost of about $75. Thus, you must pay $282.00 over the course of six months.

Following is a detailed 6-month plan for Rocket Spanish.

Feature6-month plan (levels 1,2 & 3)
Discounted Price$47.00/month
Total saving$28.00 (37%)
Voice recognition phrases11,327
Language lessons89
Audio lessons87
Culture lessons89
Practice conversations87
FREE Survival Kits3
60-day guaranteeYes 
Lifetime accessYes 

Rocket Spanish Coupon Codes and Discount offer:

Currently there is only one coupon code available on the website. You can use this code to get attractive deals on Rocket Spanish courses.


(We regularly update our articles to provide our users with the latest discounts and offers. You can turn notifications on for this article so that we can notify you with upcoming and ongoing discount offers.) 

Rocket Spanish Review: Key Features

Rocket Languages offers some fantastic features to its users. Following are some of the features that Rocket Spanish is providing to its users.

  1. Get a Free trial: With a free trial you can get access to a few courses for a few days so that you can test the course content before enrolling.
  1. Lifetime access to the course: Rocket languages provide you lifetime access with your subscription plan. So even if you think you need to brush up on your language skills again, you can simply go for it.
  1. Learn with Voice recognition system: With Rocket Language courses, you may listen to native speaker audio of thousands of helpful words and phrases as well as our cutting-edge voice recognition system to evaluate your pronunciation.
  1. Practice on-the-spot speaking: Practical exercises give you a stress-free, comfortable setting to practise both sides of typical discussions so you’ll be prepared to reply in the real world.
  1. Fun and engaging activities in every lesson: Rocket Languages offers a variety of interesting and compelling games that aid students in quickly picking up new vocabulary.

These exercises help you practise difficult words and phrases until they become second nature by using algorithms to pinpoint the areas where you’re having difficulty.

  1. Understand how language actually works: These exercises help you practise difficult words and phrases until they become second nature by using algorithms to pinpoint the areas where you’re having difficulty.
  1. Train yourself with downloadable audio tracks: Rocket Languages comes with bundles of downloadable tracks that help you to train your ear with a new language.
  1. Understand the cultural aspect of the language: With the meaning of every cultural aspect, it provides you with lessons on everything from greetings, foods and local customs.
  1. Get practical and relevant exercises: Rocket Spanish is crafted with practical exercises and relevant quizzes so that learners can sharpen their language skills.
  1. 60-day money-back guarantee: With Rocket Language, you get a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can try it and if you think it is not a good fit for you, then get a full refund without any return postage.

Rocket Spanish Review: Pros and Cons

Let’s now have a look at the Pros and Cons of Rocket Spanish that I have noticed throughout the lessons.

Rocket Spanish Pros:

  • Well-structured lessons and Comprehensive learning.
  • Audio-based lessons.
  • Effective Rocket Reinforcement tools.
  • Free mobile app access.
  • Inbuilt gamification and leaderboard.
  • Fully downloadable content.
  • Active and helpful community.

Rocket Spanish Cons:

  • Quizzes are not really helpful.
  • User interface is a little outdated.
  • Not really pocket friendly.

Rocket Spanish: Alternatives

Though Rocket Spanish is a great course for the Spanish language, there are still some other options that offer excellent courses as well as features. Following are some alternatives that you can refer to.

  1. Spanish Uncovered: Check out Spanish Uncovered if you’re looking for either story-based learning or a more difficult way to learn Spanish.
Spanish Uncovered Overview

The technique entails interacting with text that is entirely in Spanish from the start. Although it can be intimidating, those who are willing to take on the difficulty and have the perseverance to get through it will probably be rewarded.

  1. Babbel: Babbel is a fantastic substitute for Rocket Spanish because it offers high-quality lessons that aid in language acquisition. Lessons with Babbel are shorter and more engaging.
Babbel Overview

Babbel is a better choice for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money upfront because it has a low-cost monthly subscription.

  1. Duolingo: Compared to Rocket Spanish, Duolingo is significantly different. Duolingo provides brief, five-minute lessons that mostly concentrate on vocabulary and phrase translation.
Duolingo Overview

Lessons from Rocket go deeper and include explanations and cultural background. Even the monthly subscription to Duolingo is reasonably priced, and it features a free version. 

Duolingo is suitable if you are a casual learner or are just experimenting with the language.

Rocket Spanish Review: Our Verdict

In my opinion, Rocket Spanis is a great choice for beginner Spanish learners. I went through the lessons and found them really simple yet effective. 

After listening to an audio clip, you put what you’ve learned into practice by undertaking several writing, speaking, and listening exercises. It resembles a regular Spanish class in many ways.

The exercises can become a little monotonous, but repetition is crucial for learning a language. 

Many apps include spaced repetition and AI algorithms to aid with the retention of new words. Although these are absent from Rocket Spanish, you can return to each lesson to review what you’ve already learned.

Additionally, I liked how much the culture Rocket Spanish taught throughout its classes. In addition to being fascinating, culture has a significant role in language comprehension.

Although I like using Rocket Spanish, there are still certain things that could be done differently. For instance, there aren’t enough opportunities for grammar exercises. It may not be the most interesting aspect of learning a language, but it is a crucial one.

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Is Rocket Spanish Worth It?

Rocket Spanish is a great platform to learn Spanish fluently and be proficient in the Spanish language.

Though there were lengthy lessons on culture and languages, it was really helpful to gain deep knowledge.

All in all, I am impressed with this Rocket Spanish platform because it has comprehensive content along with many audio lessons, grammar functions and speech recognition technology.

You can definitely go with this platform to learn Spanish in depth. 

I hope my Rocket Spanish review was helpful to you. Let us know your thoughts on this in the comment section below.


What is Rocket Spanish?

You can learn Spanish with the help of the online and mobile platform Rocket Spanish. The majority of classes are audio-based and come with extra practice exercises to help you remember what you’ve learned. Each lesson lasts 15 to 40 minutes.

Can Rocket Spanish make you fluent?

Although Rocket Spanish is a useful resource for beginners, it won’t help you become proficient. There are three levels accessible, ranging from low-intermediate to advanced beginning.

Is Rocket Spanish worth the money?

Depending on your proficiency, Rocket Spanish can be a good investment. Beginners should invest in it, but intermediate or advanced users shouldn’t. The length of time you intend to study is another factor. 
If you have more time to learn, Rocket Spanish might be a better option because you pay for it by the level rather than with a monthly membership.

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